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Ok, prompt! Jealous!Derek/oblivious!Stiles : Stiles is supernatural catnip werewolves and other creatures of the night like to hit on him. Derek doesn't approve. At all.

Oooh. This was kind of a hard one to get through. I don’t feel like I conveyed the feeling I wanted to. I also can’t find the words to finish it off, but I hope you like where I started it. Thanks for the prompt bb!!

Stiles is about to seal the deal with some hot guy at the bar (is it bad that he can’t remember the guy’s name?), when said guy kind of clams up and keeps glancing over Stiles’ shoulder. He glances over his shoulder, having to do a double take.

Of course. Of course Derek just has to be standing right behind him. Looking insanely….edible in his leather jacket and tight-fitting henley, the top of his chest hair just barely peaking out at the top. Fucking of course.

Stiles barely acknowledges him before turning back to his potential fuck, hoping to double his charm to try to overpower Derek’s presence. Because let’s be honest, who would ever choose Stiles over Derek? Stiles wouldn’t even choose Stiles over Derek.

Except…except he doesn’t look distracted in the way Stiles always feels around Derek, he looks…nervous, almost scared.

Yet, when Stiles glances back at Derek, he’s conveniently looking the other way, waving down the bartender. Stiles’ eyes narrow.

“We should get out of here,” Stiles says in what he hopes is an effective come-on voice. He bites his lip and scans his eyes up and down the dude’s body, attempting to seal the deal.

The dude looks seconds away from agreeing, when Stiles hears Derek all but growl in his ear. He can’t see whatever Derek is communicating with those deathly eyebrows of his, but the next moment potential-fuck is scrabbling away with some mumbled excuse Stiles can’t even make out.

Stiles spins of his heel and shoves at Derek’s chest. Which does absolutely nothing, of course, but he’s not just going to sit around and let Derek ruin his chances of getting laid.

“Derek, what the hell is your problem?” he hisses, trying his best to convey his anger through his glare, which is probably doing nothing to Derek, but whatever.

Derek’s staring at him like he’s just barely holding back his words, and for a moment Stiles thinks he’s actually going to give him a straight answer. “Nothing. I…it’s nothing.”

Yeah, direct communication isn’t really Derek’s style.

“Then can you please back the hell off? I know some of us can just walk in a room and have people throw themselves down at our feet, but it doesn’t exactly work that way for me.”

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What do you think David Tennant will react if he ever sees the posts on the Internet about him? He will be amused? He will be pleased? Or just shocked? Describe his reactions in 5 Gifs (or more if you want :p)

thanks for waiting, Shady.

Once upon a time, there was a curious David Tennant.  He decided to have some seemingly innocent fun and Google himself

The first searches came up fairly normal.

Then he came upon some of the beautiful Doctor Who edits and graphics of his lovely self.

He liked those.

Next he came upon some paparazzi photos.  

A bit weird since he didn’t know they were being taken, but nothing too frightening.

And then come the manips

*I don’t recall being in that compromising position with Billie*

Then the fan art, particularly the ones of him and John Simm

*The Doctor and the Master…they…they shouldn’t be doing that*

Thinking that was as bad as it was going to get, he kept searching.

*Tumblr? What’s that?  Apparently there’s quite a bit of me on here.  Hmmmm….*


*life ruiner? little shit? jerk?*

*oh, wait. It seems to be a term of…endearment?*

Silly fan girls. Silly DT.

*OOOH! FAN FICTION! I loved writing Doctor Who fan fiction*

*Hardtie? Carvbox? How am I related to this?*

Once safely out of internetland, DT tried to sanitize his eyes.

*can’t. be. unseen.*

When asked about his experience in internetland, he said two words:

The Camp Fic

Rating: PG

Category: M/M

Fandom: Adventure Time

Relationship: Marshall Lee/Prince Gumball

Characters: Marshall Lee, Prince Gumball, Fionna the Human, Cake the Cat

Stats: 1,234 words

Summary: FLUFF. (Inpsired by this post.)


