“Oooohh zus zo mooi”
==> “ooohh sister how beautiful”

My brother, 7 years old. He passed away on January 6th, 2016. 2 weeks earlier I had drawn him an Olaf on a paper so he could use it as a placemat on his weelchair. This was his reaction and the last thing I heard him say before they sedated him to release him from his pain. He had fought against cancer for over 2 years, he was the bravest boy I will ever know.



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tfw ur rewatching s205 and jasper says "not to be disrespectful but clarke wouldn't just abandon us" and ur like oooohh dat foreshadowing tho. no wonder jasper is so emo this season lol

oh wow I didn’t even notice that

About me:

I love stripy baby!

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  • I am 4 years old!!!
  • My favorite color is…. pink! no… purple! wait… orange! Like Stripy baby!
  • I like dumplings! And food…
  • I like flowers!
  • I don’t have brothers or sisters! 
  • I don’t have mommy… or daddy… but grandma panda takes care of me! And Stripy baby! 
  • I like running and playing and swimming and cuddling and climbing onto Stripy baby!
  • I don’t like radishes!

OOOOHH! And did I say that I love Stripy baby! When i grow up i want to be brave and strong like her! 

Yeah, I Said It - Rihanna

I aint trynna think about it

yeah i said it boy get up inside it

i want you to homicide it
Go in slow
but i want you to pipe it
and i think i kinda like ya

up against the wall we don’t need a title
yeah i said it

yeah i said it bae

yeah i said it

man, fuck a title

boy i always like to show

get a little bit

come a little close now
take it home on your camera phone
get a little bad
nigga watch me blow it down

yeah i said it
yeah i said it bae
yeah i said it

yeah i said it
yeah i said it bae
yeah i said it

you can be rough boy, but you won’t
give me some love

boy give it to me till the morn

yeah i said it

yeah i said it babe
yeah i said it


yeah i said it
yeah i said it babe
yeah i said it

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 92 truths about you. At the end tag like ~10 ppl or whatever.

I was tagged by @blooolloorne~

Last drink: I’m drinking coffee rn
Last phone call: I think it was my mom?
Last text message: uhh, Gageeeee?
Last song you listened to: uh, oh gosh, I THINK it was Eventually - Tame Impala OR some Gorillaz song IDK
Last time I cried: like last week because of sad shit hmph


Dated someone twice: ….yes? …no? I’ve broken up with someone and then we got back together a few months later does that count??
Been cheated on: yeh
Kissed someone and regretted it: yeh
Lost someone special: uh, no, not really
Been depressed: l o l
Been drunk and thrown up: KINDA it was sort of my first time really drinking and I DIDN’T KNOW AH

Made a new friend: YEESSSS A BUNCH <3
Fallen out of love: uhm, yeh
Laughed until you cried: probs I don’t remember tho??
Met someone who changed you: I wouldn’t say so, nah
Found out who your true friends were: ????no?
Found out someone was talking about you: no and I really hope that people don’t say mean things about me ahh;;

How many people on tumblr do you know in real life: I don’t know exactly but I think that I have met/seen quite a lot of you guys at Mecha?? and like all of my friends are on here so I’ll just say A LOT
Do you have any pets: I have a mini schnauzer and I’m really hoping for a kitty sometime soon ;~;
Do you want to change your name: I don’t love my name but I don’t feel like I would fit anything else soooooo
What time did you wake up this morning: 8/9, something around then??
What were you doing last night: denying how tired I was until I just passed out lol
Name something you cannot wait for: MECHA, seeing friends, getting a cat~
Have you ever talked to a person named tom: noooope
What’s getting on your nerves rn: not being able to do anything :-)
Blood type: O positive or something (can’t remember things that I say as I am saying them, remembers my blood type c00l)
Nicknames: my family calls me Bug/Sadie Bug (gross) and I guess Phlem still counts?
Relationship status: none///no status to display///
Zodiac sign: libra~
Pronouns: she/her
Favorite tv show: PUSHING DAISIES
college: haven’t been/not going to a “””traditional””” college
Hair color: natural or….? natural is like a dirty blonde/light brown but rn it’s like super super dark brown and blonde~
Long or short: SHOOOORT
Do you have a crush on someone: L MA O
What do you like about yourself: I don’t
Tattoos: I don’t have any and I still don’t know if I could get any since I change my mind ALL THE TIME
Righty or lefty: right. my left hand is useless why tf do I have it


