oooooook then

OOOOOOOK DUDES LISTEN UP!!! Me and my girlfriend got up with a total absurd idea but i hope it will work well, we just decided to randomly create a 1930!stuck because we both love the sound of those times.
So we have this real rich Eridan who doesn’t enjoy criminal life that much (Dualscar is a gangster because C'MON LOOKS LIKE HE’S FROM A FILM LIKE THE GODFATHER ????) so he tries a singer career and starts to sing in locals and restaurants at night.
Then we have our favourite pissblood, doing three works, sleeping more or less 20 minuter a day and trying to manage his shitty poor life all together without killing anyone, now he has to deal with a rich baby boy who tries to flirt with him while singing, when Sol has to think about martinis and other cocktails without spitting in the shaker for frustration.
But maybe our charming seadweller will win his heart with a particular song? Who knows~


OOOOOOOK. now lets see if itll post 8)

anyway ! im gay ! and also its ryumako week so im gonna use this as a frickin excuse to draw my fav girlfriends/me and my datepal

soooo !! ryumako week day: 1 !

“W-what is this feeling…?”  so here’s kinda ? i guess that moment for both of them ! where theyre just like.. wow.. wow !! i love !!