oooh this was so much fun to make

Shoutout to ADHD folks

Shoutout to ADHD folks who don’t have their mental illness taken seriously because it’s considered a “fake” illness that “doctors use to make money off of unsuspecting parents” or “something parents get their kids medicated for so they don’t have to parent their children”.

Shoutout to ADHD folks who have heard/seen the “lol I’m so ADHD!!! SO RANDOM!!! oooh look a butterfly!!” stereotypes commonly used to make fun of them.

Shoutout to ADHD folks who have to hear neurotypicals say, “Don’t use your ADHD as an excuse!” When it’s literally ADHD that is the problem.

Shoutout to ADHD folks whose fellow neurodivergent friends put their needs over yours because your mental illness “isn’t as bad” or treat you like a neurotypical.

Shoutout to ADHD folks who never are able to get professionally diagnosed or treated.

Shoutout to ADHD folks who never learned about Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria and don’t understand why things upset them so much.

Shoutout to ADHD folks with other mental illnesses so they have a hard time getting treated for ADHD or it gets overlooked.

I love you guys and I feel you. ♡ You are great, you are important, and your needs and mental health are important.

roommate; park jihoon

a/n: gifs do not belong to me + credits to the owners // hi lovelies !! i’m back as you guys know and i randomly wanted to write this,, so here you guys go !! i hope you guys enjoy it and have a lovely day ♡

first day:

  • he’d be super nervous meeting you in person
  • the two of you have been friends for a while
  • but you two have never met 
  • jihoon would even buy lots of skin products, presents and etc
  • bc he wants you to feel welcome in his home
  • and it’d become your home as well
  • “___, are you almost there?”
  • “yeah, the driver said, we’ll be there in a few.”
  • this boi literally checked himself in the mirror
  • like thousands of time 
  • “do i look good, like this? no,, should i welcome them like,, this?”
  • he’d pose lots as well
  • the moment you arrived, he checked one more time in the mirror
  • before opening the door
  • “oh,, wow. it’s nice to meet you.”
  • “it’s nice to meet you too.”
  • his mouth was shaped in ‘o’ form bc he thought you 
  • looked much better in real life
  • “you’re very pretty. i want to save you in my heart.”
  • “you’re very handsome and i wanna save you in my heart as well!!”
  • you two would be flirting with each other so much
  • like non-stop until the two of you decide to get ready to sleep
  • “you’re cute with no make up”
  • “you are cuter”
  • “you are the cutest”
  • you and jihoon would laugh bc it’s cringy but its fun
  • “around what time do you sleep?”
  • “around 2:14 am??” you geT IT
  • “oooh, i sleep around that time as well. we should watch a movie to end the day!!”
  • “yeah,, let’s do it.”
  • you two would end up not going to your’ beds but you guys would fall asleep next to each other

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  • his rules would be so stupid 
  • it’d be like 'eat my doughnut,, you do jeojang for the whole day’
  • 'daehwi and jinyoung not allowed to sit next to each other’ even though they don’t live with yall
  • there would be only a few ones bc you two didn’t want it to become too strict
  • he broke the rule by eating yours and he did jeojang for a whole dAY
  • even when you fall asleep
  • you’d hear him saying it
  • even when you’re doing your business
  • jihoon would beg you to stop him 
  • bc he cannot stop
  • “please ____, help me. i can’t stop saying it anymore.”
  • “you’re cursed lol”
  • “____.”
  • “jihoon.”
  • he’d chase you around, until he finally catch you
  • “it’s true,, im cursed.”
  • “you’re weird, jihoon. we’re not in a horror movie or something.”
  • “i think you cursed me with your beauty”
  • “JIHOON”
  • “because i’ve been feeling in love lately”
  • “i’m out of here.”
  • he didn’t eat your doughnut by accident tho
  • he just wanted to say the truth about what he feels about you
  • “you are saved in my heart.”

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feelings for each other?:

  • with jihoon i think it’s a yes
  • he’d have feelings for you the moment you two began talking
  • to each other online
  • bc he loved everything about you
  • “jihoon, are you in love with your roommate??”
  • “i’m not mark.”
  • “yes you are!! you’re blushing so hard right now.”
  • “okay, i’ll admit it. i am but i don’t think ___ feels the same way as i feel towards her.”
  • “i’m sure,, i’ve met up with them before. it’s kind of obvious.”
  • of course this boi
  • he would wait until you come to him
  • and confess bc 
  • he’s too shy when it comes to love
  • even though he overheard you talking to your friend
  • “i like jihoon. more than a friend.”
  • “shhh, stop screaming. he’s in the room next.”
  • your friend would be jumping around like crazy
  • bc they’ve sensed it
  • “I KNEW IT”
  • “i’m not gonna do it, if you guys don’t stop.”
  • “okay, we’ll calm down. but if you really like him, why don’t you just tell him?”
  • “it’s hard. everything will change the moment we become a couple.”
  • “we’re here for you, ____!”
  • “yes always!! no matter what,, you can do it.”
  • in the end of the day,, you didn’t do it bc 
  • you felt as if he didn’t liked you back
  • it’d be pretty quiet after your friends leave
  • and jihoon would take the chance to talk to you
  • “___, i heard everything.”
  • “i’m sorry, jihoon. just ignore it, if you don’t like me.”
  • “i like you.”
  • “so, do we share rooms for now on?”
  • “i think yeah.”
  • “okay then.”

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cleaning days:

  • yall would wake up so early in the morning
  • like 
  • if you don’t wake up expect this cutie
  • to be jumping on your bed
  • as super loud music is playing
  • “OH LITTLE ____" 
  • "what the heck, jihoon park and i’m not little you are.”
  • “i’m roasted on 5 in the morning, i still love you”
  • “i love you too but can yoU stop”
  • you would have to help out anyways
  • “okay the first one to arrive at the kitchen wont clean up the toilet”
  • “3”
  • “2”
  • “1”
  • you arrived first and he didn’t arrive
  • when you turned around to search for him
  • this boi was literally in front of you
  • so close to your face 
  • your guys lips almost touched
  • you and jihoon backed away from each other 
  • bc another song started playing that scared the both of you
  • “we should continue. i’ll do the toilet.”
  • “yeah, i’ll do the cleaning in the kitchen and living room.”
  • it’d be pretty awkward until your guys fav songs starts playing
  • “you know that boy looks a lot like you, you could be in wanna one.”
  • “yeah, i’ve gotten that a lot.”
  • “even when you do jeojang, he might be your twin brother!”
  • “producers, you’re saved in my heart”
  • in the end of the day 
  • the house would be so clean
  • but i bet the next day, it’d be a mess again

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lazy days:

  • i can already see the two of you 
  • sleeping until noon
  • “huh? what time is it?”
  • “cheeze!! i missed so many chats!!”
  • “what chats?”
  • “on mystic messenger, there are chats. i started playing it yesterday.”
  • “oh,, i remember that. i think jumin is wowow.”
  • i can also see you two going out 
  • even though it’s like raining outside?
  • “we should go to yeosu.”
  • “what?? are we walking to yeosu?”
  • “i was just joking around, let’s go.”
  • you and jihoon would buy a train ticket
  • and just sit next to each other on the train
  • while stuffing each others faces with food
  • “we’ve been on this train for 4 hours.”
  • “an hour to go jihoon”
  • you two would directly go to the toilet
  • “___, do you have 20 cents?”
  • “yeah, here.”
  • you and jihoon would go together to
  • the dolsan park
  • “it’s so pretty here!”
  • “i know right,, i’ve never been here before but you know what makes it prettier.”
  • “the hearts?”
  • “no, you.”
  • “jihoon!! not here.”
  • “after this are we gonna go to the aquarium?”
  • “sure.”
  • since it takes a lot of time to go back to seoul
  • the two of just planned on staying at yeosu for a few days
  • sleeping over at a friend’s house

