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Why Patton doesn’t want the others to be in his room

I, alongside a great deal of other Fanders, noticed that the conversation about Patton’s room seemed a little off. Thomas thinks that since Patton represents his heart, his room must be filled with nothing else than good feelings. But Patton is hesitant about letting the others inside his room, and doesn’t give us much of an explanation why. 

We then get this little hint:

Thomas: You are at the core of a lot of my happy feelings. 

Patton: I am at the core of a lot of your FEELINGS

That is the reason why Patton doesn’t want the others to come inside his room. He’s the heart; the light, fluffy and easy side. It is easy to forget, especially with a fun and lighthearted person like Thomas, that there is a lot more FEELINGS than happiness. 

Sure, Patton’s room may contain most of the happy feelings like nostalgia, happiness, peacefulness and so forth. Virgil’s room pretty much has the fear covered, Logan doesn’t understand feelings and Roman is more a help to express feelings. What about the other feelings a heart can contain? Anger, envy, sadness? These are all sides of Patton’s room that would be really bad for Thomas to experience in his current state, and Patton knows that. 

Patton does not give us this explanation on why going to his room can be a bad idea because he can sense the sad feeling and confusion dwelling over the other sides. And since he is supposed to always be happy he does what every dad would do, he pretends that everything is fine. Like the way he starts the video by correcting himself after accidentally calling himself “sad” and comes up with a big bright fake smile after asking if things really can get better. 

When Logan interrupts and talks over him several times about how this is to help Thomas, Patton realizes that this is a battle he cannot win without showing his unstable state, and when they finally enter the light parts of his room he looses himself in trying to make everyone feel better. His biggest fear is showing the others that he has in fact no control whatsoever. So when Logan makes the remark of his inability to letting go he feels threatened and lashes out. 

I am sure that in the part 2 video we will get to see some of the sadder corners of Patton’s room, and without Logan there to assist them through it with logical thinking, I’m a little nervous to see what will happen.  

Happy Birthday, Beka!

Summary;  Yuri gives Otabek more of a present than he intended on his birthday.

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This is completely self-indulgent porn. I wanted to apologise for the lack of fics recently, too, and this is a somewhat shitty version of a present for you guys for keeping around while I’ve been away. Anyway- It’s Otabek’s Birthday! Or it was yesterday. Ooops. Close enough. 
Alternatively titled; The fic where Yuri comes in his pants. As always, don’t like, don’t read, blah blah blah just read the fucking porn. - Abby. 

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