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top 5 harry moments

  • WALKING TO THE FOREST TO DIE everything from Harry waking up in Dumbledore’s office to Voldemort killing him is just exquisite — Harry’s realisation that Dumbledore had been grooming him for death and Harry being hyperaware of his own body, “brain and nerve and bounding heart” is all so gorgeous and sad and wonderful, and he’s so brave. HE’S SO BRAVE. I’M SO FUCKING SAD IT’S BEEN 7 YEARS
  • destroying Dumbledore’s office I love this scene because after 4 books of Harry keeping shit to himself and sitting on his feelings you get lots of minor, small explosions post-Cedric dying and then THIS, it’s a NUCLEAR BOMB OF ANGER and it’s so satisfying to read but also the most painful thing in the world, ever
  • politely asking the sphinx to move, please this cracks me up every time. if someone was like show me ONE THING that DEFINES Harry James Potter AS A HUMAN AND A CHARACTER I would show them this scene. life-threatening wizard competition. dangerous magical creature. “can you move, please?” my son
  • torturing Amycus after he spit on McGonagall this means A Lot to me because Harry just straight up crucios that fucker without any hesitation or warm-up and puts so much feeling behind it. anything where Harry is morally grey is my favourite because he’s The Saviour and the Master of Death and it’s like yeah, and he just crucio’d a dude so hard he flew across the room and passed out
  • “you don’t have to call me ‘sir’, professor" any scene where Harry backchats Snape is fantastic but I distinctly remember reading this scene and being like OOOHHHH OOOOOHHHH SICK BUUURRNNNN OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH

“so much energy, so much joy, and so much passion…

it’d be so sad if all of that was taken away from you, wouldn’t it ‘ya ol’ sea-fox?”

I can’t stop drawing fanart for this blog somebody heeeeeelp ಥ_ಥ

I’m prolly waaaaaay off, but I had this in mind for what would'a usually happened before that 87-thing and everything went down the pooper. Goldie’s a jerkweed.

if you get the reference you win a new invisible car

EDIT; looked around the blog again and found out a couple of other things that I missed yep I’m likely very wrong. consider this an accidental AU of another AU I guess maybe ahhhhh

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i think youre an incredibly nice and just great person...youre gorgeous and have flawless self esteem that just radiates. you make me feel cared for and youre a great friend. youre just really have great taste in fashion and fandoms. and well, youre a REALLY great kisser.... ( ͒ ́ඉ .̫ ඉ ̀ ͒)



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Since we're talking about season 7 and the general mood of the fandom back then, I always wondered how it must have been to have THIS surface (www<.>youtube<.>com/watch?v=PFR0FdvveI0&noredirect=1) and then have to wait a week or so for the episode to come out. How unbearable was it? Did everyone get really overboard with the meta. I try to picture myself as being an Supernatural fan back then and I don't even know if I would have been able to handle this....

I REMEMBER IT VIVIDLY AND IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE. i’ve never seen any fandom collectively lose their shit over something the way we lost our shit over that promo

i remember it took about 30 seconds for someone to realise dean was holding the trenchcoat and when that started circulating all bets were off. it was no-holds-barred mayhem. i must have read upwards of 20 fics about dean giving that trenchcoat back in the week leading up to that episode

this was our only evidence but by god we ran with it

LUCKILY i have a liveblog tag on my blog, so i can provide you with a small sampling of me losing my shit about that promo: #I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DOOOOOOOOO  #SKJHJGFDJKFHSKJGHKHGKJHGKD  #MASHDSJJ AOJIWORD????/  #OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH  #MMMMYY  #GODODODODOD  #DKJDFJHJKSDJ SDFHJFDGH  #DJHSKJFH  #I AM GJOING TO TRHOW UP  #CHRISTSTSTS  

it was 2012, key smashing was still in. and the last 7 are all tags on the trenchcoat post. in my defence it was at least 3:05 in the morning my time and i was decidedly overwhelmed