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When mark jumps into Jackson's arms on asc and Jackson holds mark against the wall

OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS omg the sexual tension was tangible

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Anthea, what's your opinion on Heathcliff? Love him, annoyed with him? I know this is your favorite book, but curious about your thoughts on the characters

Oooooooooooohhhhh! Soooo many mixed feelings when it comes to Heathcliff! So many!! I’m sorry, I’m fangirling, I can’t help it.

Sometimes when I read it I love him and adore him. Other times I just can’t stand him. Like sometimes I feel so sorry for the guy and others he’s just like this total jerk and the total bad guy of the whole thing and I just want to punch him.

I think that’s what special about him. He’s the romantic hero of the story but he’s also an antagonist. It’s proof that not everyone you love or care about is likeable. That not every love is healthy. That life is complicated and bitter and sweet at the same time.

Oh Heathcliff, you’re even more problematic than my Mycroft <3.

Wow. It’s been a while since I fangirled.

- A.

OoooooOOOOOOHHHHH!!! Got sent an email that included this earlier.

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Oh my... You ship billford... I'M SO HAPPY, THAT'S SOME GOOD SHIT RIGHT THERE RIIIIIIGHT THEEEEERE oooooooooooohHHHH good shit im so much billford trash and im pretty sure bill loves him

BILLFORD IS MY OTP RIGHT NOW NOONE CAN STOP ME .. and i know most of my billford art isn’t that serious, most of it is just me having fun, but i really do consider them solid ship material: Ford worshipped Bill like a god, i mean the freakin windows in his house are triangle shaped :o

my headcanon is that before Ford knew of Bill’s betrayal he was the one in love with Bill, which for Bill, was just perfect, and he used that and Ford’s naivety to manipulate him etc.. but didn’t feel anything towards Ford, except maybe in a condescending way.

… but now that Ford came back through the portal it’s different. Ford survived 30 years hopping through dimensions, he probably knows for every monster he encountered 13 different ways of killing it, and he doesn’t trust anyone but himself. Ford has become a dangerous man, and Bill adores that/thinks it’s adorable. For Bill it’s fascinating that he himself was the main factor in changing Ford into the man he is now. 

(now it gets probably ooc but) i really want bill to also be kinda sad that all of Ford’s trust and love in him is completely GONE and all that’s left is this really sad broken man who would have pulled the trigger of that flesh destroying gun without a second thought.  … their relationship really isn’t healthy at all no matter from which angle you approach it and i love it.