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MBTI Types Around Somebody They Hate

ESTP: “Yep, outta here!”

ISTP: *layers and layers of ironic insults* *sees how obvious they can get without the other person noticing*

ENTP: *nods and smiles until the person goes away, internally disproving everything they say*

INTP: *shuffles feet*

ESFP: “Welp, I gotta go, I have plans with that girl–I didn’t tell you that earlier? Ooops! Bye!”

ISFP: *silence*

ENFP: *makes subtle snide comment* *makes completely unsubtle rude comment as soon as the person leaves*

INFP: “Please leave me alone…”

ESTJ: “You’re doing it wrong.”

ISTJ: *moves away*

ESFJ: “Um…the thing you’s just really…not right. Sorry…”

ISFJ: *sighs a lot*

ENTJ: “Okay, stop speaking. You’re done.”

INTJ: “Goodbye.”

ENFJ: *searches for the person’s good qualities in vain*

INFJ: *says nothing in the moment but discusses the hated one with their trusted friend later*

When you see your abusive ex is posing shit about

“girls complaining there’s no good guys in the world.. hello we are right here”

Didn’t know good guys cheat on their girlfriends, put them down, manipulate them, lie to them, abuse them, traumatize them, and all around act like a narsasistic sociopath.


ATLA Characters Around Someone They Hate
  • Toph: "Yep, outta here!"
  • Katara: "Um...the thing you just really...not right. Sorry..."
  • Mai: *layers and layers of ironic insults*
  • Azula: "Okey, stop speaking. You're done."
  • Zuko: "Please, leave me alone..."
  • Ty lee: "Welp, I gotta go. I have plans with that boy-I didn't tell you that earlier? Ooops, bye!"
  • Suki: *sigh a lot*
  • Aang: *makes subtle rude comment*
  • Sokka: *disproving everything they say*