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Name: Céline 
Nicknames: lot or lottery haha (only my sister calls me that), they usually just say Céline.
Zodiac sign: cancer
Height: 5.6 i guess (172 cm)
Nationality: dutch
Favorite fruit: strawberries and bananas  
Favorite season: spring/summer ☀
Favorite book: definitely ‘Love Rosie’ it’s soooooo good!  
Favorite flowers: roses
Favorite scent: oooh this is a good one… I love the smell of home cooked meals, mowed grass, new books, rain, freshly washed hair, bonfires and so much more.. 
Favorite color: soft pink or turquoise 
Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: hot cocoa and tea 
Average hours of sleep: on a school day i sleep 7/8 hours and in the weekend i sleep for 9 hours.. i loveee my bed! haha
Cat or dogs: i would say dogs but cats are nice too! i love them but dogs are my favorite!
Favorite fictional character: Sherlock Holmes :)
Dream trip: i would love to visit los angeles, bora bora, france, australia, hawaii, greece…
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can you believe how many canon pick up lines lance has?

  • “you’re out of this world”
  • “what do you know mullet”
  • “it’s meow or never”
  • “you know lance n keith neck n neck”
  • “you are looking feline!”
  • “oooh are you scared?”
  • “i think you’re clawsome!”
  • “shut your quiznak”
  • “you’re the most beautiful girl in the world….i ain’t lyin’ (lion!)”
  • “we did it. we are a good team”
  • “i better use my ice blast…because my heart is on fire”
  • “keith, buddy, my man?”
  • “you’re outta this world, and i would know!”
  • “sharp work samurai”
  • “i’m homesick for earth, but lovesick for you”
  • “jealousy thy name is keith”
  • “keith the other one”
  • “sorry shiro, i was trying to hit keith”
  • “i think you’re purr-fect”
  • “i’d recognize that mullet anywhere!”
  • “i’d be blue without you”
  • “and keith is always doing things like flying into asteroid fields and cool junk like that”

he has so many :///

viktuuri fic recs!

i had to make one eventually there are so many good fics

author recs: every viktuuri fanfic ever written by kevystel (special shoutout to with a boy like that it’s serious) and @corpsentry (special shoutout to tomorrow the world breathes again) is an absolute work of art and i would honestly marry their ao3 accounts if i could, HIGHLY recommend checking them out. 

fic recs: 

  • Clarity by thylaa (sfw, 3078 words): adorable post ep 7 oneshot
  • Those Tell-All Skype Sessions by Piyo13 (sfw, 1747 words): phichit watches yuuri fall in love with viktor through their skype sessions and it’s hilarious
  • a single vowel in this metallic silence by 100demons (sfw, 1502): yakov and viktor discuss yuuri and how viktor’s changed
  • all for a moment by Authoress (sfw, 2331 words): post ep 7 oneshot ft. phichit and viktuuri making out what more could you want
  • i know my madness by astoryaboutwar (nsfw, 14123 words): au where yuuri doesn’t blow the grand prix finals, he and viktor hook up, and everything goes downhill (or uphill) from there, this one is a freaking work of art okay please read it
  • slow it down by SportsAnimeRuinedMyLife (sfw, 2894 words): it’s literally just post ep 7 fluff and it made me giggle like an idiot
  • victory cheer by SportsAnimeRuinedMyLife (sfw, 3890): everyone reacts to The Kiss™ and it’s both heartwarming and hilarious (mostly)
  • i took no time with the fall by lazulisong (sfw, 2124 words): yuuri and viktor are in love that’s it that’s the whole fic 
  • Yuri Plisetsky Has Two Dads by Metis_Ink (sfw, 3061 words): viktuuri has practically adopted yurio and yurio learns to accept it
  • They Made A Statue of Us by Reiya (sfw, 1679 words): he can’t have yuuri katsuki and skating, and suddenly viktor doesn’t know what he wants anymore

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What is the most amazing, kinkest smut you've ever read? What about one you've written??

oooh my gooood do you really wanna be asking me that?? :’))) LET’S GET STARTED!

So, I’ll start with the kinkiest things I’ve written since it won’t be that long of a list.

