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Oh, that Spiderman: Homecoming end credit scene was just amazing, wasn’t it? I’m glad I was patient and waited for the credits to end. Soo rewarding. Marvel knows us so well, and how to treat us. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you stick around ‘til the end because it worth the wait. Trust me.

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im just going to confess something here: i love when misha or jensen starts a joke and then the other one finishes it, in a way. i don't know if you get me? thanks for reading this tho :)

Oooh no – I get you! And I love it too!

Like when one says something snarky,  so the other plays right along …

Or when they tell that same damn story a million FUCKING times, and the other always has to give a performance just so we all know what they’re talking about …  never realizing that YES, WE ALWAYS KNOW WHAT THE FUCK THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT!

Or when they just forget that other people are around at all …

Or when they take turns telling the same story, finding new ways to tease each other as they go …

Or when they use props to help make a joke …

Or the times that you’re pretty sure they scripted something– just for an easy laugh …

Or when they actually have a script right in front of them,  but they both get the same idea on how to make it funnier …

But most of all,  I love the times when it’s obvious that they know the other so damn well,  that they don’t even have to be making eye contact in order to make us crack up…

So yeah,  Nonny– I totally get you.


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Who do you think fell in love first and at which moments do you think Dany and Jon realized they loved each other?

Oooh I love this question! Bless you haha.

I think Dany fell first and it happened in 7.05 when Jon touched Drogon. She’s never seen a man exhibit that kind bravery or acceptance of her dragons and the power she has as their mother. 

In ADWD Dany even wonders if she’ll ever find someone who really accepts her like that:

“And who would ever dare to love a dragon?”

You can just see from the way she’s looking at Jon that she’s so surprised, she’s not quite sure what to make of it. She isn’t smiling, she isn’t angry, she’s just … intrigued.

And then Jon looks up at her, and they have this intense eye contact while he’s got tears in his eyes. It’s a moment of pure understanding where they both wordlessly acknowledge how amazing it is that Drogon even exists, that Dany is RIDING him, and of course, that Jon is brave enough to face him down and pet him like he’s a puppy haha.

I think that Dany, whose past love interests have been confident and powerful men, sees in Jon the kind of thing that draws her in–courage. But she also sees tenderness and a lack of judgment. Yes, he calls her dragons beasts. But he likes them and admires them. He admires her, too. 

So I think that this is when she falls for him. And unfortunately it’s right after this that Dany has let Jon go since he volunteers for the wight hunt. Her immediate and emotional reaction to his plan to leave just further proves that she’s already caught feels by this point haha. She does not want him to go. Because if he should die, where else is she going to find a handsome, kind, brave man like Jon who is the exact sort of leader she needs by her side politically and romantically?

I think Jon falls for her when she shows up to save them at the wight hunt. He had seemingly lost all hope in that moment and was facing down the horde of wights with this angry look of acceptance, like he was trying to rationalize that they’d failed and this is where things were going to end for them.

But then Dany shows up with all three dragons and you can just see so much awe and gratitude on Jon’s face when he’s gazing up at her on Drogon. 

My personal favorite moment is when he shoves Tormund out of the way to get a better look lol. 

This scene allows Jon to see that Dany isn’t just some queen who has others take care of her. She flew North of the Wall, a dangerous place completely unknown to her, to save them herself. She’s willing to fight for her people just like Jon was proud to do (unlike Ramsay) at the BotB. And he also gets to see here that the dragons aren’t just tools of destruction–they can be used as a force for good. 

And of course the aftermath of this scene confirms his feelings when he is the one to initiate physical contact with her by reaching for her hand on the boat, and he calls her “my queen” basically as a term of endearment. I know he was swearing fealty but the way he said it as a substitute for “Dany” and the sweet little lazy smile on his face… I die. Dany is the queen of his heart haha. 

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Oooh, if you could, for the couples meme I would LOVE to see G with Swan Queen. If you're comfortable with nsfw I think I would die. Or just undies. Or clothes. Whichever. I'd love it either way. Preferably Regina on the bottom, but I'd accept whatever you're comfortable with. You're my favorite Swan Queen artist.

It’s super funny that the only asks I got about the couples meme was for pose G. 

