• Saitama:*Getting dressed as he pulls his t-shirt on, noticing a large tear in the side of it.* Aw man, guess I'll have to toss this. *has an idea* Hey guys, wanna see me do an impression of Mom?
  • Tiny Genoses:Yeah! *Stands around Saitama*
  • Saitama:*Gives a serious look before tearing the sleeves off his shirt* Sensei!
  • *The tiny genoses laugh, all of them going quiet and freezing as Genos stands in the doorway*
  • Genos:....
  • Saitama:....
  • One of the tiny genoses:oooooh, dad's in trouble.
  • Listen

Hetalia Axis Powers: Name Pronounciation Meme

now you know my weird voice. It’s probably all wrong,but I know how to pronounce the German names,so now you know how to pronounce Beilschmidt and Edelstein



1) No cheating (i.e. going on Hetalia Shoutwiki to check up the names)

2) No using Google Translate’s narrator

3) Do not listen to others attempt at saying their names. It won’t be fair.

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  1. Feliciano Vargas
  2. Lovino Vargas
  3. Ludwig Beilschmidt
  4. Gilbert Beilschmidt
  5. Kiku Honda
  6. Alfred F. Jones
  7. Arthur Kirkland
  8. Peter Kirkland
  9. Francis Bonnefoy
  10. Ivan Braginski
  11. Yao Wang
  12. Matthew Williams
  13. Roderich Edelstein
  14. Elizabeta Héderváry
  15. Toris Lorinaitis
  16. Eduard Von Bock
  17. Raivis Galante
  18. Feliks Łukasiewicz
  19. Natalia Arlovskaya
  20. Berwald Oxensteirna
  21. Tino Väinämöinen
  22. Gupta Muhammad Hassan
  23. Heracles Karpusi
  24. Sadiq Adnan
  25. Antonio Fernandez Carriedo
  26. Vash Zwingli
Liar, Liar*Rich Boy AU Part 3

Luke Hemmings AU*
writer: Drey

Luke woke up that Saturday morning with a pounding headache, his ears ringing from the sound of the many pots and pans that banged together in the kitchen. He sat up and rubbed the sleep and stress out of his eyes, wincing when the cold air swept across his bare back.

He was about to lay back down and bring the warm covers over his naked body when Liz burst into his room dressed in a sundress and soot covering her face.

“LUCAAAAAAS, HONEY, WAKE UP,” she sang, tugging down the covers of Luke’s bed.

“Mum, no-”

Liz’s eyes widened, her son on display for her to see. Luke’s face flushed, tugging back the covers up to cover himself. He was about to say something when one of his older brothers, Jack, walked by and paused at his doorway, laughing at the situation at hand.

“Oh my god, did mum caught lil Lukey- haha- jacking- off?” Jack cackles.

“Jack,” Liz scolds, a small smile tugging at her lips. Jack snorts one last laugh before heading down the stairs. Luke looks at his mum, ashamed, his cheeks rosy from the cold and his embarrassment.

“Well, at least I know you took after your father,” Liz states nonchalantly. Luke’s eyes widens in horror, scrambling out of bed and putting on a pair of boxers, tripping over his lanky legs as he did so. Liz laughed, about to head back down to cook when she popped her head back in Luke’s doorway.

“Have you texted Y/N about our dinner tonight?” she asked, smiling. Luke froze, a nervous smile playing on his lips.

“See, uhm, here’s the thing- Well, uh, I don’t exactly have her number…?”

Liz pursed her lips at her son, shaking her head disappointed before turning around without a word and heading down the large staircase. Luke left out a huff, throwing a simple black tee over his body and running his hand to somewhat tame his bed hair. 

“You better find a way to contact her, Lucas! Dinner’s at 7!”

Luke sighed and struggled to get his shoes on, heading downstairs to see his entire family at the kitchen island eating breakfast. 

“Where’s Jen?” Luke asked, referring to their chef who cooked for them every day.

“I gave her today off since today’s is going to be a special day for you, Luke, so I decided I would be the one cooking our meals for the day,” Liz proclaimed proudly.

“Mum, you were the one the invited her,” Luke retorted, setting himself down next to Jack who just nudged his side with a smirk. Luke elbowed his brother back with a glare, shoving a forkful of pancakes in his mouth to avoid further discussion and taunting from both the older Hemmings.

“Because you need a change and I believe this girl is the key to that. I mean, she’s the first to ever reject you!”

Luke’s eldest brother, Ben, choked trying to hold back his laughter but to no avail. 

“She’s a smart sheila, ain’t she?!” he howled, high-fiving Jack. Luke groaned in annoyance, burying his face in his hands.