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romanogers prompt! avengers (original and new) calling them mom and dad, shipping them and their reaction when they found out steve and nat are actually together. (I'm trash for these kinds of fics,, sorry)

Word count: 1108

Captain Rogers, JARVIS spoke up, it seems that Agent Barton and Mr. Wilson are causing trouble again.

Steve let out a groan as he put his book down. “What are they doing now JARVIS?”

It seems that they’re destroying the training room and keep shouting “Caw Caw Mother effer” sir.

“Alright thank you JARVIS,” the disgruntled captain headed down to the training room. He thought he would get some peace today but apparently his teammates had some other plans. Once he reached his destination, his eyes widened at the mess. “WHAT THE FUCK GUYS?!”

“Hey Cap,” Clint paused his arrow shooting and waved.

“Sup Cap,” Sam flew by and gave him a two finger salute.

Steve felt his eye twitching. “Alright both of you cut it out and clean this mess up, right now!” The super soldier growled as the two weren’t listening. He turned around as he heard the doors open and saw a disgruntled red head. “I guess JARVIS gave you the notice too.”

“Yeah,” he could tell she was not too happy being waken up from her nap. “BOTH OF YOU BIRD BRAINS STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING NOW AND CLEAN UP!”

Both Clint and Sam immediately stopped their fooling around and quickly began to clean up.

“They listen to you a lot better than they do with me.”

“Yeah, well we’re not on a mission or the field.” Steve felt her taking his hand and dragging him out. “I’ve got some sleep to catch up on.”

“But why are you dragging me along?”

“Shut up Rogers.”

“Yes ma’am.”


Steve looked up as he heard thunderous footsteps entering the communal room. “Hey Thor.”

“Why hello there father!” The soldier grunted as the demigod lifted him and hugged him hard. “I have missed you dearly during my time in Asgard.” Thor looked around. “Where is mother?”

Once Steve was let go he fixed himself and raised a brow. “Hold up, when the hell did you call me ‘father’ and who’s ‘mother’?”

“Oh did Stark not tell you?” The thunderer tilted his head in confusion. “He instructed me to call you ‘father’ and Lady Romanoff ‘mother’.” He smiled happily at the other blond.

Steve just groaned and didn’t say anything else.


“Psst dad,” Tony was poking Steve’s arm. “Psst… dad.”


The inventor grinned. “Can we get some pizza after this mission?”

“Why the hell are you asking me for?”

“Oooh dad said a bad word,” Clint sniggered and looked at Natasha, “hey mom, dad cursed!”

The spy glared at her friend. “Shut it Barton.”

Clint mockingly sniffed and pretended to wipe away tears. “You hear that Tony, our parents don’t love us anymore!”

“Oh the horror,” Tony wrapped his arm around Clint and the two pranksters began to fake cry.

“Why are you guys calling us ‘mom and dad’ anyways,” Steve looked at the duo.

“Because we ship Romanogers,” Sam responded as he landed.

“The heck is Romanogers,” Steve tilted his head.

Natasha shook her head and dragged Steve away from the trio. “Just ignore them Steve.”


“Daaaaaad,” Steve groaned while putting down his glass of orange juice down. “Wanda took my Gameboy again.”

“I did no such thing Pietro.” Wanda glared at her brother. “Besides dad will side with me because I’m his favorite,” she stuck her tongue out.

Pietro gave a mocked look of hurt. “Father, do you really love this trouble maker more than me.”

Natasha just grinned as she sat down next to the super soldier while reading on her tablet. “Aren’t you glad we don’t actually have any kids,” she whispered so only he could hear.

“I don’t know,” his fingers stroked her leg and gave her a shit eating grin.


Bucky couldn’t help but laugh as he spotted Steve covered up in silly string. “Now you know how I feel.”

