A day in the life of musical theatre trash
  • *wakes up*: "Ive always been a morning person, a morning girl hooray!"
  • *walking down the stairs*: "On the steps of the PALAAAAAACE!"
  • *cleans the house*: "It's the hard-knock life for us!"
  • *hears the doorbell*: "Hello! My name is Elder Price!"
  • *pulls out car keys*: "And your ring ooooooooof keys!"
  • *backs out of the driveway*: "Go Greased Lightning you're burnin' up the quarter mile!"

anonymous asked:

Can you imagine it though? "IIIiii am made- OOOOOOOOOF FRIIIIEND-SHIIIIIIIP!!"

My first thought tho to the French edit was ‘How….How are they going to explain Keystone Motel then?? ‘Hey we’re such good friends watch as I go and kiss her tit mhmhmhmm FRIENDSHIP’