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Your brazilian wizarding school is so disappointing :/ There's no space in Bahia to this, and not everything here is about carnaval. If a wizarding school existed it was probably made by immigrants, and it would be in the south, where there's much space. The brazilian natives would have they own magic, and the school would be in the south, where there's basically no natives.

Oooohhhh nooooo, I’m sorry that I’ve disappointed you. I’m so sorry that I, a person who has never been to Brazil and therefore had to rely on suggestions from her followers, put the school where there’s no space! The articles on google never said anything about Bahia having no space! Google images never showed Bahia having no space! They should’ve put that in the footnotes somewhere. Gosh darn, I–a person who, again, has never been to Brazil–should have known there would’ve been more space in the south for a fictional wizarding school!

You know what happened, anon?  I think you read the wrong AU because mine says, “Wands were introduced by immigrants and have grown in popularity with the diversification of the student body; however, the use of focal objects and organic magic still remain prominent,” which does bring up to the fact that the natives had their own magic, and my AU didn’t say, “The school is located in Bahia, and students celebrate Carnival year-long,” which means I didn’t make the school all about Carnival. Weird, huh.

But you know what? Different headcanons CAN coexist in the same world. You are welcome to yours, the school in the South, and I am also welcome to mine.