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im just going to confess something here: i love when misha or jensen starts a joke and then the other one finishes it, in a way. i don't know if you get me? thanks for reading this tho :)

Oooh no – I get you! And I love it too!

Like when one says something snarky,  so the other plays right along …

Or when they tell that same damn story a million FUCKING times, and the other always has to give a performance just so we all know what they’re talking about …  never realizing that YES, WE ALWAYS KNOW WHAT THE FUCK THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT!

Or when they just forget that other people are around at all …

Or when they take turns telling the same story, finding new ways to tease each other as they go …

Or when they use props to help make a joke …

Or the times that you’re pretty sure they scripted something– just for an easy laugh …

Or when they actually have a script right in front of them,  but they both get the same idea on how to make it funnier …

But most of all,  I love the times when it’s obvious that they know the other so damn well,  that they don’t even have to be making eye contact in order to make us crack up…

So yeah,  Nonny– I totally get you.


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Hi Hiller- when I was younger I loved to draw. I'm an adult now and for some reason when I sit down in front of a piece of paper I don't know what to do. What advice do you have for a grown up who forgot how to draw?

Oooh that’s a tricky one. Sitting in front of a blank piece of paper is probably the most intimidating thing and has always been kind of scary for me. I’ve come up with a list of things for you to try to make drawing a bit easier.

A. Work on old paper/materials. End papers from discarded books, craft pads from second hand stores, a notepad from grandma’s junk drawer, a cool piece of wood you find in a dumpster, stuff like that. It takes away the pressure of having to create a perfect thing if the material you’re working on is already flawed or smells weird.

B. Draw a lot. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. Only a small fraction of things I draw end up being shared, maybe every one out of twenty things will be decent. What people don’t see is the heap of not-so-great things I create in the process of making that one thing. If you’re drawing different ideas all the time, and thinking of how to make those ideas better when you’re not drawing, eventually you will get better and the good ideas will come more easily and more frequently.

C. It’s incredibly hard to draw when you are overly prepared to draw. Sitting down with the intent to create a perfect drawing adds a terrible amount of pressure and is the thing that trips so many people up and makes it hard to even start creating in the first place. Draw informally, when you’re watching television or listening to music. Watch a movie and draw a picture of something you hear that would be interesting when taken out of context. Try to not think too much about it. Approach drawing from an angle, not head on, if that makes sense.

D. Finding your subject matter can also be difficult and may be what you’re actually talking about here. A few things influence the content of my drawings:

  1. Inspiration from the world around me. Other artists’ work, books I read, music, conversations I have while waiting to buy groceries, things like this.
  2. My feelings and internal dialogue, what I’m thinking about or am moved by or want to express to others. Daydreams, real dreams, imagined conversations are all good sources for drawing material as they are things that no one else would ever know about unless you expressed them.
  3. My ability as an artist. I am less of an M. C. Escher and more of a David Shrigley. You have to find the right spot on the infinitely wide spectrum of art in which you can create work that you like and you think is good. I like drawing amorphous shapes and faces and fun things, so that is where I’m currently situated. Agnes Martin drew lines and dots and is well known because she was super good at it.

Hopefully, at some point, 1, 2, and 3 will come together and allow you to create something that you consider great or good or even okay will do sometimes.

I think those are four good things to think about. The very beginning is the hardest part when it comes to making art, I wish we could all just skip it. Hopefully this will help you, and maybe others, get started again.

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Woman: *comes up with six cartons of ice cream* Me, pleasantly: "oooh having a party!! :)" Woman: "yeah. a party of 'none of your business,' shut the fuck up." Jesus christ lady I was just trying to start conversation, don't respond if you don't want to talk. Like even if you're not feeling hot, there's no need to be that nasty over a single, good intentioned comment.

