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Sorry for my bad english but I had to say it. Why are you hating on people who want Jieun to die because they don’t like her and saying the KS fandom is toxic ? I don’t want her to die because I think she don’t deserve it even tought she’s was not really kind with my baby bum (so sangwoo) but calm down that’s a fucking fiction she’s not real if y’all can’t tell the difference between wanting REAL people to die and wanting fictional characters to die I can’t help y’all. By exemple I’m watching Game Of Throne and I want Margaery (THE CHARACTER) to die because I don’t like her and the circumstances of the story allow it, I would like to see how the other character would react to this and how it could be interesting for the plot of the story  does that mean I’m disgusting ???? Or when I watch an horror movie and shout  “RUN BITCH RUN OH OOPS YOU’RE DEAD AHAH SERVES YOU RIGHT YOU SHOULD RUN FASTER” it doesn’t mean that I’m ok with the killer or anything…Like it’s not that deep….I feel like you try to find everything to discredit the KS fanbase by putting them down because they don’t think like you and that’s not really cool of you…Please stop acting like you’re better than everyone just because you think you have the right “beilef” so everyone should….I know you want Sangwoo to stop killing people, go to jail and Yoonbum to be free, I wish the same but the truth is…I don’t want it right now, like the story is so gooood as a writer I love how the characters and the story are complex ! THAT’S A THRILLER  NOT SOME MELODRAMATIC ROMANCE I WANT TO BE SUPRISED I WANT MORE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT AND YES I WANT BLOOD AND TEARS BECAUSE THAT’S THE PURPOSE OF THE STORY !!! So if you don’t want it, I think you should stop reading the story and stop insulting people…

TFW you spend too much time at the best friend/boyfriend house so the sun rises and you gotta sleep over but hygiene is important also you don’t have clean underwear ahah oops

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Birthday: October 3rd

Gender: female o-o

Relationship Status: Single ._.

Favourite Colour: blue, black, gray, pastel colors o-o

Pets: used to have fish but some died and some got thrown away before they could completely die ._.

Wake up time: this summer ive been waking up between 2-3pm….its very bad

Love or Lust: what about….food :3

Favourite Food: i answered udon when this was my interview question o-o

Met a celebrity: nope tho i was within a 10 foot radius of the warriors team lol

like they were on court and warming up before the warriors vs rockets match a few years ago

and i had to stand in the middle of the court to rehearse playing for the star spangled banner chinese instrument version lol

Last Song Listened to: temple of time ost: rememberance (it warms my heart)

First Kiss: technically never had one lol

Tall or Short: average…..? oh but one day when i was talking to my mom about a friend i had for 10 years and she remembered how he was really short she said that if i ever had a husband i have to get a tall one ._.

tbh mom im not even sure if i wanna have either a husband or a wife lol

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Moshikami Masato’s Route Pt. 01 Translation

Prologue     Part 01     Part 02     Part 03  

٩(๑•◡-๑)۶  Yahoo sinners~! Here to bring the first part of Masato’s route. This follows directly after his choice selection from the prologue.

Keep in mind that his route is recommended to be done last, so there may be many questions you have haha. (;-◞౪◟-)  Lastly, this part’s pretty short compared to the others.

(。「´-ω・)ン I hope you enjoy~ (Translation below the read more)

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How emotional can you three get? Like as leaders you probably have to keep them in check, but like yd in particular seems a little hot headed, haha

“Just as you have likely seen us and how we act normally, we all have our own standard personalities; However, every personality has it’s layers.”

“White Diamond has a calm, collective, and cold personality. However, she is likely the most level headed of the three diamonds. She thinks the most rationally and, for the most part, knows when too much is too much, and too little is too little. When dealing with other gems, she will pick apart the situation at hand and make judgement based on her own observations and fairness. Despite how she may seem, she can be a lot more empathetic than meets the eye. She prefers to remain as neutral as possible. Now let’s say something infuriated her. She can go into a blind rage, difficult to talk her out of. We have never really successfully brought White out of a rage on our own accord, she kind of just…calms down eventually on her own. That’s probably because we try not to be in her way when she is angry.”

