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Am I In Heaven? Are You An Angel? And I Think I Have A Nose bleed

Am I In Heaven? Are You An Angel? And I Think I Have A Nosebleed

Summary: Based off this prompt from the lovely Phanfic 

A/N : tbh im really trash at the whole ‘getting motivation for writing’ thing and coming up with titles but here’s some nice, cute stuff for yah ((this was supposed to be a few hundred word oops)) hopefully the person who wanted this is satisfied for i am only a literary potato 

Word Count: 2174  

Disclaimer: I own nothing or no one; this is all fiction.

TW: someone gets run over but there’s nothing too gorey dw


Grey slush piles up as chunky snowflakes drift down from dark clouds overhead, the sky sick and the air thick with fog. Why would anyone want to walk out in this weather, much less drive in it? Why would an 18 year old who barely got his license a week ago dare risk his life and new (used) car over some milk and cake? This is what Dan tries to block out of his head as he creeps to a stop at a red light, his hands moistening and his knuckles white as he grips the steering wheel.  

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