Sounds to me like it’s a pity party for one. -Abby

  • Jungkook: Frozen but all the songs are about being a professional hitman. “Do you want to kill a snowman? BANG BANG motherfucker, haha. Oooh a talking reindeer. I will pet it.”
  • Taehyung: Fantasia. Van Gogh on LSD. He still doesn’t know what it’s about. We still don’t know what it’s about either. Nobody is ever going to know what it’s about. But: aesthetic.
  • Jin: Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs. It’s relatable.
  • Namjoon: Beauty and The Beast. Plot twist, they are one person. Don’t we all feel like both Beauty and The Beast at some point in our lives? Don’t we all read books and store roses in our scary mansions? Don't we all hallucinate appliances? Truly an allegorical movie for the times.
  • Hoseok: The Lion King. It’s relatable. Oh no no, not to Simba. He was talking about Timon and Pumbaa. Hakuna Matata 24/365.
  • Jimin: The Little Mermaid. Hair goals. Vocal goals. Visual goals. Just goals. Petition to remove offensive word from title. Petition for it to be known only as The Mermaid.
  • Yoongi: Howl’s Moving Castle. He doesn’t do Disney......oh okay, it’s Bambi.
  • I saw someone do this for 17 [I reblogged to the side blog] and decided to do my thoughts then [1st impressions] and now on NCT-
  • Taeil Then: Who? *Inspects 7th Sense MV*
  • Taeil Now: Literally my angel!!! A talent unmatched bitch, that's how he got into Hanyang Uni music program with an odds of 1:400- A kissass who doesn't know kitchen saftety™
  • Hansol Then: ...Does he speak???
  • Hansol Now: Sendin out mixed signals and causing chaos in the fandom :') A cute froggy boi who got hips like no other tho-
  • Johnny Then: Who 2.0????? This basement boy from Chicago with a damn shoelace around his arm in Hide & Freak- ...He fine tho-
  • Johnny Now: A fuckin meme, the type to use gross pick-up lines. He's a dork, but I love him! Y'all heard his soft singin voice?!?!!?!?! A GENTLE GIANT with the best predebut pics.
  • Taeyong Then: Yas, my eyes be open as fuck, you so damn fine boi! And that edgy ass voice... You're going to be the one to send me to the grave-
  • Taeyong Now: A whiny otaku marshmallow who "just wants to be loved"- I don't think there is a sweeter man alive who can transform into TY Darkness™ so damn quick
  • Yuta Then: I don't really know him... *5 months later* OMF DAFUQ HAPPENED TO HIS HAIR?! ...He still pretty hot tho-
  • Yuta Now: My man™ GOD DAMN💦🔞💯 Yas, high-five my Slytherin boiii! Knockin bitches dead left and right
  • Doyoung Then: Ohhh I love that guy! He's handsome... I want him to be my older brother... That thing he does with his voice in the "Oooh yeah" part is my fav-
  • Doyoung Now: A mom. He's annoying- No, I love him actually, such talent and everything~ People be sleeping on his visuals tho...
  • Ten Then: Am I the only one who liked his 7th Sense hair??? I have mixed feelings, he seems thug-
  • Ten Now: A fluffy boi!!! The softest™ Bit of a nasty kiddo who don't wash his hands tho- BFF goals
  • Jaehyun Then: Can't tell if he tol or not... Cool hair tho^^ Knocked over his mic :')
  • Jaehyun Now: Half fuckboi [named Jeffrey] sendin out smirks and winks and half shy boy [Named Jaehyun/Yoonoh] who covers his face in embarrassment after dancing... A real husband, so lovable~
  • Win Then: ...This guy with the fucked up hair? Um? I don't think he had any lines in the song... but he did a flip!
  • Win Now: A pure boi everyone loves! He's so sweet and kind, but has been bewitched by Yuta and is heading down a mysterious path, calling people kissasses... Deserves to be spoiled.
  • Mark Now: The fucking sweetest and kindest, most thoughtful boy who has done more with his life thus far than I will in 20 years... A busy boi who I want to take care of :')
  • Haechan Then: ...He's so young... I didn't know people were born after 2000...
  • Haechan Now: I didn't know people were born after 2000... Got one of those high range voices and is having a fucking Jungkook glow-up- It's happening too fast! Highkey a snake tho, but I'd still spoil him-

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Eleanor this storyline is so boring :( just girls saying how hot the boys are? i don't like it

hey you! ooooh no, lovie, I’m sorry you feel this way. but give it some time. we’re only on day four! remember what Isak’s day four was like? a single glance in the cafetaria, seven thousand pictures of Magnus on his Instagram and a lame joke he could not seem to let go, haaaa. the first week’s never the most exciting one but just wait for it, week five, week six – you’re going to look back on this and think, oooh, that was all really nice and calm, wasn’t it, haaaa.

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How would Danny's ability to turn other people and things intangible fit in with your ghost physics? (It's been ages since I watched the show so I don't remember if other ghosts are shown doing that too.) Also, what about ghosts possessing people?


With a lot of energy ectoplasm can force regular matter to behave like itself (which is how Danny does that meat and denim vapor tail), but I described phasing as atomized 4D motion… and if you atomize regular humans they, uh, die? Within this current model I think the only way Danny could safely pull living objects outside of 3D space is through teleportation, aka the more nauseating form of phasing. I guess I could also explain it as phasing all the matter around the person instead of their body, which defies canon but is most plausible; or bullshit up a way for it to be non-fatal, like their nervous system molecules staying close enough together to maintain their brain function. Even if it doesn’t kill you, the latter option sounds like an extremely unpleasant experience…

Honestly, if I were to make Ghost Physics a straight-up AU as opposed to an… elaborate network of headcanons? Phasing non-ghost organisms is one of the things I would trim off of established canon. To me it makes more sense, and creates some interesting scenarios… Trying to phase any regular matter would rattle around its atoms and have some of them swap places, subtly fucking up any phased object. Trying to do it to an organism would result in a nasty burn or death, doing it to stuff like clothes might have slight effects on texture and structural integrity, doing it to stuff like phones and PDAs would wipe their memory (or worse, make them non-functional). The same thing would apply to Danny’s clothes and any object he has in his pockets when he transforms, since he’s literally destroying and remaking them. I hope he’s good at memorizing phone numbers!

For possession, I’m pretty sure I can explain it as a ghost “storing” their normal body in 4D space; then their ecto-signature overlaying, overpowering, and remote controlling a human nervous system instead. It’s… probably actually really dangerous for the host… since the ghost is tugging around on their actual neurons… I can easily see long term possession or “messy” takeovers resulting in death or brain damage :(

To most sensors, Danny’s setup seems identical to possession or even a regular ghost, since he has that characteristic 4D hole to the GZ “behind” him. But Danny isn’t stashing a secret ghost body in 4D space (instead he converts himself into one) and his ecto-signature isn’t repressing his human nervous system, he just thinks with both simultaneously.

