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🐘 Hip Hop Unit Reaction to Seeing You in Their Clothes ;;

WARNING: Complete and utter crack ahead. Read at your own risk. Oh, and swearing.

The details of this request were discussed a long while back ! ! ! I regret nothing. – Belle

S.Coups: All he wants is some peace and quiet. Impossible considering the circumstances, but a boy (read: ManlyMan) could dream. Practice was absolutely brutal, and tomorrow there would be a long day of variety show filming. As the thirteen boys stagger in to the living room and most of them fall into a doggy pile right there on the middle of the floor, they look up at him invitingly. He scrunches his nose, passing as he smells the sweat that radiates off of them. No, he thinks he’ll just have an early shower.

Seungcheol saunters over to his room, heading straight for the closet to grab a pair of pyjamas to change into after his shower. He slides open the door with ease, reaching in blindly for some clothes when his hand collides with a face.


“WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?” Seungcheol falls backwards to the floor, a hand reaching up to clutch his chest in shock. “WHY THE HELL ARE YOU IN MY CLOSET?”

(A faint cry of protest is heard from Joshua in the background, protesting against his use of swears.)

For a brief moment, you look like a deer caught in headlights but you recover quickly. “Wearing your clothes, what else?” He screeches and you try to retreat back into the closet. 

Seungcheol ends up calling the cops on you and you spend 5 years in jail for stalking the poor boy. Sicko. 

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sasaengs aren’t real fans and don’t deserve to go home free say it with me

Wonwoo: You’re always seeing it with other couples on the streets. The cute couple jerseys, couple snapbacks, couple rings. It’s everything you want but sadly, Wonwoo isn’t having it. You’ve asked him multiple times before, but all he’s done is chuckle and shake his head. You understand it’s not exactly reasonable considering his **~~desirable idol image~~** but it doesn’t stop you from bugging your boyfriend about it. Alas, he won’t relent. 

You figure the next best thing is wearing his clothes. Wonwoo has tons of cute clothes that you wouldn’t mind wearing. And, well, you figure that rejection isn’t failure – failure is giving up. And there’s no way you’re giving up. 

So, one day you decide to surprise Wonwoo by showing up at the dorms unexpectedly. He’s lying back on his bed, scrolling through his phone when he catches a glimpse of you. He’s of course caught off guard but he immediately pockets his phone, flashing a smile at you. You ignore it.

You’re not here for him, you’re here for his clothes. 

Your eyes scan the floor for a familiar looking sweatshirt that you can steal, and when you spot one, you immediately pick it up and slide it on to yourself. You miss the look of horror on Wonwoo’s face as you slide it on to yourself before looking at him triumphantly. “MINE.” 

Wonwoo immediately gestures for you to take it off, looking partially disgusted. “Y/N you idiot, take that off immediately! Can’t you freaking smell it? Mingyu’s dog was in here earlier and he took a piss on it. He took his dog out for a walk, saying that he’d clean it up later. Ohmygod you literally smell like dog piss.” Your face lights up in embarrassment as you desperately hurry to take off the sweatshirt. Yes, you smelt it now. 

You dun goofed.

Wonwoo laughs at you for this incident for the rest of eternity. Nice going.

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Mingyu: “Oooooh, you look so cute in my clothes!” Mingyu sees you in one of his oversized t-shirts (what was basically a huge dress on yourself) and immediately goes gaga over the sight. He pinches your cheeks hard enough that you immediately regret your decision. You swat his hands away but he pays no heed, going over to your own discarded shirt and holding it up to the light.

“Do you think this will fit me?” He poses with the shirt in front of him, and you giggle a bit at the ridiculousness of it all. After all, there is no way any of your clothes would fit him. It’s a nice joke though.

Turns out he’s not joking. 

For the next week, you find Mingyu lounging around in all sorts of articles of your own clothing, stretching them all out in the process as well. 

“Mingyu, for the last time, you’re stretching out my onesie!”

“Mingyu, can you give me back my pants?”


“Mingyu, that shirt is too small on y– no, you can’t just work it by making it in to a crop top. PUT DOWN THE SCISSORS, MINGYU.”

sux to suck sry ‘bout that.

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just really wanted to use this gif WHAT THE FA FA

Vernon: You call him to cancel your dinner date, hacking up a lung in the process. You’re terribly sick, and there’s nothing you want to do more than curl into yourself and die in your bed. The scent of Hansol is comforting, which is why you end up slipping on the t-shirt that he left behind earlier that week. 

You’re in the process of inhaling his scent when he comes strolling into your room, your spare apartment key dangling on his pinky as he balances a couple of boxes of takeout in his arms. For a brief moment, he looks surprised to see you in his shirt – it’s not something you would typically do – but he lets out a small grin regardless. He just finds you so damn cute, especially as you try to hide your actions by coughing and looking away. Hansol resumes his stroll as he slides right up to you, planting a kiss on your forehead and sitting on the edge of your bed.

“I told you before that there was no way we were skipping out on this one. So I’ve brought the dinner to you. How about I carry you downstairs to the living room so we can watch a movie and… eat.”

“Are you implying that we Netflix and Chill?”

