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Harry runs his hands down his face once again, a migraine creeping its way into his head. If he’s being honest he’s tired of arguing- hell he’s just tired in general. You’re standing in front of him, tapping your foot with your arms crossed. He hasn’t responded, and in all honesty- you don’t even want to know his response. Were you being selfish? Yes. Did you care right now? Not particularly. 

“Well, are you going to answer, or are you going to just sit there like a complete idiot?” It’s mean, and you know it. He’s not an idiot- he’s actually so far from it that it’s insane, but you can’t help yourself. You just can’t hold it in anymore. You’d excused so many things that have happened in this relationship since it started, but you’d be damned if you excuse this once again. You’d be damned because he knew he fucking knew as to how important this was for you- and the fact that he is telling you, so fucking last minute is just not cool.

“You know what, [Y/N], I can’t do this with you right now,” He slaps his hands on his thighs, making a move to stand up. He easily has some height against you, but do you care? Once again, no. 

“Well when, Harry- when are we going to talk about the fact that you’re missing my graduation, tell me when,” Your hands go flying into the air before lamely falling back to your sides. Your voice cracked and you hated that involuntary tears were pricking your eyes. He looks at you with an emotion that you can’t read, and the further this conversation goes- the worse the situation gets. You feel as though you drove over to see him for nothing.

“Listen, I-”

You shake your head, not wanting to hear another lame excuse. To be fair, you’re not giving him a chance to speak, but at this point you’re pretty certain that you don’t want to hear a damn thing that he has to say. 

No, you listen to me, Harry. I have supported you, I have given up things for you, I have excused so many things for you, I have done so much for you, and one thing. One big thing I ask is that you be there, and now you can’t even do that. Do you even understand as to this makes me feel?” You can’t even look at him, and you find yourself taking a step back. He reaches his hand out in attempt to physically comfort you, but you easily reel your hand back as if appalled by his touch. 

“Babe, I’m sorry, I can’t control my schedule. But you knew what you were signing up for-”

“Are you fucking kidding me, Harry? Fuck you. You know what? Don’t be sorry, I don’t even care anymore.” With that, you walk away, not having the energy to continue with him. He can go and date his career for all you care.

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Ive seen multiple people say that mat is boring and cliche or whatever but you know whos ACTUALLY cliche? your overrated fave, Robert! Nothing is more cliche than the stereotypical rough tough white (yes hes white) mobster looking dude with the leather jacket who has secret angst ooooo. Robert was the most predictable out of all of the dads, to the point where i knew exactly what choices he would like the most without looking at any guides or knowing anything about the story. He’s literally so basic down to his fucking appearance–whenever i draw him i literally just draw the most generic looking face and add some facial hair and its him. Theres nothing unexpected with him, his story was predictable and HE’S the cliche

& you know what’s NOT a cliche? The black guy with dreads being written as gentle, sweet and loving as well as anxious, nervous and timid. It honestly shocked me because i thought they’d just blindly write him like everyone else usually writes black dudes in cartoons, which is just really chill and hip and suave. But they actually wrote him to be really shy and anxious and tender and soft and it was a really really pleasant surprise. So you can miss me with the “cliche” bullshit and send that shit robert’s way instead

And dont get me wrong, i actually love robert. But i love mat more. And i have no problem destroying robert for mat’s sake