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What would happen if one of the egos went missing? (I'm guessing the reaction would change depending on who is the one who goes missing?) (Also, I don't mean certainly permanently missing where everyone is already grieving. More like no one's seen them in a worryingly long while) - Kata (one fic and one drabble later I've ran out of buffer so here I go torturing your inbox again)

Oooh that’s interesting! This might be long, so get ready for that!!

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Oooh here's one you might find interesting- this is based on the thing that the producers said when they revealed Knockout's sexuality. The Decepticons were said to have a "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy. There is no doubt that Knockout would think his identity was invalid, or have no idea what being gay meant, or if what he had with Breakdown was considered okay. Could I ask for a gay human telling him he is valid, and that he can be whoever he wants to be no matter what?

Originally posted by incomingtransmissionfromearth

YEE, I like this~~~


“Oh my Primus,” Knockout’s face plates grew hotter as he watched Breakdown fight ruthlessly, “Oh no no no, this isn’t right.” He continued to watch breakdown even as he was fighting himself; sneaking glances at the larger bot. Knockout was starting to get rather annoyed as his chest was covered in dents and scratches that would take years to buff out.

“Things are getting pretty bad ey KO, think we should retreat back to base?” Breakdown yelled, it took Knockout a second to collect himself and he replied,

“Well it seems like the best choice we have, I don’t want my finish to be completely destroyed.” Breakdown smirked before quickly radioing in for a ground bridge, Knockout swiftly finished off his opponent before transforming and entering the ground bridge.

Back aboard the Nemesis Knockout was hard at work trying to fix his flamboyant finish, you just sat on the large control panel and watched; occasionally glancing at your phone.

“Y/n…can I ask you something?” Knockout had his back to you and the hum from the buffing tool had stopped. You looked at him and tilted your head frowning.

“Sure KO you sound funky, what’s up?” knockout turned and faced you, his optic ridges raising and lowering as if talking themselves.

“I’m……harboring feelings, for a certain….wrecker of ours.” Knockout looked away from you and muttered a curse, you however squealed in delight as you smiled widely.

“I called it! Screamer owes me twenty-five bucks!” Knockout glared at you and you stop gloating as Knockout paced the room nervously.

“I don’t understand, what does it mean?!” Knockout threw his servos in the air and and grumbled, you shook your head.

“KO it means you’re gay…or bi or pan…probably gay though.” You laughed to yourself and Knockout stared optics narrow and mouth pursed tightly as he sauntered over.

“Y/n please, I am everything but happy about what I’m feeling.” Knockout leaned over with his servos on his hips, “I mean really why would you think I was expressing glee?” You laughed and buried your head in your hand as you patted his forearm.

“No, not gaye…’re gay as in you like dudes.” You pulled up a picture from your phone and showed your screen to Knockout. “This is my S/o, we’re kinda….outta the ‘norm’ for most people but it’s alright cause we’re happy and I love them.” You smiled at your screen before tucking it away, when you looked back at Knockout he was stiff and shrunk back which was usual for the flamboyant bot. “KO are you um…okay?”

“No, it feels like I’ve gone into stasis.”

“It’s okay KO, I saw scared before I came out and I don’t really think there’s a pretty way to do this. But just go to Breakdown and tell him how you feel, I can promise you that nothing will go wrong.” You winked and finger gunned at  Knockout. Knockout rolled his red optics and left the med bay with you trailing behind, in search of Breakdown.

You tried to stop the snickers and chuckles that bubbled in your throat, you both turned the corner of the Nemesis and Knockout ran into another bot with a metallic clang. He looked up and there was Breakdown in all his bulky, wrecker glory.

“Knockout!….I’m…I uh, sorry.” Breakdown helped the smaller bot up and you couldn’t help but sigh and shake your head as you saw the very obvious blush on Breakdown’s face plate.

“Actually I needed you,” Knockout said as he slowly glanced at you. You gave him a thumbs up, “I want you to be my sparkmate!” Breakdown smiled widely and scooped Knockout up in his arms.

“Of course! I was just talking to Y/n about wanting to tell you but, I was scared….not anymore that is!” You whooped and hollered as Breakdown placed a kiss on his sparkmates face.


After story~:

“Pay up Screamer.” You triumphantly held out your hand and waited for the cash to be dropped into your hand. Starscream groaned and reluctantly handed over the money.

“Damn you humans.”


I really liked this request Anon thank you 

- Hurricane

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FRENDO! I have been thinking and I confused myself. I've been seeing a lot of Klance birthday theories but When did Keith officially become a orphan? Because if it was when he was really young don't you think he wouldn't know when his birthday is? Like what if he never had one because he didn't know when it was? Imagine Lance asking when his birthday is and Keith saying "um...I...I don't know"