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anonymous asked:

Headcanon where the RFA members has little siblings. Zen's little sister with Yoosung's personality ( even traits and hobbies ), Jumin's lil sis with 707/luciel's personality ( memes and crippling depression ), 707's (" his " too) lil sis with V's personality, Jaehee's lil bro with Zen's personality, Yoosung's lil sis with Jumin's personality and V's ( if you could include him ) lil sis with Jaehee's personality. Thank you so much ! Sorry if this is confusing.

oooh this was fun to write, i hope i got it right and did your request justice! same @ the 707 description tbh


  • His little sister had always been obsessed with cats
  • When she was a baby, Yoosung gave her a cat plushie that she called Miss Meow
  • Even though she was a very mature and quiet girl, she still slept with it at the age of 12
  • When Yoosung told her that he would study to become a vet, she squeeled!
  • Which was rare as she usually didn’t express much emotions
  • “Then you can make sure all cats are healthy and happy!”
  • He promised to do her best, and she made him sign a contract that Miss Meow would always be first priority to him if she “got hurt”


  • He was kind of jealous of her, as she got a lot of attention and was always considered the cutest family member with her blonde hair and soft cheeks (he was better looking!)
  • And she looked good without working for it! All she did was play video games all day, while he worked out a lot to look this good
  • She was sensitive though, and often came to him crying if she had done a bad test at school or complaining that she wanted a boyfriend
  • “You’re just 15, princess. You don’t need another man in your life than me, he will just break your heart” is he her brother or mother scientists can’t tell
  • Always worried about Zen’s eating habits, so she usually packed him cute lunches and had dinner ready for when he came home from rehearsal (unless she had stayed up all night to play video games and was asleep)


  • All this time we thought she was just too busy to date
  • Hahaha no, this guy is to blame
  • “All men are wolves!” 
  • “But I like women”
  • “All women are wolves!”
  • Seriously he would growl if someone even said her name, being dramatic was his thing 
  • How could a 14 year old be this intimidating
  • Oh yeah probably because he was tall and muscular
  • Don’t let his good looks fool you, he’s totally the mom friend of his friend group


  • Jumin couldn’t for the life of him understand his little sister
  • ?? Why did she waste her money on stupid things instead of investing them ??
  • ?? Why was she constantly sneezing without making a sound ??
  • “It’s called dabbing, old man” *dabs*
  • Would always hug Elizabeth the 3rd whenever she visited
  • “Look, she loves me!” 
  • “No kitten, that’s animal abuse”
  • Sometimes she would just sit quiet for hours and he got slightly worried, but then she laughed and showed him a stupid picture and he knew she was back to normal
  • She could pick up on his subtle mood changes, and would spam him with cat memes when she knew he had a tough day

707 (and Unknown/Saeran)

  • Let’s just pretend they have always been a happy family okay
  • With Saeran who was too serious and Saeyoung who was practically never serious, she was the middle thing who made sure things got done
  • She was calm and collected, which was a good thing as both of her brothers were the complete opposite
  • Always there for them! Choi supporter #1 right here
  • Loved nature and to take pictures of it, so she would often drag them outside to get some fresh air

  • Her little sister was his number one supporter and had a lot of respect for him
  • She was very mature and always worked hard, so he had a lot of respect for her too!
  • He was glad she was grown up enough to apprecite his art, but give him critisism when he needed it
  • Made sure V always met his deadlines if he had request for photos, and often helped him plan photoshoots
  • He thought it was a little worrying that she at the age of 13 drank coffee as he had heard it wasn’t too healthy for children and he was worried that she didn’t get enough sleep, but she insisted that she just liked the taste of it



Okay so I’m working on a final comic draft for a commission and this is pretty much my process of figuring out the layout of the comic. (since my usual comics have no real layout and are just boxes that I take pictures of r i p)

Comics can be challenging, but really rewarding and fun.

