why am i not surprised

Q: can all of you dab please?


GOT7: *synchronized dabbing* 

BB: *continues to dab*  

 BB: dab on em  

BB: *whips* OOOhHhhH

Me, watching the preview for ep 9 of Scarlet Heart: Ryeo...

OMG!! I can’t wait to see this episode!!! 

Girls, Girls, Girls Lyrics

The contents of the song ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ is of the four hyungs teaching Taemin how to show his love for a girl.  Onew says women are sensitive in hearing, so he should play piano and sing for her.  Key says girls like to shop, so he should pay special attention to what he wears.  Jonghyun says they’re both wrong!  Girls are sensitive creatures, so you have to speak sweet words to them~ Minho says what’s there to think about, as long as you’re handsome and tall it’s all OK!  Taemin doesn’t quite believe his hyungs’ advice…

[cr:  小智MAX]

Phoenix was shaking when she left the washroom, feeling dizzy with every step she took. She felt nausea course through her with every movement but refused to turn back. The girl knew was this meant, but was terrified to do anything about it. If she got herself tested, they would force her to get rid of it. The worst part was if she didn’t get herself tested, she would never know who the father was.