my dear friend!!! I didn’t read a lot of theories, tbh, but I scoured the net and the official voltron site says Keith became an orphan “at a young age before enlisting in the Galaxy Garrison”. Do they mean he enlisted right after or…? For how long has he lived alone in that shack? Or did someone find him and drag him to the Garrison a la Anakin Skywalker? Oooh, I like this one (even though it’s unlikely, but let me dream).
Imagine a random officer finding by chance a kid, Commander, in a shack in the middle of the desert, all alone!, and subsequently dragging him back to the only civilized place in the entire goddamned desert: luxury school for marvelous minds, the one and only Galaxy Garrison. Imagine the kid being confusedly adopted by the whole team, professors and students alike, coddled and looked after by everyone because the poor thing has big, serious eyes and he never talks much, but he’s bright and asks just the right questions, paddling in between their feet in the simulation room, peeking at screens and stats, unrelentlessly curious about what’s this and that and how does this work? Imagine everyone humoring him, why not, it’s harmless fun, and it’s cute, but then - years later, the kid grows into a stubborn young man, who refuses to hear reasons about required classes and official bullshit. “I learned everything I need to, let me pilot the thing already,” he states plainly, for the hundredth time, until someone finally says what the hell, let him do it - and he’s good, a natural pilot, graceful and in control even without training.
So Commander Iverson lets him enroll officially, he has no reason not to, and the kid starts to train for real, climbing the ranks like it’s nothing - and everyone knows him, it’s Keith, he practically always lived here.

Fast forward to drama, pain, and finding himself with the universe’s destiny on the shoulders, piloting a giant robot lion, Keith has never really thought about his birthday. He simply never had the time or will to, because what’s a date to all the numbers he’s had to drill into his head to become what he is right know?

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(This is sorta a story kinda, not an ask) I'm an aroace female and my best friend is a gay male but only we and Tumblr know about either so if I ever say anything about him my family is all like "oooh your boyfriend" and I'm like "no" and it's really annoying but also sorta fun because it's like an "I know something you don't know" type thing. Also today is the two month anniversary of him coming out to me so that's fun! Also he was the one who actually helped me figure out that I'm ace

Aww that’s great, what a sweet story 

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Hello! First off I just want to say thank you so much for all the fic recs because they're always so good and I love them. I've been searching for more jikook/kookmin angst with a happy ending fics because I'm a sucker for angst but I also feel like crying if they don't have a happy ending and I was wondering if you had any recs? Thank you again, I'm in love with your blog and you seem so cool <3

Hello! Oooh. Angst. I’ll rec you some of the older ones I read. Don’t worry, I only read and rec fics with happy endings. Hehe. Hope you enjoy these. They are from different genres. Thank you for liking my blog! You’re so sweet!

I’m Tired. [JIKOOK] (10478 words) by SmileyJen

Keep your faith (5018 words) by dalliancee

as day goes by you hold on tight another day (you’re wondering why, you know why) (9228 words) by jellyfishes