132 Thoughts I Had While Watching the PLL Finale
  1. OMG Bridget Woo LOL nice throwback 
  2. This is like a dream sequence or someone’s imagination, right?
  3. Definitely has to be Mona’s imagination.
  4. Lucas WTF 
  5. Ha the girls don’t seem the least bit enthused with him “Hey Lucas” 
  6. “Remember when we used to look up murder weapons, indistinctive traits of psychopaths exhibiting signs of hyper-reality disorder” IM YELLING 
  8. I low-key love all of the truth tea they’re spilling, even though it’s not real 
  10. So Mona gets to know who A.D. is first? 
  12. Aw Ezria y’all are cute. 
  15. Lily and Grace are such sweet names 
  18. Melissa and Spencer getting along? Ehhhh idk about that 
  20. Oh my god she re-bought his truck? I love Spencer so much. 
  21. Hey that’s Marlene’s son!
  23. Alison would END YOU 
  24. Who bullies someone just because they’re deaf? 
  25. And there’s Jenna tapping along… 
  27. Lolololol she became a life skills teacher I love it 
  28. Haleb is still cute even when they’re fighting 
  30. Of course she would be obsessed with game shows 
  31. Spencer’s love for interior design making an appearance, I love it!
  33. Aria’s dress here is really cute! 
  34. "Wait for it”  
  35. Lol but I could so see them all going on a group honeymoon to Paris together 
  36. Oh shit where’s Mona? 
  37. "That’s exactly why we eloped.” Only in Rosewood y'all 
  38. This scene was all Ian haha 
  39. They’re such a cute family OWW MY HEART 
  40. MELISSA???  
  41. Ella could take down Diane in a SECOND  
  42. Love me some Spanna!  
  44. LOL everyone casually sneaks off to go have sex and then there’s just Spencer and Toby 
  46. Damn Ezria get it. Nice throwback to 5x05 with Aria pulling the sheets over her! 
  48. Emily has that sex hair right now! 
  49. “I’m trying to get pregnant” “You’re scaring my ovaries” Oh Hanna.  
  52. Aria baby what’s wrong? 
  54. So now Mona’s working for A.D.? 
  56. LOL Mona you sly bitch 
  57. Uhhh Spencer what are you doing? 
  60. Oh Hanna baby what is you doing?  
  61. Byron you big softie! 
  64. Toby and Emily are such an underrated friendship 
  65. WOAH WAIT that girl is Maya’s niece? HOW SWEET 
  66. Spoby I miss you so much 
  68. Ah looks like the Wine Moms had a fun night 
  69. Ezria stop fighting right this second YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED 
  71. “You wanna make a baby?” OMG STOP THEY’RE SO CUTE 
  73. FUCK ME UP this is so hot!!!! 
  74. UH SPENCER, weren’t you just with Toby doing the sex? 
  75. Oooh that’s the song that played when Spencer was sitting outside of Toby’s apartment crying her eyes out back in season 3! 
  76. MONA OMG. I do love the parallel to 2x25 though with that slap  
  78. Emison is 500% done with Mary’s shit lol 
  79. Ohhhh this is how Wren is connected to this shit show 
  81. Of course he ordered a vodka soda  
  82. “It’s a lot to process, would you like a sedative?” YES PLEASE  
  83. Spencer wants to fuck this bitch up so badly lololol 
  84. Oh jesus she’s going to become Spencer? What a twisted sister! 
  85. I KNEW THAT SCENE WITH HANNA AND THE ONE WITH EZRA AT THE AIRPORT WAS OFF. I didn’t catch the one where she was looking through the family album though and GOD DAMN IT THAT WAS HER KISSING TOBY IN 6x20 AND HAVING SEX WITH TOBY IN 7x18 
  86. Like Mother Like Daughter BROOOO 
  87. Damn Alex is just batshit crazy and I’m kinda loving it. 
  88. I do feel bad for her though. 
  89. Woah hold up this bitch had Wren shoot her so she’d look EXACTLY LIKE SPENCER, like down to the scars she has. Damn she’s committed, I’ll give her that. 
  91. Awwww Aria looks so beautiful! GIRL I’M CRYING TOO 
  92.  I’m gonna just pretend like that’s all of our girls taking that selfie 
  95. That’s actually so sad about what Alex’s parents did to her. I get why she’s so angry, she’s had a miserable life. 
  96. Mary really does love Spencer  
  98. Aria baby noooo don’t cry 
  99. I figured that Alex had Ezra… 
  100. Do-it-yourself dungeon I’M YELLING 
  101. Lol the look on Spencer’s face says “Bitch stop copying me” 
  102. Ezra must feel like a dumb dumb now 
  103. Oh so Alex shot Spencer, intending to kill her and take over her life but Mary saved her. Alright.  
  104. Alright that’s kinda cute how Alex and Charlotte bonded 
  105. Alex, Wren, Charlotte, and Archer were a SQUAD 
  106. Uh Charlotte, the only really terrible one is Peter Hastings! 
  107. No wonder Alex was so pissed when Charlotte was murdered, she was the only real family she had ever known. 
  108. UGH I’m just gonna pretend this is Team Sparia 
  109. Uh-Oh the horse knows it’s not really Spencer 
  110. Of course Jenna could SMELL that Spencer wasn’t really Spencer 
  111. Alright so these dummies have been trying to figure out who A is after all these years and they just immediately get it right now? That was so easy and ironic thing is that they didn’t have Spencer to help them figure it out.  
  112. Mary ships Spoby and I’m living for it 
  113. Damn Alex, psychotic much? 
  114. I always figured it was A.D. who bought Toby’s house 
  116. Alex with that hatchet is giving me “The Shining” vibes lol 
  119. Oh my god Alex copying Spencer like that gives me the creeps 
  120. TWIN FIGHT 
  121. God dammit WHICH ONE IS SPENCER? 
  124. Look at the babies! 
  125. MARLENE KING OMG she did the Shhh and everything  
  126. My babies happy… I LOVE THIS SONG 
  127. Aww Hanna’s pregnant!!! 
  129. Ok Mona having a doll shop in France is literally the cutest thing ever 
  130. She totally should’ve ended up with Mike though TBH 
  131. BROOO Mona literally won the game I’m so proud of my child 
RWBY RP Prompts
  • "Why can't you just swoon over your own weapon? Aren't you happy with it?"
  • "Are you.... robbing me?"
  • "Oh my god, you really exploded."
  • "I'm queen of the castle!"
  • "I still don't think that's what a sloth sounds like."
  • "For it is in passing that we achieve immortality."
  • "But why would I need friends if I have you?"
  • "There's no such thing as negative friends."
  • "Aren't you the guy who threw up?"
  • "Nailed it!"
  • "You came back!"
  • "Boop~!"
  • "I don't think sloths make a lot of noise."
  • "Do not hesitate to destroy everything in your path..."
  • "You're about to see a whole different side of me today."
  • "It's also a gun."
  • "Why hide who you are?"
  • "Can you imitate a sloth?"
  • "Off with their heads!"
  • "You're going on world-saving missions without us?!"
  • "You monsters!"
  • "Oh god, it's happening again!"
  • "I could've taken him."
  • "I'm hurt! Sad! Maybe a little hungry. That last one's not your fault..."
  • "I'm not trying to show off. I want you to know I can do this!"
  • "You called me friend! Am I really your friend?"
  • "I'm combat ready!"
  • "I don't have a lot of friends; but if I did, I'd want them to talk to me about things."
  • "That's why we're here! To make it better!"
  • "Great, the gang's all here. Now we can all die together!"
  • "Well that was a thing."
  • "Most people are born, but I was made."
  • "I don't need people to help me grow up. I drink milk."
  • "Banzai!"
  • "I think we can all say it's been an eventful evening."
  • "I wouldn't exactly call it a 'little' operation."
  • "You are not the brightest banana in the bunch, are ya kid?"
  • "Or we could ditch the beds... and replace them with bunk beds!"
  • "She's a hazard to my health!"
  • "You know, we really gotta stop meeting like this. People are gonna talk..."
  • "It's just that, you seem a little... NOT okay."
  • "YES! I love it when you're feisty!"
  • "Whoa, you can control poles..."
  • "I'm not the biggest fan of local law enforcement."
  • "I am not a crook."
  • "You just destroyed my favorite clothing store. Prepare to die."
  • "It is precisely this kind of ignorance that breeds violence!"
  • "Hey, we've got a plan! That's... moderately serious."
  • "Guess who's back?"
  • "Who's ready to fight for their lives?"
  • "Well the name's _______ Short, sweet, rolls off the tongue, ladies love it."
  • "Why must your answer to everything involve a triumphant display of military bravado!?"
  • "What a freak!"
  • "Learning is SO MUCH fun."
  • "I can't dance, man!"
  • "This is the part where you lose."
  • "Spare us the thought of you procreating."
  • "Justice will be swift! Justice will be painful! It will be DELICIOUS!"
  • "Oooh, look at me! My name's ______! I know facts! I'm rich!"
  • "You can't even stop me!"
  • "Let me try! You can trust me!"
  • "You think just because you've got nuts and bolts instead of squishy guts makes you any less real than me?"
  • "Okay, yeah, when you say it out loud, it sounds worse."
  • "Get back in the bag."
  • "Don't worry. Things will be better tomorrow."
  • "What are you doing?! Do you have any idea of the damage you could have caused?!"
  • "You were worth every cent, truly you were."
  • "We'll break his legs!"
  • "Weren't you in a cult or something?"
  • "You really want to start making things up to me?"
  • "By no means does this make us friends."
  • "I can always be a farmer or something."
  • "You hardly look the part."
  • "Do you always break the law without giving a second thought?"
  • "I will seriously pay you to shut up."
  • "This is turning out just like the divorce!"
  • "I can see why your father would want to protect such a delicate flower!"
  • "Always sunshine and rainbows with you."
  • "Now, I'll be the first to admit, humans... are the worst."
  • "You can't sleep, you hardly eat, and to be honest, your grades have been suffering."
  • "If you don't get a date to the dance, I'll wear a dress."
  • "If I don't get doilies, you don't get fog machines."
  • "I see you're hiding at the punch bowl as well."
  • "Hey man, do you have a wireless password?"
  • "You may be fast, but you still excel at wasting time!"
  • "All you've been so far is a nuisance!"
  • "It's a combat skirt!"
  • "The innocent never run."
  • "I hate this game of emotions we play."
  • "I have a legacy of honor to uphold."