View From 4-B - Hoseok fic where he watches you through your window riding your pillow to get off, thinks you don’t know but you’re secretly putting on a show because you like when he watches.

Good Boy, Hoseok - sub!Hoseok pet play smut where he comes in you, then eats you out while you ride his face because you’re punishing him for finishing first. :)

Costume - Hoseok smut with a hybrid!you when you’re in heat and practically pounce him. It’s kinky because he doesn’t know you’re a wolf, hehehehe.

Petty Revenge - Hoseok makes you cream on Yoongi’s desk because he’s mad at him.

Red Silk - Jimin fucks you wearing your panties.

Ride POV 01 & Ride POV 02 - You and a friend basically torture sub!Jimin and double ride him (face & dick) to use him in getting off.

Voyeur - Literally nonsense. You want to steal Jimin’s sweater and end up hiding in his closest while him and Taehyung fuck on the bed, get caught, then enters Yoongi. Yoongi and Taehyung eat you out at the same time while Jimin instigates everything.

Spank Bank - This one isn’t as kinky, just skype sex with Jimin… but i still like it. lmfao

The Client - Giving Namjoon a panty job smut.

Play Thing - sub!namjoon where you literally push him to his limits… but he’s still a good boy. ;)

Hide & Tease - Yoongi smut when he eats you out beneath the desk in front of your boss.

Validation - Jackson hybrid smut… not really kinky I am just a slut for hybrid fics. hehe

The Client Vol. 2 - Jackson smut involving an ass job.

Flesh - JB smut with literally all my favorite things…. daddy kink, panty kisses, ass play, bondage, praise kink, pussy and ass worship, and the list goes on… lmaoo

Backseat - pierced!JB where he fucks you in the back in Jinyoung’s car while otw to pick up Jackson hehehe

Rain Drops - More pierced!JB but this time you’re in the front of Jaebum’s car with Jinyoung and Jackson in the back sucking D

Good Kitty - Pet play and ass play Jaebum smut.

Press Record - Jennie smut where she records you to post online.

Pillows - Pillow riding with Krystal smut.

Please, Sir - Gun play smut with Jooheon

Show Off - Wonho smut where he fucks you in front of Minhyuk.

OKAY NOW TO THE ACTUAL GOOD STUFF… kinky things I’ve read :)

Out of The Blue - hybrid Jungkook smut I LITERALLY JUST GOT DONE READING THIS. I’m linking the second part because there’s a link for the first but holy shit??? THE BEST HYBRID SMUT EVER.

Territory - dog boy Taehyung smut THAT KILLED ME.

Monster Under My Bed - Incubus Jaebum smut omg

Unwind - thigh riding Jungkook smut yasss

Magnetic - Jaebum smut where he fucks you in front of Jackson

Fitting Room Adventures - Hoseok smut where you get it on in the dressing room.

Ruthlessly - JB smut where you walk in on him touching himself and then… whew.

Secret Desires - Move theater sex with Jimin.

All Night - Irene smut where a tickle fight turns into ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

For a Good Time, Call: The Horndog - Jimin smut omg just read it.

Punishment - sub!jimin/you & Namjoon.

Friendship Goals - Taehyung & Yoongi smut. One of my favorite smuts of all time.

In Bloom - Jungkook wolf smut which is incredible but I am also a slut for werewolf au (and it’s also incredible).

Mirrors - Mirror sex with Hobi and its really nasty and i love it omg (dirty talk is my weakness hehehe)


Day off Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 - OMG. Yoongi and Namjoon poly smut. It’s perfect.

Showtime, Playtime - Movie theater sex with Namjoon.

Catch 22 Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 - Yoongi and Jimin poly smut.

Lesson Learned - dom Yoongi smut.

Who’s The best? V Vers. & Jimin Vers. - Taehyung and Jimin trying to make their partner moan louder. hehe

Forbidden - Hoseok smut where he is your older brother’s best friend and I LIVE FOR THESE AU’S.

Dangerous Dance - Hoseok smut where he makes you keep a vibrator in all night.