That being said I COULDN’T NOT DO BOTH (also thank you so much - I don’t draw for SQ much anymore but I’m so thankful that people still follow me because of the art I’ve done).

Swan Queen had a super rough week. ;__; I feel like we all need a little joy. Heads and chins up, SQ. 

NSFW here 

Bilgewaters-shadows Meme


  • “You sure this isn’t a set-up?”
  • “We’re three minutes behind schedule, we need to move.”
  • “You’re a real people person, aren’t you?”
  • “What’s past is past. We’re working together now, let’s focus on the job.”
  • “Now, now. Not so fast.”
  • “I’m going to have fun breaking you.”
  • “Couldn’t leave well enough alone, could ya?”
  • “Fighting back is pointless, my friend.”
  • “You will be able to get me out of here, right?”
  • “On my list of priorities, that doesn’t even make my top five hundred.”
  • “If I was wearing that, I’d ask you to shoot me in the head.”
  • “What can I say? I’m good at my job.”
  • “Oh, is something the matter?”
  • “Oh, fuck you.”
  • “It wasn’t your fault.”
  • “Thank you. I mean it.”
  • “You’re not wearing pants.”
  • “Look, I’m just saying don’t get your hopes up.”
  • “Well, this has been a productive day.”
  • “I can kill a lot of people with a computer.”
  • “Oh, ___. We’re gonna get along famously.”
  • “You’re really making a big deal out of nothing.”
  • “If your aim was any worse, you’d be shooting yourself.”
  • “Look at us, killing everything in sight. Is this what being a sociopath feels like?”
  • “You’re remarkably calm right now.”
  • “Hey, sometimes your exes try to kill you, you know? What can you do?”
  • “Wanna party?”
  • “You’re lame now. You used to have fun.”
  • “You’re a terrible person.”
  • “You don’t have to convince me. Just yourself.”
  • “We’re talking about this later.”
  • “Nobody tells me anything!”
  • “You ready to get outta here?”
  • “Hey baby, I could show you a good time.”
  • “No one loses to me.”
  • “That’s far enough.”
  • “You know me too well.”
  • “Don’t you dare confuse duty with self righteousness!”
  • “Oooh. Sounds serious.”
  • “Let’s do this without drawing attention, yeah?”
  • “So an evil version of me is your worst nightmare?”
  • “_____. I thought you knew me better than that.”
  • “Why would I hide when I can kill your friends in front of you?”
  • “I’m not gonna give you the satisfaction.”
  • “Oooh, I love it when you talk tough.”
  • “Focus. On. The job.”
  • “Don’t like talking about your past?”
  • “Yeah, we should probably get out of here.”
  • “I have a feeling we’re about to disagree.”
  • “I can forgive a few punches.”
  • “You are really starting to piss me off.”
  • “______, what the hell happened?”
  • “It would seem your reputation doesn’t do you justice.”
  • “Can we just get to murdering already?”
  • “Whatever the plan was, it went out the fucking window. We need to focus on surviving.”
  • “Quit fucking around and get in here!”
  • “We had a deal, my friend.”
  • “Now what am I supposed to do with a naughty little boy/girl like you?”
  • “I’m trying to save your life!”
  • “I’m giving you a choice.”
  • “Get away from me!”
  • “Quite the entrance.”
  • “I figured you had a flair for the dramatic.”
  • “I’m really gonna miss these bonding sessions when I kill you.”
  • “Well, at least you’re honest.”
  • “This ain’t pride. This is wrath.”
  • “Hey _____, you wanna fuck?”
  • “You have to wait until I want it.”
  • “Been a hell of a ride, hasn’t it?”
  • “You’ve changed so much.”
  • “You’re not very convincing, you know.”
  • “Glad you didn’t find it awkward, but not really in the mood right now.”
  • “I really thought I lost you.”
  • “Look, I gotta tell you something.”
  • “Just shut up, I have to tell you something.”
  • “Nothing ever made me feel alive like you did.”
  • “I’ve been cooped up for way too long.”
  • “I need to stretch my legs and kill some things.”
  • “What’s on your mind?”
  • “Despite everything I’ve done with my life, apparently that’s what I’m known for.”
  • “I’ve done the planning part in the past and it’s boring. I rather just get in there and get shit done.”
  • “Look, I’m sorry you had to go through that, but I’m here now. Alive and kicking! That counts for something, right?”
  • “We’ve had some good times together, haven’t we?”
  • “You still wanna have a go?”
  • “Can I help you?”
  • “____, I respect you too much to bullshit you.”
  • “You don’t respect me.”
  • “What do you want?”
  • “I’m willing to forgive and forget if you are.”
  • “You ain’t getting close enough to shank me.”
  • “Give us a minute to recover from last time, yeah?”
  • “I don’t want things to change between us.”
  • “You never know if you can have something unless you ask for it.”
  • “It’s okay, say what’s on your mind.”
  • “I know you want to, but I don’t.”