MC singing Burn from Hamilton after finding out Zen cheated

Ooooo I love angst sooooo much bless 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
• At first things between you and Zen were amazing. You were always together, walking hand in hand, going on cute dates
• After a few months you noticed that he went to work more and became a bit distant
• You didn’t really mind tbh but something didn’t feel right
• One night Zen came home drunk af and just said
•" Ugh MC why are you still here I don’t want you here why don’t you understand that"
• You were like woah Zen what the heck but he ignored you and locked himself in the bedroom
•He left his phone on the table and you heard it go off
• You saw messages from some girl called Steffie
•Messages like “I had so much fun thanks for taking me out” “I miss you already”
• You figured out quite quickly that he had an affair with that girl
• You called Jeahee and explained everything and she said that you could stay at her place
• So you grabbed your stuff and left
•The next day it was all over Twitter, Zen made it public that he was in a relationship with that Steffie girl
• A lot of the hardcore fans were obviously confused because they thought you were with Zen ( since they know where he lives and all)
• Jeahee saw the Tweets too and asked how you felt
• Instead of crying you said “ I have a plan but I’ll need your help”
• A few days later it was the day of the RFA party
• You haven’t talked to Zen since the day you left him and every time he logged in you logged out
• There was a lot of journalists at the location of the party all the RFA members thought it was because of Zen
• But hohohohoooo they were in for a surprise
• Jeahee was standing on the stage saying her little speech everything were going as planned
• Then she said “ and now we have the person who made all of this possible. one of the strongest people I know and they’re going to sing Burn from Hamilton, here’s MC”
• Boom the spotlight was focused on you
• Zen was shOOK LMAOO
• “ Be careful with that one love. He will do anything to survive”
• When you sang “that one” you pointed at Zen
• Don’t forget that there were cameras everywhere yupp this is going viral
• “ I’m burning the memories. Burning the letters that might have redeemed you. You forfeit all rights to my heart. You forfeit the place in our bed. You sleep in your office instead. With only the memories, of when you were mine.”
• Jeahee was fangirling backstage
• Everyone was so shocked but you were actually quite good
• Zen was shaking he was embarrassed and regret started to kick in. What did he think you were the best thing that happened to him why was he so selfish and stupid
• You didn’t care. You were pissed and wanted to make him pay for hurting and embarrassing you like he did
• So you stood your ground looking like a powerful queen as you ended your song
• “I hope that you burn”
Honestly this was so funny to write lmao
Don’t hate me but I haven’t watched Hamilton yet oops so I had to google the song lmao

Take It From Me, Jealousy

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Johnny Storm x Reader x Steve Rogers

Request:  I’m the anon who asked about requests, thank you for answering my question. Could you write Johnny Storm x Reader x Steve Rogers imagine where the reader is dating Steve and Johnny is jealous, so while Steve is out of the Avengers tower he dresses and acts like Steve to finally get with the reader? Maybe it gets a little smutty until Steve comes back and catches them in bed and the reader figures out it was Johnny acting like Steve the whole time? Thank you again.


Also, tagging @ilovebeingjoyful because she asked to be tagged in this lol

Genre: Romance, Angst

Rating: Everyone

Warning: Implied sexual content, jealousy, swearing, impersonation, Johnny is a douche, I don’t wanna say attempted rape but Reader doesn’t know that it’s Johnny impersonating so I guess so??

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines, Captain.

Ok, so maybe it was a bad idea to ever introduce Steve to your friend Johnny. I mean, first of all, they both look exactly the same. Second of all, they both had taken a liking to you, even though you’ve been dating Steve for like three years now. . All that their toxic friendship spelled was trouble and disaster. So, when Steve had to go on a one week mission, Johnny offered to keep you company.

“Thanks for coming over, J.”

Johnny smirked and looked over at you, winking. 

“Anything for you, hot rod.”

You rolled your eyes at him and Johnny whispered to you, leaning forward towards you.

“Seriously, has anybody ever told you that you are just a goddess? Seriously, I think I’m staring at Aphrodite here.”

You blushed a bit and backed up, saying. 

“Johnny..I appreciate what you’re saying but…I can’t…You know that I’m with Steve.”

Johnny frowned and said. 

“What do you see in him? I mean we literally have the same face. Why can’t you see that I have way more to offer?”

You glared and snapped. 

“Johnny, that man has been through everything with me! Yeah, you’ve been through a lot with me but Steve holds my heart in the palm of his hands. Nothing would ever make me stray away from the love I have for him. “

Johnny got a look of anger but then nodded, sighing. Getting up, he said. 

“I’m gonna…go to the bathroom and then leave, ok?’

What you didn’t know was that he was stealing Steve’s clothes and plotting the ultimate reunion between you and Steve, who wasn’t due back until the end of the week. 

For three days, you never saw Johnny nor had you head from Steven. You were getting worried and you gasped when you heard that Brooklyn drawl come through the place.

“Hey, doll.”

You gasped and spun, seeing Steve and you yelled. 


A flash ran through his eyes but it was gone as quick as it came, you hugging Steven tightly. You kissed him and he followed you when you reared back. You giggled and asked.

“You’re home so early!! How was the mission? Did Bucky do well?”

‘Steve’ nodded and replied.

“We did great. We got finished so early, it was a surprise but a relief. Bucky? Oh, uh…He’s getting better.”

You smiled, unknown to the fact that this was actually Johnny with combed hair and wearing Steve’s favorite pair of slacks. ‘Steve’ put his hand on the low of your back and you giggled. Steve whispered to you.

“I don’t know about you, but I’ve missed you a lot, dame.”

You blushed and said, hugging onto the taller male.

“I missed you too.”