In the spirit of the last one, what about really tall MC? -anon

Hey I saw you did the situations for a short mc but could you do one for a tall mc? Like nearly 6ft for the whole rfa + saeren. Thank youuuu this will help my struggles as a tall girl - @sydney920

I’m gonna knock both of these out at the same time!
I had to google problems that tall people face lol


  • Woooahh!
  • MC is tol!!
  • Admittedly, he was kind of looking forward to being the taller one but he brushes those feelings away immediately
  • His friends may tease him for having a taller girlfriend, but MC can stand up for him!
  • HAH atleast he has a girlfriend
  • He’s always helping you shop for clothing that fits properly because you seem down when you can’t wear something because of your height and he just wants you to be happy
  • Big or little spoon doesn’t matter to him, he still loves cuddling


  • She’s already used to having people be taller than her so it doesn’t phase her that much
  • But she does feel very bad that being so tall could be such an inconvenience
  • You have to squish down in the car and you often bump your head
  • On the other hand, she loves wearing your big tshirts around the house
  • Baehee personally seams all your clothing for you because she is a mom and it is her duty
  • Also, let her be little spoon trust me
  • She adores being able to have you wrapped around her, it’s amazing


  • He loves tall MC
  • Expect a lot of encouragement and praise from him
  • You’ll never ever feel insecure around him
  • Lots of selfies that actually get you completely in the frame (bless his soul, he actually takes nice photos with you)
  • Picks out a ton of cute clothing for you
  • You want to wear those heels? HELL YES
  • Zen will adore your body so much, he literally doesn’t care that you’re taller than him
  • He still wants to be big spoon though and you can’t change that


  • He’s quite surprised
  • You basically reach eye-to-eye with him
  • He’s very used to having to look down when speaking to people and this is quite the change it saves him some neck strain
  • It’s not necessarily a bad change either, it’s just…different
  • Sad because clothes won’t fit you? Bam, personalized clothing fitted just for you
  • Most times you don’t wear heels to business parties because
  • 1. You’d stand out and feel really out of place
  • 2. You know Jumin still likes to feel big and tol, but he’d never tell you that


  • “How’s the weather up there?”
  • “Saeyoung I’m only a few inches taller what do you mean–”
  • “MC, can you get that off the shelf for me~”
  • “…you can reach that on your own.”
  • He’s still gonna make tall jokes I’m so sorry
  • Don’t doubt that he can’t piggyback you because he still can and will
  • Other than that, he doesn’t mind having you taller than him
  • Aside from putting up with jokes, he won’t treat you much differently
  • He’ll love you for you


  • Didn’t really notice it until somebody pointed it out
  • “Ok cool, MC is taller than me.”
  • He never really took note of it before because he just thought it was something really trivial
  • Saeran’s always attentive so he’ll never fail to warn you to duck down so you don’t hit your head on anything
  • If anybody ever makes fun of your height, oooh boy
  • They’re dead
  • Really likes being small spoon so handle with care

Note: Oooh, fancy request. This was quite fun to write actually. Do send me more of these creative requests ^-^

I’m gonna be honest and say that there probably isn’t a single person on this entire planet who wouldn’t freak out if they woke up to a zombie apocalypse. That is why I think writing their reaction would be pretty much the same. Ya know, jooheon running up and down the apartment screaming, shownu trying to calm him down but then minhyuk would make it worse with his overreactions and yeah, long story short, it’d be kaos. So instead of that I focused on writing about their positions.

Safety and raid - Shownu + Wonho + Jooheon 

This is a big post as safety and raid of useful items is probably one of the most important things in a world where rules have no value anymore and you have to fight for your safety. Shownu and Wonho have incredible strength due to their hard training so they would be very uuseful in this position. Finding medicine, food, weapons, batteries or any other type of things that could be useful. Jooheon is strong tok but I feel like he is also very observant. He may be very easily scared but that would in this situation be very useful as it would enable him to notice threats fast. Also building out and keeping their base safe is important and a job that would require great strength. In case of an attack they would also be the ones on the frontline as they are probably used to dealing with the zombies due to their raid tours. 

Coordinator – Minhyuk 

I see Minhyuk as a very capable leader. Shownu and Minhyuk often work together in the group and would also in this situation. Even though Shownu is primarily placed on the Safety and Raid post he’d often coordinate new raids, builds and help locate new possible hide outs together with Minhyuk. Minhyuk may not be as strong bodely but he is mentaly. This is an important aspect that would be very useful in a zombje apocalypse. Especially during attack having a cool head and clear plan is life saving. 

Food and First Aid – Kihyun 

Is this even a surprise? I mean Kihyun isn’t monsta xs mother for nothing. I can see him being in charge of making the food that Shownu, Wonho and Jooheon would bring back taste at least decent. Nutrition and calories are important for survival so it’s important that the food consumed stays in the body and is rationed the right way. Kihyun seems very capeable of this. Also first aid would be important. Being sick or injured in an infected world is dangerous and could, in a worst case scenarios, even lead to death. May it be stomach aches because of food gone bad, injuries from a fight or just a stupid fall, Kihyuns got you covered. 

Inventor – Hyungwon + Changkyun 

This post may seem fancy or unescessory at first glance , and may be in the first few days, but the longer you live in this situation the more creative do you have to be to continue to survive. That’s where Hyungwon and Changkyun come in play. They are both very smart which would allow them to build and invent things that will make the life in this type of world a tiny bit easier. After raiding everything in the area either have to move around a lot or come up with your own solutions. From building greenhouses for growing their own food, radiowave based communication systems and waterfilters to inventing traps and alarm solutions, this position would be great for Hyungwon and Changkyun. 

2 am drives- Harry Holland
  • you sat in your bed wide awake not being able to fall asleep
  • you tried like everything:
    drinking some tea
    watching the history channel
    laying in the dark
  • you texted harry at about 12:30 am  to see if he was awake
    he was
  • you asked him if he wanted to come over and cuddle bc you know that’s what “ best friends who have no feelings for each other at all ” do
  • he was super slightly  happy that you asked him to come over
  • he showed up within the next 5 minutes
  • you lived behind him so all he had to do is walk around the block
     his lazy ass drove
  • he looked so cute in his white shirt and his black adidas sweats
      i need to see him in this asap
  • harry had the biggest smile on his face when you opened your window for him to crawl threw
  • he gave you a big hug when he saw you bc its been about 2 months since you guys got the chance to hang out
      you both tried but it was if one of you was busy the other one wasn’t and vice versa 
  • you both crawled into your bed and just laid in each others arms and took cute “ we’re only best friends ” pictures
  • both of you getting board and brain storming things to do
    “ erm we can watch netflix?” “noooope”
    “oooh we can make brownies” “do you even have brownie mix?” “fuck off”
    “hm we could sleep.” “harry that’s what got us into this mess, neither one of us could sleep..” “yeah i guess you’re right
    “ we can go on a drive and then get brownies from Walmart or somethin”
  • you guys got in the car and you instantly took the aux, making harry groan loudly
  • you guys laughed so much and even got food and you guys were just so happy and having so much fun together
  • it was about 4am when you guys checked the clock next
  • harry decided to take you out to breakfast bc who doesn’t go out for breakfast at 4:30 in the morning?
  • the waitress saying how the two of you were such a cute couple and neither of you denied it
  • you both just kinda smiled at each other and blushed, hoping the other wouldn’t see
  • neither of you really wanted to go home after that so you guys went to a spot that no one knows about and just chilled there
  • you both got in the backseat and cuddled 
     he even had blankets in the back of his car so that’s a plus
  • there may have been some kissing involved
  • “ hey y/n ?” harry would mumble in your ear, making you look up at him and respond with a soft “hmm”. “ i uh, i know that we don’t see each other much anymore but, when we do its always fun and amazing. i was wonderin’ if you’d like to be my girlfriend?”
     of course you said yes
  • im in my harry feels… oops?
I Missed You

Prompt request: could you do a bucky x family!reader where she’s his grandniece and shows up to the tower wanting to meet him after hearing so much from her grandmother (his sister) and so she gets two bus tickets and takes her grandma to stark towers since they found out bucky was back there and stable and it’s just a fluffy tear filled family reunion?? and steve is there and gets really emotional too?? thanks so much!!

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Rebecca Barnes, Reader

Warnings: none

Word count: 2880

A/N: Thank you so much for the request! Feel free to send me more, and as always, thanks for reading!

You flipped through the channels on the TV as your great-grandmother fixed you up some lunch. Even at 94 years old, she was as spry and active as a teenager. She still insisted on making you her favorite cucumber sandwiches because you “were getting too skinny”.

“Nana, are you sure you don’t need any help?” you called over your shoulder.

“Of course, doll!” she replied from the kitchen. “Find us something fun to watch. Oooh! See if that one show is on. I want to see if Theresa finds out who the father is.”

