clyde: Whoops…hehaha didn’t know this was on heha fuucc… WHATS POPPING UUUUHHHNNNN hehhe. Woooaaahh ITS LIT 🔥 IN HERE huh…heha FUCCK it’s hot as fuck in here take the hoodie off nah keep it on it’s cute as Fuuuhhhcc . no man for real shout out,..shout out paulers hahHAAA doing a shout out for all ,if you’re following it OOOHHH fucck can’t wait to meet up peace uh Uuhhn


oh no i got REALLY INTO THIS

i was like ohohoho sure anon! ill just do some cute little chibis and LOOK WHAT HAPPENED GDI lol this was a lot of fun tho not gonna lie

see i’m allowed to love characters who heavily remind me of myself bc they are not me, who i hate, so it’s fine to care for them and see them as deserving of love, even though we are eerily alike, they are not Me, so it’s different and makes sense, somehow
get rekt
  • England: Ow!
  • Canada: What happened, father?
  • England: I burned myself on the stove..
  • Canada: did it burn as much when you lost your colONIES