second best (I can learn to live with this) (9168 words) by linzeigh

Crescent moon eyes (7338 words) by blt_prf

radio station (7343 words) by jeonminie

Lemon's Mag Interview : GOT7 (Fiction) Part 2
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>LM:</b> Since no one is eager to answer this one [When was your first kiss?], let's start with the leader. JB?<p/><b>JB:</b> Uh, I think it would be better to start with the magnae.<p/><b>LM:</b> We started with the magnae last time. How about you take this one to make everyone braver.<p/><b>YJ:</b> Oh ho ho, Im Jaebuummm! She wants you to be the leader. Im leader.<p/><b>JB:</b> Wait, wait, wait. I don't want to answer.<p/><b>BB:</b> Come on, man!<p/><b>M:</b> JB, if you don't want to do it, I'll go first then you do it. Okay?<p/><b>JB:</b> Y-Yeah, let Mark go first.<p/><p/><b>LM:</b> That's sweet of you, Mark. Go ahead.<p/><b>M:</b> Mine was before I was a trainee back home in the US. I was...15? No, 14?<p/><b>YJ:</b> 헐! (trans: OMG!)<p/><b>J:</b> So young! He's American style. (laughs)</p><p/><b>JY:</b> Wait, how old was the girl?<p/><b>M:</b> Same.<p/><b>LM:</b> Wow. Is that typical of Americans, Mark?<p/><b>M:</b> I don't know. It's JB's turn now.<p/><b>LM:</b> Right. JB?<p/><b>JB:</b> I'm glad Mark went first. He makes me look pure. It was when I was 20.</p><p/><b>BB:</b> Eeeeeeyyy!!!<p/><b>JY:</b> Jaebum, that's not what you told me.<p/><b>JB:</b> I'll see you at the dorm later...<p/><b>LM:</b> Was that not the truth, JB?<p/><b>JB:</b> No, it was the truth. Jinyoung was just joking. Right, Jinyoung?<p/><b>JY:</b> I never lie.<p/><b>GOT7:</b> (laughs)<p/><b>YJ:</b> (sings Never Ever)</p><b>YG:</b> 'Life is acting.' (imitates Jinyoung's laugh)<p/><b>LM:</b> And you, Yugyeom? When was your first kiss, if you've had it yet?<p/><b>GOT7:</b> OOOOHH!<p/><b><b></b> YG:</b> WAAAH! (blushes) OK OK OK... when I was 15.<p/><b>LM:</b> Can you give us some details?<p/><p/><b>YG:</b> AAAH!<p/><b>M:</b> Oooh, Yugyeom... He was supposed to be pure and innocent!<p/><b>YG:</b> Shut up, Mark.<p/><b>JY:</b> Hey, focus. Yugyeom-ah, finish telling us about your kiss.<p/><p/><b>YG:</b> Why don't you tell us about yours?<p/><b>LM:</b> Excellent idea, Yugyeom. We need to move on and I'm curious about this one myself...<p/><b>JY:</b> I belong to our fans and I've kept myself pure for them.<p/><b>LM:</b> So you've never kissed anyone?<p/><b>JY:</b> I've kissed my members. BamBam used to kiss me on the cheek all the time when we were trainees.<p/><b>BB:</b> Jinyoung, why you always bring this up? Why are you like this?<p/><b>JY:</b> Why? Am I lying?<p/><b>LM:</b> Though I'm dying to hear that story, we have to give the other members a chance to tell theirs. How about you, Youngjae?<p/><b>YJ:</b> Me?<p/><b>LM:</b> Yes. First kiss?<p/><b>YJ:</b> Isn't this too personal?<p/><b>LM:</b> Everyone must answer. Just think of it as getting closer to your fans. They really want to know these things*.<p/><b>JB:</b> This is good. I don't even know this.<p/><b>YJ:</b> AH! My girlfriend in my first year of high school.<p/><b>YG:</b> Reeeally?! Wow.<p/><b>J:</b> 심쿵! [trans: heart attack (clutches chest and slides to the floor)]<p/><b>JY:</b> Teacher... (bows deeply to Youngjae)<p/><p/><b>JB:</b> He never talks about stuff like this.</p><b>YJ:</b> OK OK, someone else!<p/><b>LM:</b> Jackson, how about you? What's your story?<p/><b>J:</b> Me? Oh... It's painful because she broke my heart. She was my first love and I was faithful only to her but she cheated on me. I don't know if she'll read this. Anyway, I was 16.<p/><b>YG and BB:</b> Too serious...<p/></p><p/></p><p/><b>YJ:</b> All of a sudden...<p/><b>LM:</b> Wow, Jackson. It sounds like she left you with quite the impression.<p/><b>J:</b> Yes. She taught me a lot about love. It's okay because I learned and I've got all my baby birds, my members and my family. I'm always loved.<p/><b>LM:</b> That's beautiful. Since I can't find a segue from that, I'll just come right out and ask you about your first kiss BamBam. When was it?<p/></p><p/><b>BB:</b> A gentlemen never tells.<p/><b>J:</b> What does that make us? You're turning us into trash.<p/><b>BB:</b> No, it's not like that. (laughs)<p/><b>LM:</b> Then what is it like?<p/><b>BB:</b> To kiss me?<p/><b>GOT7:</b> (indistinct comments while hitting/pushing BamBam)<p/><b>LM:</b> Let's save that for another interview, shall we? We'll settle for when your first kiss was.<p/><b>BB:</b> When I was a trainee.<p/><b>GOT7:</b> WHAT?! WITH WHO?!<p/><b>BB:</b> She just said when. I don't have to tell you who.<p/><b>JB:</b> I'll see you at the dorm later too.<p/><b>LM:</b> I wish I could be there for that and I'm sure your fans wish they could too. Thank you anyway for answering guys. That wasn't so bad, right?<p/><b>GOT7:</b> (indistinct chattering and laughter)<p/><b>LM:</b> Well, believe it or not, there's a couple more questions. Are you ready?<p/><b>BB:</b> No. (laughs)<p/></p><p/><b></b> * Winning question selected from a poll in previous issue announcing impending GOT7 interview.<p/></p>

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I don't know if poly relationships are accepted but if it is can I request some Fuyuhiko x S/O x Souda headcanons?

Oooh I like this pairing, actually.

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu x S/O x Kazuichi Souda Headcanons!

  • Fuyuhiko is going to be the overprotective one in the relationship, and Kazuichi is going to be the laid back and carefree one. 
  • Fuyuhiko’s more likely to have boundaries and rules, and he’s strict with you, but he has a soft heart. He doesn’t mean anything bad by it one bit, he just wants to protect you and see through that you always are.
  • Kazuichi’s the one who plans all the dates and he’ll likely treat both of you out to dinner and/or a movie, and he likes to find new things for you all to do.
  • He also is the driver, and you and Fuyuhiko switch who gets to sit beside him and who sits in the back often.
  • In public, Souda gets more insecure about your poly-relationship. Fuyuhiko is the one who motivates you two and tries to encourage you, and is much more confident. They switch who holds your hand, if they aren’t holding each other’s. 
  • Souda’s also way more fond of PDA than Fuyuhiko is.
  • Kazuichi likes to share affection between each of you equally, and Fuyuhiko is a bit more reserved. He takes more time to open up, however, he it extremely sweet towards both of you. 
  • Kazuichi will be the one to surprise you both with gifts just to make you smile. Fuyuhiko isn’t nearly as creative as Souda is, but he tries his best. 
  • Fuyuhiko’s the cook of the house. He likes to share attention with both of you, but he doesn’t show as much or do it as often as Souda does. 
  • None of you are very light sleepers and tend to move around a lot, so you need a really big bed. Either you or Kazuichi will sleep in the middle, but it’s normally you. Fuyuhiko says it gives him anxiety and he feels closed in, so he much rather prefers sleeping close to the door.
  • Normally, Kazuichi will hold you but he normally lets go of you in the middle of the night. Fuyuhiko likes to curl up and cuddle close into either you or Souda, rather than hold one of you. He’s secretly a very lovey person and loves affection.
  • Fuyuhiko also loses his temper when he’s around you both. He opens up very easily.
  • You three also have set chores around the house and work very well together, and you always end up rewarding each other with tons of kisses at the end of the day. Your fridge is also packed full of all your favorite foods, so you like to end the day with dinner and sitting on the floor, either talking or watching something.
  • Fuyuhiko’s the one in charge of the remote.
  • And Kazuichi likes to try to play board games, even though he always offers, and always loses.