Regardless of if you justify Itachi’s decisions or not…

Dude is scary as hell.

However horrible the massacre was he can still stomach it. It’s one thing to accept something or view it as necessary. It’s another thing to actually carry out the task yourself. To physically be able to hold your weapon and wield it against everyone you personally know without faltering. To look at the innocent children and say to yourself this is necessary.

It’s like if I was stranded on an island with the corpse of my best friend and cannibalism was my only option to stay alive…I might just die. Cannibalism my be necessary to stay alive. But bro, I probably couldn’t physically do it. What if I had to resort to cannibalism to save my sister? Shit bro, we both might die.

Itachi is so calm and thoughtful. It’s just chilling to think about what he is capable of doing. It’s chilling to think about how far he’ll go to save Sasuke.. It’s chilling to think how he enacts those decisions with unwavering precision.

The Idea

Word Count: 3468 (This is the danger you run with sending me Steve requests, okay?)

Request(s):  “Thought; spontaneously dragging Steve of Bucky into random makeout sessions throughout the day and then just leaving him out of breath as you continue in with your business” AND “ OMG burden of proof was tooooo CUTE!! I saw that the request had an ‘or Steve’ as well!! Please please please please!! But like you’re actually in a relationship, and just blushy flustered Steve– oh lord Sarah, please!!” 

Warnings: Language, weird threats, and much kissing

A/N: Hey, guys, remember me? IT’S A MIRACLE! I finally finished something. Oh my God. It’s been so long. I may have forgotten how to do this. I’m getting nervous. 

Bucky Version

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“Are you kidding me, man? That’s a great idea! I’m happy for you.”

Sam’s voice reached you as if through a long tunnel as you turned the corner into the kitchen, eyes still half closed with sleep, hair very much disheveled. The wide, hopeful grin on Steve’s face brought a sparkle to his eyes and drew a blissful sigh from your lips. Both men stiffened in surprise as your happy sound alerted them of your presence, and Sam pursed his lips to hide a smile as he turned to search aimlessly through the cabinets. Steve cleared his throat nervously, but when he turned to face you his expression was bright and open.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” he said with a soft smile as you shuffled sleepily into his open arms.

“Mornin,” you mumbled, your voice muffled as you snuggled into his chest.

“The sun only rises for you, love and light of my life,” Sam called to you, earning an eye roll from Steve and a quiet giggle from you.

“Are we that gross?” you asked thoughtfully, lifting your head to look up at Steve.

“I sincerely hope not.”

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Shipppp babbyyy-

Geno (loverofpiggies) and reaper (renrink)

Bois name is Lorelai yeah I knowww, shhh, he kinda does that anyway I guess?

Anywayyy, this kid mannn, he is dead inside and doesn’t care anymoRE. Usually he keeps his cloak thingyyyy closed completely but I opened it a lil so you could kinda see his clothes underneath.

The ends of his cloak thing trail off in some weird smoke ooor something ??? And his scarf is constantly movng like wind is blowing, not that much but I wanted to show that there are two sides to it aND that ittt goes off in little strands of the fabric that usually fade away, like smoke or steam does, idk how to describe it

His right eye glitches from time to time but not usually, it happens more often when he is feeling more emotions.

I’ve heard that is you touch Reaper you diE so this kid inherited that, so don’t touch hiMm. He is kinda depressed looking an dead inside but if he likes something oor whatev he gets happy and cyOOOT.


