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Boris in: Dancing with the Devil Pg1

                             A sunny day it was in a little happy town, Boris the wolf was playing his music on his clarinet for the sheep. He was sitting by a tree at the top of a hill by his farm watching the sheep in the field. He stopped and looked at his watch.

Boris:“Hm…think it’s about time I run into town for a little while. Maybe buy a snack and say ‘hello’ to some good friends.” He said to himself and he stood up to stretch. He walked down the hill and got into his truck. He drove down a dirt path into town.He stuck his head out the window and waved to those he recognized, and that’s just about everyone. He said 'Good Morning!’ and
'Howdy’ to everyone who walked by and they smiled and waved, some  said 'Good Morning’. He parked outside Mr. Ched’s store.The rat who never seemed too happy about anything. Unless it’s money. Boris walked in with his usual bright smile on his face.“G’ morning Mr. Ched!” He said. He was standing by the cash register looking angrily at Boris.

Ched:“Good?! What’s so 'Good’ about it?!” Boris frowned.“I haven’t been getting any customers since this morning!” He took out a cigar and lit it. Boris smiled.

Boris:“No worries there Mr. Ched, I’ve been needing to buy some snacks!” Hearing that made the rat smile.

Ched:“Well then, why didn’t you just say so?” He chuckled.“Have a look around!” Boris did as he was told and looked at the dog bone cookies. He licked his lips and was about to take a few but stopped when he noticed the price.

Boris:“ $20.00 for one bone cookie?”

Ched:“Each!” He laughed. Boris, frowning, took out his wallet and looked to see how much he had. Not enough to buy a cookie. He looked at Ched.

Boris:“Well Mr. Ched I don’t think I can afford to buy any of this if they’re going to cost so much.” Ched glared at him and slammed his hands down on the counter.

Ched:“Then why are ya still here?! Go on GIT OUTTA HERE!” He yelled and Boris took off running back to his truck. He quickly drove off and sighed.

Boris:“Aw well.” He said. The wolf wasn’t much of a fighter unless he needed to be. Unlike most people around the town he was a sweetheart. He was the only wolf in this town that was kind hearted, and the only wolf who lived here. He parked outside of Mrs. Mo’s store and went inside.The old cow was watering some flowers by her window. She looked over at Boris and smiled.

Mo:“Why hello dearie!” She said sweetly. Boris smiled brightly to her.

Boris:“Hello! How’s everything going Mrs. Mo?”

Mo:“Just fine dearie. Do you need anythin’?” She asked.

Boris:“Would you by any chance got any bone cookies?” He asked with a hopeful look. She shook her head.

Mo:“Oh sorry dear, I’m all sold out.” He frowned.“Mr. Ched bought them all.” His ears lowered.

Boris:“Aww.” He said.

Meanwhile somewhere out of town there was a small crack by the dirt road. It began to grow bigger. And bigger. It grew until black ink liquid poured out and a clawed hand was formed. It dug it’s claws in the ground and pulled out a grinning creature. He stood on his hooves and pulled his tail out of the ground. He looked around and in front of him was a large sign. He squinted and frowned.

???:“Little….Happy….Town?” He smirked and began to laugh.“What a dumb name!” He took in a deep breath and spat black ink on it covering the sign completely in ink. He giggled and walked down the dirt road towards the town.
“Now…time to cause some good old mischief.” He said to himself. Just then a car drove by and he held out his thumb.The old chicken saw him and he stopped. The creature walked up to him.“Hey Mister! I’m Bendy, I need-”

???:“What?” The old chicken said as he fixed his glasses and looked closer at him.“Speak up sunny! I can’t-OH!” He jumped back startled when he saw the little creature.“DEMOOOON!!” He drove off and made Bendy fall flat on his stomach in mud. He quickly stood up and spat out mud and rocks. He shook the mud off and shot a glare at the car.

Bendy:“WATCH IT YA JERK!” He yelled. He noticed some of his things fell out of the car. He looked through the suitcases and found some gloves and a bow tie. He frowned at them. He looked up and saw another sign. 'Happy friendly people!’ It read, and showed a family wearing gloves and the father wearing a bow tie. Bendy thought about whether or not he was going to wear them. He shrugged.“Ah, what the heck.” He said and put them on. He also noticed they were wearing shoes. Seeing that there were no shoes lying around he formed his hooves to look like shoes. He smiled.“Not bad I guess.” He said to himself. He took off running towards town.

Boris drove through town heading back home. He bought some flowers from Mrs. Mo’s store and some noodles for dinner. He drove past his farm and parked near his house. He got out of his truck and brought in his stuff. He cooked up his noodles and ate before going to bed.  He stared at the ceiling lost in thought.

Boris:“Well, good night Boris.” He said with a smile.“Tomorrow’s always a new day.” He said but slowly frowned and his ears lowered. He sighed.

It was dark out when Bendy arrived into town. He grinned brightly and chuckled. Some cars drove by him and he managed to hop onto one of them. He looked around and saw that one store was still open. He hopped off the vehicle and ran inside. He sniffed the air and licked his lips. He saw Mr. Ched changing the prices to being much higher. He chuckled to himself while doing so. Bendy rolled his eyes and saw some snacks up front. He walked over and took a candy bar. He opened it and began to eat.

