Yoongi’s description of the members:

Jimin - a guy who’s like a puppy

Taehyung - a guy who’s like a puppy no. 2

(for anon)




I didn’t follow this exactly, but I added smut ;)

Pairing: Joker (Suicide Squad) x Reader

Words: 1,101

Warning: Unsafe sex, smut

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I take a deep breath as I turn into the dark alley that leads to my tiny apartment. A few feet in, two men jump out in front of me. Not knowing what to do, I stagger back. Once the two men start walking toward me, the word run screams in my head. But before I get the chance to, each of they grab my arms tightly.

“Get off me!” I scream, squirming in efforts to release their grip on me.

In the midst of my squirming, a tall, pale man slowly walks around the corner. His maroon button up shirt blows in the wind, showing many tattoos. Something about him seems so familiar, so attractive.

I clench my jaw as I stare cold into his eyes as he approaches me. “What do you want from me.” I demand, trying once more to get out of their grip.

“What I want from you is simple,” He stalks forward, staring back into my eyes. “It’s you.” He purrs as he strokes my cheek.

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