You chuckled and turned back to the TV, trying to remember which soap had “Theresa” in it. You were pretty sure you could just pick one to watch, and Nana would just be happy to be watching it with you.

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A little something for @jokublog

Since Nightmare!Sans feeds on the other versions’ fears, I kinda have the intention he would love to haunt poor Asylum!Sans, driving him more crazy than he already is.

  • NM!Sans: Oooh what a wrecked soul you have. It will be so much fun to play with the remains of your sanity.
  • Asy!Sans: P-please stop! Papyrus… Brother… where are you? Please help! T-the voices… they are in my head again. M-make them stop!

Nightmare!Sans belongs to @jokublog

Asylum!Sans is mine

MCL Boyfriend Headcanons: How they help you during that time of the month


  • He actually knows a thing or two about periods, being around Amber and his mom a lot
  • Will bring you heating pads, tea, and dark chocolate because he knows it has more benefits.
  • If you’re having really bad cramps he’ll let you rest all day and will give you lower back massages
  • When you have mood swings he’ll give you your space because he doesn’t want you to snap at him
  • Will basically take care of you for the first two or three days
  • Doesn’t let you eat too much junk food because he knows it can make symptoms worse
  • Makes you drink a lot of water because he learned that it helps cramps
  • Secretly thinks it’s funny when you’re grumpy but he won’t tell you that because he doesn’t want to die.
  • Is overly worried about you during this time, and is constantly making sure you’re eating right and getting enough fluids since you’re losing a lot. He knows how to get rid of breakouts, and makes you a homemade face mask which results in you two walking around his apartment with green faces. He’s actually  a sucker for pampering himself so he doesn’t mind.


  • Will wonder why you’re acting so strange and irritable and when he realizes he’ll just be like “Ohhhhh…”
  • Teases the heck out of you. Will call you names like Bloody Mary, Carrie, Shark Bait…..
  • He’s not really grossed out by it but he hates when you go into detail cause he finds it so weird
  • His mom probably told him a thing or two about periods but other than that he’s clueless
  • If you’re cramping really bad he’ll make fun of you but will still try to comfort you and give you massages and cuddles.
  • His clothes are very comfortable to wear when you’re on, and he’s learned not to say no to you during shark week so he reluctantly lets you wear them
  • That guy that freaks out trying to buy pads or tampons
  • “Why are there so many f***ing sizes?!”
  • Will text you and ask which ones you want because how is he supposed to choose?
  • Buys you food so you can stop complaining
  • This is the one week a month he knows not to tease you about your appearance
  • You ever hear about that thing where your period can affect your boyfriend? That’s him. He breaks out a lot. He’s pissed ALL the time, more than usual, and he gets super moody. One minute he’s happy and the next he’s pissed cause some dude stared at him funny.


  • Has no idea what’s going on with you so Leigh or Rosa will just casually let him know
  • He honestly has no clue what to do because he doesn’t have sisters and his mom went through menopause long ago
  • Leigh gives him tips on what he can do to help (Rosa is horrible when she’s on so he got used to it)
  • Will let you use him as a body pillow. He makes a great body pillow
  • Probably googles more about periods so he can help you more
  • Will give you massages and belly rubs
  • Surprises you with a hot and relaxing bath with candles, rose petals and probably bought a bath bomb because he heard they have really good vitamins for your skin
  • When you’re having mood swings he doesn’t know how to handle it at first. “Why is she so angry?”
  • He goes out to buy you pads/tampons but always gets the wrong one because he forgot which ones you asked for
  • You and Rosa eventually start to sync up from being around each other all the time so it becomes double hell for both of them. They tend to give you guys your space while you two sit and binge eat. They are basically the “throw chocolate from afar” kind of guys.


  • Armin kind of catches on pretty quickly, because he, alexy and his dad know exactly when his mom is on her period. They have like secret meeting in the living room about “staying away from her because it’s war time”. She overhears and tries to hit them all with her shoe.
  • Idk if y’all have seen that twitter post, in order to understand this, but he calls you his “ketchup packet.”
  • The guy that goes to the store and literally buys every size and brand of pads/tampons because he forgets to ask, and doesn’t think to text you cause “How hard could it be?”, so he’s just like “Um… I’ll take this one, that one, oooh these look fancy, I’ll get these- WHY ARE THEY SO EXPENSIVE???”
  • Will also venture out to other parts of the store and buys you snacks, a movie, and a heating pad.
  • Will make fun on you as usual but he’s very on edge, making sure he won’t do anything to set you off.
  • As much of a goofball he is, he’d probably do something really stupid, like sticking pads to himself for “armor” and using a pillow to “shield himself from your wrath.”
  • Gives awesome back massages surprisingly.


  • That guy that’s totally clueless as to what to get, like Castiel. Probably is really nervous, as if he was taking a really important test. He’ll compare all the brands before finally giving up and shyly asking one of the female employees.
  • Ready to fight anyone who looks at him weirdly for buying them.
  • He’ll buy you a snuggy, a box of your favorite candy, and pills to ease the cramps.
  • Snuggles with you all day, and will basically spoil the hell out of you until you feel better
  • Rubs your feet and back without you even asking him to
  • His mom might have really bad cramping so he actually knows a few tricks to soothe them.
  • He’s super sweet this entire week, not like he isn’t already. Just way more
  • Constantly asking if you need anything, suggests that you stay home from school. He more than likely does your homework for you cause he doesn’t want you to have to worry about anything.
  • Can bake his butt off so he makes the best deserts for you. He can make a mean cheesecake btw.

anonymous asked:

Oh my god, I LOVE your yandere posts! So that got me thinking, what about yandere Reaper, Bastion (this could simply platonic if that makes you feel more comfortable) and could I get more yandere headcanons for Genji please?

ahahaaa thank you darling! ^^ i do have some for reaper here and here, but Bastion, oooh that’ll be interesting wheee cx


  • He loves to have you around for company, especially Ganymede too since he gets fed by you, so he does get a bit confused when he sees you with someone else having as much fun with them.

  • At first he’d try to make friends with them too, but if the conversing person doesn’t like omnics, he’d beep sadly… At first.

  • When you’re out of sight/completely out of the building, he’d be on high alert, just in case of they decide to try to hurt him.

  • If they do try to hurt him, he’d immediately go into turret form and kill them. He won’t have a person that’s nice to you, but harmful to him.

  • Insert the giggling beeping noises.


  • He keeps his visor on for a reason, so his victims won’t see that crazed sparkle in his eyes when he brings down his katana down into their body.

  • The cyborg does laugh after another job well done, only every so often when it absolutely is necessary. Like a celebration of sorts~ and also how pathetic his victim was.

  • He’ll do everything and anything for you. If someone at work’s being rude to you, he’ll do something about it. You want to get something to eat but don’t want to leave the house, he’ll go out and get your favorite snack or meal, anything for you~

  • Genji will endure everything he has to go through to get your love, even if it means disobeying on a mission so he can get back home faster to see you.

  • He changes from green to red whenever he’s in his killing yandere mode, only his visor though~

ok i was talking about this with @abermb and she’s already made a post and we made up a lot of these characters together bc we’re both gay as fuck (this is pretty much a companion to that post so go read it)

so lets just think about the samwell women’s volleyball team’s group chat real quick 

it’s always fucking chaos bc they’d originally set it up to notify each other about practice and games but what really ends up happening is it’s all personal drama and memes and chirping much like the smh team’s group chat (ofc they don’t call it chirping but they make fun of each other constantly)

so much swv group chat goodness under the cut

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gingersamson18  asked:

What are the theme songs of Ray, Mater, Flo, Ramone, Storm, Tim, Cal, Bobby, Lightning, Sally, Chase, Danny, Cruz, The King, and Doc?

