oooh his high notes

EXO’s reaction to hearing their song on the radio

Anonymous said: Hellooo! Could you maybe do a reaction where they suddenly hear their own song on the radio? Thank you :P

Thank you for the request! I hope it’s okay :3

Baekhyun: “Phew! That high note, those are some vocals!” *is talking about his own high note*

Chanyeol: “Oooh this is my jam!” *starts jamming*

Chen: “Yesh. What a great song.” *bites lip and nods, like damn*

D.O: ….. “No.”

Kai: “They’re still playing wolf?? Why??”

Kris: “But that’s me…?” *points at self*

Lay: “This is my favorite!”

Luhan: *blinks 54732 times* “Can you… Ma-Maybe turn… That off? Thank you…”

Sehun: “Don’t turn it off! Wait for it!….. E-X-O!! … Okay, now you can turn it off.”

Suho: “Ahh yes, that’s Sehun saying his signature line, E-X-O… Well done Sehun. I’m proud of you.”

Tao: *puts on sunglasses* “I know, I know. We’re amazing.”

Xiumin: “Yaaaaas!” *gets up from his set and starts dancing*