Bendy:“Mm! Not bad.” He ate it all and took another.

“Ahem.”  Bendy looked up and saw the rat looking down on him with a smile.

Ched:“Excuse me sir, do you plan on buying those?” He asked.

Bendy:“Well let’s see.” He looked at the price.“Ohhh $15.00 huh? Oooohh, yeah, I don’t think so, but uh, can you afford a new shirt?” He asked before he spat ink all over the tall rat. He stumbled backwards and fell on his food knocking over some shells on his head. The little demon began to laugh. He took a few more candy bars and ran out the door.  Ched stood up nearly tripping over his own feet trying to wipe the ink off his face. He went outside and shook his fist.

Ched:“COME BACK HERE YOU LITTLE THIEF!” He yelled angrily. Bendy continued to run until he found another store. One belonging to Mrs. Mo. He  slid under the door and looked around. He saw some flowers and sniffed them.

Bendy:“Mmm…” He said and looked around for more sweets. He saw some cakes in the glass at the front. He licked his lips and picked out a vanilla and chocolate cake. He took a bites from it before his head was smacked into the cake by a broom. Mrs. Mo stood over him with a fearful look in her eyes.

Mo:“Go on now git! Ya hear? Get out!” She swung the broom around and he dodged her attacks. He was about to leave but she smacked his head off his shoulders and it bounced around the store. He screamed as his head bounced around until it landed in one of the other cakes. His eyes spun around. Mrs. Mo gave one look at him and she fainted. His body searched around for his head. He whistled.

Bendy:“Hey stupid! Over here!” He called out. His body walked towards him.“That’s right, keep going this way. Warmer…..warmer.” His hands
touched his face and picked up his head placing it back on his body.“There!” He looked at Mrs. Mo and smirked. He drew a mustache and glasses on her face. He giggled and left the store. He ran through the town causing more mischief and leaving ink where ever he went.

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Did Steph tell you all the spoilers or only those for Arya from that twitter girl? Personally I read them from here: desinerd(.)co(.)in/game-thrones-season-7-spoilers-episode-1/ It basically breaks down every episode until the finale.

Oooohh shit yeah she only sent me the twitter ones. 


Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6 

     Sehun stood with _____ at her locker as the rest of the girls walked by, giving them odd looks.  "Do they stare at every girl you date like this?,“ she asked.  "Well, I don’t really, like, date the girls I’m usually seen with.  And it’s actually kind of worse just because it’s you.  The guys approve, though,” he answered, just as Kai and Chen walked by, giving him a thumbs up.  "That doesn’t really make me feel any better.“  "Well, what do you want me to say?”  "That everyone doesn’t think I’m a sellout whore that you’re just using for fun.“  "Ah, so you want me to lie?”  "Not like it’s that hard for you—Oh, crap, she’s coming this way!  Quick, we gotta do something cute!“  He nodded and said, "I gotta get to class in a few minutes, Sweetie,” a little louder than normal speaking volume.  "Okay.  Oh, and don’t forget!  Ice cream after school.  You promised.“  "Yeah, I know,” he said, kissing her nose.  She smiled and kissed his lips, taking him by surprise.  Just when he was starting to get into it, she pulled away.  "I think she’s gone now,“ she whispered, looking around.  "She might come back, though…,” he murmured, leaning in again.  _____ pressed her hand against his face and laughed,  "I think I’ll take my chances.“ 

     The couple entered the ice cream parlor and approached the counter.  _____ looked at the menu, trying to decide what to get, while Sehun had his eye on something that he wanted to get with: the hot red-head behind the counter.  She winked at him, and he flirted back (of course), knowing that _____ wasn’t paying attention.  "Can I have the vanilla sundae with…extra rainbow sprinkles and hot fudge sauce?,” _____ snapped them both out of their flirting.  "Yeah, sure, whatever,“ the ginger girl said before turning to Sehun.  "And what can I get you, cutie?,” she asked, leaning over the counter to give him the perfect view.  "I-“  "You can get him a spoon, ‘cause he’s sharing with me,” _____ interrupted, pulling him closer to her by his shirt.  The girl rolled her eyes.  "You could do so much better than…this,“ she said, looking _____ up and down.  The boy tried not to laugh when he looked over at _____ and saw her 'oh, no you didn’t’ face.  "Yeah, because some plastic little spastic like you is better than me? News flash, sweetie: implants isn’t your color.”  The girl scoffed and rolled her eyes before stomping over to the freezer.  She brought them their ice cream and spoons and  tried to flirt with Sehun again when he gave her the money, but _____ pulled him away. 

