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Lotor: Now, dear dear Keithy-boy, Why would I know anything about your mother?

Keith: You’re the current Galra Emperor.

Lotor: Yes, but that doesn’t mean I know everythi-

Keith: Are you kidding me? Everytime something f**ked up happens in this series, the Galra Emperor always has something to do with it. So make with the explanations. I wanna know where I come from. I wanna know who my mother was. I wanna know what love is! I want you to show me!

Lotor: I don’t know what to tell you. It’s as much a mystery to me as it is to you.

Keith: I need the information.

Lotor: Well, I could tell you what I know, but…

Keith: But what?!  

Lotor: You would have to do something for me first.

Keith: I’m listening…hesitantly. 

Lotor: Something dirty!

Keith: Go on.

Lotor: Something very very dirty. So dirty that you’ll need to take a shower once we’re finished.

Keith: WHAT?! What is it?!

Lotor: You have to watch… Spice World: The Movie!

Keith: Noooo…

Lotor: With me.

Keith: Noooo…

Lotor: And it’s the sing-along version!

Keith: No! No! NO!

Lotor: Well, I guess in that case, you’ll never learn the truth.

Keith: Can I at least wear a blindfold?

Lotor: Oooh! Keithy-boy! I had no idea you had it in you!

Keith: What? We’re just watching a movie, right?

Lotor: Oh, right. The movie.

[Ninety spicetastic minutes later]

Keith: (shockingly) That was… horrifying! This.. must be… how… war veterans feel… to have experienced such brutality… such… unforgettable horrors! A part of me died today. Perhaps the best part.

Lotor: Very well, Keith. Since you kept up your end of the bargain, I must divulge the naughty little secret I’ve been keeping all this time.

Keith: (sarcastically) Oh, I’m sure you’re keeping a lot of secrets, Lotor. A lot of secrets.

Lance: Like the fact that he’s gay!

Keith: Thank you, Lance. I really needed you to translate my sarcastic quip.

Lance: You’re welcome, man.

Lotor: Lean closer, Keith. I will tell you who you must speak to in order to learn the truth… By whispering the information into your ear.

Keith: Ok, but the moment I feel tongue, I’m getting the f**k outta dodge.

It’s July 13th 2017

Here’s a good Dan song remix to listen to today: Too Cool For School by Em-One

Here’s a good Grumps episode to watch today:
Power Blade: I’M ON IT - Part 1

Here’s a cool Dan fact for you today:
When Dan didn’t understand what was being said to him, he used to just pretend he didn’t hear what the person was saying followed by “Oooh THAT of course I know that” instead of telling them he had no idea what they were talking about. He says he doesn’t do this much anymore, though, evidenced by him saying “I’m sorry?” or “What are we talking about?” frequently.

Here’s a good picture of Dan to look at today:

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You do know the Winchesters aren't real right? Like, they're literally fictional characters. Thanks for lying to all of us though.

Oooh. They are?? Fuck, I had no idea. Wow, thank you so much for informing me.
I am really sorry for lying to you. Also for the fact that you don’t realize that this was all a performance piece. I’m sorry you didn’t realize that the entire weekend of posts was buildup for this fic that I spent over a week working on just for your entertainment. I’m so sorry that you felt the need to pop in here and shit on a creative idea that many other people, including myself, are enjoying. I’m sorry.

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Any ideas and what Kori's "Injustice 2" supermove should be?

Oooh better answer this one before she gets released! I’ve actually had an idea for this so here we go:

Okay so first off if you don’t know, in the fighting game Injustice 2 (and 1) the supermoves are all about showing off your character’s skills and powers in the most over-the-top way that’s still consistent in-universe. You have to build up before you can use it, and if you succeed in hitting them with it it does a tonne of damage and looks really cool.

I think a good supermove for Kori would show off her most dangerous combat characteristics:

- Her Starbolts / nova blast

- Her strength

- Her training (incorporated with her flight)

- Her beserker rage

So here’s my idea:

So she starts with that close-up “oh-snap-it’s-on” announcement screen that all the supermoves do. In her case, that lightshow could actually be her briefly emanating Starbolt Energy, so it wouldn’t just be a special effect, it would be part of the sequence.

Kori exchanges some fast blows with her opponent, displaying her fighting skills and outmatching them completely, softening them up for what’s to come. A determined, but controlled anger is in her voice, which you can feel her using in each of her strikes. Some of her blows are imbued with Starbolt Energy, others can only be pulled off with the power of flight.

