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1. Who’s your most favorite character in WoY? Why?

Ooooooh boy this is a tough one. From the first few episodes, I already had trouble picking out who my favorite would be. They all bring me so much delight, and there’s something about like every single character that makes my heart happy.

But if I had to choose one??? Gotta go with the classics.

Wander is a character who can make me smile no matter the situation. He’s so charming, funny, expressive, and just plain nice. Though I love every single character, it was really Wander that kept me invested. From his simple (yet effective) design, to the talent that is Jack McBrayer, to just about everything about him, how could Wander not be my favorite?

2. Who’s your least favorite character in WoY? Why?


10. Who do you wish had more appearances in the show?

Oh my goodness how can I CHOOSE?? I wish every single character got more screentime, from Wander to that one janitor watchdog in that one episode. This is a really close one, but if I had to choose just one…

Beeza is certainly an interesting character in terms of the cast of WoY. Her nihilistic ways and general acceptance of death is so bizarre and I’d love to see more episodes and team-ups surrounded by her.

17. Who would you 10/10 go out on a date with?

Is this even a question???

23. What are your NOTP’s?

Oh gosh well… before I list them off, let me just say that I don’t venomously hate these ships and I won’t hate you if you ship them or w/e, but they’re just ships that I really can’t get into myself for either personal reasons or just because of my existing headcanons:

sylvia x wander (romantically; I LOVE their friendship!)

peepers x any girl

dominator x any guy

probably some others here and there, but these are like… the main ones

28. Do you support #savewoy ?

Of course!!

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OOOOOOH!- I partially feel dumb OM G; so are ALL porn blogs basically bots??? UGH; either way, can we make a petition of some sort to get all porn related blogs off tumblr? x’Dc

Thank you both though; it was still a lil’ upsetting to see eHe but ah, well

  • Saitama:*Getting dressed as he pulls his t-shirt on, noticing a large tear in the side of it.* Aw man, guess I'll have to toss this. *has an idea* Hey guys, wanna see me do an impression of Mom?
  • Tiny Genoses:Yeah! *Stands around Saitama*
  • Saitama:*Gives a serious look before tearing the sleeves off his shirt* Sensei!
  • *The tiny genoses laugh, all of them going quiet and freezing as Genos stands in the doorway*
  • Genos:....
  • Saitama:....
  • One of the tiny genoses:oooooh, dad's in trouble.