WHAT EVER YOU DO, don’t think about them deciding to do a mother-son dance at their wedding despite Killian’s mom (probably) being long dead, so that Emma can dance with her son. And especially don’t think about Snow taking Killian’s hand and dragging him out onto the dance floor so that he isn’t left out. 

I mean, I never take this advice, so… 

I’m like so grossed out that SU legit made it so clear that Jasper is in pain and traumatized from what lapis did (and don’t give me that “she was just trying to protect everyone” she was by the fucking ocean and it was 5 against one) and even has fucking Stockholm Syndrome but we still have to see her as the abuser so we can make some shitty fighting back against abusers allegory


older-jancy-au + nancy wearing jon’s clothes

because this fancast is e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g