Even as the old wizard spoke, the great horse came striding up the slope towards them; his coat was glistening and his mane flowing in the wind of his speed. The two others followed, now far behind. As soon as Shadowfax saw Gandalf, he checked his pace and whinnied loudly; then trotting gently forward he stooped his proud head and nuzzled his great nostrils against the old man’s neck. Gandalf caressed him. ‘It is a long way from Rivendell, my friend,’ he said; 'but you are wise and swift and come at need. Far let us ride now together, and part not in this world again!

Ron Weasley | Jr. | 16 | Photographer | Questioning | FC: Rupert Grint | Open 

Ron is the youngest son of the Weasley’s. The family has been lucky and have all 7 of their children invited to Hogwarts High. Ron has always tried to get out from under the shadows of his older brothers. It Doesn’t help that Fred and George are still at school and are the start soccer players. Ron found his talent in art, mostly film and photography, he constantly has a camera on him. When he was a freshman he was asked to be the photo editor for the school paper. 

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Hermione Granger | Jr. | 17 | Bookworm | Pansexual | FC: Emma Watson | Taken

Hermione may not look like it but she’s a right genius. When she got her letter, she was already taking courses way above anything her school could offer. Her parents were proud of her and jumped at the opportunity but they couldn’t afford to send her. Hermione is on the work program and spends her weekends helping out in the library and in the main office. She is usually a quiet person until she’s out at a party. When She’s away from the books and pressures of school, she is not afraid to let loose.