- Mod Rantaro

anonymous asked:

Hey there, I really like your blog and i am a huge Reylo fan!! After Star Wars tlj I am slightly worried about what will happen next. Kylo seemed to go a little crazy toward the end of the movie and it looks like they are trying to make it look like he is the next villain....I really don't want Reylo to not happen because their dynamic is so beautiful, but Leia seemed to think he couldn't be saved, so do you think they won't do the redemption ark? Or will they finish what they started?

Hello! I’m glad you like my blog, that’s very kind of you to say:) Oooh this is a complicated one! You’re definitely not the only one with concerns about Kylo’s future, let me tell you!

I think the first thing to remember is that the second movie of every Star Wars trilogy is the movie filled with shockers and unpredictable story arcs. It’s the movie preparing us for the finale. Secondly, we have to remember how Kylo/Ben has been talked about as a character. J.J. Abrams, Rian Johnson, and Adam Driver, have all said that Kylo represents a lost adolescent who has no hope, who rebels, etc. If Kylo were an unredeemable villain, there would be no reason for us viewers to be given an emotional backstory of Ben, or have him and Rey interact they way they do. Rian has said countless times that Kylo is relatable, that we should sympathize with him as a character. At first, I had the same worry as you at the end of the film, but then I realized that this is all part of the glorious plan.

The majority of TLJ is spent building the Reylo relationship, building on Kylo Ren and his emotional complexity. Then, at the end, Rey and Kylo separate, and people are left wondering, “Will he turn good, or will he go deeper into the darkness?” It’s pretty similar to the ending of TFA with Kylo killing Han. Rian WANTS us to question what will happen to Ben/Kylo. He wants us to CARE about Kylo, but more importantly, he wants us to ROOT for Kylo. By bringing out Ben, and then going back to Kylo, Rian showed the audience that Ben is who Kylo really is, and that we should want to see him return to the light.

As for the Rey and Kylo relationship, like I said, the whole movie was centered around their relationship, making parallels to Anakin and Padme’s relationship. Where Anakin and Padme ended in tragedy, I believe Ben and Rey will end happily. There’s no point in repeating a tragic ending like Anakin/Padme or a bittersweet one Luke and Vader. Rey sees the conflict and the light in Ben, just as Luke did with Vader. Their Force Bond will always connect them to each other, and they won’t be able to run from their destinies - from each other. They will bring balance together, and as much as a tragic ending for Kylo could happen, i don’t think it will, honestly. The dark and the light need each other to exist, and it would be so sad for Rey and Kylo as characters if one of them died. Also, Kylo is the last Skywalker, so we have to question: would Disney really kill him off? Would they? Leia did at one point believe there was still light in her son, but like Han in TFA, she’s lost hope. Luke reminds her that no one is ever really gone, and this is SUPER IMPORTANT. Rose also says a telling line when she says that to win this war, it won’t be by killing those you hate, it’ll be by saving those you love.

The whole theme of Star Wars is love, and we’ve seen Ben display love towards Rey and his mother. Killing Snoke was a big step towards Kylo’s redemption. He’s free from that manipulative creep, telling him what to do. Kylo can make his own choices now. He’s had help from Rey, and that last scene between them was very telling. Kylo has someone who cares about him, but it’s up to him now on whether or not to act. He has a choice: his dark desires, or Rey. And we know that he will choose Rey. 

Hope I answered you question! Thanks!

catwithagun  asked:

I'd like to ask. How does one know what there gonna do with their art? I see all these amazing artists who draw comics, who work on game development (mentioning you), who make animations, and all sorts of things. But I don't know where I'm at. I just draw and that's it. I wanna be able to do more with my art then just draw fan art, or characters! I wanna make something that will have people amazed, but I never have enough confidence, or motivation. :( so what can do to find my place?

Oooh that’s a very interesting question ! ٩(●ᴗ●)۶

Mh let meh think. I’m not a good exemple. i’m a game artist but it’s not bc it was mah dream. Only bc school was not toooo far and mah sibbling pushed meh to this.

If i could reply to u honestly,it depends on few things: 

Skills,money and friends/ambiance.

-If u can’t chose,focus on waht u don’t like to do. the real answer will come by itself. it can take years. Try everything.Waht makes u happy will be easier for u to learn.

-Maybe u r too poor or not independant enough for goin’ to an expensive school that requires a lot of independance. Price/money is very important. R u ready to be in dept for ur art? 

-friends, the ambiance is important.If u don’t feel well somewhere, that sometimes means u don’t belong to this place. I remember spending wahn year in an art university and mah only thought was kill meh. 

Also,sometimes your actual art friends might help u to find ur way. Most of mah best friends r into comics/manga. Well,i can tell u if it wasn’t game ,i would have been glad to learn comics or 2D animation with them. (⊙ꇴ⊙)

Also. don’t draw for other ppl. draw for urself.

