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ML Fluff Month Day 17: AU


sooooo this is based off of @blacklicoriceaddict ‘s fic “Silver and Black Heart Attack“ which is one of my absolute favorite fics i’ve read omggg. Also, no helmets because they are Edgy Teens™…jk i just didnt feel like drawing the helmets oOPS, anyways, the Motorcycle AU is my favorite AU


for @lgbtincomics’s pride month challenge 2017

Day 13: underappreciated character - Laura Wilson/Persephone

The stranger in the mirror looks back. I wish I was her. She looks like a god.”


zexal month - week 02 day 04: favourite OTP + beauty

mentorshipping / vkai

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More Than Words

It’s been like a month or something like that since I last posted oops. I don’t know if I should start a series or like is that too early lmao? I’ve actually been really busy lately so I honestly don’t know if I would have time to write one. Also I’ve been really into SKAM like sorry about it. Also I’m crying this gif is the scene 

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Bias x Reader 

Word Count: 893

Summary: This is pretty much based off one of my favorite scenes in SKAM when Noora’s singing to William, but you can imagine it’s you singing to your crush (bias) for the first time ;) Also you and your bias have a weird kind of relationship where he makes it clear he’s in love with you and you try to make yourself as hard to get as possible. Y/B= Your Bias

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You looked around his trashed apartment seeing all the alcohol bottles, cans, tins, you name it, it was probably somewhere in his place. Parties were never really your scene, but your friends desperately wanted you to come because they knew about your thing with Y/B. They shipped you two so hard it was kind of weird how much they could care about your love life more than their own. 

Well sometime during the party one of his neighbors called the police and the party had to come to an end. You weren’t going to deny it, it was hella fun and you and Y/B had been kind of flirting the entire time. 

It made you sick how much he could make your heart race from just one look, but you knew you couldn’t fall for him because he was after all, a player. He basically brought a new girl home with him every night, practically slept with all of the girls in your grade (besides you and your friends of course). 

You didn’t leave his apartment after the police came though, you had no ride and you were not motivated to walk all the home, so what was the point is trying to leave with the rest of the crowd? So you stayed behind and wandered his living room, walking around mindlessly not knowing if he was even going to find you in there. Well he did and let’s just say he looked even better than he did 10 minutes ago, if that was even possible?

“Why didn’t you leave with the rest?” he questioned after stumbling upon your small figure. 

“I-I had no ride and wasn’t about to walk 3 miles so..Er..Do you mind if I crash here tonight?” you squeaked out. 

“That’s fine, as long as you make it a habit to sleep here every time you come to one of my parties,” he replied with a sly smirk. 

After that cheeky remark you couldn’t really retort because you knew if you did you were ending up in his bed tonight, and you couldn’t let this happen. 

Player Y/N. Remember he’s a player. He only wants you for sex. Don’t fall for his stupid mind games.

It took you a few seconds to realize he was no longer in front of you and had moved to the couch while you were desperately trying to calm yourself down. You watched him for a second as he picked up the guitar next to the couch you hadn’t noticed before. 

“You any good?” you asked him sincerely. 

“You could say that, but even if I wasn’t I’d still be better than you.” he replied with that same sly smirk on his undoubtedly hot face. 

“Excuse you, Sir. I happen to be pretty good if I may say so myself.” you huffed, reaching for the guitar that he hadn’t even strummed a note on yet.

You quickly cracked your knuckles and strummed a couple notes before you looked at him and returned a smirk, “I bet you play guitar for all the girls you take to bed with you, right?”

He just shook his head and chuckled at you before moving to the window to light up a smoke. 

You could tell he was unsure of your actual abilities on guitar, so this was your moment to prove him wrong and rub it in his face.

You started to play the first chords to a song your grandmother used to play for you when you were a kid. You admit you were a little nervous to sing in front of this boy who had probably seen and heard talent from all sorts of girls. What makes you think you’re so special that he would bother listening?

Saying I love you is not the words I want to hear from you. 

At those first lyrics he stared intently at you smiling like a fool. Point Y/N.

It’s not that I want you, not to say but if you only knew, how easy it would be to show me how you feel…

By now it was a battle of who would break eye contact first and you sang to him with a voice as sweet as sugar.

More than words is all you need to do to make it real. Then you wouldn’t have to say, that you love me. 

Not even a breath could be heard from the boy that stood across from you as he threw his cigarette out the window.

Cause I’d already know. What would you do, if my heart was torn in two? 

His face faltered for a split second.

More than words to show you feel. That your love for me is real.

He leans forward.

What would you say? If I took those words away? And you couldn’t make things new…

He inches towards you.

Just by saying I love you.

He takes the guitar from your hands and cups your face in his hands so gently like he would ruin you if he held you any harder.

“Why must you make me fall for you even more?” he mutters so faintly.

“I-” he cuts you off by pressing his lips to yours for a sweet and passionate kiss.

This time it was hard to hold yourself back when he indeed showed his love with more than just words.

