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The signs as Chris Wolstenholme's tweets
  • Aries: Still not here. Fuck!!
  • Taurus: I could write an 10000 word essay on it
  • Gemini: lots of ibuprofen
  • Cancer: I’ve just inhaled an entire desert.
  • Leo: Yeeeeeeeeahhhhhhh
  • Virgo: Death by milkshake
  • Libra: Holy cow
  • Scorpio: how dare you suggest I never smile.
  • Sagittarius: careful Dom. You might get a boner.
  • Capricorn: Genius or laziness
  • Aquarius: This is rediculous.
  • Pisces: I can see you through my spy hole.

The Pevensies. Once a King or Queen of Narnia, always a King or Queen of Narnia… 

Calling Doctor Takahashi


A/N: @dailyau So, this got carried away as always and it’s probably complete and utter garbage, but I like it. So, Trash it is: Please forgive me.

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It was near five-forty at night when Higurashi, Kagome stepped over her threshold.

“That was the longest shift I have had in a lonnnnnnggggg time.” Kagome groaned as she slammed her front door.

The raven-haired beauty kicked off her shoes and tossed her bag over the back of her recliner. A shower and a hot meal was exactly what the doctor ordered, no pun intended. Keade, the Chief of surgery at Tokyo Medical, pretty much demanded she rest for the next couple of days, thus doctor’s orders. She wasted no time in diving head first in a soothing lavender bubble bath and how long she lay there, well- she couldn’t even say.

Kagome sighed as she reached for the stopper. “That was amazinnnnng!” Flinging her head over and wrapping a towel around her soaking hair, Kagome noticed the flashing red light emitting from her answering machine. Her heart sank a little. Please don’t be Keade. Please don’t call me in. She hesitated to press the button.

You have one unheard message: Message one, sent today at 12:45PM

“Kagome, it’s your mother. I was just going to let you know that your grandfather has been readmitted at Metropolitan Matsuzawa. It’s nothing serious, he just has the flu, but you know how he is when he gets sick. He thought he had pneumonia. Anyways dear, call me when you get a chance. The doctor said he’ll be here for a couple of days on observation. I love you, sweety.”

End of messages.

Kagome let loose a breath she didn’t realize she was holding. Not Keade at least. She made a mental note to call her mother in the morning. Looking at the time, she decided to make her a nice meal and binge on some Netflix, after all Keade had ordered her to rest. Nearly skipping with joy to the kitchen, Kagome hummed a little tune as she rummaged through her fridge. When a small sound erupted through her kitchen, Kagome froze. What was that? It sounded like- There it was again and a frigid shiver ran down her spine. Maybe not- She turned slowly and when she caught not one, but TWO mice, eating out of a cracker box she had left opened, Kagome lost her shit.

She screeched and made a hasty attempt to run for her door, but her sock caught on the corner of her cabinet and she careened forward. When her head cracked against the side of her granite counter-top, all Kagome could remember was black.

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Actual Tenipuri Nicknames [Pt.2/?]
Being the only member of Shitenhouji who didn’t get called to the U17 Camp would be more tolerable if someone at least remembered your name.

[Part 1]