“no longer feeling affection for someone you once loved”

Genre: Angst (with a smudge of fluff)

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 11,670

Request: “Oooh I love Bets and Regrets so much!! I was wondering if you please could write an angsty story about any member of ts where he wants to break up with you because he’s in love with someone else and you ask him to stay with you for a week and he obliges because he feels guilty. You can decide how it ends.” - anonymous

You remember it clearly. The both of you were in High School and it was a cold winter day. You had just walked outside and you were in a big rush because you were running very late to school. You already knew you were going to get a lecture from your Calculus teacher. You were pretty sure she hated you by the looks she throws you You weren’t paying attention and that’s when you ran into him.

Kim Taehyung a charming man. You had accidentally ran into him and spilled your coffee all over him.He took it more calmly then you expected and he would only accept your apology if the two of you went on a coffee date. You exchanged numbers and one coffee date turned into many more and by the fifth date he confessed. You loved him, A lot, But what you didn’t know was he would leave your heart torn.

It was a usual and humid evening. Taehyung was headed over to your house for movie night. The two of you were enjoying the movie, well, at least you were until half-way through it he would not get off his phone. What made it worst was he kept smiling at something you couldn’t exactly pin point so when you asked him it only led to a huge argument.

“All I asked was what you were smiling about..!” You stood up from the couch. You didn’t understand why he was getting hostile.

“And I said it doesn’t matter!” He followed your movement and stood up too. “I’m just texting a friend. Shes back in town.”

“And you couldn’t wait till the movie was over?” You scoffed. You decided to joke around which probably wasn’t the best of ideas. “You’re probably seeing her behind my back.”

When he sucked in a sharp breath and didn’t reply was when your fears kicked in. “You aren’t are you…?” You took a timid step towards him.

“I m sorry..” His head fell and he stared at the ground. You threw a hand over you mouth to muffle a cry. He couldn’t bear to look at you. He wasn’t prepared and all he could do was apologize. At that moment, Is when everything made sense. The once passionate kisses were small pecks. Why he left early on every date you went on, The forced smiles and the strain in his voice when he faked happiness. You were holding him back.

“What.. What did I do wrong…?” You had gotten quieter.

All he did was shake his head. “I.. Simply just fell out of love….”

How could an argument lead to these things, you questioned, but decided not to push the subject and only nodded. “Do me one last favor… that’s all I ask for…” You let a tear slide down you cheek as you grabbed both his hands.

He looked up to you. “Spend one last week with me…” His eyes widened at the request and he shook his head. “(Y/N) I-I can-”

“Please..” You interrupted him and your grip tightened.

He never has seen you so desperate. It hurt him to see you in the position you were in now, The guilt erupted inside him and he found himself not able to say no so he nodded. “Okay…”

You dropped your hands to the side and he took that as his cue to leave. He looked at you one more time over his shoulder before he walked out, and all you did was watch, falling backwards on the couch and letting the tears fall.

7 days till he was done.

Day 1

Tae[5:58PM]: “Meet me at the arcade at 7 pm”

The arcade. The place you went on your first date. You smiled a bit and got ready, At least making yourself look like you hadn’t been up all night crying.

Once arriving, You spotted him waiting in the front. You waved to him and approached him with a small smile.

“You ready?” He opened the door for you. You mumbled a small thanks and headed inside.It was filled with kids laughter and the chattering of the people there. The room was dimly lit and re-arranged from when you were last there, You noted all the new games and then went to get some money out of the ATM.

Taehyung smoothly slid on the wall next to you. “I want to challenge you”

You raised an eyebrow. “Whoever gets the most tickets by… “ He looked at his watch and proceeded to go with his sentence. “… 9 owes the other a favor”

You chuckled. “You’re on Kim Taehyung~”

He grabbed your wrist to drag you to a game but you had other plans. You ran the opposite way of where he was headed and went to a shooting game in which, he had no choice to follow so you smirked. You put the money into the machine and grabbed your gun getting ready.

“I will try to go easy on you~” His eyes were focused on the game as he too, got ready.

You scoffed at him, getting a glimpse of him before they game started and the two of you shot away.

He was disappointed to say, That you had gotten the most points which meant you were getting more tickets then him already.

You were currently doing a little victory dance as you waited for the remainder of your tickets to come out. He laughed at your happiness. The both of you had forgotten that last night even happened and enjoyed yourself.

