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1) If you had one wish, what would you wish for?
   oooohh, so hard. I guess i would with “whenever i need a wish the most i would have it handy”???? idk if that makes sense  

2) Any hobbies? 
   Playing different instruments, drawing, tumblering, sleeping, eating, and stalking people

3) A dream you have always had?
   to be happy for life, or not have a care in the world. 

4) Favorite cereal? 
   Kellogg's Krave 

5) Fictional character you relate to?
   Nagisa Hazuki from the anime Free!

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6 people? 6 people are tagged instead of 11 fml

cool and if you wanna do it too, I tag you!

My questions: 1) your favorite color 2) your favorite movie, show, or anime  3) describe your favorite article of clothing 4) do you have any posters in your room? if you do, which one out of all is your favorite one 5) do you have an interest in Star Wars? 6) Any plans for the day? 7) can you swim?

i really dont understand why more students didnt read “hogwarts a history” like thats where the facts are at. “OMG i bet siruis black APPARATED” “OOOOHH whats the triwizard tournament” READ the fucking text book…hermiones not just some genius who knows everything, all she did was read a bloody book

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Did you see that during the Fallout panel yesterday Todd Howard said when we build our bases we can set up our radio to play certain tracks? Pretty neat feature!

Oooohh neat! Does anybody have a link to this panel?


i forgot i had a Ladybug Mall cop au! i kinda wanna change around the idea tho. BUT what doesnt change is Ruby almost crashing into everything with her segway

I'm Gender Fluid Not a Tragedy

Oh, well imagine
As I’m scrolling the blue of my Tumblr dash
And I can’t help but to see
No I can’t help but to see a certain post
“What a beautiful lady,
What a beautiful lady,” said a user too,
“Oh but what a shame,
What a shame she’s confused.”
I’d chime in with a
Haven’t you people ever heard of
Using the right pronouns, no!
It’s much better to face these kinds of things
With a proper and collected argument!
I’d chime in, haven’t you people ever heard of
Being gender fluid, no!
It’s much better to face these kinds of things, oooohh

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Prom will take place in episode 9 and the reason why they were still wearing prom dresses while filming the finale is probably because prom and the events that will take place in the finale will be on the same night

That makes sense, oooohh maybe we can get something really good out of that Emison scene then :)

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"Thwack!" シ

It was merely a slight, pinching
pain, accompanied by the sound of
Oni’s palm hit the soft skin of the girl’s
small, round rear through her silky night
shirt. What followed was Aurora’s surprised
gasp. Her body stiffened for good five
seconds, during which the dazed,
marine eyes sought to capture
the rascal’s gaze. As they did,
the baffled expression soon
melted into a playful grin.

“I dare you to do that again.”

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If Mink or Koujaku or any of the other gems ran into a situation where they dealt a forced fusion, would they frightened or unnerved or horrified?

oooohh this ask is jazz for mah soul

but for real good question!

well, you know, anybody who sees a cluster will be shocked and frightened just like for example steven was in that episode

and if i make ren a fusion he will be totally horrified by forced fusion ofc

but i have special point for mink here. i think, his reaction and train of thought will be just like garnet’s - ‘that’s not what the fusion is’ and etc
he knows very well that fusions shouldn’t be forced, that fusion is a really special bounding of two or more gems
he know exactly because he had an experience of close fusion
+ if in the forced fusion he recognized his comrades, someone sho used to be really close to him, i think, you know what kind of reaction he’ll have

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Oh my gosh! I saw the anon ask about bottom!jensen or Misha. I TOTALLY AGREE! I am so completely convinced Misha is such a kinky little shit and could show Jensen so much X'D By the way... Your blog.. The bomb diggity (yes I did just say that.. NO REGRETS!)

YES YES YESSSSS  GO D HE CAN HE SOOOOOO CAN oooohh no now im just imagining them wrestling and misha just wrestles jensen onto the floor until jensen’s on his back looking up at misha and misha  jsut winks at him would u JSU TKILL ME NOW

THANK YOUUUUUUU <3333 you remind me of that guy from family guy with that big weird chin tbh