Flying is completely integrated into her fighting style, since her combat training came from a culture of aliens that can fly as naturally as humans can run. She puts others like Supergirl and Green Lantern to shame in this regard.

She finishes her combo with a powerful strike that sends her opponent flying, stunning them. This gives her the time and distance to make her next attack.

Kori starts throwing Starbolts at her enemy. She begins with textbook-perfect technique, but she gradually works herself up getting angrier and angrier, blasting her adversary, escalating as the ground starts to melt and the air simmers.

With her opponent dazed and burned, she takes the opportunity to decisively finish the duel, launching herself at them not just with her flight, but by blasting Starbolts behind her to propel herself like a rocket, now in full Berserker Rage

She raises her fist in mid-air, her arm, hair and whole body ablaze as she roars, unleashing her full power in her Nova Blast, she smashed into them, incinerating, vaporizing everything in sight, with her enemy right in the middle of it.

So yeah that’s basically what I think a neat Injustice 2 supermove would be c:


So based on what Ed Boon has hinted for the actual Super, I should probably amend this by saying it’d be a better idea if Kori flew into space, high up in the atmosphere with her opponent, or a remote wasteland before going nova to avoid collateral damage lol

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oooh taylor does meet and greets? i had no idea omg.

people get chosen during the concert if they look like superfans/she picks people she follows online and gets her team to find them or you can win them through radio comps

If Bleach characters read Fifty Shades of Grey...

As requested by anon. :) And also anon. ;)

What would happen if Bleach characters encountered that particular book?

Sasakibe: Oooh, how exciting!

Sasakibe: I had no idea that the color grey came in so many hues!

Sasakibe: I can’t wait to find out more about them!

Yamamoto: So you, um, haven’t read it yet, then.

Sasakibe: Not yet, but I’m very excited!

Yamamoto: …the merciful thing to do would be to burn it in his hands.

Lisa: I do enjoy a good BDSM fic.

Lisa: But this wasn’t one.

Ulquiorra: Yes. The human male lead did not seem desirable. More violent and stalkery. Like Aizen and Gin were mixed into a horrible monstrosity.



Aizen: Gin is the monstrosity part, right?

Orihime: I-I couldn’t really get through it…

Chizuru: I LOVED IT

Tatsuki: I swear to god, Chizuru, if you try to make Orihime sign anything, I will beat you to death with that book.

Nnoitra: I enjoyed it. Safewords are for weak-ass weaklings.

Nelliel: …you read?

Nnoitra: YES

Nnoitra: Although in this case Tesla read it to me.

Tesla: It was admittedly a little awkward.

Love: That book came from a Twilight fanfic, you know.

Love: Fanfic that got published.

Ichigo: Fanfiction can be published?

Ichigo: ‘Cause there’s a lot of fanfic about me…


Ichigo: Suddenly I am afraid

Ichigo: So very afraid.

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So would the surrounding lands below the steamquestria be like the everfree forest?

oooh that’s an awesome idea!! I had sort of been thinking of the other countries as being other islands (or other floating/flying things? I think Griffonstone would be cool as this big city-sized airship or something!) so it feels right for the land below to have the same “strange unexplored world” vibe as Everfree!

I dunno what this would mean for the Castle of the Two Sisters (which is sort of what the Clocktower is), not to mention Zecora, but IT WOULD BE COOL

Oooh I just had another thought

Do you have any idea what FIVE MONTHS OF HAPPINESS will do to Oliver? To both of them? But most noticeably to Oliver? Where every single day for five entire months, he will have no difficult decisions to make beyond “Where do we want to eat?” Five months of making love to his soulmate, his other half, happily drowning in her presence? 

I think the Oliver we meet in Season 4 will be completely different from the Oliver we’re used to, so it will feel like a different show, and we’ll get to learn who he is all over again, just like he’s doing RIGHT NOW.

I hope he’s a more talkative Oliver, casually chatting with many people. Not the put on charm he had as Ollie, but something more genuine and warm, and even MORE charming than before. I can’t wait to see snarky/witty Oliver, teasing and joking and bantering with Felicity. And the sass! I’m here for the sass! Ooooh this is gonna be so much fun!

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I love sci so much I actually listened to all their song covers and it was *gLorioUs*

oooh yes their voice is so nice, I had no idea what the heck they were singing about but their VOICE OH MAN. (I would have a link for people but I have completely forgotten what it was I’m sorry)