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Oh don't worry sugar, Valentine's Day isn't so hard. A long time ago, a fella named St. Valentine was executed, but in his prison cell, he left a letter for his beloved telling her how much she meant to him. Ever since, we've celebrated the day with showing our loved ones, especially lovers, how much we care, with things like dates, chocolates, flowers, sappy poetry, songs, and the like. I'm sure Kathlene would love it if you just gave her extra attention that day.

“Oooh! That’s pretty cool! Executions! Okay, okay….but why do I have to do all the work? Can’t she get me chocolates and flowers and dates and stuff? Does it have to be me? I fucking love chocolates! And flowers are pretty as fuck. I want it!”

thegoliathbeetle  asked:

Oooh do that one! The SuFin date prompt. Sweden has a stutter and it gets worse when he's nervous. You know what I mean, you reblogged the post...xD But you love SuFin and I don't read enough of it. I bet you'll do a really good job!! TY TY <3

ASqdmfmek, this was fun. Oh and before I forget @sufin5ever thank you for the prompt!

A quick note before we get started: Berwald’s stutter is kind of mixed. So he repeats initial sounds a lot, primarily hard consonant sounds like “kuh” and “guh” and sometimes he gets “caught” on the s sound. He also has a tendency to get stuck in the middle of a sentence and use a lot of interjections like um, uh, etc.

Also auditory processing disorder is kind of a weird thing. Like medical professionals don’t agree on whether it is an actual thing or not and as such there’s very little research on it. It’s been relegated to the territory of sensory processing disorder, where it does not appear in the DSM V and it gets sort of ignored. Basically it just means that while your hearing is fine, your brain gets a little confused by all the sensory input you’re constantly taking in, especially if you’re nervous, and it can’t “process” what you’ve heard. For me, I know I’ve heard people say something and I can make a guess as to whether it’s a question or a comment but I may have to ask people to repeat themselves several times and it’s quite embarrassing.

Anyhow, please enjoy!

When Berwald Oxenstierna had imagined his own death, he’d always imagined it being in some sterile hospital room with a few loved ones holding his hand to gently guide him into the great beyond. He had never once anticipated that it might come in a more natural setting, such as an Italian restaurant.

But as he rolled and unrolled his shirt sleeves for the third time, it occurred to him that he desired nothing more than the sweet release of death and that pasta di fuoco he’d just ordered that sounded really delicious.

He’d done it. He’d finally asked Timo on a date. The guy he’d been steadily and painfully crushing on since sophomore year of high school. And Timo had said yes. It was a rare stroke of courage Berwald doubted would ever be repeated in his lifetime.

But there was only one problem. In all his bravado, Berwald had forgotten how much, ahem, “trouble” he had communicating with people.

His eyes darted up to make sure Timo wasn’t looking directly at him- oh god, he was. Timo caught his eye and gave him a nice, sort of reassuring smile.

“So, have you decided what you’re going to major in? I think they’re expecting us to declare in the fall.”

Timo blinked patiently at him, chin resting on an open palm, waiting for his reply.

Okay, Berwald, this is an easy question you already know the answer to. Just say the words.

“SSSSS-Software engineering. With a minor in um, um, uh…” Shit, he had that tight feeling in his neck and throat again. His muscles were basically seizing up and refusing to work properly. And he was so close too! That damn S sound always tripped him up.

Berwald couldn’t remember the exact moment he’d begun to stutter, maybe fourth or fifth grade, but ever since, it had always been with him, like some unholy algorithm, endlessly generating what-if’s and Bad Endings. Everything he did involved careful, even obsessive, planning and accounting for.

Sometimes he got it right, rehearsed enough to choke the words out and move on. But, more often than not, he panicked. Fight or flight kicked in and his primitive lizard brain decided that coherent speech was far less important than running from an imaginary hungry tiger. Thus, he was reduced to a stammering, stuttering, scared little boy in the body of a hulking man with slumped shoulders and a stern expression.

Berwald’s gaze had been shamefully averted down to the tablecloth. But when he risked a peek up, Timo looked a little concerned but not annoyed or frustrated.

“What did you say you want to minor in?”

Berwald’s panicked mind reminded him of his speech therapist telling him to take a deep breath before speaking to calm down and then another to actually get the words out. Flat speech, not bumpy speech.

“Cyber security,” he said in a measured, slow tone.

Timo took a sip of his water and nodded enthusiastically.

“Wow, computers, huh? That’s a great field to get into! You’ll do really well in it too, you’re so smart.”

Rather than go through the whole ordeal again, Berwald opted to just give a bashful shake of his head.

As if sent by divine intervention, the waiter came by with their food. Timo and the waiter were both that friendly, expressive type of person and chatted about how delicious the food looked and what wines paired well with which dishes and so forth.

Berwald only gave the waiter a small nod of gratitude when his own food was placed in front of him. The sudden fear that Timo might think him rude did not help matters.

Timo looked across the table at Berwald’s plate and grinned.

“Yours looks so good! Mm, you might need to eat quickly if you don’t want me to steal it all.”

Berwald took a long sip of water to avoid having to speak immediately. He never knew what to say when people made jokes like that. It wasn’t that he didn’t have a sense of humor, but how exactly did you respond to something like that?

Perhaps his dismay at his lack of social skills had registered on Berwald’s face, because Timo chuckled after a pause.

