another giveaway? yessss, deal with it 8|. okay so we all know christmas
                    is coming so it’s a perfect time for me to give as many of you things!
                                                      i) you must be following me
                                         ( and if you have time, my other account c: )
                                                     ii ) likes and reblogs count.
                                   iii ) winners will get whatever they want, 1 - 5 winners.
                                                      iv ) ends december 27th
                    v ) sometimes i just want to makes things, if you are entered i may
                    randomly come to you to make you something.

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iincantatriix asked:

"Pardon My Hand" (ooooooooooooops)

"You’re lucky I like you, Amora, or I would’ve cursed you into oblivion for that" Sigyn chuckled, despite having flushed bright red and moved as though she was about to punch the owner of the offending hand only seconds ago