“Shut up Buck,” he playfully punched his arm. “This isn’t funny.”

“No it’s not,” the former HYDRA assassin said mockingly, “it’s not funny when it happens to you.”

Before Steve had a chance to retaliate Wanda walked by and blushed as she saw Bucky. Steve noticed this exchange and his father instincts kicked in.

“You hurt her Barnes,” Bucky knew that Steve was being serious when he said his last name, “and I’ll make sure you wish you weren’t born.”

“Yes captain.”


Everyone cooed at the sight of Steve teaching Nathaniel how to play catch with his dog, Dodger.

“I don’t understand how a fine specimen like that is still single,” Hill rested her cheek on her hand.

“Well Steve does have the perfect qualities of being a father,” Pepper smiled as she drank her tea.

Tony rolled his eyes, “You know we could just have pets instead.”

Bucky chuckled. “Trying to get out of parenthood.”

The inventor glared at Barnes. “At least I’m getting some,” he grinned.

“Seriously Wanda, this guy?!” Pietro pointed at the former assassin.

The brunette couldn’t help but blush, “He’s cute,” Bucky blushed in response.

“Anyone see Steve,” Natasha asked as she walked out of the Barton’s house.

“Over there having fun with the ‘traitor’,” Clint grinned as he drank his beer.

Giving him a nod of thanks she walked towards the super soldier with a spring in her step. Nathaniel spotted his aunt walking towards him and squealed happily.

“Hey little guy,” she held him up in her arms, “having fun with Uncle Steve?”

“Ya,” he clapped his hands.

Steve grinned and patted Dodger. “He’s a cute kid.”

“Yeah he is,” Natasha tugged Steve towards her, “you want to know something cuter?”

“What’s cuter than him?”

She grinned and slipped something into his pocket. “Maybe a kid of our own.”

The blond tilted his head and pulled out the item from his pocket. His eyes widened as he saw what it said. With a wide grin he pulled her into his arms and kissed her.

“HOLY SHIT!” Tony sprung up from his chair. “WHEN WERE THESE TWO A THING?!”


Fury appeared from the house, shook his head and placed his hands on his hips as he laughed. “Damn, didn’t think these two would manage to hide their relationship this long.”

“You knew,” Tony turned around and looked at the former director of SHIELD, “of course you knew.”

“We knew,” Pepper, Laura, Hill, and Wanda said as they smiled.

“I wonder why Steve’s so happy,” Bucky asked.

“WE’RE GONNA HAVE A BABY,” Steve shouted happily as he kissed Natasha again.

“You knew that too Fury,” Tony asked.

Fury grinned, “Let’s just say about three minutes ago.”

18. Who’s she part 2! (JokerXReader)

So here it is part 2 of Who’s she! :) I’m so glad you liked the first part, and thank you so much for all of your replies and messages, hope you enjoy this one as much as the first part. <3

Who’s she part 2.

One week later Dr Warner had replaced her sessions with the Joker into one of the other consulting rooms.

She didn’t wanted him in her office, after the last time and after what happened past the last week.

Disturbing things.

Things that made her scared, not because of her own life, she was tough enough to ignore what the Joker might have done, after the last hour, but she was worried about her daughter.

There have been gifts, layed down for her onto the porch of the house.

Flowers and chocolates, no sender, no address.

Every idiot would’ve known what that means.

„I heared you didn’t took your medication over a few weeks now“, Dr Warner said harsh to the Joker, this wednesday morning.

He just smiled at her like a total maniac, before turning sirious, both facial expressions changed within half a second.

„Medication is for people who can’t think clear“, the Joker said.

„You tried to murder the guard that brought your lunch, yesterday. I don’t think this counts as clear thinking.“

„That depends on the situation doctor and you should actually know that“, he purred.

„I was perfectly, perfectly clear in mind, as I wanted to murder him.“

„Anyways, how do you feel today?“

„Why so strained, doctor? Are you worried?“, Joker suddenly asked back with a wide and dangerous smile.