Kitten - The best professor JB smut ever D’:

Wild Fire - sub!Solar and dom!reader omg 

Officer - cop!Jinyoung banging you in his car. whew.

Cum Cum Kitty Kitty - Mark pet play smut.

Outlines - Taehyung skype sex.

ahh I am forgetting a lot but as I switched blogs, I lost a lot of my likes TT anyway, hope this will do for now! IF ANYONE HAS ANY KINKY HOBI SMUT, SEND IT MY WAY. :)

omg you guys in soundcheck someone asked if they could be one verb what would they be and they were all like ummm and luke thought she said herb so he was like ‘parsley’ and then Michael was like ‘oooh verb? Cauliflower’ and Ashton and Calum were like ???? cauliflower isn’t a herb and then they were all laughing and everyone laughed and calum was like my VERB is 'flailing’ and Ashton’s was 'a kick’ and everyone was like !!? And he was like 'oh right I mean kicking’ and then they all laughed that they’re uneducated as fuck oh my god I hate and love this band

if harry had been in hufflepuff
  • Dumbledore: i'm so sorry to leave this task to you, harry. but someone has got to find voldemorts horcru-
  • Harry: found one! its a necklace
  • Harry: oooh and this cup
  • Harry: also this book and ring
  • Harry: *glances around* what about this tiara?
  • Harry: hey i think his snake might be one also my scar
  • Dumbledore:
  • Harry:
  • Dumbledore:
  • Harry: hufflepuffs are particularly good finders
Part 1: Tokyo Ghoul :Re Ch. 102 (Raw Text Translation)

Title: Big Loop

Narration: Nico who seeks beauty - what is his goal…?

Nico: Unfu *heart*

Banjou: Nico you asshole, how did you find us?

Nishiki: I feel like I’m gonna see your clothes in my nightmares…

Nico: That’s no good! The Pierrots have to surprise people (ghouls)! It’s our job. But if you’re gonna confine one of us, you’d better lock them up tighter than your asshole.

Roma: Ha, hee, heh….

In another room, Roma is sending out tiny little kagune feelers like worms. Nico has one in his hand.

Nico: I felt Roma-chan’s SOS. Hey, look, it’s kagune shit.

He tries to enter the room.

Takizawa: Stay back!

Nico: Oooh, so scary~you’re gonna work your way into my “special place” (heart).

While he says “heart” he grabs his crotch.

Banjou: Do you want Roma?

Nico: Well, Roma-chan… she got herself trapped in Cochlea before, she’s not very smart… But that’s not it. Wheather she’s been beaten up or suffered indignity is of no interest to me.

Inside the other room, Roma is still sending our kagune. “Come on help me Okama!”

Nico: I came her to curry favor with your King.

Banjou: Favor?

Nishiki: He’s not as stupid as to eat the curry of favor from a suspicious person like you.

Nico: Ah, what a lovely Glasses-kun! Maybe I should try to get some favor from you too *heart*

Nishiki: …

Nico looks at Akira.

Nico: Hummph, that woman is gonna die.

Takizawa: !

Nico: Banjou-kun, you’ve never healed a human before have you?

Takizawa: …

Nico: I can tell just by looking.

Banjou: …

Nico: There’s a knack to everything you know. If you just do it haphazardly it’s no good for anyone, unfu *heart* You know, I polished my technique making sure that Yamori’s human prey would give him looooots of time for him to play with them…

Banjou: … (I guess it’s true that he has far more experience in this than me…_

Banjou: Are you saying that you could heal her?

Nico: Nope, but there’s another way.

Banjou: Another way?

Nico: Yes, very simple! You need to take her to a doctor!

Nishiki: HUH?

Banjou: … don’t mess with us…

Nico: Oh no, I’m very serious. Banjou-kun, your methods may be rough but you have fixed her. The problem is her after-care. She needs the excess Rc cells removed from her system. With just this normal treatment she’ll be fine.

Banjou: What do you mean normal treatment…

Takizawa: There’s no way we can take her to a hospital. She protected me, which is against the countermeasure act. If we take her to a hospital she’ll be tracked down.

