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Dreams and Curses - ep 16 vs. ch 65

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Okay but Spock is basically a humanoid cat. He has a random collection of boxes that he plays with when he can't concentrate. He always follows small objects with his eyes and tries not to pounce on them because it's not LOGICAL. He's a fucking mess when he eats. And he not so secretly loves being petted bc he does that thing that cats do where "hI TOTAL COINCIDENCE THAT WE'RE IN THE SAME PLACE BUT SINCE WE ARE LOVVEEE MEEEEE"

Imagine Spock doing that thing cats do where they headbutt in order to gain some attention.

Except Spock is not a cat, he’s a full grown man.

Every so often, Jim or Bones will come to medbay with a broken nose and a frantically apologizing Spock being them.

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Hi hi! I have a dada and I’m looking for wittle frwends! I’m not picky when it comes to wittle frwends as long as you’re not mean! I’m looking for a frwend to maybe hangout with and play in little space together oooh btw my big age is 18 and my wittle age is 6. Oooh also I prefer to have a female wittle frwend because daddy doesn’t like me talking to boys. I have sc feel free to snap me @ daddieslildoll 💖

What I really want to do is take my design development background and just build buildings for women.

white woman, in Boulder, at Spruce Confections

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sourin + 39?

Secret Admirer

I couldn’t resist. I love young Rin. In which Sousuke has been pining for an unreasonable amount of time, Rin is oblivious, and they’re both saps.

When Rin is twelve years old he throws his swim locker open after an informal meet only for a note to fall out and smack him in the face.  

He squawks, alerting one Hazuki Nagisa to his predicament.  The little blond demon is upon him, snatching the note from the ground before he can even think to grab it.

“Hey!” he shouts. Nagisa runs away, giggling.  Rin’s attempt to chase after him fails miserably due to his pants still hanging around his ankles, and he ends up sprawled on the floor, grumbling.

Makoto glances over, frowning, beside a severely disinterested Haruka.  “Nagisa-”

The blond ignores his friend’s attempt to placate the situation, instead ripping the letter open to read it, expertly avoiding Rin’s attempts to tug it free.  

“Rin,” He reads aloud.  “I admire the way you swim.  You always look like you’re-” He breaks out in a fits of giggles while Rin nearly tackles him to the ground and clutches the letter to his chest.  “Oooooohh Rinrin has a secret admirer!”

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A (crack) theory about the ridiculous timeline: it's so fucked up bc time itself is fucked up in Narutoland. With all these ninja going at it for generations, at some point someone was bound to mess up a time-space jutsu - or a dozen - and the result? Different places are tick-tocking at different times. You go through an old battlefield and come out the otherside three days in the past for Suna but two hours in the future for Kiri - and you're in Fire Country.

Oooh, space-time anomalies? That could be so cool.

…And I really want to write fic with this gdit. 

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