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Thine hair falls like snow, shining like the light of the moon. Your eyes, like sapphires in the night. Your skin, like porcelain, soft and smooth. Your form of pure beauty, I adore you from afar. Your beauty unmatched in its own way. Your passion is exquisite, your kindness amazing. You are truly a wonderful woman. That, my dear, is what makes you... You.

Nix couldn’t help but smile brightly as a blush tinted her cheeks. This was by far the kindest thing she had ever heard in her life. It was extremely flattering too! “I.. I don’t know what to say, Anon! You have a wonderful way with words..”

Ooooh snap, I sketched Alex. It’s not Sam, what’s the world coming to? I wanted to try a slightly more dynamic pose. There’s a few anatomical things that I’ve noticed that I can tweak/change a little later if I decide to come back to this particular piece. If I ever start up a second file Alex would actually be who I married next. His ten heart event man…I need to see that in action. 

I decided that since my job changed my work schedule to that dumb 11:15-7:45 shift for two days this week I would take the opportunity to sketch this. I need to get a back-bone and just say I didn’t want to do it, but it’s too late now.

Want to send an art prompt or have a question? Click HERE! I mostly draw Sam, since he’s my babe, but I’m not against prompts for other things!

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We all know GR loves to hike. That's where he likes to play a special game called 'grab ass' with the help...Maybe it's best he stays off the trails.

Ooooh! Snap! Poor Zelva!


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wow Kitty! look at u getting all famous!guess someone's bitter they sucked as a writer! few things to point out to the Keyboard Commando: 1. it's "YOU'RE" not "your" (this is still a thing?); 2) u say no one wants to read her "bad" work yet u couldn't form that opinion w/o reading her work urself; 3) its pathetic that ur gonna be refreshing HER page over & over in ur lonely lil room. see, its easy to talk shit when ur hiding behind "anon" cuz it's nameless & faceless...JUST.LIKE.YOU.

Ooooh snap. Look at you dragging the hell out of that anon. Jeez this made me laugh so hard! Apply milk of the poppy to the burned area!!! 😂😂😉 thanks Hon. You’re great ❤


OOOOH SNAP! It’s finally here! Crocodile Tears for your viewing pleasure! My animation team and I worked VERY HARD on this short and I want to extend my thanks to them for everything they did, it wasn’t an easy project! 

Anyway I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did making it! :) 

Fantastic, Even {L.H}

Requested: Yes

Word count: 1,296
Rating: R
Summary: The other guys are teasing Luke about never hearing you moan, and he’s just about had enough of it…

You watched your boyfriend Luke and his mate Calum standing by the railing of the balcony, blowing smoke out of their mouths. They had their heads looking out, lips moving in conversation between drags. You sat next to Ashton, on the phone with his girlfriend. A little bit later, Luke helps you up from your seat as they’ve decided it’s time to go back in, seeing as the winter wind was beginning to nip on the three of you. As the keycard was pushed into the slot and they door opened, the latest of Michael’s groupies make their way out of the bathroom as you and the three other boys entered. She ducked out quickly as Michael falls back down on the bed. “So, how’ve you lot been?” he grins, a cheeky look on his face. He shoots you a glance, a look saying Sorry for that. Luke rolls his eyes as you settle in the bed together, cuddling.

“We could hear her from the elevator, Mike. We had to stop for a second on the terrace because we knew we’d interrupt something we wouldn’t wanna see,” Ashton laughs.
“True that,” Calum seconds, sitting himself in front of the TV with Ashton.
“Nah, it’s good. We’ve had our fair share of good tour fun, yeah?” he jokes.
“Maybe I can count the tour dates where we hadn’t come back to or woken up to someone moaning or missing,” Ashton recounts.
“Except Lukey,” Michael mocks, voice slightly high-pitched and causing Luke to turn around at the mention of his name. 

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akutagawa’s first day in the mafia

Chuuya: what up newbie bitch dazai and I are going to oversee your training-

Dazai: *snickers*

Chuuya: … is there something you want to say, partner?

Dazai: how are you supposed to be an overseer if you can’t see over anything?


Dazai: why, the sound of my voice doesn’t travel all the way down there?


Akutagawa: so are you going to train me or what?

Chuuya: exCUSE me we are trying to have  a MOMENT here!!!! 

Dazai: I know right? thats just so rude, like, akutagawa? More like akutagawhy u such a lil bitch?

Chuuya: *climbs on stool so he can throw gang signs in akutagawa’s face* OOOOH SNAP U JUST GOT SOUKOKO’D MOTHERFUCKER!!!

Dazai and Chuuya: *high five*

Chuuya: *loses balance and falls off the stool* FUUUUUUCK!!!!