Liz glared at the older brothers before turning back to Luke, the spatula in her hand waving around. 

“Is there anyone else coming over is it just us?” Luke mumbled.

“The boys’ families are coming over and oh! I also invited Meghan’s family over because her dad and I have some business to talk about,” Andy replied.



Liz and Luke looked at each other curiously.

“What’s wrong with Meghan and her family over?” Liz asked.

“It’s not exactly her and family I’m whining over it’s more of a ‘hopefully Meghan won’t castrate Y/N while she’s having dinner with us’,” Luke answered.

“Ah yes, I see the status quo is alive and well in your generation,” Ben input, casually sipping on his morning tea.

Liz shrugged, setting down the last morning plate in front of her family, wiping her dirty hands on her apron.

“They’ll be fine. Now go and contact her. I want to give her time to prepare.”


You and Sydney sat at the local mall’s food court, bags of clothes settled down next to your tired figures. You sipped on your vanilla shake harshly to cool your sweating, Sydney’s eyes rolling to the back of her head in bliss as she drank hers in a similar manner.

“Why are we stress shopping again?” she asked you, nibbling on the scone you had bought earlier that came with the shakes. 

“Luke asked me out yesterday and you have a psych test first period on Monday,” you responded, gagging at the end to add effect.

“Oh yeah, Hemmings asked you out and you turned him down. Why did he even ask you out in the first place?” 

“It was that outfit you made me wear. I think he found an interest in my ass,” you mumbled. Sydney smirked and stood up, doing a curtsie, which attracts your area of the food court.

“Thank you, thank you. I receive all credit. I have allowed Luke Hemmings a view of the sweet bum that is my best friend’s,” she says dramatically, a playful smile on her face. You shake your head at her goofiness and grab her arm, setting her back down on her chair, giggling.

Sydney was about to say something but then her face dropped, her eyes concentrated on something over your shoulder.

“Speak of the devil,” she mutters. You raise and eyebrow and turn your head to see Luke with one of his friends, Calum, you think, ordering at the Starbucks place not so far from where you and Sydney were sitting. You turned back around, basically diving under the table as soon as you saw Luke about to turn his head in your direction.

“QUICK, HIDE ME,” you commanded, grabbing Sydney’s arm and moving her to your chair.


“Just do it!” you said through gritted teeth. She nodded understandingly, turning around briefly before rapidly facing forward, Luke and Calum slowly approaching your direction. Your breathing stopped momentarily, seeing their large feet coming towards you until they stopped. 

“Hey, Sydney,” you heard Calum say.


A moment of silent passed before Calum’s head popped up in front of you, a smug smile on his handsome features.

“How’s the weather down there, Y/N?” he teased.

“Better than it is up there with your head in the clouds,” you taunted back. He smirked at you before lending you a hand, which you hesitantly took, but gratefully accepted.

You dusted yourself off and sat down in Sydney’s old spot, casually drinking your shake, trying to block out Calum and Luke’s stares.

“What were you doing down there?” Luke asked, smirking. 

“I was just-uh- checking to see if-uhm- everything was here,” you stuttered, avoiding his eyes.

“Uhuh, well anyways, there’s this barbecue going on tonight at Luke’s. You guys should come,” Calum says, nodding his head at Luke.

You and Sydney look over at each other, her face pleading yes while yours pleaded ‘hell no”. It took a few moments and intense staring until you had come to a conclusion. She had pulled her trick again which meant that both of you would be going to this said barbecue.

“We’re down for it. What time?”

A large smile appeared on Luke’s face, grabbing his phone from his back pocket, texting his mum quickly saying that you, plus one, would be attending.

“Dinner’s at 7, but if you prefer, you could arrive as early as 5 so you could get to know everyone else,” Luke answers, wrapping his arm around your shoulders as if you’ve know each other well enough that he could do that. You looked up at him, confused and mildly irritated but all he does back is give you a smile. It kind of gave you a warm feeling inside and you can’t help but smile a little back.

“So what’s the dress code?” you question, taking a bite of your scone.

“Semi-formal,” Luke shrugs.

“So like casual dresses or somewhat?” Sydney continues, looking at Calum who now sat next to her in a chair he probably grabbed from one of the nearby table.

“Yeah, somewhat,” he replies.

Both you and Sydney nod and response, checking your phones for the time.

“WELL SHIT. SORRY BOYS BUT IF WE’RE GONNA BE THERE BY 5, WE’RE GONNA HAVE TO GO NOW-” Sydney rushes, starting to gather her things.

