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EXO’s Reaction to Seeing Their GF Naked for the First Time


Xiumin would take his time letting his eyes wander over your bare body, almost making you uncomfortable with the silence. Finally, after what seemed like hours, his eyes met yours and he smiled. “Beautiful,” he would whisper, before taking you in his arms.


A smile would immediately force itself onto Chen’s face as you took off your last piece of clothing. “Oooh, jagi, you’re so gorgeous,” he’d say excitedly, kissing your cheek and looking you up and down. He’d let his hands wander over your body, his excitement obvious in his movements.


It would almost embarrass you how in awe Baekhyun looked when you stepped out without clothing. When you finally complained at how awkward he was being, he’d smile up at you, pulling you closer. “I’m just look so perfect,” he’d say softly.


Though he’d be obviously turned on, Chanyeol would take a moment to appreciate just how amazing you looked. “Seriously jagi, you’re so perfect!” he’d exclaim, cupping your face in his hands and kissing you. You’d blush and tell him to get a move on, and he’d gladly comply, startling you with his enthusiasm.  


A pink hue would spread onto Lay’s cheeks as he took in your bare body before him. He’d take your hands in his, his eyes finally meeting yours as a smirk spread onto his face, making your breathing hitch in your throat.  “You’re absolutely flawless,” he’d murmur into your ear, sending tingles through you as his eyes wandered back down your body.  


Oddly enough, D.O would be just as shy about it as you were. He’d force himself to keep his eyes on your face, almost making you feel like you had the upper hand. You’d use it to your advantage, teasing him, and soon you’d see the adoration in his eyes change to lust.


Suho wouldn’t be able to control his speech as he saw you for the first time, completely exposed and vulnerable. “You’re absolutely incredible, jagi. You’re gorgeous–honestly you look like a goddess,” he’d gush, his eyes never leaving your body. You’d blush, finally kissing him to stop him from complimenting you.


Not unlike D.O, Kai would be rather bashful about the entire situation. He wouldn’t know what to say at first, his face red and his breathing quick as he gazed at you. “Wow,” is all he would say, before pulling you in for a passionate kiss, his hands softly roaming over you.


Sehun wouldn’t even try to hide the lust that overcame him when he laid eyes on you. “Perfect,” he’d say in a gravely voice, making you blush slightly with his tone. He’d slowly approach you, kissing your lips, then neck, then collarbone. He would opt to use his mouth to explore your body rather than his hands, finding all of your sensitive spots and noting them for later.

So I was using Qrow’s turnaround as a reference for this thing I’m drawing

And then something hit me

Guys I can’t believe Qrow Branwen has goddamn bedhair.

Scissor Sisters

filthy/gorgeous - scissor sisters

                                                  you gotta work for the man but your biggest moneymakers’ flaccid. you gotta keep your shit together with your feet on the ground, there ain’t no one gonna listen if you haven’t made a sound. you’re an acid junkie college flunky dirty puppy daddy bastard. cuz you’re filthy. oooh, and I’m gorgeous


first off I fucking love Grantaire. He’s probably my favourite character in Les Mis (maybe tied with Marius and Montparnasse), and I love him so much. I don’t really love the way people write him a lot of the time, though this is just my opinion and not telling anyone how they should write him because honestly who cares? just something I wanna get off my chest bc I think about it a lot

also it’s gonna be long so, here’s a cut

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was it just me or was everything about this movie just absolutely gorgeous

i mean, just the colors and the lighting, man…

anonymous asked:

I'm rather short, and weigh slightly more than the rest of my friends/classmates, and I always felt insecure about myself because I was 'fat' and had curly hair, unlike all the other girls who had smooth, straight hair and were skinny, but to be honest after watching Steven Universe, I couldnt feel better about myself than I already do! People tell me that I look like Rose Quartz, and she's so very pretty, and it's made me feel more secure about my weight and looks! (-Ash)

oooh curly hair is gorgeous, I’m always so jealous of people with curly hair! You should totally cosplay Rose Quartz!! I’m sure you’d look amazing! I’m so glad you feel good about yourself! These messages are making me so happy! Everyone should feel good about themselves!!