ooops this is more than i intended


So I guess I’m kind of on a hiatus? For two weeks only, since I’ll have to dedicate my time to studying for my final exams. My school’s finally over, but now comes the work part. It’s not like I’m spending the whole time studying but I already have a hard time trying to do so without launching the game. I probably won’t be able to update my Restaurant Challenge because I only took screenshots for like 2 more posts. I do have some other screenies of some other sims I might edit but that’s about it. I don’t think I’ll be updating my AOP lookbook challenge for now either. So that’s about it. When I get back, though, I’m REALLY back and I’ll be on vacation for like 2 months so I’ll have plenty of time (and FINALLY get myself at least the first restaurant on that challenge? lmao I can’t wait)

cojopost  asked:

Insert your favorite Tveit pic without his signature smile. Working on a photoset of him. Every pic of him has his smile which is kind of creepy.

Uhhh I quite like a few of his non-smiling ones, so I might post a wee selection for you to choose from (I’m rubbish at favourites).