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Peter Parker x reader
  • Peter has created a chatroom.
  • Peter has added Clint, Nat, Tony, Wanda and Steve.
  • Peter: GUYS
  • Tony: What is it kid?
  • Tony: I'm busy
  • Clint: I just saw you in the lounge watching TV
  • Tony: Exactly
  • Peter: Guys. Seriously. I have a problem.
  • Nat: ....
  • Nat: What kind of problem?
  • Peter: It's y/n
  • Wanda: Is this all because of that time you tripped and fell on your face because you where staring at her?
  • Peter: ...
  • Peter: no!
  • Peter: well, Maybe...
  • Steve: I remember that
  • Tony: Aww Peteys got a crush
  • Peter: Anyway. How do I tell her I like her?
  • Clint: ooooooooo
  • Clint has added Bucky
  • Clint: Bucky, Peters got a massive crush on y/n
  • Bucky: One moment please
  • Bucky has added y/n
  • Y/n: What? I'm doing homework
  • Nat: Read the chat
  • Peter: DON'T READ IT!
  • y/N: Aww I like you too Spiderboy
  • peter:
  • Peter has left the chat
  • Y/n has left the chat
  • Nat: We have to do something about this
  • Tony: Agreed

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Very well Scotland Head-canons 4Dalolz


• Jawline so sharp that if you slapped it you may cut yourself

• He’s a f i n e man if I do say so myself

• I personally feel he’s bi with a preference for women

• k i l t

• ooooooooo the k i l t

• I normally am not like that towards kilts but this is Alistair so it’s a different story

• His hair is wavy

• Wavy!!!!

• And red ofc

• Blue eyes oh y e s

• Pretty great thighs too lmao

• Now onto personality: very smart

• He could win every episode of Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader

• Because he’s smarter than most adults

• Kinda iffy on street smarts though, but he gets the job done

• He has no favorite sibling, he hates them all equally

• I’m kidding

• It’s Ireland

• Normally dresses casual in jeans and stuff but can clean up very well

• Hair = soft

• Heart = soft

• Very!!! Cuddly!! Man!

• Idk why people see him as so violent and brazen, because this man is a sweetheart

• Have you met a Scot?

• Sweeties. Until ticked.

• Then death or future revenge

• Heavy with his slang

• He is the Scot of Scots so his accent and speech is The Most Scottish™

• idk what clan he would be bc his last name isn’t really Scottish if you use Kirkland so I’ll get back to that later

• Cooks pretty okay, but lack of tastebuds runs in the fam

• Also loves memes lmao

• But his memes are cheap

• Like old man memes

• Or Dad memes

• He most likely drives bad. idk, it just strikes me

• Likes boats

• Pretty boats

• A shame his brother got to do all the sailing

• That tosser.

• Anyway!!!! Best at boardgames

• You will lose

• A pro at Mario Kart come at me

• Wales is his only competition when it comes to boardgames

• Barely knows you? Very firm handshake

• Next time he sees you though you may get a b i g hug ngl

• I have so many more but this is LONG

wow icb mr. gibbs retired from piracy shortly after the events of potc: dmtnt and settled down in setauket, new york & became a magistrate,,,,,,,,

DONT read a webcomic called killing stalking. man this shit is so wrong on sO many motherFUCKIN levels yo i was talking to one of my internet friends and he sent me three links with the name only labelled: killing stalking. i said to this dude: whats THIS shit? he just giggled and said: just read it. and MAKE SURE NOBODY IS AROUND WHEN YOU’RE READING IT. then i thought it was some weird fan-fiction or some strange shit. but i read the first chapter and i was like: yooooo what the fUCK and then i continued and i was like yOOOO and then he broke his motherfucking legs and i was like  YOO OOOOOOOOO OOO i couldn’t fucking believe what i just saw.  it was like satan had written a webcomic. shit was so disturbing… yet… i COULDNT STOP READING IT

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Curious about what you think of Serena joy in season 2. She has to die now, yeah? Beyond redemption at this point, right? I wonder if she'll even have a big role. I hope she does, but really no idea which way they are going with the story.