For the next four days, Steve had been nothing but loving towards you. It was cute but a bit strange as he wasn’t so open about kissing you and his hands on your hips and you were a bit put off but you didn’t want to worry anyone. Steve had been getting confident and on the last day of the week, he had asked you if you two could ‘make love to each other’ his words. You had blushed so heavily that Steve had chuckled a bit and you shrugged, whispering.

“I…If you want to, Steve. I don’t want to rush you into anything you don’t want to do." 

Steve replied. 

“I want to. I really do. You’re just so perfect and there’s no other gal out there for me.”

‘Gal? Steve never says gal…though maybe he’s just picking up on the slang’

Your mind didn’t think as Steve kissed your neck, holding you close and you sighed, nuzzling a bit. You straddled his hips and Steve rolled into your sex, a heat pooling and you groaned. Steve moved to the other side of your neck, sucking, nipping, licking the skin and you whined a bit, rubbing against his erection. Steve groaned and his hands moved down to your waist, slipping into the thing fabric of your yoga pants and squeezing your ass. You blushed and gasped a bit and he grunted. saying. 

“You make the prettiest noises..”

“What the hell?!”

You gasped and reared back at the sound of…Steve? There he was, in all his glory and you frowned, eyes widened and you looked between him and the man beneath you. Looking back, Steve had an dark void of anger deep in his eyes and you gasped, jumping back. The man, ‘Steve’ groaned and ran a hand through his hair, growling. 

“You just had to come back so early, didn’t you Rogers.”

“You’re gonna ever regret touching my woman, Storm!”

You gasped and Bucky peeked around the corner, eyes wrinkling in concern until he saw the scene. Johnny burst into flames as Steve threw his shield and it broke into the wall. Bucky quickly ran in, yelling. 

“Hey! Hey! Quit it! Back the fuck off!”

He held you behind him protectively while Clint and Natasha ran in, getting in between the two fighters. Steve was huffing and puffing while Johnny still ‘flamed on’. Steve yelled, taking a step forwards while Natahsa warned him with a quick ‘Rogers!’

“You sick son of a bitch! Don’t you ever come near my woman again!”

“Oh please, Old Man. She needs something new! You’re too fucking old for her anyway, old man.”

Bucky growled out. 

“You watch what you fucking say, kid. Friend or not, I will fucking kill you for touching her.”

You were sobbing, hysterically, might someone add, and Tony and Thor came in, clad in their armor and Toy said, his face hidden behind his mask. 

“This is the first time I’m ever gonna say this but parties over, kids. Go home.”

Thor growled. 

“Do not think I won’t send you to the darkest realms you’d never want to imagine, you puny mortal. Flaming or not, you do not mess with Lady (Y/n). She has full protection under oath of Asgard and It would be unwise to mess with a god and king.”

Johnny glared and without warning, Mjolnir went through the air, knocking Johnny through the wall and out of the building. Steve immediately got to you and asked you, hands in your hair and on your face. 

“Are you alright, doll? Did-”

“-I…I thought he was you! He…He dressed like you and talked like you! Steve, I’m so sorry….”

You were crying hard and Steve shook his head. 

“No, don’t you dare apologize. It’s his fault for ever messing with your head like that. That was such a dick move.”

He held you close and Bucky said, glaring and crossing his arms. 

“Give me the word and I’ll end his life.”

“Same as I, Lady (y/n).”

Thor said, catching Mjolnir when it flew into his hand and Steve kissed your forehead, saying. 

“I think we’ve all had enough excitement for today.”

Everyone nodded and you all walked out of the room, Tony complaining that he had to fix the ‘damn hole in the fucking wall’. Steve and Bucky brought you to Bucky’s floor and you three sat on the couch, watching (TV show) and Bucky telling embarrassing stories about Steve.


nyxhasissues  asked:

What if Nadia regains her memory and it's revealed she's somehow the Mastermind behind Lucio's death. Like woman was so cunning and planned it out to the point all blame ends up on Julian. Oh! Oh! And Mc and Nadia went head to head resulting in mc using a spell that caused both of them to lose their memories and left them in pain. Honestly, this isn't the best angst but Nadia is too good for my angst levels.

Ooooo yes I’ve thought of this! We know that Lucio and Nadia didn’t have a good relationship, I wouldn’t be too surprised if she snapped one day and orchestrated everything. Then our MC is too good to let her get away with that, Lucio may be a jerk but murder is murder. I like this a lot~

Oh! And if you want Nadia angst

Give me a bit….