First surgery: I’ve never had surgery
First piercing: earsssss
First best friend: this girl Nat and she was my next door neighbor and we used to make like, mud pies all the time lol
First sport you joined: PSSHH it was either softball or dancing or basketball IDK
First vacation: probably somewhere stupid like Texas or Florida lmao grosssss
First pair of sneakers: IDK??? I do still have a pair of converse that I got when I was like ten and they still fit and look p decent and I still wear them often (I have baby feet they haven’t grown in like ten years jfc)

Eating: nuthin’
Drinking: just water now~
I’m about to: maybe try to read something I’m not sure honestly
Listening to: Hang Me Up to Dry - Cold War Kids
Waiting for: something but idk what
Want kids: NO

Get married: I don’t even know anymore maybe not maybe so I guess it depends

Career: makeup artist or I’ve even slightly thought about some sort of modeling but that seems like a big hassle (also i’m too short for most modeling so oh well)

Lips or eyes: I like both but if I had to pick I’d say eyes?
Hugs or kisses: psh….. hugs tbh. KISSES ARE STILL NICE BUT
Shorter or taller: TALLER;;
Older or younger: it.. really doesn’t matter.. UNLESS IT’S LIKE WAY YOUNGER/OLDER

Romantic or spontaneous: either….?
Sensitive or loud: is this.. do you mean like… uh.. more on the louder side ahahahhh

Hook up or relationship: 2sensitive4hookups

Troublemaker or hesitant: idk….? I guess hesitant I don’t want drama and shit gross


Kissed a stranger: nah
Drank hard liquor: yeh
Lost glasses/contacts: I’ve lost my glasses but only for like a day

Sex on first date: nO
Broken someones heart: I hope not ;~~~;
Been arrested: NOOO
Turned someone down: uh, yeah, it makes me feel really bad;;
Cried when someone died: I cried a lot when my cat died (eyebags4dayssss)

Fallen for a friend: LMAO


In yourself: I try to~

Miracles: sigh… I’m a hopeful person but…?

Love at first sight: not.. particularly..

Heaven: I hope that there is… something. I don’t want to just die and have everything be pointless and ugh.

Santa Claus: …no……

I’m tagging: @quaintchild @go-acirem @ouicake (I don’t really like tagging people I feel like a bother so YEAH IDK)

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All I wanna say is I miss you much, Fingers! You light up my dash and I have notifications set up for you so it always puts a smile on my face when I see your sexy Sam icon pop up on my phone :) Big hugs to you, mountain climber! -canadianspnhunter

Oh. OH. OOOOHH. That’s the sweatest thing ever!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH ROSE!! :)

you’re one of my favorite canadians, @canadianspnhunter! and I am including Alanis Morissette in that list :P

I miss you a lot, always bringing me to the dark side (Dean’s side) with your sexy conversational themes regarding the boys. 

This lit up my day!!


Oooohh,livin' on a Prayer | Vilk | Prologue |Open

Vilk felt himself creeping back in to consciousness. Wait what? Had he fallen asleep? He slowly opened one lazy eye ever so slightly to adjust to the harsh lights of the room. His eyes were an unusual burnt orange colour seemed to create the illusion that they were glowing from underneath his grey fedora, that had somehow stayed partially on his head. He groaned, becoming aware of a pulsing headache forming and as he sat up from his uncomfortable laying position, a wave of pain shooting through his skull causing the male to plop back to the ground and scrunch up his face, in a more annoyed than hurt expression, and curse under his breath. He recovered quickly and leaned forward, sighing and taking off his hat while he rubbed the back of his head. His eyes darted about the room to try and make sense of his situation. Where in the world was he? A mall? Why a mall?

He closed his eyes again the as the light glared, making it hard to concentrate as he forced himself to remember. Remember where he was before this. He remembered definitely being in a mall, but it most certainly wasn’t this one. It didn’t look familiar to him at all.