Oooh, boy. I don’t have the best knowledge of classic/country music, so I had to go digging around a bit. I tried my best XD

Ray: Hard to tell, since we don’t know too much about him. Based on the Storm Chasing book, I’d say anything that’s “training montage-like” in nature. Like “Eye of the Tiger” or something. Since he’s kind of Storm’s trainer.

Mater: He kind of already has one in Cars 2. Other than that, maybe ELO’s “Mr. Blue Sky.” Since it’s such a fun, carefree song.

Flo: Anything Etta James, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, etc. I like to think Flo’s a classy lady :P

Ramone: “Canción del Mariachi” by Antonio Banderas. Fun fact: Cheech Marin was in Desperado, the movie that features this song. Also Spanish hip-hop.

Storm: AH STORMY BOY. Basically anything dubstep/electro. Also hip-hop/rap. Some ideas I had: “Me, myself, and I” by G-Eazy x Bebe Rexha (will be making a music video for this), “Believer” by Imagine Dragons, “Nobody Speak” feat. Run The Jewels-DJ Shadow (The Mountain Will Fall), courtesy of @whipplefilter’s video. The ‘MLG song’, “Dr - I Keep Holding On (My Hope Will Never Die)”. The song Storm plays in the movie… Just for fun: Scorpions’ “Rock You Like a Hurricane.”

Tim: Again, we don’t know much about him. Probably songs in the iTunes top 100. AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” to counter Storm (they were rivals in the Origins book).  

Cal: Maybe some David Bowie. Like “Heroes” or “Starman” or something. Although I think I saw some people headcanon that he listens to heavy metal. XD

Bobby: “The Boys Are Back In Town” by Thin Lizzy

Lightning: “Real Gone” by Sheryl Crow. What else? XD Anything country/classic rock really. Just for fun: AC/DC’s “Highway to (hillbilly)hell” and “Back in [Blue].” Mötley Crüe’s “Kickstart my Heart” (this could apply to any of the racers, really).

Sally: “I Love L.A.” because Randy Newman. Just for fun: Eagles’ “Hotel California.” I feel like she’d listen to indie/pop/folk, though. Maybe some Taylor Swift or Lana Del Rey.

Chase: I honestly don’t know, sorry. Anything country, ‘cause he’s from the South, but with a mixture of pop/rap/hip-hop ‘cause he’s Next-Gen.

Danny: “Malagueña Salerosa” by Chingon (maybe as a Danny/Cruz thing, ha ha). Mostly because I like Kill Bill. But Danny seems like the kind of guy who’d listen to hip-hop/rap.

Cruz: Upbeat workout songs. Maybe some Shakira or Beyoncé, lol. The Zumba song in the movie.

The King: “King of the Road” by Roger Miller… because “king.” Maybe “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Anything Johnny Cash.

Doc: That soundtrack that plays when he drifts in the first movie. Besides that, Cat Stevens’ “Father and Son” (in relation to Lightning). “Blaze of Glory” because I like Bon Jovi.

Phew! Wow, sorry, I kind of let this answer get away from me. This was hard. Had trouble with some of these. If anyone has any better ideas for this, feel free to add.

(This is basically just a classics playlist, isn’t it? Classic rock is great y’all.)

Mirrorverse zanpakuto

As requested by fuon-yuuki. :)

Already we’ve considered the mirroverse versions of the lieutenants, espada, captains, and Karakura Town gang. Next up, the embodied zanpakuto! If they were the complete opposites of how they are in that filler arc, then what would they be like?

1. Hyorinmaru: A chatty flirt

Mirrorverse Hyorinmaru is the type of guy who WON’T shut up. He talks a mile a minute, and makes it impossible to get a word in edgewise. Plus, he’s an enormous flirt. Swords, shinigami, humans….he’ll flirt with anyone he encounters.

Hyorinmaru: So, if you’re not my master, then…… you want to be? [winks]

Ichigo: !!!

2. Haineko: A reserved introvert

Mirrorverse Haineko likes to keep to herself, thoughtful and silent. When she is with other people, she rarely says more than a couple of words. So basically she and Hyorinmaru swap personalities in the mirrorverse.

Hyorinmaru: Heeeeey there.


Hainkeo: [leaves]

3. Tobiume: A reckless party girl

If mirrorverse Tobiume knows one thing, it’s that being young is the best, and it must be fully enjoyed. That’s why she throws caution to the wind and makes the most of her youth by drinking, partying, and generally being wild and crazy.

Tobiume: You know what you’re problem is, Hinamori?

Hinamori: Um

Tobiume: You went for a NERD, you loser! 

Tobiume: If you had gone for a jock, you never would have been stabbed!!

4. Zabimaru: A timid baboon (Saru) and a serious snake (Hebi)

Mirrorverse Saru would prefer not to fight if possible; she figures that dialogue and compromise is the way to go. Hebi, meantime, is a very serious young kid. He never gets distracted, and thinks frogs are dumb.

Saru: Basically we think you should fight less, Renji.

Hebi: Yeah, I’m NEVER gonna finish War And Peace if you keep this up!

Renji: But why are you a lady?

5. Senbonzakura: A goofy class clown

Mirrorverse Senbonzakura sure loves making people laugh - he uses goofy antics, jokes, and physical humor to keep the people around him chortling. After all, life is way to short to be all stuffy and serious! And he just loves to take off his mask. That’s like his other favorite thing.

Senbonzakura: Woo! I’m totally naked…in the FACE!

Byakuya: Kill me.

6. Kazeshini: A loyal and kindhearted soul

Mirrorverse Kazeshini just wants Hisagi to be happy. He will always stand by him, and loves to obey orders. He is often seen sitting in the forest, cuddling bunnies while birds perch on his head.

Kazeshini: Hey. I got you a present.

Hisagi: Really??

Hisagi: Oooh, a cake!!

Kazeshini: It’s to show how much I care.

7. Ashisogi jizo: A tsundere 

Canon Ashisogi jizo flutters around making odd noises….but will explode into a poisonous rage if angered. Mirrorverse Ashisogi jizo is the opposite. He seems like a grumpy little butterfly. But really he just wants cuddles.

Isane: Awww, look at it nuzzle me!

Ashisogi jizo: [purring]

8. Suzumebachi: A mellow layabout

Mirrorverse Suzumebachi doesn’t understand why everybody is always rushing about. Life isn’t a race; it’s something to take at your own slow, leisurely pace. Preferably while eating snacks, because snacks are the best.

Suzumebachi: Wanna see which one of us can take a longer nap?

Soi Fon: ???

9. Gegetsuburi: An insecure work addict

Mirroverse Gegetsuburi is horribly insecure about everything: his appearance, his weight, whether or not he’s really doing enough with his life. Everything! As a result, he works frantically, trying to prove himself. 

Omaeda: You’re so handsome!

Gegetsuburi: W-why do you mock me??

10. Hozukimaru: A timid pacifist

Mirrorverse Hozukimaru tries to avoid fighting whenever possible. It’s not that he’s a coward or anything; he’s just a bit timid. He only wants to fight if it’s absolutely necessary, and if all attempts at dialogue have failed.

Hozukimaru: There! Now that we’ve done the lucky dance together, we don’t have to fight, right?

Ikkaku: Who the hell ARE you?

11. Ruri'iro Kujaku: A good-natured pushover

Mirrorverse Ruri'iro Kujaku knows that everyone is beautiful on the inside, and that that’s what counts. This philosophy makes him an easy-going guy….almost a pushover. I mean, if you get his name wrong or forget his favorite color or whatever, he’s not going to get mad. He’ll just go with it.

Ruri'iro Kujaku: Azure, wisteria - what’s the difference, really?

Yumichika: Who the hell ARE you?