Ooooooooo Anon, you’re asking the big/hard questions. I like it :)
You know, honestly, when the HMT news was first announced I thought that it was going to be an event series (one and done). I like event series. Ever since we learned they had plans to continue for several seasons I have oscillated quite dramatically between being happy about this news, and having some big reservations about it. Let me preface this by saying, I am incredibly excited and proud of the fact that Yvonne is a part of such a great, potentially award winning, much talked about show, (one that she is so clearly proud of herself). And I am even more excited by the fact that Yvonne herself has been let loose with a freshly career defining character. Serena Joy is so freaking complicated and complex and Yvonne vibrates with her rage and vulnerability.

BUT, caveat time, I have struggled to see how they will be able to continue the story of Serena beyond June leaving the Waterford house, especially since the story is told from June’s perspective. I guess Serena could spend a lot of her time on the hunt for ‘her’ baby in Season 2, (or taking custody of Hannah), but that feels limiting to me. Basically, my biggest worry is that we get less and less screen time going forward, as Junes frame of reference increases and other characters start to step forward more and more.

The potentially good news? Bruce has always sung Yvonne’s praises and seems to really appreciate her (as he should) so I am going to try and trust that he will continue to give her compelling, significant stuff to do. Also in the plus column, in a recent interview he said this: “Moving ahead, I think it’ll be about her commitment to Gilead and its laws and rules — even the ones she doesn’t believe in — and how those butt up against her natural instinct towards dominance and intellectual contribution.” (…)“She could have a volcanic eruption like she has in this episode, and that’s enough to relieve the pressure for awhile. Or it could be the beginning of her deciding that a rebellion wouldn’t be such a bad thing.” Considering the rage and independence of this character, it makes sense to me that she would start to push back harder, to the point of joining the resistance or even leading it, and I am obviously SO ON BOARD for something like that, which I believe would also keep Yvonne prominent and important enough within the series to keep me happy.

Another big BUT though… - BUT, I wouldn’t mind terribly if Yvonne only spends another season or two on HMT (‘oooooh controversial’), because she can then move on with a solid win on her resume and possibly secure a lead role elsewhere (she is 100% talented enough, inherently and incredibly likeable, and definitely has the presence). I have said before that I believe this role to be a game-changer for her… I stand by that. It’s just about what doors HMT opens for her and whether she is in a position to walk through them or not, when they do.

BTW, if you haven’t read that Bruce interview (which I admit I only skimmed) you can check it out here for a few more little snippets:


Aaaaaah more alien stuff, here are typical face types and skin colors n whatnot.
Obviously these can vary in a zillion different ways, but TYPICALLY snow babies are fluffy, and it’s not uncommon to see fishers with no feathers at all

they all have dark skin n bones n teeth n…everything. their sun has some some higher uv junk goin on than ours. Nagula is kind of an oddball with how pale and featherless she is, and is certainly always well covered or sunscreened if she’s out in the day….
‘Feathers’…not true feathers obv, but theyre like…early dinosaur feathers?? somewhere in between the flying kind and Hair. They can move them though, and i’m sure they’re usually sleek and close to the body like..most birds, but i just like drawing them foofy……………
And these are all just. ~natural~ patterns, they style their plumage in as many ways as people do. long braided feather things, clipped, plucked if you’re a badass, etc etc etc

uhh what else..oh yeah, the red feathers arent pop out colors, theyre blending in colors. The plant life on their planet isn’t green, it’s red!! Well, ranges from red to a dark purplish to, in some areas, a very dark bluish black sorta color.

I’m sure they loooove green, kinda in the same way we’re like ooOOOOOoo red

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My friend is too busy playing the new Jason game to play OW with me and I dont want to support randoms cause they tend to be rude. I'm having a dilemma


Play whatever you feel like my dude

ignore the hate.

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Kind of a tough one, but I think my fave fic of yours is The Necessary Mother. I mean, period AU, initially emotionally unavailable sherlock, parent/child feels, slow burn...what more could you want? ❤️


TBH I think that’s my magnum opus. Like I can’t write anything better than that I’m so pleased with it. 

Unpretty Rapstar 1 Review

I I just had to write on this show because it is GOLD OMG GOLD I TELL YOU! BETWEEN jessi cheetah and jolly v i dont know who is my main anymore. This show has me in stitches just in the first couple minutes. ok lets begin.