Dr Warner had to pull herself together to not kill this clown, she knew that he knew, what he has done over the last week.

„How’s (Y/N)? Did she liked the flowers? I heared peonies are her favourite one's“, he whispered while standing up from his chair.

He was still in his straitjacket, a permanent condition since he tried to kill the lunch guard and he hated it, he needs to move, to bear this horrible feeling of constrained arms, that made him even more aggressiv.

„We’re here because of your sanity, not because of my daughter“, Dr Warner said trying not to yell at him or punch him in the face.

„I am more sane than ever, thank you very much, doctor. Now, listen. I know that you tried to hide some of the gifts I sent to pretty little (Y/N), and I’m not amused about it. If this should happen again, doctor be warned, that something very, very terrible will happen.“

„Are you threatening me?“, Dr Warner hissed.

The Joker grinned widely.

„This is such a bad word, I prefer warning. You don’t have to expect something bad, if you just let her have the little gifts I’ll leave for her.“

„You’re sick“, Dr Warner said with nothing than disgust in her eyes.

He looked down at her, before his typical maniac laughter resounded from the walls of the small room.

„Oooh, you’re so clever doctor, how do you think would the other therapists react if you tell them, you finally found out that I’m sick!“, he joked and laughed even harder.

Dr Warner had enough of his awful behavior, she pressed the safety button under the table, to let the guards know, that she’s done with him for today.

„Dr Warner?“, one of the guards said.

„Bring him back. He’s not in the right mood for a session today“, she said through squinted eyes, whilst looking at the green haired man.

„And make sure, that he takes his pills, this time“, she added.

„Yes, Ma'am. Come on you freak, let’s go home.“


Another day, another present.

After a week now, (Y/N), had began to wonder what this was all about.

You didn’t know someone who would send you flowers everyday, or all that other stuff, whoever it was, this guy must really like you.

The doorbell rang and you already knew why.

Everyday at half past four in the afternoon another gift was laying in front of your door.

You opened it, trying to see the mysterious guy or whoever sent you all this things, but there was just another spray of beautiful flowers, but this time there was also a little note pinned, at the paper around the stems.

But all what was written there, was an address and the number of a room, nothing more.

Should you search for that address?

But what if this was dangerous?

Maybe you should search for that place on the internet first.

Yes, that seemed to be a good idea.

You closed the door behind you, put the flowers into another vase with water and placed it in your room, (where all the others were standing), before you sat down on your writing desk in front of your computer.

Fifteen minutes later your eyes were wide in shock and all you could think was, that this must be a bad, bad joke.

The address that was written on the note, wasn’t the address of a house here in Gotham City … it was the location of your mother’s work place, the Arkham Asylum.

You checked the numbers a few more times, to make sure you didn’t typed anything wrong, but it was certainty, you looked back at the note, there was also another number; hundred fiftyfour.

Something about this number jolted something in your mind.

No …

That couldn’t be …

You stormed down stairs into the office of your mother and searched for her most important patient file, the one of which you had to move from Washington DC to Gotham City.

There he was …

You looked at the number of the cell, he had been into since, he was back in the clinic.

Hundred fiftyfour …  


„Such a smart litle girl …“, , Joker whispered as he watched her starring at his patient file in the office of her mother.

„What’s the next step, boss?“, Frost asked and looked at Joker, while the green haired man was still watching her with gleaming eyes, how she was reading his patient file.

Frost had issued himself as Mr J’s lawyer, because of the tiny little thing with the lunch guard yesterday, something that happened not because of a swinging mood, on behalf of Joker.

Everything was planned, step by step.

After Joker saw the picture of pretty little (Y/N), he already had been forming a plan in his twisted mind.

Step one, give a sign to Frost, with the nearly murdered lunch guard, step two issue Frost as his new lawyer who wants to talk to him, about the lunch guard, step three finally getting to see Frost’s work that he had settled for him.