      “Whoa, what was with the cat claws there?,” he asked as they walked outside.  "I don’t like the way she looked at me…or you, for that matter.“  "Do I detect a hint of jealousy?,” he smirked.  "Do I detect a hint of get over yourself?,“ she mimicked him sarcastically.  "Whatever.  You were totally jealous.”   “No, I wasn’t.  I just can’t have my 'boyfriend’ flirting with other girls,” she said, using air quotes with the word, “boyfriend”.   “Well, if my 'girlfriend’ acted like a normal 'girlfriend’, then maybe I wouldn’t want to flirt with other girls,” he replied.  "Well, maybe if my 'boyfriend’ wasn’t such a prick, it wouldn’t be so difficult to act like his 'girlfriend’,“ she retorted, getting louder.  "Look, I don’t want you to cause a really big scene.  Some kids from school were in there. And some of the guys are over there,” he informed her, gesturing over to a group of guys to the left.  She calmed down and said, “Take me home. Now.”  "Fine.  Just wait here,“ he said, before heading over to the guys.

     "Oh, hey, Sehun.  How’s it going with Queenie, over there?”  "Great.  We were just about to head home.“  "Oooohh, really?”  "Yeah…Wait, no! I didn’t mean it like that.  Well, at least not yet, anyway.  But trust me, it won’t take much longer.“  "Well, looks like you got some competition, bro.”  He turned around and saw some guy trying to flirt with _____.  She obviously wasn’t going to give him the time of day until she glanced over her shoulder at Sehun and smirked before turning back to the guy and flirtatiously flipping her hair.  "Y'know, I’ll just talk to you guys later…,“ he muttered, distracted.  The guys all said goodbye, but he was already on his way to _____ and the random guy.  

      Wrapping an arm around her waist and glaring at the guy, Sehun said, "Ready, babe?”   “Hm?  Oh, yeah, sure.” She gave a flirty wave to the guy as her “boyfriend” walked her to the car.  

     The ride was silent until _____ spoke up.  "Who’s the jealous one now?“   "I’m not jealous.  You just can’t flirt with other guys in front of my friends like that.” “You’re such a hypocrite!  You did the same exact thing with the red-headed cashier,” she said.  "That was completely different.  That girl was hot, fake boobs and all.  You weren’t even interested in that guy. I could tell.“  "Right.  Because you know me so well…?”  "Well enough to know you’re way out of his league.“  "Maybe he’s not shallow like you.  Maybe we were having a very stimulating conversation that you rudely interrupted.”  "Oh, please.  That guy’s in my bio class and I’m pretty sure he only has an IQ of four.“  "Compared to your six, I don’t think you should be criticizing anyone’s intelligence.”  

      After going back and forth for a while, they ended up in _____’s room with  a bowl of melted ice cream that they were too busy arguing to actually eat.  "Read my lips! I. Hate. Y-,“ he cut her off by grabbing her hips and smashing his lips against hers.  He expected her to push him away and punch him in the face, but she didn’t.  She slid her hands into his hair, tugging slightly, and kissed back.  'What the fuck am I doing…?,’ he thought, slowly moving her towards her bed.  Something in his mind wanted him to stop, but he couldn’t. 

     They kept moving backwards until he tripped over  a shoe, causing  them to fall over- her on top of him.  She quickly sat up.  "Oh my gosh…What did I just—we just–I,” she stuttered.  "Look, I know we’re supposed to hate each other and all, but…damn, that felt good…“  She ran her fingers through her hair and nodded in agreement.  "I am so confused right now…I hate you….I mean, no offence but…I still think you’re a total prick,” she said, genuinely confused.  "None taken.  You’re kind of a bitch, so I hate you too.  That doesn’t mean we can’t be attracted to each other, though.“  "What makes you think I’m attracted to you?,” she challenged, folding her arms.  "Hmm…It could be the smeared lipstick on your face.“  She shot up and wiped her mouth.  

     He got up and said, “It’s okay, _____.  Just admit that you want me. I know it, you know it.  Just accept it.”  "Just because you got lucky this one time does not mean that I am even remotely into you.“  "I bet you are, though,” he smirked, wrapping his arms around her waist from behind.  "Well, you’d lose that bet.“ She released herself from his grip and turned to face him.  "You wanna put money on that?,” he smirked.  "How much we talking?“  "Winner takes all.”  "Go on…”  "Whoever falls for the other person first loses.  And it has to be for real; not just part of my bet with the guys.“  "If you really think you can handle that, then fine.  But I’d back down now if I were you,” she smirked, putting her hand out.  "Oh, it’s not me you should be worried about, Babe,“ he replied, grabbing it and pulling her into a heated kiss.

Misha Fucking Collins, though.

I’m 5,000% convinced that he’s never stopped looking at the fandom like some giant sociology experiment, and he and Vicki sit up nights like “How can we up the ante? What if you said THIS at the next convention?” “Oooohh, yeah. They’d go apeshit. Let me write that one down.”

Experimentation on human beings is ILLEGAL, MISHA, now will somebody please get me off this DAMN SPINNING WHEEL?

To everyone who’s been guessing that I’m going to be involved in the Kill la Kill dub, you’re right.

I’m going to be taking over as the voice of Ryuko in volume 2. My acting choice is going to be Macho Man Randy Savage. Get hype.


*Flying Elbow Drop on Satsuki*