12. Sode no Shirayuki: A rude lout

Mirrorverse Sode no Shirayuki is foul-mouthed and loud, not one to adhere to the niceties of polite society. Let’s just say that when she eats, her clothes don’t stay white very long.

Sode no Shirayuki: Whoa! Did you fuckers hear that?

Sode no Shirayuki: I just burped for like a full minute!

Sode no Shirayuki: Rukia, why are you hiding your face like that?

13. Tenken: A mean-spirited bully

Mirrorverse Tenken may not talk much, but he makes his intentions perfectly clear: he’s an asshole, who totally lives up to his beastlike appearance.

Gonryomaru: N-no Tenken! Please don’t burn my feet again!

Gonryomaru: Nooooooooooo

14. Gonryomaru: A charismatic exhibitionist 

Everybody loves mirrorverse Gonryomaru - he’s just so much fun! He tells the best jokes! He throws the best parties! He’s everybody’s best friend!

Hyorinmaru: Oooh, Gonryomaru and Tobiume are throwing a party??

Hyorinmaru: I am so there! They’re the coolest!

Gonryomaru: Yes. Yes we are.

15. Wabisuke: A smiling optimist

You never see mirrorverse Wabisuke without an enormous grin on his face. He just loves the world. So much.

Wabisuke: Kira! Looooove the new hair!


Kira: Um thanks?

16. Katen Kyokotsu: A worrywart and a chatterbox

The older mirrorverse Katen Kyokotsu cannot relax - she’s far too busy worrying about everyone and everything. She is often seen pacing around, biting her nails, and generally being a basketcase. The younger, meanwhile, is too busy talking everyone’s ear off to help.

Kyoraku: So, sake?

(Older) Katen Kyokotsu: A-are you trying to give my liver failure????

17. Sogyo no Kotowari: The most well-behaved kids EVER

Mostly they just sit quietly with their hands folded.

Ukitake: Do you guys want to play something??

Sogyo no Kotowari: But we might get our clothes dirty!

Ding-Dong! The Witch is Dead

Request- Hi could you do a Dean image please, where the reader and Dean have history together but Sam calls her asking for help with a witch and Dean didn’t know that he did. But she gets hit by a curse that turns her into a toddler (age 4). So Dean has to mind her till Sam kills the witch. Could you make her cause a load of trouble around the bunker and non stop laughing. Just make it really cute and funny! Please I would be so happy if you could do it💞😘

A/N- Oooh my gosh I loved this soo much! I stopped only to translate what the witch says in latin, and had to tweak the answer google translate gave me because when I reversed translated it, it gave me another answer. WTF Any who It was so much fun to write!I hope you like the way it came out. Tell me what you think. x)

Dean x Reader

Word Count-2081

Translations (Correct me if I’m wrong)
‘Occiderunt altaria occidere occidere
‘- Kill, kill, kill
Hoc puella est in mea via. Fac suaeam quatuor annos aetatis - This little girl is in my way. Make her four years of age’


Walking into your motel room, you collapse on your bed. Having just finished off a hunt left you dirty with mud and blood that wasn’t yours. Too exhausted to take your much needed shower. You lay there for a couple seconds before you were interrupted by the ring of your phone. You made no move on picking it up. You were just so tired. The ringing stopped. You assumed if it was important they would leave a message or call again. With that thought you closed your eyes once more. You heard it ring again.

“Ugh!” you dug your hand into your pocket, “What?” you were annoyed and didn’t bother checking who it was. Hearing Sam’s voice “You need help with a witch? I think you guys got this. You don’t need me… Yeah yeah okay fine. I just so happen to be close by. Let me take a quick shower. Fine, I’ll be there in an hour or so.” After hanging up you hoist yourself up, stuff all your things in your duffel bag, grab your keys, and go.

You were on your way to the bunker and hating every second of it. Not only were you uncomfortable with your filthy cloths but you were going to see Dean again. ‘That isn’t going to stir up anything.’ you thought sarcastically. First thing you do when you arrive is head for the library where you know at least Sam would be, which he was. “I’m here. Now I’m going to shower real quick before anything else.” You turn on your heels without letting him respond. After scrubbing all the blood and dirt off you return to the library.

“Sorry for calling you so suddenly.” he said.

“Buy me some beers and we’ll call it even. So we’re hunting a witch huh?” you question.

He nods “Yeah. We haven’t been able to find her. I figured a fresh pair of eyes might help.” He looked a slightly nervous.

You narrowed you eyes, “Dean doesn’t know I’m here, does he?” you ask him. He gives you an apologetic smile and shrugs. You sigh “Well this isn’t going to end well” you mutter.

“You’re not going to fight with Dean, right?” though it was a question he didn’t sound like he was asking.

Right on queue. Dean comes in “Who’s not fighting who?” he asked.

“Oh, Dean, I told you I was going to ask a hunter to help on the case right?” Sam said as if trying to soften to blow.

Dean nodded in turn “Yeah. How’d you ask?”

He gave him an apologetic look before stepping aside to reveal you sitting there. He looked at you for a mere second before turning back to Sam. “Of all the hunters you could’ve asked… you picked…” he sighed in frustration “Let’s just get this over with” he said.

After the longest hour of your life, and narrowing down the location to a three block radius. You were ready to take a break. You were still exhausted from the previous hunt and needed some food. “I’ll go get us food.” You say. It was a quick trip to the diner. You ordered and were on your way back.

Your phone started ringing seeing Dean’s name you answered “What’s up? He found where she lives? Great! Go hunt her down. I’m heading back to the bunker, I’ll drop off the food and lea-“as you pass by an alley you hear what sounds like latin in a sing song voice.

You strain your ears to listen “Occiderunt altaria occidere occidere” you had no idea what the hell that meant but you it definitely sounded like latin.

‘She must be the witch’ you thought. “Dean” you whisper “I think I found the witch. I’ll call you back.” You hung up before he could ask where you were so he could back you up. Inching closer to where the witch stood you used the dumpsters to hide. You were disappointed to not have your gun with you. Your knife would have to do. You waited for the right moment. The witch turned around, back facing you, and you took that opportunity to charge at her.

Right as you were going to stab her she quickly turned around and blocked you with a knife of her own. She smiled innocently “Oh, honey.” She said with sarcastic sympathy “Did you really think I didn’t know you were there? Watching me. Please. Don’t underestimate me.” Her innocent smile change to a wicked grin. With amazing force she pushed against your knife causing you to stumble backwards against the wall. Next to where you were was the makings of a ritual. If you couldn’t stop her the best you could do is mess up whatever she’s working on. Have Dean and Sam hunt her down after. You knocked over everything. “You insolent little-“ her face was scrunched up in anger. “Hoc puella est in mea via. Fac suaeam quatuor annos aetatis” she chanted and point to you.

The last thing you see before losing consciousness is her gathering whatever it was you knocked over, salvaging what she could.

When you woke up again, everything seemed darker, bigger, and scarier. You didn’t know where you were and started crying. You wept for what seemed like hours before you remembered what you were taught. “If you evu get lost go to da police house.” You repeated to yourself. You stood and ran out of the alley, it being too scary for you. “Don’t talk to stchangus.” you whisper. “Unless des a lot of people” You walk into the diner you were in before. “Escuse me. Um wess da police house?” you asked the first person you see.

“Huh? The police station you mean?” you nod yes, “Um its down the street to the right and- Wait where’s your mommy sweaty?” You just raise your shoulders signaling you didn’t know. “Are you lost?” she asked and you nod yes again. She took out her cellphone and called the police. “Okay sweaty the police are going to come pick you up okay? They’ll help find your mommy.” You nod and sit on the floor.

