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Brittany stands unnoticed in the doorway, watching as Santana leans in close—her eyes squinting in that familiar way that says ‘I’m confused but I sure as hell am not going to admit it' 

“What'cha looking at?” she asks, stepping completely into the room.

Santana doesn’t take her eyes away from the scrawled equations littered across the chalkboard when she answers, but Brittany catches the smile she’s trying so valiantly to suppress tugging the corners of her mouth upwards.

“Oh, you know. Just doing a little math.” Santana jokes, taking a couple of steps back and lifting herself effortlessly onto the lip of the desk. “You wouldn’t be able to help me out with any of this, would you?”

Brittany points a finger towards herself. “Me?” she asks, her words laced with the charmed drawl of a Southern belle. “Now, why would little ol’ thing like me know anything about all them big numbers up on that there board?”

Blue eyes sparkle as they watch Santana throw her head back and laugh her 'Brittany’ laugh; it’s loud and carefree and she even snorts a little, but the best part—the part that makes the butterflies living in Brittany’s stomach flutter madly— is that it’s reserved for moments like this.

Moments when it’s just them.

Brittany moves forward, her long strides easily eating up the distance between them as Santana wipes away the mirthful tears gathered in the corner of her eye—her laugher slowly ebbing away.

Santana clears her throat and nods her head towards the chalkboard. “What is all this, anyway?" 


Santana cocks her head to the left like a confused puppy. “Us?” she asks.


“I don’t understand.”

“It’s a calculation of every variable—excluding death, because gross—that I could come up with to determine an absolute outcome” Brittany shrugs.

“And translated into non genius speak that means…?”

Brittany smiles. “I figured out fate. Well, our fate, anyway.”

“Wait, what? Are you—” Santana slides off of the desk, her eyes wide, “Are you serious?!”

Brittany raises an eyebrow.

“Brittany,” Santana breathes in disbelief.

Brittany takes a step closer to Santana. “There isn’t a path, series of events—” she takes another step forward, and then another until they’re standing toe to toe, “—or reality that doesn’t lead to us. Not one." 

Santana’s eyes cloud with tears at Brittany’s words. 

Brittany brings her hands up to cup Santana’s cheeks. "I love you, Santana,” she whispers, leaning forward to rest her their foreheads together. “Always.”

Santana closes her eyes and lets out a watery laugh. “I love you, too.” she says, placing a gentle kiss to Brittany’s lips.

5 years later. 



“Why does Rachel keep sending me random guys details and asking me to calculate their 'fate compatibility’?”



“Okay, okay. I may or may not have told Berry that….youfiguredoutthe equationtofate.”