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Idk if you're interested in fonts but have you heard of typewithpride com? It's a free font designed in memory of Gilbert Baker and it's so cute!!!

ooOOO m8 i am v passionate about fonts (my favourite is Sofia Pro Soft if u wanted to know) but ahHH this is amazing!!! look at that font!! it’s so pretty!!! thank you for letting me know!!

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Then what about modern AU where Gerome asks Inigo to accompany him getting his new glasses, they spend the day together (eating ice cream, just walking around and commenting anything they see like flower shops) and at the end of the day Inigo blurts out "Wait, was it a date?" and of course Gerome blushes hard. :')

Ooooo that sounds so cute!!! I think Gerome meant it to be a date from the start but Inigo was oblivious :’D

Game of Thrones 5x06 - My Reactions [Spoilers]

Arya’s got a taste for cleaning bodies now

Geez, that girl is cruel. Arya just wants to know whats going on

Things just go from bad to worse for Arya

Tyrion and Jorah’s banter is brilliant

Oh Jorah’s face when he finds out his father is dead. Aw.

Well. At least Arya put that girl out of her misery. Both sweet and mean.

Now, we get to see what happens to the bodies… or rather the heads.

A catacomb of heads. Lovely.

Uh oh. Pirates.

Oh leave Jorah alone. He’s already suffering.

Come on Tyrion. Bargain. Trick. Survive.

How did Littlefinger get to King’s Landing so quickly? Stannis is still marching to Winterfell

What the hell is Petyr doing?! Why is he selling out Sansa?

Oh god! Sansa’s in trouble!! Again

Aw. Myrcella and Trystane. So cute!

Ooooo, Jamie and Bronn are in the gardens!

…and so are the Sand Snakes!

Watch out myrcella!

The fight is on!

Where’s the guard when you need them?!

“You fight pretty well for a little girl.” Haha, she didn’t like that.

Nice to see Grandma Tyrell

“The famous tart, Queen Ceresi.” Haha. Ceresi just got sassed.

Haha! “Lannister has no rival.” Everyone hates you!

Ah. Loras looks a mess.

How rude! Leave Margaery alone!

Bloody Ceresi! She’s done this!

Oh geez. Loras is in for it now!

NO! What is going on?


Miranda is sick and twisted.

“I am Sansa Stark of Winterfell. This is my home. And you can’t frighten me.”

Aw, Sansa looks so pretty in her wedding gown. And she’s red haired again.

Poor Theon.

It would be such an amazing wedding, if only Ramsey wasn’t the groom.

…annnd she’s married again.

No! Theon is gonna watch! What?!

No! Sansa!

Theon’s crying!

Sansa’s cries! 

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that tweet about luke getting mad at a lamp can u imagine daddy luke trying to operate the baby bottle warmer thing early in the morning and you're still in bed and you hear him downstairs yelling and cursing at the warmer and you chuckle and come downstairs and he's like "nonono i promise i can do this" and you shake your head and turn it on and he drops his head to the floor and is like "im a terrible father" so u and bby girl give him a kiss on the cheek to make him feel better