Nico: Who said take her to a hospital? She just needs a doctor. A doctor who is used to Ghoul bodies… I have two that I can offer you. Number one is Kanou Akihiro. He’s got knowledge of both human and ghoul bodies and could easily help her.

Nishiki: Kanou…

Nico: I can introduce you as a friend of the Pierrots.

Takizawa: Oi you Okama bastard, as if we would co-operate with him!

Nico: Oh, is that so? Depending on the conditions he might work with you, but the degree of safety is bad.

Nishiki: You know that’s impossible for us, so what’s option two?

Nico: Unfu, number two! 

He hands over a business card with “Daikan Akuto Yamamoto” written on it.

Cowbell, Cowbell

Spencer reid using safeword during Sex One-shot? Bc I think it’s important to see that it’s ok if a man use it too❤️

Yes!  There is so much yes going on in this prompt.  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

“Are you sure about this?” you ask lowly into the crook of his neck before biting down with your teeth.

“Oooh, ah!  Yes…yes, ma’am,” Spencer stutters.

“Tell me our safe word,” you command lowly as your hands slide up hastily underneath his shirt to twist and pinch his nipples.

You feel his legs shaking against yours as his head drops onto your shoulder.

“Cowbell,” he whispers.

“Good boy,” you smile as you slowly ease his shirt off of his head.

Pressing onto his chest as he sits on the corner of your bed, you drop to your knees as you slowly begin to work his belt buckle out from the loops of his pants.

His predatory stare was going to be fun to watch when he realized you were going to tie him down butt naked to your bed-posts.

Slowly slipping him out of his clothes gave him the illusion that he was still in control, and soon he was yanking you down on top of his body as he falls backwards onto your plush bed while his lips delve on top of yours.

But it gave you time to reach over for the ties, and soon his hands and feet were both bound to the bed.

“Men,” you leer as you slowly rise to your feet, “so pompous.”

Slowly walking around the bed as your fingertips trail against his skin, you watch as his dick slowly becomes erect, throbbing in front of your eyes with every cascade of your skin against his.

The mere fact that he couldn’t move or touch you was killing him.

“Y/N…” Spencer whimpers.

“Shut up,” you command, flickering your hot gaze up to him as he slowly licks his lips.

Oh, how you wanted to sit on those lips.

Actually…that was a good idea.

Slowly working out of your pants, you make a show of it as you turn around and shake your ass at him.

“Oooooh,” he groans as you hear the bed creak underneath him.

Tonight that mattress is gonna sing.

Crawling up as you place both knees by his head, you lower your pussy lips until your finely trimmed hairs tickle his nose.

You felt him nuzzle into them, and it made you lob your head back and sigh.

“Open wide,” you breathe.

Sitting down onto his plump lips as you feel his tongue breach your wet lips, you moan out as you rock back and forth on the three days worth of stubble you had told him to grown out.

You had to lean forward and brace yourself against your headboard in order to keep yourself upright.

Panting and sweating as Spencer laps up your essence, your sounds begin escaping your lips as you feel yourself reach your precipice, your body shaking as his body bucks and writhes underneath you, desperate to dig his fingertips into your hips as you drop off of the edge and moan his name into the darkened bedroom.

Your body dropped off to the side as Spencer’s face glistens with you.

“Please, Y/N…please let me touch you.  Just-…just once,” he breathes heavily.

But the begging is exactly what you wanted.

“Not just yet, my little play toy,” you smirk up at the ceiling.

Reaching over onto your readied desk, you pull out a blindfold as you sit up on your knees.

“Now…close your eyes,” you say lowly.

As his eyes flutter shut, you place the blindfold down around his eyes as you look down lustfully to watch his eager, reddened dick twitch and begin to leak.

Eventually you would work your mouth around-

“Cowbell! Cowbell!  Cowbell!”

Ripping yourself from your persona, you scurry off of him as you toss the blindfold to the side and rip the restraints from his hands.

Throwing yourself down to the end of the bed, you rip his feet free as he bolts upright, his body shaking, as his wide eyes begin to glisten over with tears.

You crawl quickly over to him as you situate yourself in between his legs and take his hands within yours.