“Wait, what time is it?” Luke questions.

“2:50 in the afternoon, now we gotta go. See you later, boys,” you mutter rapidly, absentmindedly giving Calum and Luke a peck on the cheek before heading out of the mall and running to your car.

It didn’t even hit you that you kissed them both on the cheek until halfway through curling your hair.


“Dude, Mike’s gonna owe you 5 grand,” Calum snickers as he buttons his shirt, Luke sitting on his bed, rolling his eyes as his best friend’s statement.

“Y/N’s persistent. I think I’m the one that’s gonna have to hand over 5 grand.”

“Bullshit. She kissed you on the cheek. That’s a step closer to having her wrapped around your finger.”

Luke just shook his head and headed into his walk-in wardrobe, grabbing a black button up off the hanger and throwing off his previous shirt. He walked back into his room with the button up open and Calum on his bed in a model-like pose, looking at Luke in a sexual, but joking, way.

“Hey, daddy,” Calum playfully purrs, wiggling his finger in a ‘come here’ motion.

“Calum, you little slut,” Luke chuckles, standing in front of his mirror and buttoning his shirt.

“I try,” Calum jokes, sitting up on the bed and putting his beloved VANS on. The doorbell rings downstairs, striking the boys’ attention as they hear girlish chatters echo through Luke’s large manor.

“Luke! Your female friends are here!” Liz yells. 

The boys approach the staircase, getting a hawk-eye’s view of you and Sydney dressed for the occasion. Luke is speechless since this is a rare opportunity, to see you in something other than jeans and a t-shirt. He’s absolutely breath-taken, as cliche as it is, but he couldn’t help but admire you and the way you held yourself in front of his family- so sophisticated, yet so casual.

“Hey, Luke,” you greet, waving to him from the bottom of the stairs. He waves back. He turns to Calum only to see him gone, descending the stairs to end up at Sydney’s side. Typical, Luke thinks, shaking his head.

“You want a drink?” Luke offers once he stands side by side with you.

You nod and follow Luke towards the patio in their backyard, where the rest of the visitors and Luke’s family was. You look around you in awe, the Hemmings’ wealth displayed in every single item that came into view. You were nervous to say the least, to stay in a premise with only Luke’s family and a few of his friends whom you’ve only interacted with in class. 

This was definitely something that you’d have to share with Casper the next time you saw him.

“Here,” Luke offers you some weird colored concoction in a champagne flute. You eye the drink suspiciously. 

“What is it?” you ask.

“It’s a wine. One of my uncles own a wine company and this particular one is specifically made to the Hemmings’ family’s liking,” he explains, smirking.

“I’m not even leg-”

“Technically, we’re legal in Australia so my parents don’t care. Just taste it.”

You comply and take a sip. Your taste buds tingle with delight at the fruity taste of the wine and proceed to take a larger sip.

“This some good shit, Hemmings. Where’s Sydney?”

You’re about to turn around when another figure collides with yours and your wine goes spilling over this person’s dress. Oh shit.

“OH MY GO- What is she doing here!?”

well that was possibly the shittiest thing I ever had to write in my entire tumblr career lmao

anyways I hoped that was a good enough part 3 :)

Part IV

Archbishop Fulton Sheen as he was Heckled at a College in California
  • Heckler:Was Jonah really in the belly of the whale?
  • Fulton Sheen:I don’t know, but the first thing I am going to do when I get to heaven is to ask Jonah: Were you in the belly of the whale?
  • Heckler:What if Jonah’s not there?
  • Fulton Sheen:Then you ask him.
Mr. & Mrs. Jeon

mr & mrs smith. those are my only words. i should be writing the sky high stuff but you know… this too

summary: you had a secret life, one that you tried so hard to keep. you were so busy trying to cover your tracks that you had no idea that he was too.

<> part I <> part II <> part III <>

The crosshairs of your gun wavered from the sudden shriek in your ear piece and you had to fight the urge to yell at the new girl at your agency to shut up. If you did, your cover would be blown and your target would’ve been out of your range. 

“Sorry, Ms. Y/N,” Lily whispered now and you found yourself unable to hold a grudge against her. Although she was new, she was trained and knew when to be serious. It was what got her the job at the agency and what got her the privilege to be even working with you. “But target’s time of death must be before 2100.” 

Not a second passed after her reminder did your gun pull the trigger and the bullet found its place in the man’s head. Once the job was finished and another agent had cleaned up the mess, your phone buzzed in your back pocket, halting your packing of your sniper rifle. 

[ kookie <3 : hey, jagi, dinner tonight? i cooked :) ]

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