By the end of the night, you both agreed two more games. He chose a basketball shooting game where-as you chose the claw game.

Going to his first, You went up and did your turn of the game, You didn’t get very much points which you brushed it off with a simple shrug and stepped the side for him. He started shooting away. You looked at his structure smiling, In the moment you both were happy, It was the first time the two of you had been this close in weeks. You took a sip of your drink and finally snapped out of your thoughts when he threw one of the balls and it bounced off the glass protection and came back hitting him in the head. You nearly spit out the contents of your drink and started choking on laughter as the round ended and he shoot the last ball. He took a moment to breathe from throwing the balls. Only for him to freak out when the machine started Round 2.

“Oh..!” He started shooting again. You could tell his arms were aching from shooting the basketballs as fast as he could. He was letting out little cries of pain with each basket that was thrown. You tried holding back your laughter at him. By time he finished he shot his fist up in success and turned to you as you clapped. “Didn’t think you had it in you~”

 He had his signature boxy smile that you always loved and he bowed.

After he collected his tickets, Both of you headed to the claw machine so you could try winning.

You won a small little plushy and held it out to him laughing. “It looks like you~”

He chuckled and took it, Looking over it. “You’re right~”

You smiled. “Keep it as a gift from me”

“Are you sure?”

You simply nodded and turned on your heel saying your goodbyes, then walked away before the pain came back to you

Day 2

The two of you went on a small shopping day at the mall, nothing special really happening.

Day 3

Only got canceled when the girl who replaced you got sick and he had no choice but to cancel with you. So you just stayed in the comfort of your room.

Day 4

Both of you went to the amusements park and were currently standing in like for one of the roller coasters. You giggled at the look on his face every time the roller coaster twirled and went upside down, He looked at you like you were crazy.

“You’re trying to kill me aren’t you…!

You smirked. “Maybe so~”

As soon as the ride stopped and people exited, You skipped onto the ride and got yourself situated in the seat.

“How the hell do you work this contraption?!”

You started laughing when he was trying to get buckled so you helped him out, then the person who helped around came in and made sure you were strapped in safely.

As soon as the ride started, Taehyung had a death grip on your forearm which made you laugh. As the ride progressed he was screaming out in pure fear which only made you laugh and when it ended his hair was everywhere and he just stared out in front of him.

When the two of you walked off you nudged him and snickered a bit. “It wasn’t that bad.. How about we go get cotton candy?”

He smiled and you nodded so that’s exactly what you did before getting on the carousel. You sat across from each other and you stared out the window at the stars.

Taehyung just stared at you, The moonlight radiated off you and for the first time in forever, he got a jittery feeling within his stomach like the first time he had met you

That night he questioned if he made the right choice.

Day 5

Both of you went on a coffee date, Where you ran into an old friend of yours from High School, whom he recognized as Seokjin. He was a couple years older then him.

He joined both of you and sat at the table and chatted away with you. Which made him annoyed. Both of you exchanged numbers and he started questioning things that pissed him off even more. Was he going to be replaced after this? Maybe. Were the two of you too close for his liking? Very much so. So he stood up and gave you a fake smile.

“I think its time to go, Don’t you think?”

You knew that smile, You could easily tell he was irritated so you simply nodded and said your farewells to Seokjin before heading out with Taehyung, who was walking faster then you so he was a bit ahead.

“Taehyung.” You called out to himbut he only ignored you so you called out to him again, getting the same result.

“What the hell is your problem?” You grabbed his wrist and tugged him towards you. He looked pissed off so you let go of him and let him walk away again.

Later that day you realized he was jealous.

He sent a text apologizing for the way he acted and that was the last of your conversation for the night

Day 6

Is when you met her. Taehyung’s new girlfriend and all your insecurities kicked in. She was beautiful. Hazelnut colored hair with golden eyes, A slim body and slender legs. She looked like a model, You tried walking past the two of them without being noticed, but, luck wasn’t on your side and he called out to you, so you turned to him with a smile on your face

“Oh… Taehyung.. Hello”

He headed over to you, The lady following along, She looked annoyed.

“Jiseon..Meet (Y/N)…(Y/N)..Jiseon…” He looked uneasy when introducing her. She shook your hand with a forced smile. “Pleased to meet you, Ive heard alot about you” You nodded slightly “As for you..”