“Blue is the most optimistic of the Diamonds. In fact if you ask me, she’s too optimistic. Rather, she is…. a little irresponsible. She still does her work, and she still enforces herself, but not like she should really. She often puts off work and is very forgetful. I honestly just wish she could take things a little more seriously, but that’s just me I guess. We all have our ways of ruling, her’s is just…it can be unprofessional, in my opinion. She can be erratic, unpredictable, and she definitely lets her emotions get out of hand. When stressed, angry, or just sad, she can go on rampages, destroying anything and even anyone that stands in her way. While Blue would be the one Diamond who would get along with the common-gem, she is also the most likely to shatter someone without a second thought. If only they knew just what she was capable of…what she hides behind her quirky, carefree exterior.”

“And, yes, while I admit I can be hot headed at times, I’m mostly serious and adamant by nature. I pride myself on truth, honor, victory, enforcement, and progress. I try not to let my emotions control me, or show too much like I used to. They respect me more when I live by the rules and don’t slack off. I can’t have anyone stepping out of line. I take action when and where necessary, and my decisions can be harsh, but that’s just the way it works around here. I only settle for the best if I have anything to say about it. My work and my progress keeps me content, and keeps everyone and everything stable. I will not risk changing anything at the expense of our future.  
Now this isn’t all to say I don’t have my own moments. Sometimes things are unbearable. I have my own self doubts. I eventually persevere, but…Even the strongest of gems have weak points. Even I am not above admitting that…” 

"I'm so, so sorry my love."

He finally sets foot back in the compound, his one injured leg dragging behind the one good one, blood trailing as he walks, even for a hybrid it was amazing that he was still awake and moving after what happened tonight.

Klaus’s eyes remain on one spot as he walks forward, a small body limp on the floor, hair coving her face, her arm reaching out towards him, completely covered in blood, both dry and wet. His eyes start to become damp, uncontrollably damp.

He falls down next to her body, small droplets of water running down his face, emerging from his now glazed blue eyes. He keeps his mouth shut tight, refusing to let his emotions over power him with sounds of a cry. He sees a blood covered object lying just a few feet away from her. A heart. He lets out a sob, a cry, finally allowing his pain to show through, something he would never do for anyone, except for the ones he loves.

Klaus pushed his arms behind Hayley’s body so he could pull her limp body onto him, and cradle her. She doesn’t move, she just sits there, in Klaus’s arms, her head rested in the crook of his neck, as he lets out small soft cries. His arms wrap around her body, pulling her into him, attempting to keep her cold body warm. He expects for her to wake up any second and just walk to her room, but she doesn’t, she just lies there, limp. It frustrates him so much, why can’t she just wake up, just goddamn wake up already, please Hayley wake up, just wake up, please little wolf suddenly his thoughts turn into words, words that become louder as he says it over and over and over again. “ Hayley wake up, please.” He begs for her to wake up, but no sign of her waking up is there. He cups one hand on her cheek and turns her head towards him, his thumb caresses her cheek, as his tears fall upon her. Pulling her closer to him he rests his forehead against hers, still caressing her cheek, he gently, placed the most softest, most delicate kiss onto her lips, lingering for a few seconds, before removing them.

He attempts to move away, almost gone from her touch before he feels her hand move, his eyes widen, his mind racing, he shouts her name again Hayley no response he shouts it again Hayley still no response, he knows she’s there, but it’s like she can’t hear him plead for her. Hayley please my love wake up a few seconds have gone by he fears the worst, I might have just knocked her, it could all be in my head. His head falls in defeat, he’s not lucky enough for her to be alive. He gets up and walks away, trying not to look back at his love lying dead on the floor.
He stops dead in his tracks, he waits a couple of seconds before continuing to walk away, he’s tried, he’s injured, he’s drained of blood, it must be his mind playing tricks on him.

