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Peter Parker x reader
  • Peter has created a chatroom.
  • Peter has added Clint, Nat, Tony, Wanda and Steve.
  • Peter: GUYS
  • Tony: What is it kid?
  • Tony: I'm busy
  • Clint: I just saw you in the lounge watching TV
  • Tony: Exactly
  • Peter: Guys. Seriously. I have a problem.
  • Nat: ....
  • Nat: What kind of problem?
  • Peter: It's y/n
  • Wanda: Is this all because of that time you tripped and fell on your face because you where staring at her?
  • Peter: ...
  • Peter: no!
  • Peter: well, Maybe...
  • Steve: I remember that
  • Tony: Aww Peteys got a crush
  • Peter: Anyway. How do I tell her I like her?
  • Clint: ooooooooo
  • Clint has added Bucky
  • Clint: Bucky, Peters got a massive crush on y/n
  • Bucky: One moment please
  • Bucky has added y/n
  • Y/n: What? I'm doing homework
  • Nat: Read the chat
  • Peter: DON'T READ IT!
  • y/N: Aww I like you too Spiderboy
  • peter:
  • Peter has left the chat
  • Y/n has left the chat
  • Nat: We have to do something about this
  • Tony: Agreed

DONT read a webcomic called killing stalking. man this shit is so wrong on sO many motherFUCKIN levels yo i was talking to one of my internet friends and he sent me three links with the name only labelled: killing stalking. i said to this dude: whats THIS shit? he just giggled and said: just read it. and MAKE SURE NOBODY IS AROUND WHEN YOU’RE READING IT. then i thought it was some weird fan-fiction or some strange shit. but i read the first chapter and i was like: yooooo what the fUCK and then i continued and i was like yOOOO and then he broke his motherfucking legs and i was like  YOO OOOOOOOOO OOO i couldn’t fucking believe what i just saw.  it was like satan had written a webcomic. shit was so disturbing… yet… i COULDNT STOP READING IT

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OOOOooooo sounds like you found yourself a real keeper in discount beiber

I HOPE SO. he makes me so happy but i’m still cautious and not trying to invest too much because i haven’t met him in person yet… and especially because he is A Man and they’re biologically predisposed to disappoint women

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The companions reacting to the SS having a drawn penis on their forehead ( gj Deacon )

ooooooooo i like it. thank you!

deacon: follows sole around to see everyone’s reaction to his piece of art. “is there something wrong with my face? i feel like people are staring.” “oh no no! don’t worry, boss, you look great, fantastic even! honest.” he enjoys every single second of this.

cait: “hello there, handsome. lookin especially good today.” she’s really good at keeping a straight face and stops everyone from telling them. high fives deacon when sole isn’t looking.

codsworth: he noticed before sole woke up and cleaned their face. draws some dicks on deacon’s glasses instead.

curie: she looks at deacon signing her not to tell them and poor curie tries so hard to focus on what sole is saying. “NO! I’m really sorry, monsieur deacon, but this is so ridicilous!” she spits on her hand and scrubs it off. she also made deacon apologize.

danse: “hey, there’s a– uhm. someone drew….just wait here.” he disappears for a while and returns with a wet rag. he cleans sole’s face without saying a word. they could swear his eyes are teary from laughing.

hancock: “kinda sexy.” he gets a pen and draws a hat on it. “look, it’s mayor hancock. heh.”

maccready: bursts out laughing the second he sees sole. he doesn’t want to be the one ruining the fun though so he just runs away from them without an explanation.

nick: “oh. seem’s like i’m not the only dick in diamond city now.” he carefully wipes it off sole’s face, who’s both grinning and blushing. “how about we go looking for the culprit now, detective?”

piper: might or might not be the one who told deacon to do this. she observes everything from afar. deacon and her exchange some smug looks. they both know it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship. (and big trouble for anyone else)

preston: chuckles, then clears his throat and tries to look serious. “no, no, everything’s fine, general. i, uh, gotta go now.”

strong: "heh. human look funny today.” deacon convinces him it’s a war tattoo, where upon strong makes him draw some on his biceps.

x6: “…” he stares at sole, then at deacon, then back at sole. deacon thinks he’s done for but x6 continues his conversation with sole without telling them. on the same day weird things start happening to deacon. stuff vanishes and reappears somewhere else, his clothes are sort of itchy, his insta mash tastes kinda funny…