oops!... i did it again world tour

TUESDAY, MAY 16th, 2000-‘Oops!…I Did It Again’ Studio Album Released.
Britney started to record the follow-up to her debut album …Baby One More Time in September 1999 and finished in February 2000, recording and working with many of the same producers in both the U.S. and Sweden, including hit-maker Max Martin. A month before its debut, Britney told MTV News, “It’s kind of hard following ten million, I have to say. But after listening to the new material and recording it, I’m really confident with it.”

May 16, 2000 marked the release of Oops!…I Did It Again and proved that the pop princess was here to stay, garnering favorable reviews from Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly and Allmusic. It debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 and sold over 1.3 million albums in its first week, which marks the highest sales in one week ever for a female artist.

To date, Oops! has sold over 17 million copies and remains her second top-selling album, after BOMT. It also spawned three hit singles — “Oops!…I Did It Again,” “Stronger” and “Lucky” — as well as Britney’s Oops!…I Did It Again World Tour where she toured throughout North America, Europe and Brazil.

Oops!… Is 16 today. Here are some facts for the fucking ignorant dusty ass mole people who dare try and diminish her accomplishments.

This album sold 1,319,000 copies in it’s first week without needing to be bloated by streaming.

It is certified Diamond by the RIAA in the USA and has sold over 20,000,000 copies around the world. With 1 album. O-N-E.

It is also certified platinum or multiplatinum in over 20 countries.

It topped (went #1) album sales charts in 17 countries and I’m not talking about hitting #1 on iTunes for 2 hours. I’m talking about official weekly charts in each country.

In fact, the album was so wildly successful that the Billboard Music association created a special award for Britney called the “World-Record Breaker of 2000” award… #slay.

The success of this album led to Britney being named spokesperson for Pepsi, which came with a $50,000,000 endorsement to record her next album, go on tour, and film high production video-style commercial ads for Pepsi which debut at the Superbowl.

So what the fuck else does your bitch ass have to say about Britney???