“Breathe with me, Spencer.  In…out…in…out…”

As his hiccuping chest slowly begins to match your rhythm, you lean in and kiss his stomach before you flutter your eyes up to his.

And he was looking down at you with sorrow in his eyes.

“Don’t be sorry,” you whisper before kissing him again to calm him down, “that’s what the word is for.”

“Guess I’m not ready for that yet,” he huffs as he tries to smile down at you.

But the smile was so sad, and you didn’t want him to be sad.

“It’s alright.  We can try it again another time,” you smile.

“I’m so sorry,” he groans.

Don’t be,” you urge.

And then…an idea struck you.

As your fingertips inch up to his still-erect cock, you wrap your hand around it as you glance up towards him for permission.

His eyes darkened very quickly as the same idea began rolling behind his eyes.

“May I?” you ask innocently.

“Oh, yes,” he whispers.

And as you wrap your lips around the tip of his leaking head, his hips bucking quickly into your mouth, you slowly feel him lay back down as a hand works its way through your hair.

And the lewd sounds from his mouth that filled the room made everything worthwhile.

Rajigaze Oct 21

Reita: Shall we move on to the Dark Side Segment now? 

Kai: Oooh, nice. Do you have something? 

Reita: What should I read…oh, here’s one. 

Kai: Ok

(sinister music starts playing)

Reita: “Reita-san. Kai-san, good evening. I want you guys to evaluate the dark side of my guy friend. I went to his house, and I discovered he had an erotic novel. I was able to laugh it off when I found dirty DVDs and stuff, but I was really taken aback by the erotic novel–”

Kai: Wait a sec

(music abruptly stops) 

Kai: (laughing) Stop stop stop stop

Reita: What what what what

Kai: I can’t…I can’t (dying) 

Reita: Try harder! I’m trying too! 

Kai: I can’t…! It’s so not fitting to the music!

(both killing self laughing) 

Kai: Okay, okay, I’m listening, I’m listening.

(sinister music resumes)

Reita: “As a guy myself, I feel like his dark side is deep. By the way, I borrowed it and read it, and the story was about these hot sisters doing stuff to the main character, and he ends up dying of pleasure and going to heaven, which made me even more confused as to why [my friend] likes it.”

Kai: (laughing) So it’s that kind of segment, eh. I had no idea.  

Reita: So…he was shocked by the erotic novel. 

Kai: (laughing) Hoh-hohh. 

Reita: By the way, do you…

Kai: Oh, I’ve never read one before, but…are they that graphic?

Reita: I’ve never read one either…I wonder…

Kai: So, would it have been okay if it was a porn magazine? Or a DVD? 

Reita: Maybe he was turned off by it cause it was writing? 

Kai: I have no idea, but…wait, are you saying cause it seems more real in writing? 

Reita: Hmm, I mean, I do read novels – mostly mystery, but…sometimes in those ones they do describe [sex] scenes, but they’re particular about using euphemisms. 

Kai: Like, expressions that leave it to your imagination? 

Reita: Yeah, yeah. 

Kai: Ahh, I see. But from what this guy said, it seems like his friend doesn’t hide [his porn], right? 

Reita: …Yeah, he doesn’t. 

Kai: He keeps it out in the open, let alone the fact that he lends it to people. 

Reita: Yeah.

Kai: I think it’s great that a man can be open like that. 

Reita: This person said it’s their guy friend, you know. It’s not a boyfriend. 

Kai: Oh, right, right, right. It’s not a boyfriend. 

Reita: So…you can shut up.

(both laughing)

Kai: Hehe yeah ok….but….there’s a lot of weird girls out there, too, you know? 

Reita: Okay, so imagine you went to your girlfriend’s house, and there were hardcore erotic novels out in the open. 

Kai: Ah!

Reita: What would you do?

Kai: Burn them! 

Reita: Oh, you would?

Kai: Yeah, obviously! 

Reita: Okay, what if she had DVDs? Burn them?

Kai: What kind of DVDs?

Reita: Porn. 

Kai: It depends on the genre. (laughs)

Reita: Ahhhh…

Kai: It depends what she was watching. 

Reita: Okay, gay porn. 