There was an awkward tension in the air until Taehyung spoke up. “Want to join us at the cafe?”

You shook you’re head coming up with a quick excuse. “I actually have errands to run.. I will see you…!”

And you ran off, Before anything to be said going straight home, Where you started to write a note.

Day 7

Taehyung looked forward to seeing you, He waited for a text to be sent to him but nothing had came until lunch.

“Check your door”

He was slightly confused by the message but went to go check it. There was a box sitting on the front step. He picked it up and brought it to his bedroom, lying it on the bed. He opened it only finding all the stuff he left at your house, along with a note and CD lying on top of it all. He picked it up and started reading it.

“You’re probably know what this note is, A goodbye note. I enjoyed the week, and thank you for spending it with me.. It was the best time I have had in forever. If only it could last… But I’m leaving, To get a new start. There’s nothing left for me in Seoul so I’m moving, I won’t say where.You won’t be able to contact me after this. I just want to say, I love you, and I always will. I want nothing but happiness for you so please, continue to live and love her for me, and most importantly stay happy without me.”

 Taehyung didn’t know when he started crying, He found himself trying to call you but it went straight to voicemail and that’s when he realized he made a stupid decision, You were gone and both of you would most likely never cross paths again.

And he had to live with that choice.

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Oooh, I love your art! For the art meme, if you do end up doing it, Shiro and Lance in A2

thank you! also i’ve decided to give up on shading i’ve got too many of these to do lol

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Hey have you ever heard of the Transcendence AU? If not, then I really reccommend you check it out, it's really amazing and open to a lot of ideas and Head Cannons. If you use the non-app version of Tumblr, there will be a link to the Summary Page at the top where you can get a gist of the AU. If you have heard of it or you look at it and love it too, could you possibly make art for it? The AU is always open to submissions and questions. I hope you like it!

AAaaaaaah oh man. Oooh boy. I love this AU. It was what got me into the Gravity Falls fandom like- 2 years ago. 

Got7 reaction to you being best friends and your mom thinks you're dating

Anon asked Oooh I love your reactions ❤️❤️ can you make a Got7 reaction if you two being best friends (and crush) and meeting their mom for the first time, and her freaking out because they think you two are dating! Thanks

Aw thank you for loving my reactions 😘❤️ I’m sorry you had to wait a while for this reaction and I hope you love this one as well 💞 

 Mark: He would be excited to meet your mother. He would have it all planned out how he was going to make her love him so he can ask you out. What he didn’t account for was her already loving the idea of you two together. Your mother went on and on about how cute you two were and she couldn’t wait for grandchildren. This would just make him even happier. You had to explain you two were just friends to your mother’s disappointment. Mark would then take this chance to ask you out. 

 “Why don’t we make your mother’s wishes come true and start dating?” 

Originally posted by j-miki

JB: He would low key be nervous. He tried not to show it but inside he was freaking out. He wanted your mom to like him. He wanted your family’s blessing to be your boyfriend but that couldn’t happen if they didn’t like him. When he walked into your front door, your mother pulled him in and start gushing about what a handsome boyfriend you managed to get and you better keep him. He would probably turn red not expecting this kind of reaction from her. But then he would turn smug and start teasing you about it and watch you turn into a stuttering mess.   

"Did you hear that (Y/n)? You better not lose me to any other woman. How about you be my girlfriend so that doesn’t happen?" 

Originally posted by daefsoul

 Jackson: He knew your mother would like him. I mean who doesn’t like Jackson? He’s funny, handsome, and well Jackson. He would be happy about finally meeting your mother and getting to spend time with your family. When he walked into your house, your mother would squeal and start talking about you two dating and how adorable that was. Before you even had a chance to explain, Jackson was telling her all about your supposed dating life. He figured this was his chance to tell you how he felt by just saying you were already his girlfriend. 

 "Aren’t we a cute couple? We just started dating but I think we are the best couple out there." 

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Jinyoung: He is someone all mothers would love so even though he doesn’t have to worry he does. He wanted to present himself properly and show your mother she can trust you with him. He would nonstop ask you if he should bring your mother a gift or what she likes and doesn’t. You would have to calm him down and reassure him your mother would love him. When you two get to your house, your mother would immediately fall in love with him and went on about how lucky she was to get him as a son in law. You two would be blushing and tried telling her you were just friends but she wouldn’t hear it. Jinyoung took this as his chance to just ask you out. 