“I wouldn’t say–”

“No, Hansol.”

“Fine, fine. We’ll just eat.”

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[AKA the one time that everyone else is crazy but I make Vernon normal]

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May I have Aomine and fem!reader secretly like each other but neither of them dares to confess because reader's too shy and Aomine thinks she's too gentle, sweet and innocent for him (because he's pervy and stuff). Reader is bff with Momoi and Momoi knows all about their feelings so she creates an opportunity for Aomine to make his move. Thanks and good luck with the blog ^_^

Hi dear! Oooooh this was so cute actually! I love writing about Aomine, my dork! I hope you’re going to enjoy it!

Have a nice day!

Aomine x Reader, Fluff, Confession, Momoi is a Cunning Cupid

Prince Charming

You were waiting behind the school, as Momoi told you. Apparently, she had something very important to tell you. You were a bit worried, since she should have had practice with the basketball team in that moment and never missed one. Was something wrong? Did something happened?

Time passed and the girl didn’t show up, increasing your worry.

You were ready to go and search for her, when you suddenly heard someone screaming your name.

You blinked puzzled.


“A-Aomine?” you blushed on instinct at the simple thought of your crush.

When he rushed into your view, your heart stopped.

He was sweaty and wearing his practice uniform, panting for the chase as he looked around franctically. When he finally saw you, his eyes went wide and he stumbled towards you.

“SO!” he called grabbing your shoulders.


“Where are they? Did they hurt you? I’m going to kill them if they touched you!” he roared, filled with anger and apprehension as he scanned your body searching for wounds.

“W-what are you talking about?” you stuttered confused and too startled by his rough hands on your shoulders to actually care. That was more than what your heart could take.

“Those damn punks!” he growled, slowly letting you go. He, perplexed, noticed that you weren’t harmed nor particularly scared. Just confused and…flustered? Your cheeks were just a faint red and you were looking at him in a way he deemed illegal.

“What punks?” you replied tilting your head to the side.

“The punks cornering and threating you…” he explained slowly, doubting his own words.

“Uhm…” you fidgeted, “Aomine I was alone until now. I was waiting for Momoi,” you revealed, feeling that you definitely were missing a piece.

At your words he opened wide his eyes, groaned and crouched on the ground with a loud “Satsuki!” and hands in his hair.

You had now a horrible feeling.

“Ne ne, SO!” Momoi thrilled hanging from your arm, “When are you going to confess to Dai-chan?”

Never. First, he’s not interested in me. Second, I’m too shy to do it properly. I’d just embarrass myself.”

Oh no.

“What did she do?” you asked covering your face with the hands.

Aomine averted his eyes, hiding his blush.

“She came running in the gym and screamed that you were being assaulted by some punks behind the building…”

You wished for the earth to open and eat you alive.

“A-And you came?” you looked at him incredulous, your heart beating louder and louder.

Aomine finally gave you a glance, a smirk on his lips.


“Running away even if you were practicing?”



“To fight those bastards.” Because he could have. He knew he could have defeated whoever tried to hurt you and could have protected you.

You two stood like that, exchanging shy glances in silence. You couldn’t believe what he said and he was too busy thinking that he wasn’t eager to feel again that hopelessness he experienced when Momoi came running. Maybe, there was a better solution. Maybe, he could at least try for a different end.

“Uhm, Aomine-” you began, mustering all your courage. He was ready to fight for you, how could you not dare to confess? You didn’t want to be that coward. You had to face him as he deserved.

“Go out with me.” He interrupted you in a sudden outburst, so sudden he regretted it immediately, covering his mouth. “I-I mean, I know I’m not your type of guy nor a nice guy in general but I can be better and-”

“Yes!” you answered with shining eyes, shocking him, “Yes!” you repeated with a wide smile. “I’d love to.”

Aomine groaned again covering his eyes and breathing deeply, drowning in happiness.

“S-something strong?” you asked seeing his reaction. You had understood the right thing, hadn’t you?

“Yeah, ‘m just happy…” Aomine mumbled with a sharp grin, “You’re too cute,” he admitted, not daring too move from his position. He wasn’t sure he wasn’t going to kiss you on the spot if he did.

“A-ah, t-thank you…” you whispered blushing ‘till the ears, but showing a small, giddy smile that struck his heart.

“I don’t if I can restrain myself for long…” he muttered under his breath.


“Dai-chan!” Momoi whined bouncing around his best friend, “When are you going to ask SO out?”

He rolled his eyes, annoyed.


“But you like her!” she protested stomping his feet.

“Yeah, and so? I’m not the guy for her,” he muttered frowning, “Too pure and shit to be with me. Have you seen me? She deserves a prince charming or something similar…” he admitted in a blushing murmur, walking away from Momoi.

The girl crossed her arms with a smirk.

“Oh, I think you two dorks are more similar than what you think…”

A brilliant plan was already formed in her head.

(LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE TO ME) I thought, “What if he fell asleep everytime he charged? And what is Annoying Cat took advantage of that high and warm place to sleep” and now I wasted to while class periods making this - I REGRET NOTHING (I also tried to make the design as close to cannon as possible)

I love writing married Swan Queen! 😍

Someone had a prompt for a married SQ date fic. I thought it was cute! Our ladies, happy and in love. A night on the town. This was my reply–because, of course, an idea started forming. Maybe I’ll finish it one day.

Oooooh. Cute, little, short, married, date night, Swan-Mills style? Ideas are forming! They are adorable. The feel. The crisp night air as they walk, side by side, arms entertwined, hands in pockets, LEANING close together, bantering, smiling, heartwarming secret smiles, smiles they only have for each other.

Shall the twins be in it? Should I make them two years old? Should I write Zelena babysitting and then being stuck with 2-two year olds, her own four year old daughter and a 17 year old Henry who’s teenage friends decide to crash and have a small party?

Should Snow come over at Zelena’s request.

“Zelena! What is going on?”

“Snow, help.”

“What did you just say?” A shocked Snow White asks.

“Help me…”

“I can’t believe you’re asking for my help.”

Zelena watches Snow walk in the door and expertly remove her jacket while still holding a four year old Neal. “I can’t figure out a way to get them to stop jabbering or crying without CURSING them all!”

“Okay, okay. Calm down. They’re just kids. I deal with 25 of them at a time.”


“A teacher’s work is never done. Here, Zelena. Hold Neal.”

Snow thrusts her son into Zelena’s arms who takes him reluctantly. “No! Not ANOTHER one!”

Snow & Zelena as a side story would be a crack up. 🤣

So many ideas, so little time. 😂

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Okay, so I was looking thru your blog when I saw that one picture you drew of monster Tom protecting the kittens, and I just got the cutest idea! after Tom turns back into a human, him and Edd end up adopting the kittens~

Oooooh my god

Too fucking cute

Toma tu tomate!

Translation: Take your tomato, which is a heckling exclamation you use when someone has something done to them they deserved, either physical or verbal.


Armando: That shirt looks so old.

Pablo: Your mom is looking old!

Luis: Take your tomato Armando!

Note: Think of when someone says something and you say BURN or OOOOH, it’s like that.

For Rupert, for Ron Weasley, same sort of situation happened. He immediately popped off the screen. Rupert is a very shy kid, but he had this devilish, mischievous quality, and he had a face that I’ve never seen before. I mean he was just unique, in his face was just a wealth of all these emotions. He had a wonderful sense of humor, but also a sense of soul. He really felt, like he was one of the Weasley children, and we all fell in love with him for Ron Weasley  - Chris Columbus

  • Steeljaw: (sings softly to the sparklings as they lay on him)
  • Sparklings: (mewl softly in their sleep)
  • Thunderhoof: (leans helm on Steeljaw's as they watch them)
  • Underbite: (comes in) Oooooh! Cute! Those lol' darlins look look cut 'nough ta eat--
  • Steeljaw: (growls ears laid back)
  • Thunderhoof: (preparing to charge) Yous touch de kids yous gonna be six hundred feet undeh.

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Koine just started following Kiki’s mother on insta!!! I’m SO here for this!! 🙌🏻

Oooooh!  That’s cute!  She’s precious and I’m here for it.

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Hi! I don't know if the OTP request has to be canon or not... but if it does can you do Drastoria? I feel like they don't get enough attention from the fandom :P But, if it doesn't have to be canon, can you do Fremione? Thanks! Your blog is awesome by the way :P

Hey! I don’t actually know enough about fremione to not potentially insult people who ship it lol, so I’ll go with Drastoria! I don’t actually know anything about astoria so this is purely my imagination???

  • Who made the first move; 

Astoria. Draco is really really insecure after the war, and Astoria makes him see that he was a victim too, and he’s still amazing to her

  • Who said ‘I love you’ first; 

Draco. Somewhere along the lines of:





(and cuteness ensues) (oooooh drama) (that was shitty af and i apologize)

  • How often they fight; 

Only when Draco goes into his I’m-a-bad-person, don’t-touch-me, I-don’t-deserve-you stupors (Personally I think Astoria is a little Fleur)

  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon; 

 Draco. They’re both long limbs and pretty faces and THEY PROBABLY LOOK LIKE A FREAKING CALVIN KLEIN AD OR SOMETHING

  • What their nicknames are for each other; 

Draco is Draco, but Astoria ranges from Ass to Tori and everything in between (im joKING)

  • Who’s the better cook; 

They both grew up as privileged purebloods, and so the house elves do all the cooking

  • Who remembers their anniversaries; 

They both do, oooh bring out the candles and red wine and fancy lingerie and even fancier sex

  • Their favorite thing to do together (besides sex); 

Just sit by the fire at night with some wine (MORE WINE) and talk

  • Who ‘wears the pants’ in the relationship; 

Astoriaaaa? Maybeeee?

  • How they would get engaged;

Expensive restaurant, dressed up, diamond ring the size of a small principality, the whole lot.

  • What their wedding would be like;

Small but hella gorgeous

  • How many kids they’ll have; 

Only child, maybe? Or since Draco grew up as one, he’d want siblings for his son. Ooooh, maybe a boy and a girl.

send me your OTP