     Cheetah’s face when people walk in is the best shit on this planet. Like she looked at everyone like they were the most basic bitch on the damn planet…. actually the whole damn milky way. cheetah was like these girls aint even in my damn lane much less the damn freeway. they are still on the local with stop lights…..jollys face when tymee walked in had me on the damn floor! i already know her thought bubble read exactly these words,“dis bitch is literally my fucking shadow; she follows me everywhere.” And before that when they asked her if she thought tymee was coming or something along those lines and she replied “are we 1+1.” PURE GOLD SOUNDBITE AHAHAHA. Tymee walked in like guessssss whooooooos baccccccccck. and i started laughing all over again. P.S. laughing this much as an asthma is going to get dangerous but this show is that awesome. Jessi walked in like queen is here and people automatically knew who she was. Cheetah looked at lil cham like huh? when she walked in ahahahaha. And there is a reason why they let Cheetah in first LMFAO! To me, she is one of the baddest if not THE baddest in the whole group. When Jessi said it was a SMTM reunion, it was nothing but the truth because it truly was. They literally casted every popular female from every season of SMTM. 


    Yes I am giving this child her own section. I am reserving a place in my prayers for this girl cause either she can a. get eaten ALIVE or b. rise to the occasion and show us some good shit……but after I saw that cypher…..ooooooooo boy…..this is when i wish it was kind of like smtm in that you have mentors but this show is DEFINITELY not that. Ugh im scared for her to be honest. Everytime she raps I get that embarassed for your friend feeling. Like when your friend thinks he is an awesome rapper, gets on stage, and isnt very good. But I do hope she rises to the occasion. And im not gonna lie when they got to the roast of jimin in the room i was like……..damn………….

3. Jessi

    Ok here is why Jessi is one of my favorites. I am biased when it come to her because I love Lucky J a lot and she is from my neck of the woods in the states. But i love how she doesnt give a fuck because SHE DOESNT HAVE ANYTHING TO LOSE….i feel like she has lost and gained so much in the 10 years she has been in this business that she has nothing to lose. I love that she isnt afraid to SPEAK. If she has something on mind that she thinks needs to be addressed, she will ADDRESS THAT SHIT. And to be honest, I loved her snippet of a dis rap you know CAUSE IT SHOOK UP THE GAME THAT NEEDED TO GET SHOOK. it really is a competition. Wake up. Of course, SMTM was more friendly of course, but this one is going to be more cut throat and you know why THERE ARE BARELY ANY FEMALES IN THE K HIP HOP GAME at least not on a full blown known status other than the queen herself Yoon Mi Rae. You have to fight to stay in this male dominated realm of k hip hop. They have to want it, and that little rap made them upset and im happy it did because hopefully that will bring out the grittiness that I want from these women. We not aegyo-ing this shit up. Leave that cute bullshit at the door.  Yall suppose to slay with words, bring on the attitude and fuck up the damn stage. 

.4. Lil Cham

Ok im pissed with Lil Cham has been giving me so far because she is actually a decent rapper. I looked at the cypher like is this the same Lil Cham I know. All I know is that she BETTER not sell herself short or ill be pissed for and at her. 

5. Kisum

To me she is the dark horse of this competition. I actually like what she did in the cypher too. She also had that bat and I thought she was gonna break the table for 2.5 seconds but then she lightly tapped and I started dying LMFAO. 

6. Jidam

Yup SMTM reunion remember. There aint no dude to help her with her raps this time around, but she did improve so yay! 


I wasnt a fan of Tymee during SMTM so I was pleasantly surprised with her rap. Im waiting on her to fully pull me in, but we got a couple weeks and im starting to warm up to her for the first time in a year….


She is one of my favorites as well. I have her mixtapes and she is just the bomb sauce. That bullshit beat they gave her for cypher made me upset but she did what she could with it. And I also know she has way more in her than what the cypher showed. I cant WAIT to see what more she brings to the table.

