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What if I told you that it's not "what will you be for Halloween"; it's "what will you soon become on the month of Halloween"?

“I… I don’t get it, Greyface.  Are you insinuating that some sort of transformation occurs within the month?  Or that there’s aftermath effects of the fall equinox?  Enlighten me, please.”

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ff+ Maylis and Allen :D

“Hey, I got something for ya kiddo.” Metis grins mischievously, waving the small book in her hand. “Eh? Ehhhhhh?”

Allen immediately pales at the sight of the book. “A-Auntie Metis I-”

“Let’s choose a section to read, shall we?” The woman flips through the pages with a glint in her eye. “…Oh. Oooohohohoho~. I’m not going to read this out loud, this is much too perverse.”

Allen stiffens as Metis wraps an arm around his shoulder and places the book in his hands. “Read this one. The one where she decides to humor you.”

The boy sighs, doing as the woman said. Maylis was.. awfully aggressive in this. She was aggressive but she was doing exactly what he wanted. Gods she was just going on and teasing him nonstop. Really, would… would Maylis do this? No, of course not. No, no, she would never. Maylis was refined… ladyike… distant and would never put her hands-

“Ah…..” Allen grunts softly, moving away from Metis and pocketing the book. “I’m… not feeling well.”

“…You pocketed it, Allen.”

“Yes, I’m going to keep this.”

“….Are… are you actually going to read it through?” Metis places a hand over mouth and giggles. “Are you? Are you, are you?”

“You know, even if we aren’t blood related, I definitely know where this thirst came from.”