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Wow so I can’t believe I’ve had this blog for over a year now (which means I’ve spent at least 5 or 4 years on this website). For those of you who remember the last time my url had a pun in it that had more to do with the Hales and less to do with the cast of supernatural, you’ve been following me for over a year which feels like a pretty long time. I want to thank you guys for sticking with me through the many url changes and fandom changes. Even to the people who only recently followed me, thank you for making my experience on this website so awesome. You all mean a lot to me and I’m in a constant state of awe over how talented and wonderful you all are. 2013 honestly wouldn’t have been the same without you cuties

My Boos 

Tes, Shannon, Tiff, Caitlin, Maram, Brii, KrystalMolly, Ni 

Amazing People:

a-d: allhalestilinski // alphavenger // banshiequeen // blacktofade // bootymccall // bralpha // buckeebarnes // captain-snark// clawsfight // darachss // dnimruoyesol 

e-h: foolproofpoem // fruscianted // halesfire // halesonfire // halewinchester // halffizzbin // hatteress // heartsafool // hoechlined // hoechlinteeth 

i-l: jallerdyce // kira-yukimura // leave-me-hypnotized-love // lonewolfed

m-p: mcsourwolf // mermaidblues // mydearsourwolf // morrelled // missargent // myfoolisheart // ohsheriff // ohlydiamartin //obrozey // neptunepirate // punkrockho

q-t: renqa // soupstain // stilinskiclaus // stilinskisparkles // shehunters // twerkbrien // takeshii // torplebells // thenemeton 

u-z: whittenomore // werebohen // wolfsanatomy // wolfsbanepunch  youshinebrighter21 // zainclaw

Those who I Admire from Afar (we’ve never talked but I think you’re awesome):  agentotter // dylanships // froechled // onelastwaltz // rrrowr // sophiebush // winterkiss 

*credit goes to Krystal (shadowstiles) for making the graphic. Whoops sorry if things aren’t in proper order or if I made any other mistakes. It was really late when I started this heh. I hope you all have an amazing holiday and an even better new year <33