Kai: …Gay porn!?

(Reita laughing)

Kai: But I guess that’s what girls watch, huh. 

Reita: No it’s not (laughs)

Kai: Well I don’t know! …I’ve never watched the shit girls have. 

Reita: I guess.

Kai: But I kinda admire girls who are open. Whether it’s a guy or a girl, I like people who don’t hide things. 

Reita: Excuse u ur hiding 500 million yen. 


(Kai laughing)

Reita: That’s not open at all…

Kai: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ye that’s cause I’m a dick. 

Reita: Okay…what if you went to your girlfriend’s house, and the walls were plastered with posters of male idols? 

Kai: Ahhh…I really wouldn’t like that. 

Reita: But you just said you admire girls who don’t hide things.

Kai: Ahhhhh….yeah but……

Reita: Not so much?

Kai: I just don’t like idols. That’s all. So I couldn’t.

Reita: What if it was posters of pro wrestlers? 

Kai: Oh nice, nice, I would look at them. 

Reita: Ah, okay. 

Kai: Muhuh….muhuhuhuh

Reita: I see, nice. So, to answer this guy’s question, do you think his friend who reads erotic novels has a deep dark side? 

Kai: Nope.

Reita: He’s normal?

Kai: Yep, he’s normal. 

Reita: Hm…

Kai: Reading erotic novels is no different from having magazines or DVDs. 

Reita: Also, you know I mentioned before that sometimes the books I read have scenes like that, and it’s actually nice because it stirs your ability to imagine things. 

Kai: …What?

(both laugh)

Reita: I just mean it’s not a bad thing.

Kai: Enjoying it in writing? 

Reita: Yes yes 

Kai: Ahhh~ I see. Maybe I’ll read one. 

(both laugh) 

Reita: But when you read novels you like, finish reading one line and then read the same one again. 

Kai: (laughing) I don’t get people who read so fast! It’s like, you’re not even reading! You know, the ones written vertically with the small letters…

Reita: This one time I gave you like a novel or something and I was like “read this,” and then I watched your eyes and they just kept moving from top to bottom (laughs)

Kai: (laughing) Yeah, it’s true, I kept reading the same paragraph and halfway through I’m like, “wait a second, this isn’t making any sense! Didn’t I just read this!?” 

Reita: That’s so bad…

Kai: Yeah, I just can’t read fast…

Reita: Anyway, you should try reading one sometime. 

Kai: Ok~

gamerdude38  asked:

You could carefully test to see if you can carry him Souda. I'm sure he's in too deep of a sleep to notice. I also think he'd appreciate it when he wakes up.

Yeah, you’re right…*walks towards Gundham and stops in front of him*

O-Okay…S-slowly…*gently lifts him up in his arms* Good. He is still sleeping…*starts walking to Gundham’s room really slowly*…

*nearly bumps into him* Hey be careful idi-…Oooh? What do we have here?

Shit ! B-Be quiet !

Don’t worry, I won’t wake him up. Mahiruuu ! You should take a picture of them!

W-What? No way !

Careful or you will be the one who is going to wake him up…~


*laughs* Sorry Souda but I can’t miss such an opportunity, I’m a photographer after all. *takes a picture of them*

Huhuhu, and now we are leaviiing ! Don’t take advantage of him ! *walks away with Mahiru*

T-There is no way I would do that !

  • Squidward: I spent the whole day with you doing all kinds of ridiculous things because you were supposed to explode!
  • Spongebob: You want me to explode...?
  • Squidward: YES! That's what I've been waiting for!
  • Spongebob: Umm okay, I'll try.... GARY!! YOU ARE GONNA FINISH YOUR DESSERT AND YOU ARE GONNA LIKE IT!!! *giggles* Now it's your turn!
  • Spongebob: Oooh! Good one!
Remus x Reader: Icey

Warnings: blood, injury, i think thats all 

Requested: Yes

A/N: OOOH I enjoyed this, if you don’t get it- Y/N is ‘Icey’ bc arctic fox :) Remember to send imagine/ ship requests and enjoy reading lovelies!!xx

“Looking forward to this homework Icey?” Padfoot asked as you left the transfiguration homework.