9. Cheetah

     I saved the best for last.  WOOOOOOO I LOVE THIS WOMAN YES! omg like…..yes…..CHEETAH and she hands down owned the cypher and no one else was up to par not even close… my book Cheetah has this in the damn bag and I would love to see her win…Like seriously see her win! The best thing about Cheetah is that she is a woman of very few words and when she opens her mouth ITS PERFECT. She doesnt need anything else because she lets her raps speak FOR her, and its absolutely wonderful and refreshing. That is literally why I am watching the show in general. Once again, I really hope she sweeps this like a swiffer and walks off with the trophy. 


fairy tail 429

I’M LATE I KNOW ;-; okay, hopefully this one doesn’t crash 98% in the process.honestly i almost cried and now i have to retype everything fml.  this is gonna be pretty brief i think & i’ll also be splitting chapter 429&430 in to two different recaps LOL just cause. okay warning, swearing and a lot of caps lot ahead, enjoy?

OKAY, not even gonna lie when i saw that lucy was okay and not in a state of pain and anguish I WAS UPSET. 

LIKE MASHIMA WHY WHY WHY WHY. i’m sorry for letting out this sadistic and cruel thought but like, i felt like there was so much tension, anxiety, and stress built up from her torture in last chapter and it just seemed like it would be a significant thing, y'know? like natsu was chained and goin crazy on the side, the avatar assholes came in their formation LMAO and i don’t know, i thought it would’ve felt more satisfying if we saw how that scene ended and such. like i know fans went really deep with their predictions of “code” blue, connecting it to that hospital emergency when clearly it wasnt- it literally stood for grays hair colour oh my god
DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON CODE BLUE OH MY FRICKEN SHIT MAN. SOOOOO many people had such great and indepth guesses as to what would happen, but it was literally right underneath our noses. it was his hair colour. HAIR COLOUR. and here we had people thinking she’d get a cardiac arrest. like they honestly don’t relate at all 
i felt like chapter 428 gained so much hype, with the whole torturing of lucy, seeing gray do his grammy award winning acting like damn, and aswell as finding out that Gajevy have been together, and lots of other things. it was well jampacked. like i thought it would be a great start to an angsty mysterious typa arc- ACTUALLY, it’s never too late, AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT

i’m a cruel and sadistic bastard!! 

ALSO, did anyone else notice this

in the first picture, which was the colour picture we see that natsu doesnt have any bandages on, and it’s clearly seen that he has no tattoos then in the following page he has drawn bandages. do you think mashima made a mistake? i hope so omg. i’ve always thought that he would have those black marks on there, i mean everyone does. right? :$ if natsu doesn’t have the black marks i sWEAR

he hAS TO HE HAS TO HE HASS TOOOOO ;-; serIOUSLYYY. omg this could be the plot twist, since Gray can control his, Natsu can’t OoOoOoOOO BITCHES YAS. I AM SO  HYPED FOR THIS YES. LIKE IT WOULDN’T BE IMPOSSIBLE?? i mean, natsu didn’t seem to have a whole lot of contact with the rest of the world -except for guildarts in the beginning- if he did, then he would’ve known about Fairy Tail- Fiore’s Most Famous Guild being disbanded. and since he wears his guild mark proudly, some people would’ve asked about it wouldn’t they??i mean he’s also well known, people would’ve recognized him if he was just wandering around- but nothing. when he came back, he had no clue.

CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT HOW CUTE NATSU WAS-well i mean his bae was about to get sliced in half but he was so cute :$ WHEN HE WAS TRYING TO SAVE LUCY

and do you see this vein? can you see just how serious he was trying to get her? i feel like natsu isn’t usually drawn with veins going from his neck to his temple. i think it was drawn here to just show how intense he was feeling regarding to saving his friend, his lucy. this was when the axe was going to cut her in half. and with the hollow eyes, ugh that got me. we all know- it’s been tested and proved (with mr. professional actor Gray Fullbuster, and in many other arcs) that those hollow eyes show intensity and just how serious of a dilemma that the person is in. and in this case, it’s lucy that he’s trying to save. i also can’t help but feel that after leaving her for a year now that he’s finally back, obviously stronger, and seeing her in that position, he feels powerless. and he doesn’t like it, i mean thats why he went out to train, to never lose anyone precious to him ever again. yet we see now that he’s in that position again and just dear gOODNESS MY HEART BLESS NATSU YOU BEAUTIFUL PERSON.


