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Jealousy - Roy Harper x Reader

@noobwing asks: “Oooh hey can I please jump on the jealousy train and request a jealous Roy Harper, where he’s on patrol with them and the villain is flirting with his s/o.”

Warnings: swearing, if there is anything else please tell me

a/n: could I have gotten any less creative with the title? The answer is no. anyways, I actually like how this one turned out, and just a forewarning I used calico!vigilante reader for this one, because why not. I hope you like this @noobwing it’s my first time writing for just Roy I believe, so if his characterization is choppy or messed up, that’s why :)

Tonight had been immensely boring. You were on patrol, monitoring Gotham for the few nights that you were staying there, and uncharacteristically it was quiet and peaceful. Walking around on the rooftops of Gotham’s highest buildings you saw nothing chaotic as you looked down, and it was starting to annoy you. You were ready for a fight, your nerves were lit up like you had been electrified, so standing there and doing nothing was getting on your nerves. Your boyfriend Roy seemed to share this annoyance, as you saw him peering over Gotham with an agitated look on his face. Getting up, you move back to get a head start, before running full speed and leaping to the building that Roy had occupied.

“Bored?” “Very.” That’s the extent of the conversation, so you take a seat next to your boyfriend. It was nice sure, no crimes meant no one was getting hurt. But it was damn boring. “Why can’t the Riddler just rob a bank or something? I’m so fucking bored.” Roy mumbles, kicking his feet against the edge of the skyscraper you two were sitting on. As if on cue, a huge BOOM! comes from a few miles away, and you can see smoke rising from the Bank of Gotham. You also see a large black flag with a green question mark emblem being raised to the top of the bank.

Roy’s jaw drops, staring in pure shock that he had somewhat accurately predicted what looked to be your only crime of the night. “Finally some entertainment.” You chuckle, before letting yourself fall off the skyscraper, only to use your whip to connect to the next building. Soon enough, you’re on the ground and at the bank. Roy was perched at the top of a tower adjacent to the bank, waiting for your signal if you needed help or not.

Surveying the damage, you saw that hole was blown into the front of the building, debris scattered around it and fire climbing it’s way upward, burning the bank. Carefully stepping over the rubble, you made your way inside and signaled Roy to follow you. Oddly enough, all the safes were intact. No damage was done to them; it didn’t look like anyone even tried to enter them. Confusion took over your senses, puzzled by just why Riddler would blow up the Bank of Gotham and not take anything from it. You found your answer when you rounded the corner into the largest vault.

“Ah, my dearest Calico, it is I, the Riddler! I see you have answered my call.” Riddler says, sitting on top of a throne of money. The amount of narcissism and arrogance that was in the room made you want to puke. How fucking amazing did this insane man think he was? Rolling your eyes and containing a gag you ask, “So what the hell are you doing here Riddler? And are you going to be taken in quietly, or am I gonna have to claw you up in the process?”

“Oh no, no, no Calico. I’m not going to be taken quietly, you have nothing to charge me on, I haven’t stolen anything.” Riddler enunciates, thinking he’s somehow beaten you in whatever contest of wits runs through his mind. “Oh Eddie, did you just happen to forget you blew up the door? That’s destruction of property with intent to commit robbery. This place is also burning up, that’s arson.” You reply, the tone of your voice and the smile on your face both sickly sweet. Riddler lets out a frustrated groan, before composing himself.

“Nigma, don’t make me ask again after this. Why are you here?” You reiterate, patience growing thin with the egotistical man in front of you. “Why kitty cat, Riddler me this. The best way to capture a cat is with a cage, but the best way to lure a cat is with?” He pauses, waiting for you to figure it out. “A string. Goddamn it, blowing the bank was your string. Okay, you lured me here for a reason, what is it Riddler?” You groan out, anger taking over you as you allow the claws in your gloves to be pushed out.

“Now calm down kitty cat, I lured you here because I have a proposal that you won’t, that you simply can’t refuse.” He announces, voice booming like a speaker was connected to it. You have to stop your eyes from rolling so far back in your head they never resurface. “And what, may I ask, is that proposal?” You deadpan, already knowing what he was going to say. You see, Riddler had had some sort of fascination with you ever since you started your tenure as Calico, and he had made many failed attempts to flirt with you during that time. This had to be another one of those attempts.

“A date with me, the Riddler, your intellectual superior!” Eddie booms, holding up his curved staff as if it’s greatest offer you’ve ever received. “You do know that telling me you’re superior to myself is not a way to get a date, right?” You chuckle, then full-blown laugh when you see the confusion spread across Riddler’s face. “Moreover Eddie, I have a boyfriend, you know that…” You trail off, wondering where your boyfriend currently was. If he was close by, then he was definitely pissed, you knew Roy well enough to know he had a temper, especially when it came to other people flirting with you.

“Boyfriend? You must mean that imbecile you run across the rooftops with?” Riddler snarls, landing him three deep claw cuts across the face, and a kick to the head. Falling off his throne of money, you lift his head by his hair, and growl out “Don’t you ever insult him again. Ever.” You back off when Riddler nods in quick bursts, pulling himself back onto his throne of cash. “So I am guessing that that is a no to the date?” Eddie asks you, readjusting the glasses on his face.

“Yeah, it’s a no.” Roy states, abruptly entering the room and slamming his bow into Riddler’s jaw. You can’t help but smirk a bit as your boyfriend rams his fists into the supervillains face, Eddie letting out a mix of pained cries and smartass comments. “I am the Riddler and you canno-” Riddler goes to shout, before one final punch causes him to lose consciousness.

“Have I ever mentioned I really don’t like this guy?” Roy grumbles, as he stands up, staring down at the defeated villain. “Yeah, once or twice when I told you about his attempts to flirt with me.” You remark, lifting Riddler’s limp arm with your foot and then dropping it, Roy had really done a number on him. “I’m going to have Jason shoot him.” Roy says, as he drapes his arm over your shoulders. You laugh a bit, shaking your head. “Jay already shot him on three separate occasions. Boys and their jealousy.” You playfully taunt, running your index finger along your lover’s jaw.

“I am not jealous. I just don’t like him.” Roy whines, pointing down at Riddler. Nodding your head, you say, “So I guess you just don’t like Harley Quinn, Penguin, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, or any goons then? Cause you totally weren’t jealous in those situations, right?” You giggle, as Roy’s face turns the same shade as his hair. “Okay so maybe I am jealous? And?” Roy pouts down at you, green eyes frustrated.

“Oh sweetie there’s nothing wrong with it, I just wanted you to say it.” You purr. Running your fingers along his jaw, you move to kiss him, but are stopped by the sound of police sirens wailing in close proximity.

“Damn Gotham cops, always ruining the moment. Let’s go home, handsome.” You mutter, before you and Roy run from the burning bank and towards your safehouse.

Oooh whatdya think about this one  Roy asked grinning at Jason from over a clothes rack, and holding up a brightly colored jacket that was a little hard to look at directly. Roy had asked Jason for help on a case that required going undercover, which meant hitting up the thrift store for undercover clothes.  // @bulletbiters  / starter call