Vilk’s composure began to return a little, and his eyes had fully adjusted allowing him to started to notice the doors and windows. All forms of escape. Locked. He was trapped!? Other people around him started to come to life, looking around with expressions as bewildered and tired as he felt. Some were already on their feet while others were still recovering.

There are others here too?

He didn’t recognize them at first as he hadn’t given them more than a glance, but he soon noticed that he knew them. Memories slowly start to piece together, one by one, until he could think somewhat straight. These were with other students, Vilk’s new classmates. He remembered recently being accepted as a student of Hope’s Peak. That was the name of the place right? His class had been given the privilege to go to the Hope’s Mall. What luck for someone who would be that one person to blink if a unicorn appeared In front of him for a second. Unlucky bastard.

It didn’t occur to him the strangeness of everyone awaking at the same time, as he was a little too confused to notice.  He waited a second to steady himself then stood up a little surprised that he didn’t fall right over the second he did so. There was a muffled jangling sound like that of loose change. He patted the pockets of his light grey suit jacket feeling an odd round object in one of them. He fished them out and upon closer inspection noticed that they seemed to be…coins? There were three. All of them had the same girl’s head on one side, and a guy’s head on the other side. Neither brought up any names or memory. He shrugged and put two back in his pocket, twirling the third one between his fingers.

“I swear if this is some practical joke I ain’t fuckin’ laughin’…”

He muttered mostly to himself, starting to become seriously annoyed that he had no idea what was going on, how he passed out or where he was. He did know one thing though.

This sucks.

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A favourite character and a ship from ten different fandoms - oooohh! Are you ready for my trashiness? *rubs hands together excitedly*

The Silmarillion fandom - Mandos and Angbang

The Hobbit fandom - Thranduil and Thorinduil

The LOTR fandom - Elrond and Gigolas

The 007 fandom - Q and 00q

The London Spy fandom - Danny and Dannylex

The Sherlock fandom - Mycroft and Mystrade

The HP fandom - Tom Riddle and Tomarry

The Hannibal fandom - Dr. Frederick Chilton and Hannigram

The Carry On fandom - Basilton Pitch and Snowbaz

The Big Bang Theory fandom - Sheldon Cooper and Sheldon/Penny (does this ship have a name? lol)

I tag @fellowshipofthegay @dragonofmordor @nerdanel @lieutenant-mairon @skylocked @cassellate @a-forger-and-a-point-man @thorin-loves-thranduil @autheane

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your tags are the funniest I read all of them :'D you say things I don't know how to say myself. he is the cutest!!

hello there anon why you wear sunglasses why why you hide?( ج_ج )

thank you for reading my tags. i do have to admit that my tags today are weird. i am feeling queasy and i am actually vomiting nonsense omg so embarrassing but you think it is funny so me very happy here SCREAMING ON TOP OF MAH LUNGS THANK YOU SO MUCH I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS FULL STOP AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA THANKS THANX XIE XIE! (≧∇≦)/

yasssssssssss sehunnie is a big cutie pie I FEEL BLESSED LOOKING AT HIM. i adore him very very much and i hope everyone does too! he is the brightest sunshine to me OOOOHH HOOOHHH I SAW A BLAZING SUN ANON PLEASE BORROW ME YER SUNGLASSES (╯⊙ ⊱⊙╰ )

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oooohh xD for the kiss meme - can I get the gloomy one for Ran? :D

Gloomy: My muse’s day has been dragging on since six am. When they finally get home from work, your muse kisses them slow, to remind them that even slow-paced quiet things can be good too.

3 rounds of dance practice, 2 interviews 2 cups of espresso and 1 radio show later Ranmaru was finally able to come home. He fell on his couch and closed his eyes with a huff. 

You rounded the corner from the kitchen to see your beloved. He looked so exhausted that you felt bad for him. You walked over to sit on the couch beside him. He opened one eye to see your lips capture his in sweet kiss. It was slow and methodical but it exactly what he needed. You pulled back a bit and kept your eyes closed.

“Let me slow things down for you a bit.”

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Okay I saw that anon that was talking about Hux being a perfectionist and it made me think of that one poem by the guy with OCD about being in a relationship???? U know the one????? If not I can send u the link but long story short I just can't stop thinking about Hux having major OCD my bby I'm going to die

oooohh link me!!! omg