“Klaus” it’s defiantly not his mind this time. His body shoots back around, and he runs to Hayley lying on the floor, his knees hit the floor, and his arms snake their way behind her neck and the back of her legs, as he cradles her in his arms. “ klaus” she coughed out, her throat dry, and cracking, but despite his large blood loss, he bites into his wrist and feeds it to her, something that not even his siblings would have to luck to receive. “Hayley my love, I’m here, your okay” she pulls away from his wrist and looks at him with a worried face, “klaus.. Where’s hope, is she okay?” Klaus smiles, he wouldn’t expect anything different from his little wolf. “Hope is perfect my love, she’s with Elijah.” A look of horror fell upon Hayley’s face, one that klaus couldn’t quite understand. “No klaus, you need to go get her, now, you can’t trust Elijah, there is something wrong, he broke my neck, he ripped Jackson’s heart out and killed half my pack, you need to get out little girl back now.” Klaus looked alarmed, he nodded at Hayley.

“Don’t worry little wolf, I will get her I promise but I’m taking you to bed first.” Hayley protested but klaus ignored her, he quickly vamp sped her to his room and laid her down on the bed and covered her with the sheets, he gently kissed her forehead, and then disappeared.

Hayley didn’t even have to wait ten minuets till klaus came back with their daughter. He walked through the door, with hope, who was thankfully left without a hair out of place. Hayley smiled at the sight, klaus and their daughter, who was smiling directly at her, she would have gotten up but Hayley was too weak to even keep her eyes open for longer than five minutes. The hybrid walked to her and placed hope next to her on the bed, Hayley laughed when she saw the smile on her daughters face. Klaus shared a smile too while looking at his girls. He couldn’t believe he had hurt Hayley so much by cursing her, there was nothing more he loved than looking at her smile, especially when it was because of him. Hayley noticed the look of guilt on his face.

“Klaus  what’s the matter?” He shook his head from his thoughts, what would be the Point in lying to her, secrets are why he is in this position in the first place.

“I’m sorry” this shocked Hayley, she never expected to hear that from his lips, especially not on a day like today under the circumstances. She uses most of her strength to get out of the bed and walk up to him, way to close for two people who were supposed to be enemies. “What?” Hayley asks.

“ I’m sorry, for everything, for the curse, for everything I have ever done to wrong you in the past and for anything I might to do to hurt you in the future, Hayley I have never regretted hurting someone as much as I have you. I’m so, so sorry my love.” Her face softens at his words, stunned at his choice of words. But her eyebrows knit together in confusion.

“You keep saying that, why? Why do you keep saying that?” Hayley whispers to him.

“Saying what?” He tries to act dumb, but fails as he recollects that he has said ‘my love’ many times now.

“My love, why not just love?” Her voice becomes a bit louder, but she’s not sure why, nether of them are, why is she so bothered about this nickname for her?

“Because I call many women love, and you’re not just any woman to call love, your my love, your my love Hayley… I love you.” They both stand there, shocked at Klaus’s reveal, not moving, no sound but their daughter giggling. Their veins pumping blood vigorously, their heartbeats beating faster and faster the more they got lost in each others eyes. Neither knows what came over them, they both leaned forward, becoming closer as if they were magnets drawing closer to each other. Hayley’s hands somehow landed themselves on the collar of Klaus’s jacket, and Klaus’s hands ended up on her hips. Their lips passionately gliding against one another’s, Hayley’s arms had snaked up and around Klaus’s neck and his hands had made their way up her back, gently pressing against her, as he tightened his grip around her, making sure to never let go of her again. They slowly pulled away from each other, their heads resting against one another’s, as they caught their breath.

“Little wolf I don’t expect you to say it back, I..”
“Shut up you idiot” she interrupted him and smiled as her mouth pressed against his.
“I love you too.” She murmured against his mouth. They indulged in a kiss once again, but Hayley soon became weak once again, so she laid down in Klaus’s bed, with hope in the middle of the bed asleep. Hayley sighed and closed her eyes, suddenly she felt a large dip from the other side of the bed. The last thing she remembers before falling asleep was klaus. “I will protect you my love, both of my girls.”

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