“I don’t know, could be a hard one- ‘How to become animagi’.” You said, pulling your eyebrows together dramatically.

The boys chuckled, well aware that you had done all of the research when the 4 of you turned into animagi.

“Well, I’m good for something.” Remus joked, turning a corner to get to the Northern Tower.

You settled into the table next to the window, with Remus sat opposite you and the other boys in the table behind.

“Students, today we are going to be learning the art of card divination,” you raised your eyebrows and widened your eyes dramatically to Remus before your Professor continued, “for this we use Tarot cards. With your partners try to understand the cards.”

You picked up the pack on your table and spread them out onto the table. Remus picked three, begrudgingly, and turned them over. “This is pointless.”

“Excuse me, I’m working magic here.” You said, feigning horror. You leant closer to the table and whispered, “by the way, it’s your turn to face death this week.”

“But none of these cards mean death!”

“I almost died last week, you almost die this week. Thems the rules.” He rolled his eyes but leant back in his chair.

Once the lesson was finished you made your way to the common room. As soon as you stepped through the portal, James parted ways to sit with Lily and Remus flopped into the armchair, exhausted.

“Full moon is tonight Pads.” You whispered, seeing he was about to ask why Remus was tired.

“I knew that.” He said defensively.

“Kitchens?” You laughed, standing up and placing your hand on Remus’ shoulder soothingly.

1 hour later, you and Pads were walking through the portrait hole once again with 2 bags of food into a deserted common room.

“What’d ya get?” James asked, bounding over to you.

Sirius began answering as you walked over to a sleeping Remus. You always felt awful waking him up, taking him away from a peaceful slumber and bringing him back to earth, to being a werewolf.

You placed your hand on his soft sweater and shook his shoulder slightly, “moony.” you whispered gently.

He stirred slightly and opened his eyes to see your small smile, he attempted to smile back and sat up, “is it..”

“Yeah.” you answered quietly. He nodded weakly and got out of the chair.

You looped your arm through his and smiled up at him, trying to reassure him that he’d be fine, as all of you walked through the school to the field.

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I know you said that you dont think the potinal lapidot fusion will be a perma-fusion but, i feel like its at least a possiblity because, one of SU's biggest frist plot twist was garnet being 2 games all along, and I feel the reverse would make for a good twist aswell, 2 gems we got to know sepratly becoming one new charater than here to stay. i dunno theres just so many ruphire paralells not to be possible.

Oooh, that’s interesting!

It’d definitely be a good twist and a clever spin on the Garnet situation (considering how many parallels there already are between Rupphire and Lapidot, as you rightly said) - it’s certainly a very viable idea :)

Personally though, I’d rather they didn’t fuse permanently because I love them so much as individuals.  Also, I think that Ruby and Sapphire’s relationship, although paralleled by Lapis and Peridot’s in many ways, is also actually quite different to the Lapidot relationship.  Ruby and Sapphire spend literally every waking moment together and can’t bear to be apart.  With Peridot and Lapis, they clearly have an extremely strong bond like Ruby and Sapphire and absolutely love being in each other’s company, but they also sometimes enjoy spending some time apart - such as when Lapis goes with Steven in Alone At Sea, and when Peridot goes with her friends in Too Short To Ride.

I do think though, at the very least, they’d really like being fused with each other and would probably fuse a lot.  Another possibility could well be that they don’t ever want to fuse with anyone else but each other; which could also be seen as a different spin on the Garnet situation.

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Oooh yay prompts!! Ned/Cat, 37. “They always make shower sex sound so appealing, but honestly it seems quite dangerous.”

Ned looks up from his crossword, completely unsure how to respond.  Catelyn’s  dropping magazines into a brown paper bag–Robb’s sports ones, and Arya’s comic books, and Sansa’s…

“What is she reading?” Ned asks, horrified.  “Surely she’s too young for that.”

“They have good articles lately,” Cat says.  “Honestly I was surprised.  Teen magazines usually have nothing interesting, but Sansa wanted this one because  of an article about–” she waves a hand.  She doesn’t like saying his name.  Ned doesn’t either. “–everything.  And she showed it to me.  It was quite good, but still…”

“So she’s getting articles about the political climate and then articles about shower sex?”