Happy birthday to this adorable ray of sunshine who always makes me smile and happens to be one of the nicest people I’ve ever met! (⊃≧ω≦(´ω`*⊂)

Sorry for being late to posting this! I really wished I could have back when I was in London, so I didn’t forget about you @davidmont! ^-^

around my heart like a coronary artery - Chapter 2 - dogworldchampion - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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for those who missed it, i wrote a med school au based on this post. and now year 2 has been written - only like two months late OOPS. anyway, hope you enjoy and lmk what you think!! 

Amy Santiago enters NYU Medical School with prep books, a 60-set of colored pens, and a plan. Jake Peralta walks in with gummy bears and orange soda.

“Screw being a doctor - now I just want to beat Santiago!”

“You can try, but it’s not gonna happen. I wear real pants to class.”

Double Life (yoongi x reader)

Who said the hacker life was easy?

Request: yoongi - this banana is my lord and savior

a lot of things, 5.2k words, yoongi/reader, spy/hacker au

You look at the guy with growing concern as he rattles off his order. If you remember correctly, this is his second time at the cafe. Last time his order was normal. This time…well, not so much.

“…and to top it all off…do you have a banana? Like, just one plain banana?”

“Uh, yeah?”

“Yeah, okay then. That’ll be it.”

“Okay, so let me confirm: three banana pancakes, a banana smoothie, two scoops of banana ice cream, a plate of fried banana, and one, plain banana?” you ask. That’s an ungodly amount of bananas. You wonder if he’s okay. On the other hand, at least he’s not going to be lacking in potassium.

He nods, firm. “Yup.”

“Uh, okay then.”

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30 day summer study challenge - xvii/xxx

advice for new studyblrs

Hey lovelies! So today’s challenge was to list down some advice for new studyblrs/things I wish I knew when I was starting out. Quite a bit of what’ll be mentioned here has probably already been mentioned by other studyblrs, but let’s get to it! ヾ(❀╹◡╹)ノ゙

  • Make an introduction post - this is super important guys and admittedly a step I forgot to do oops! It let’s the community know that there’s a newcomer + get’s your studyblr out there. Tell us about yourself! From the basics like your year level to your hobbies and interests, we’d love to hear them! Tbh it helps a whole lot with my next tip! Also!! If you’re like me and have had a studyblr for MONTHS but never made an intro post, don’t hesitate to make one! It’s never too late!
  • Make friends! - this is probably one of the friendliest tumblr communities you will ever find, so don’t be afraid to reach out to the people here! If you’re shy, try participating in some ask games, or you can comment on original content! Don’t know what to say? Find studyblrs that share the same interests you do - I’m ridiculously awkward, but finding studyblrs who like the same things you do make most of that awkwardness/shyness disappear!
  • Make original content - while reblogging content is what helps inspire + keep the studyblr community going, remember that you have things you can contribute too! There are lots of things for you to contribute: you can add in pictures of you studying, your notes, or your bullet journal; you can make masterposts or give advice; you can even make motivational graphics or printables if you ave access to graphic design software/websites! Go crazy! If you don’t know where to start, try out some studyblr challenges - like the 100 days of productivity, the monthly challenges, or the one I’m doing right now! - since they encourage you to put out original content everyday! 
  • Don’t be afraid to tag other studyblrs - if you’re a new studyblr, getting original content noticed can be tricky. But a lot of studyblrs have a tag they track (I personally track #catstudies), so you can include them in your tags to give your posts more exposure! You can also tag things #studyblr or #studyspo
  • Play around with your theme + tagging system - this is something that is honestly super fun AND makes your studyblr more *aesthetically pleasing* °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° It’ll help set the mood for your blog and helps you learn a bit about coding if you want to hardcore customize things! In case anyone’s curious, my current theme is by @shythemes, while the updates tab is by @felinum, and they both have really lovely themes I see often in the studyblr community, along with @sorrism and @acuite! I also recommend setting up a navigation page/tagging system to keep your posts organized + easy to find! 

I hope this helps you lovelies out! Never hesitate to drop me a message if you have any questions or just want to chat! 

Sick Little Games

Fluffy/Smutty Jack Barakat Imagine Jack Barakat Imagine - requested by @baratkat, hope you like it, even tho it’s LITERALLY 7 months late (no seriously 7 MONTHS lol oops)
Request: Jack trying to distract you whilst you work
Word Count: 1,954
Warning: Some Suggestive Language
A/N: This uses Mint’s name, not ‘Y/N’

Send me an All Time Low imagine request

If you read & enjoy, please leave a like to show support!♡

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Characters: Jimin x Reader
Length: 1104 words
Genre: Fluff
Comments: Dad! Jimin

Since everyone knows that I’m a hoe for Jimin, I thought that it was time to bring that side of me to good use…. 

Originally posted by baebsaes

Time was ticking away.

The buttons of the blouse you had thrown on were giving you trouble, though after your third attempt of trying to push the little knob through the hole in the fabric, you finally made it and moved on to tuck the top into your skirt.

You threw one last look into the mirror to see if you had to touch up on anything else, but as far as you could tell, you were almost ready to go.


You called out for your husband, turning your head to watch him lie there, spread out on the white bed sheets, his hair messily falling into his face as his chest rose and sunk steadily.

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