Over one week Frost should bring the little girl all the gifts from Mr J, while some of his other henchmen placed cameras into Dr Warner’s house, so they can watch (Y/N) all the time.

Finally Mr J could see by himself how good everything worked, as Frost showed him the little iPad, that showed, how she now studied a few of Mr J’s photos.

„The next step, Frost … the next step is … to bring her here, when the doctor isn’t around. She’s on her way home exactly at three in the afternoon, so you have to bring the little doll this invitation tomorrow, before the doctor is back home at four. Bring her to me …“, Joker said with an husky voice.

„What if something went wrong?“, Frost asked to be sure what he could do when plan A doesn’t work.

„You better pray that everything works, Frost. But if not, I will do this by myself. Then little (Y/N) daddy is coming for you“, Joker smiled.


The Joker.

What could the Joker want from you?

Everything he could possibly need, was in the hands of your mother.

But what if he doesn’t wants something from your mother?

What if he just wants you?

But why?

Why should he want you?

You looked at the picture in his patient file.

He was quite attractive for a criminal, those cold blue eyes, the green slicked back hair, this crimson red lips and all this tattoes on his muscular torso … Yes, he was something different, something you’ve never seen before, and even if you were worried and a bit scared about this whole situation, you couldn’t deny that there was something about him, that you find attracting.

Stop it, you fool! He’s a dangerous psychopath!

Your mind was warning you, but something else inside you, couldn’t take it’s eyes off the picture, until you heared the sound of clinking keys on the front door of the house.

Your mother was home and you were back in your room, before she could even think you had been studying the Joker’s patient file in her office.

Only you knew what happened and only you were assigned with a curse now, the curse of this beautiful blue eyes that would hunt you in your wildest dreams tonight …

"One of the Better Days" (Ch. 3), a Yowamushi Pedal fanfiction

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Summary: Makishima tries to seek advice from Toudou on how to be a good upperclassman. It ends up being a very bad idea. Everyone else is oblivious.

Pairing: Light Imaizumi/Onoda, implied Toudou/Makishima

Y'all should never let me see the Yowapedal tag empty because I will be overcome with the terrible urge to write fanfiction to fill up the tag. Which led me to finishing this at one in the morning. Also Hakogaku keeps finding their way into everything I write these days I am gomen hgnrhrhrh.


Makishima has been having bizarre dreams lately. He doesn’t know if it’s because of his general imagination or just because of all the changes that have been happening around him recently but nonetheless they are very, very strange dreams.

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SVT Daycare

title; SVT Daycare

pairing; N/A

summary; you’re stuck taking care of thirteen children because your co-workers called in sick.

a/n: omg real tho imagine taking care of thirteen rowdy children rip. anyway, some fluff for all that angst before LOL.

“Seungcheol, you will sit down this instant! Stop pulling Jeonghan’s hair and apologize!” your voice echoed in the messy daycare room. The hair you had previously tied up with a hair tie was falling around your face, because of the screaming child in your arm.

“My name is S.Coups, not Seungcheol!” the black haired boy huffed, before grumpily sitting down where he was standing. The other kids screamed in the room, making your head throb with pain. Jeonghan was still crying in the corner because of S.Coups teasing.

“I’m sorry, S.Coups,” you apologized, getting a slight nod from the pouting child. The one you were holding in your arms tugged the strands of your hair with his small hands and giggled when you let out a yelp.

“Chan, stop that,” you scowl at the amused child before he wrapped his chubby arms around your neck.

“Noona, I’m hungry! And I told you, I’m Dino, the dinosaur!” you heard his voice whine. You rolled your eyes but didn’t bother to fight back with the kid.

How you got stuck in a room with thirteen loud kids was beyond you. The other three daycare workers all called out sick today, and being the emergency back-up, the boss called you to come in on your day off. Heck, you didn’t even normally deal with these children on the days you did work.

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