omg. i couldn’t even. like i didn’t know if i should’ve been like “AAAAAAYEEEE” or like “homie u was just the antagonist last week this is cheating stopSERIOUSLY, like i LOVEEEEE GRAY WITH ALL MY DAMN HEART I PROMISE YOU THAT, but i felt like he should’ve carried on with this bad guy act a little longer his gel’d hair is the shit not that i would’ve loved it, but it caused so much controversy within the fandom and everyone was going crazy. it also felt cut a little short? well i guess he was already doing it for 6 months prior, then having his old squad roll in and get involved messed him up and thats adorable. REAL TALK. THATS THE CUTEST SHIT EVER. but rly draggin on bad-gray wouldn’t hurt (that much)

then gray goes and messes his gel’d hair because since he’s done playing the baddie, he don’t need it no more. GRAY LOGIC. 

  • gel - bad guy material
  • black tattoos on one side of the face&entire arm - really bad guy material
  • matching colour scheme with new avatar squad - super bad guy material
  • leaving juvia without a word - fkin satan

well that’s BASICALLY, the vibe i’m getting idk about you.

REAL. when the marks started to fade off his face, i seriously had to look at different scans because i thought i was seeing stuff- i didn’t even get to read Happy’s panel, you don’t even know how confused i was omg then he brings out his phone lacrima thing and oMGALSGMSLG K

IS IT JUST ME OR DOES SHE SEEM EXTRA PRETTY ?? does anyone else also notice that mashima’s art looks a little different? well not different but like he just settling into this style?? or something? like the characters i feel are drawn in a just tad different style ish, not really but it’s kind of the same… okay fuck it, OBVIOUSLY I’M NOT GOOD AT EXPLAINING ART LMAO, BUT DO YOU GET WAHT I’M SAYING? if you don’t message me and we can work through this together LOL.

i’m saving my heart for the part 2 of this (chapter 430), so be prepared homies HAHA

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The companions reacting to the SS having a drawn penis on their forehead ( gj Deacon )

ooooooooo i like it. thank you!

deacon: follows sole around to see everyone’s reaction to his piece of art. “is there something wrong with my face? i feel like people are staring.” “oh no no! don’t worry, boss, you look great, fantastic even! honest.” he enjoys every single second of this.

cait: “hello there, handsome. lookin especially good today.” she’s really good at keeping a straight face and stops everyone from telling them. high fives deacon when sole isn’t looking.

codsworth: he noticed before sole woke up and cleaned their face. draws some dicks on deacon’s glasses instead.

curie: she looks at deacon signing her not to tell them and poor curie tries so hard to focus on what sole is saying. “NO! I’m really sorry, monsieur deacon, but this is so ridicilous!” she spits on her hand and scrubs it off. she also made deacon apologize.

danse: “hey, there’s a– uhm. someone drew….just wait here.” he disappears for a while and returns with a wet rag. he cleans sole’s face without saying a word. they could swear his eyes are teary from laughing.

hancock: “kinda sexy.” he gets a pen and draws a hat on it. “look, it’s mayor hancock. heh.”

maccready: bursts out laughing the second he sees sole. he doesn’t want to be the one ruining the fun though so he just runs away from them without an explanation.

nick: “oh. seem’s like i’m not the only dick in diamond city now.” he carefully wipes it off sole’s face, who’s both grinning and blushing. “how about we go looking for the culprit now, detective?”

piper: might or might not be the one who told deacon to do this. she observes everything from afar. deacon and her exchange some smug looks. they both know it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship. (and big trouble for anyone else)

preston: chuckles, then clears his throat and tries to look serious. “no, no, everything’s fine, general. i, uh, gotta go now.”

strong: "heh. human look funny today.” deacon convinces him it’s a war tattoo, where upon strong makes him draw some on his biceps.

x6: “…” he stares at sole, then at deacon, then back at sole. deacon thinks he’s done for but x6 continues his conversation with sole without telling them. on the same day weird things start happening to deacon. stuff vanishes and reappears somewhere else, his clothes are sort of itchy, his insta mash tastes kinda funny…