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Why do cats say nya‘w in ch‘orti?

basically, it’s just because they can’t say meow.

when two vowels appear together in a ch’orti’ word, the first is essentially pushed into the second and leaves a postvocal glottal stop instead, and when the magically vanishing vowel is /i/, the y slips in there too. it’s unclear why the m becomes n, but my theory is that it’s just assimilating to the place of articulation on that y.

ooohnice replied to your post: Greebo was a bit congested, so I called the cat…

Vet visits… can be quite stressful ( getting the little fur balls into the carrier when they KNOW something is up). Luckily, just like Greebo, they forget it instantly once they are back home

Yeah, he cries a lot in the carrier, and apparently pees a bit (poor baby). The vets were super nice though, and kept saying that he’s such a good boy, which he is. I’m also officially allowed to give him snacks, so he takes his new meds. My poor baby

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So what is the NatGeo Mars film like? I havenT heard about it at all, is it a documentation with story, or a proper drama/film?

It’s a 6 episode mini-series. A scripted fiction but, it’s depicting what could possibly happen when humans could finally go to Mars. Alberto Ammann played Javier Delgado, part of the 6 people team, the first human sent to Mars. Their timeline is set in 2033. There will be ‘flashbacks’ to 2016 when the preparation are in progress (aka our current condition/progress on the Mars mission). The setting looks very much like a documentary mixed with a bit of drama/fiction. It’s an interesting show concept, imo.

Basically, this mini-series is imagining the stuff that would possibly happen in the future regarding the Make Mars Home mission. It’s very good but, I would warn you if you don’t like those scientific stuff and such, it would be a bit boring at first. But, quite exciting after.

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