"Well I guess I should just you ask you to be my girlfriend already if people think we look this cute together.”

Originally posted by jypnior

Youngjae: This boy would probably be the most nervous. He didn’t know what type of woman your mother was. He could say or do something to anger her and she would forbide you from being friends with him. He liked you too much to let that happen. Before you two even reached your house, he would have gone through so many scenarios through his head of what could happen. He already braced himself for the worse when he walked through your door. Upon seeing him your mother straightaway pulled him in for a hug. She talked about how she thinks Youngjae is perfect for you and she would be completely fine with you two dating. Relief would washed through him. He know longer had to worry about your mother liking him if she was this okay with you dating him.

“Oh my god I was worried for nothing. It looks like we could date without any worries.”

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Bambam: He would be like Jackson and be confident that your mother would like him. He knew he wasn’t a bad person and was someone parents could trust with their children. He would go to your house with that confidence. As expected your mother did like him but her thinking you were dating caught him off guard. He never intended to do anything with his crush on you since you two were close and he didn’t want to ruin a good relantionship on something that could go away. It was until he saw you blushing and trying to stutter out you were just friends did he figure you probably felt the same way. He decided he would try his luck and take this as his cue to ask you out.

“You know we could just start dating. Your mother likes us together and I have to admit I like the idea too.”

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Yugyeom: He figured since you two were so close that you had to have told your mother about him so he knew she didn’t have any problems with him. He had no problem meeting your mother with that fact in mind. He went into your house completely fine until your mother started saying things like oh I finally get to met your boyfriend and look how cute he is (Y/N), you did right by choosing him. That would completely throw him off. He never thought your mother would think you were dating. It made him wonder what you were telling her that would make her think that. That thought made him ecstatic. You had to have told your mother you liked him too and what he was feeling was mutual.

“What have you been telling your mother (Y/N)? I didn’t even get a chance to ask you out but it seems I don’t have to worry since we are already dating.”

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“The third [email] was from ‘Cassie98.’ I opened it and read it.

'Jake, oooh baby, you are the man for me. I love your big manly shoulders. I love your piercing brown eyes. (They are brown, right?) But most of all, I love the macho, manly way you boss us all around, snapping out orders left and right. I think of you as the new Clint Eastwood. I must have you all to myself. Signed, Cashier. XXX.’

I sighed. Marco, of course. Cassie seldom goes online, and never sends E-mail, and would certainly never send me such a stupid E-mail. Kind of a shame, actually. But this was definitely the work of Marco, using one of his many fake screen names.

I clicked on the 'Create Mail’ command. I thought for a moment, then typed.

'Cassie, you know I like you, too. But I have vowed not to get involved with any girl until my best friend, Marco, gets at least one girl to like him. And since we know that’s never going to happen, I guess we’ll never get together. Signed, Jake.'”

- Book #16: The Warning (Jake), pg. 4 (by K.A. Applegate)

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Hi um can you do one about Draco where him and the reader are in a relationship and he's really insecure about his Dark Mark and his past and parents and basically he just breaks down and the reader consoles him. Lots of fluff and sweet happy ending.

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader
Fandom: Harry Potter
Warnings: angst 

A/N: oooh, how much I love writing for my son. so glad you requested something with Draco, it’s been a lot of fun, even if it’s pretty angsty. But as requested, with a sweet and fluffy happy ending!


“Draco? I’m home!” you closed the door behind you, putting your jacket on the hook next to the door. “Draco?” you repeated. when you entered the living room, a big smile on your face. After all, you had some exciting news to share with him, you were allowed to beam with joy.

No sight of him. Weird. Today was his day off, so he was supposed to be home. At least you didn’t know of any plans he had made for the day?

Maybe the bedroom, then..

So you walked up the stairs to the master bedroom and, indeed, found him sitting at the end of it, staring at the wall in front of him.

“Hey you,” when you stood next to him, you placed your hand on his cheek. “Everything alright?”

He placed one of his hands in front of his face and massaged his temples with his thumb and middle finger.

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