Police came soon after and took you to the station. They found your cellphone sticking out of your jacket pocket. They called the last number received, which was Dean’s. While they did that you spotted a jar of orange and yellow chocolate on a desk. You looked around, no one was looking. You hopped of your chair and made your way to it. Somehow you managed to grab the jar without anyone noticing. You smiled and go hide behind some boxes in the hallway. Seeing as you were in the clear you stuff the chocolate in your mouth. When your mouth was full you held more in your hand ready to stuff your face again.

At some point a female officer spotted you and chuckled “I found her!” she called out. Another officer came with Dean behind him.

They found you covered in melted chocolate that came from holding onto them too long. The other officer laughed along with the other. Not Dean though. No he was shocked, but who could blame him, you were now a four year old. They had told him that a four year old named ‘Y/N’ was lost and his number was the last one to call on the phone you had, but he couldn’t believe it. Sam had taken a spare car to the house where the witch supposedly lived and Dean was stuck babysitting.

“Um… Come on Y/N let’s go home.” He held out his hand, you hoisted yourself up taking the jar with you. “Y/N you can’t take that.” he said taking the jar away from you handing it to the officer. The look Dean saw on your face was horrifying, the look a child puts right before they start a tantrum. Lips quivering, eyes becoming glossy. ‘No, no, no. Don’t you dare.” he thought. His worst fear came true. You were screaming and crying asking for the chocolate. How the hell was he supposed to calm you down? “Y-Y/N I’ll buy you a different one later okay?” he said nervously, but no, you were having none of that, you wanted those chocolates. The officer feeling sorry for Dean let you keep the jar of chocolatey goodness. Through sobs you thanked him and you were off on your merry way with Dean.

Once Dean opened the car door for you at the bunker garage, you hopped off and ran. Wanting to explore this new environment. You ran in and out of every room. In the library you crashed into a stack of books causing them to tumble down all around you. Dean came in gritting his teeth so he wouldn’t yell at you. “Y/N pick them up.”

“By myself?” you asked wide eyed.

Dean sigh, “I’ll help.”

You both started picking up the books but you grew bored and slipped out of the room before he noticed. You found the kitchen. Remembering how you caused trouble for Dean you opened the fridge ready to make him some snacks. When Dean came in he saw a mess and you covered in who knows how many different food. “What the hell!” he yelled. You look in his direction seeing his angry face startled you. “Y/N what the hell are you doing! You keep making a mess!” he yelled.

On the verge of tears “I-I jus wanted”

“Just wanted what?!” he yelled interrupting you.

Unable to hold your tears you begin sobbing. “I-I jus wa-wanted to make y-you a sandmich” you managed to say through sobs and ran away.

Dean was stunned. He moved closer to where you had just been and saw what could be called a sandwich. “Aw hell” he said feeling a pang of guilt for screaming at you. Dean went looking for you and when he did you were still crying. “Hey, hey” he whispered in a calming voice, “I’m sorry I yelled, okay? I’m just not used to toddler you.” you nod wiping your tears with the back of your hands. “Come ‘ere” he said bringing you in for a hug. You happily returned it. “How about we play a game of tag?” he asked.

Instantly lighting up to the idea, you separate yourself from him. Tapping him “tag you’re it!” you say and run out of the room “Catch me if you can!” you yell.

Dean laughed, waiting for you to get ahead of him before actually chasing you. “I’m gonna get you!” he called after you hearing your scream for excitement.

You were both running around the bunker tagging each other and laughing. After, you grew tired of running around you took a break. Later on, he playfully tossed you into the air and you both laughed. While you played super heroes, you became sleepy, and were nodding off. Dean chuckled shaking his head, he stood and carried you to his room for you to sleep.

He was about to leave the room when you stopped him. “Dean… can… can you stay wif me?”

“You scared kiddo?” he asked and you nodded. He walked over and sat on the bed next to you, “Don’t worry my room has special magic that stops monsters from getting in.”

He started standing and you grabbed the edge of his jacket, “B-but monstus always find a way to wuin evewything” you stated.

In that moment you reminded Dean of your older self. It was monsters, the hunting that split you up. He smiled at you sadly. Although he never expected playing with a kid would be this amusing, the fact of the matter was that he missed you. The real you. The tough you. The older you. He patted your head, “Fine I’ll stay here and protect you okay?” you nodded satisfied with his answer. Dean laid down next to you, wondering when his brother would call confirming the hunt was over. You rubbed your eyes and fell asleep soon after.

Dean had fallen asleep at one point. His phone was ringing and it jolted him awake. He answered quickly. It was Sam “Dean. I did it. The witch is dead. Is Y/N back to normal?”

Dean blinked his eyes awake to see you, the real actual you, snuggled up against his chest, still sleeping. Dean smiled, he had missed waking up like this, with you there next to him. “Yeah” he whispered “She’s back.”

Hope you like it! x)

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awww jazz you are an absolute sweetheart!! and a pun master!

“Oooh my goodness!! Hehe you’re making my soul feel so happy right now! Thank you SO SO SOO much you sweet little sweetie bean you!”

“I can’t take ALL the credit though! Bear is the REAL master I think!! We stay up late sometimes and make jokes. Hehe, it’s really fun! Plaid even does them too!”

“They’re both really silly! Not to mention when Bun gets flustered he makes the silliest puns! Does that make HIM the master then? Maybe they’re ALL the pun masters!”


James: You’re speaking my language Black. 

((arashi-hyou OOC : Looooove your blog and made me wanna try doing gifs but I don’t know wtf I’m doing XD (any recomendations??this looks so low quality…) so just testing and trying some Sirius mannerism before doing the actual cosplay and waiting for the wig… sorry if this is not a proper submission ^^U anyways you are fucking awesome!)

(( OOC: Thank you so much dearie!!! :D I actually think your own hair looks pretty awesome for Sirius (like a punk/rocker version, oooh), but wigs are always fun. XD Your mannerisms are lovely and you make a fantastic Padfoot! :D <3 ))

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For the music asks - 1, 3, 10, 19, 28, 30, 37, 40

Music Asks

1. Song That Always Makes You Happy?

- More and More by Fleur East, it’s such a sweet, catchy, fun song! :D 

3. Top 5 Songs of An Artist of Your Choosing?

- Oooh this is a hard one :P I’ll go with Bastille, since I’ve already done a song sorter for them. So according to the song sorter, my top 5 would be (and I pretty much agree): Icarus, Send Them Off!, Poet, Laura Palmer, and Bad Blood.

10. Song That You Feel You Must Always Dance To?

- Had a 3 way tie on this, either: Cut to the Feeling by Carly Rae Jepsen, Burning Up by Marianas Trench, or (funnily enough) Punks Don’t Dance by Crystalyne. (Just realised these are all Canadian artists - I swear, that wasn’t intentional XD )

19. Most Underrated Artist?

- I don’t know if I can answer just one/have a MOST for this, but a very very underrated artist is New Zealand singer Ladyhawke!

28. Favourite Christmas Song?

- Not particularly sure! Pretty much any Pentatonix version of Christmas songs are good, I know more Christmas songs than I did because of them. I quite like their version of Mary, Did You Know?. And I got their version of ‘O Come, All Ye Faithful’ stuck in my head last Christmas.

30. A Cover That Is Better Than the Original?

- Ooh another hard one. I don’t know if I’d necessarily say I like these MORE than the originals, but two covers I like very very much are Jess Moskaluke’s version of Train’s ‘Drops of Jupiter’, and All Time Low’s pop-punk style cover of Cyndi Lauper’s ‘True Colors’.

37. Which Genre of Music Features Most Heavily In Your Collection?

- Pop, I’m pretty sure. Though I’ve got a lot of more alternative/rock type stuff too.

40. A Song That Is Always Stuck In Your Head

- Recently, it’s been the Khalid/SZA/Post Malone remix of Lorde’s ‘Homemade Dynamite’, and a lot of different Paramore songs (especially ones from After Laughter.

Thanks Holly! :D

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