“Just kidding, I wouldn’t steal your food. At least not on the first date.”

The first date? Did that imply that he was already thinking about more dates? Truthfully, Berwald had been so preoccupied with having a date with the man of his dreams at all and trying not to screw it up, he’d never even considered the possibility that Timo might want to see him again.

Though he wanted desperately to let Timo know how much he admired him and that he wanted to go on many, many more dates together, Berwald couldn’t speak. If by some miracle his speech came out clear on the first try, there was always the looming chance that he would use the wrong words and offend Timo or creep him out.

Berwald just adjusted his glasses and began eating. The pasta was as delicious as he’d hoped but he couldn’t seem to enjoy it much. His tongue tasted sour and his throat was parched.

Timo didn’t try for any more conversation and Berwald couldn’t help but be relieved. He hadn’t eaten since lunchtime and, so he rationalized, maybe getting some good food into his system would help him calm down and think more clearly.

After some time of shoveling forkfuls of pasta into his mouth and praying to whatever gods might be listening that he would suddenly gain the social skills of a normal human being, Berwald heard…something.

He shifted his head up and saw Timo looking at him expectantly. Berwald knew what he’d heard was Timo’s voice and he could deduce that Timo had probably asked him a question. But it had happened so fast and Berwald had been too focused on his thoughts to understand. Reluctantly, he began the too-familiar process.

“Beg your pardon?”

“I said, do you…?”

His ears were straining, he was looking directly at Timo’s face trying to figure out what he was saying to him. It didn’t help matters that the restaurant had gotten loud all of a sudden and Berwald was so, so nervous.

He couldn’t ask Timo to repeat himself. He knew how it was. People got irritated with you, you looked like a complete fool, having to ask a million times, not because you couldn’t hear but because your brain was working to slow to process what was happening.

He remembered the weird looks he’d received over the years, Is something wrong with this guy? The burning shame of being laughed at by his classmates when he’d asked them to repeat what they said several times. “He’s too stupid to know when we’re making fun of him!”

Frantically, Berwald tried to guess at what Timo may have been asking for. The salt, maybe? It was the only thing on the table. With a shaking hand, he offered it to Timo.

“Oh, no, no, I meant , did you want to try some of mine?” He scooped a bite onto his fork and held it out.

But when Berwald reached for the fork, Timo moved his hand quicker and fed it to him, left hand cupped under Berwald’s chin to prevent any spills.

Berwald didn’t dare to breathe. Timo’s hands were right near his face, near his mouth. To another person, it might have just be a nice gesture. To Berwald, for whom the phrase touch-starved was an understatement, it was incredibly intimate.

Timo raised an eyebrow and looked him dead in the eye. “How is it?”

“GGGG-” He had just had to pick a word with that hard consonant, didn’t he? Berwald could’ve kicked himself, he couldn’t go a full minute without making a fool of himself!

He swallowed hard and tried again. “It’s good.”

“I thought so too! The sauce is fantastic. Really rich and creamy.” Timo glanced to the side for a moment, and then held Berwald’s gaze again.

“Um, is everything okay? Are you, you’re not having fun?”

Air raid sirens went off in Berwald’s head. Okay, he wouldn’t exactly say he was having fun, but that was just because he was nervous about this going well. He liked spending time with Timo, liked listening to Timo talk. But he couldn’t say all that.

So he just said in a low voice, “Sorry. M’ just really nervous.”

Timo rubbed the back of his neck. “I- I’m nervous too. I know I’m really weird, pretty much everyone says so, and so I was trying to act more normal tonight but I think I went too far and ended up being boring instead.”

“You’re not boring.” Berwald felt a little shocked. He’d assumed this date was just business as usual for Timo. Timo had always seemed so confident and enthusiastic in class. He’d never imagined that Timo might feel self conscious.

Berwald licked his lips and continued. “In ccclass,” that palative C sound almost tripped him up but he was too determined to say what he meant, “you always have something really smart or interesting to say. Everybody likes you, even if they don’t know you well. I really like you. That’s why I’ve been so nervous. I know how bad my stutter is and my speech therapist says I have an auditory processing disorder, whatever that means, and I just- I don’t want to look bad in front of you.”

That was quite a speech for Berwald. He had to take several deep breaths afterwards to prevent himself from passing out and really ruining the night.

He fully expected Timo to look relieved, happy that Berwald was self-aware enough to realize his stutter was annoying and just get up and leave.

But then Timo did something strange. He reached across the table and took Berwald’s hand.

“I can understand you just fine, even if you do stutter. And I don’t really know what an auditory processing disorder is but it doesn’t bother me. Actually, um, I’ve had a little bit of a crush for a few years now and I’ve been working up the courage to ask you out. But you beat me to it! You’re stronger than you think.”

Timo looked down at their hands and a strawberry blush was dusting his cheeks. “And I hope this isn’t our last date.”

Berwald smiled and shook his head. “Not at all.”

That bashful look almost seemed like it had been imagined by Berwald, as quickly as it was replaced by a mischievous wry grin.

“I also hope you kiss on the first date because the backseat of my car is very comfortable, if I do say so myself.”

As luck would have it, that excitable, auburn-haired waiter was coming by their table at just the right time. He rubbed Timo’s hand with his thumb as he said, clear as bell, “Check please.”