“It would seem.  Media for teenage girls is wild,” Cat says, shaking her head.  “I suppose it’s the times we live in.  Things seemed simpler when I was a girl.”

“We hadn’t just elected–”

“I know, I know.”  

Catelyn finishes stuffing the paper bag.  “But honestly, I don’t see how you don’t just fall over.  Sex isn’t very fun if you’re worrying about losing your balance and getting a concussion in the shower.  And shower sex doesn’t seem worth it if you aren’t going to lose your head a bit.”

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Oooh, I like this. I imagine this as as more of like that trickster entity (Like Peeves from Harry Potter but more chaotic good instead of chaotic ***hole) who follows them around and makes comments like “Oh if only there was a way out- oh wait there is” Opens secret tunnel passage or makes there dinner float around and everyone gets annoyed cuz “Gosh darn it we’re hungry can we have one night without this?!”

So, he’s just the annoying entity that follows them around but they also love him because he’s their friend and also because he does care for them as well

ok you know what @cloudyloudy​ ask me what fanfics story i can recommand, but there is like so fucking many it is not really clear.

So, here is a post about those:

water under the bridge by writeanon
if you didnt read it do it
amazing work, like an action movie with romance and detective work really REALLY cool

Fluent by wildebur
each animals have their own languages, nick and judy share their own with each other

finding out way by @falke-scribblings
impressive read, very dark and grim but oooh so realistic a dip on a zootopia where interspecies is unheard of and not really a good things, where police work can be bloody and stain people. amazing in the way it is pictured there is still hope and kindness for our two favourite characters

Apologies by erasmusmaus
Nick is going to apologies for his reaction to judy, some times after the event of the press conference and he is going to bunnyburrows to do it.

Partners and different tails by kittah4
ok you want fluff and a full length adventure ? partners is for you, amazing tale. different tails is an amazing patchwork of many stories begining of idea and part of partners not shown in the story. look it up you can find lovely and/or awesome ideas.

at her feet by @kulkum
ok do i really need to introduce kulkum ? sunderdance ? with thewyvern ?

welcome in the family way by milky_shakedown
very cute stories about the wildehopps family and their growing adopted members.

Down in the dumps by @humanityinahandbag
nick find a baby in the trash, chaos in his life ensue when he tried to “care” for it.

a bitter pill by ciaconnaa
ok this one is hard but extremely interesting. be warned.
judy has a terrible accident and she must recover from it.

Elective Amnesia by AwwwCoffee_No
Amazing story of our two favourite mamals and their adventure as police officers. Story putting in highlight stereotypes and loyalty. (and also beating up nick but that seems to be the national sport of this fandom) (thanks @red-velvet-panda for making me discover this one ;))

damn tourist by Kfhlhckvifkbduvl
The parents are in town and not aware of the relation of nick and their daughter. What began as a conflicting private situation degenerated in a all hail shitstorm. beware badass judy.

Rules Were Meant to Be Broken by Ultimate Naco Topping
judy and nick realise that they have feelings for eachother, theme oooh so seen but i really like the univer created  for this story, and also it is extremely well written.

Always my Sly Bunny, Always my Dumb Fox by @cimar-of-turalis-wildehopps
a tale of adventure, police work, investigation, love and cuteness.

Prejudice Dies Hard by Reverend Archangel
Judy and nick are in love in secret but it has to come out one day or another

if you read or have read any of those, tell me what you though of them :D i would be please to speak about it.
And of course if any of you writers saw this i THANK YOU SO MUCH for all those great stories :)

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All these headcanons about a more realistic version of Naruto ninja Academy are actually very similar to the manga 'Boku no hero Academia'. Internships and all. If you haven't read it, you could totally check it out. I'd recommend watching the anime first. Only has one season yet, completely accurate to the manga, and very good to get the voices for the characters. Plus it's just plain fun to see all the kick-ass fight scenes!

Oooh, that does sound awesome, thank you! I’ll have to watch it now. ^-^