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Did you see this?

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Prompt HS au

Recording Time Started: 17:27 - Thursday May 16th

“Can you please take the camera out of my face, Gav?” Ryan sighed, pushing him out of the way of his homework for the fifteenth time, “I’m trying to study for my test on Friday.” “Nah, you’re bloody adorable when you’re annoyed.” The freshman giggled, forcing his way back in front of him and focusing on the confusing math formula written out on the pages. “If you shut the camera off, I’ll show you what they don’t teach us in Sex Ed.” Ryan smirked, causing the Gavin to blush hard and attempt to hide behind his long hair. 

Recording Time Ended: 17:32 - Thursday May 16th

Here out of the love of my heart.

Reading Reddit's "Why do girls in Japanese porn sound like they're getting murdered?" thread.
  • person1:...but if you can find that free video where there are hundreds on Japanese couples going at it in a big room, it's HILARIOUS. One girl sounds like she's getting raped, but one hundred girls and suddenly it sounds like a dog kennel. I swear, if you closed your eyes and I played it you'd assume it was a kennel full of yappy dogs. I laughed so hard I had to take a break.
  • person2:"I laughed so hard I had to take a break."
  • person2:from fapping?
  • person1:Well, I wasn't watching Japanese porn for charity.