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tbh i’m all for platonic dan and phil never really getting into dating or having interests in relationships and so maybe they just continue to live together for a few more years (maybe even move somewhere where they can have a dog) and just continuing their careers and furthering their success as a duo and maybe when they’re grazing the boundaries of old age they settle down somewhere quieter and tweet or post videos every now and then about how they’re doing so fans can still feel connected and included in their lives and BELIEVE ME romance isn’t even a necessity to see how much they love each other and I’m just all for phan living life to the absolute fullest alongside their best friend okay


[1:18:02 PM] idiot™ : “why would this bitch even haunt this room it looks like a fucking mess”
“ivan this is how we get killed”
[1:19:21 PM] Ivan 💙💙: like a knife is thrown in the dark and nearly hits my head but lands on the wall next to me
[1:19:28 PM] Ivan 💙💙: “oooh appreciate the cool knife
[1:19:31 PM] Ivan 💙💙: see Sophia they are nice”

i cannot fucking believe you @thatoneivan

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Right over left with kimonos, gis, anything you wrap like that is how it's worn when yours being buried, so if jack was wearing his gi right over left it would mean he's dead. Left over right is correct idk why they said that means he's dead

Oooh that’s cool lol and in the show they always draw him with it wrapped on Jack’s left over his right so I guess they knew about this fact haha. I usually draw him this way too, but occasionally I’ll switch because I’m left-handed and sometimes it’s just easier. I didn’t know it mattered lol. Thanks for the history lesson 👌👍

apanoplyofsong replied to your post “The world has enough studying-in-Rome-for-a-year bellarke aus,” I say…”

I mean you could always go for the big twist and have them studying in Florence (art galleries! Medicis!) or Naples (Pompeii! UNESCO!) instead.

That would be excellent but then I would not be able to work in the Borghese Gardens which is like my favorite place in Rome.

My reactions to seeing the characters that died in TFP
  • Me seeing Cliffjumper: Oooh! He looks cool!
  • Me after Cliffjumper's death: O.O Uuum, ooookaaay? You made Arcee sad.
  • Me seeing Skyquake: WELL HELLO THERE!
  • Me after Skyquake's death: Wait a minute--!
  • Me seeing Breakdown: BARA CUTIE?! YES PLEASE AHAHAHA@
  • Me seeing Hardshell: well hello there--YOU HURT BULKHEAD?!?!
  • Me after seeing Hardshell's death: ..I feel nothing.
  • Me seeing Dreadwing: Oooh, OOOH NOOO!!! Oh shit 'bout ta go down!
  • Me seeing Megatron's death: ...NOOOOOOOOOO! GOD NO! GOD PLEASE NO! NO! NO! NO!!!!!
  • Me seeing Optimus: He's so cute and handsome, goddammit don't you die.
  • Me seeing Optimus' death: ...You did good did good...(salutes in tears)

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Not a romantic ship, but I want team moms Eyvel and Titania to team up.

Oooh, that’d be cool, actually. Eyvel’s one of my long shot hopes for Warriors. She’s one of my favorite Jugdral characters. And I think Titania has at least a decent chance to be in.

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   that was supposed to be just a cheerful pom pom dance she had been training for a couple of days now. However, the SMACK sound the girl heard, along with the aching pain she felt in the back of her hand told her otherwise. Yup, it just told her that her dance certainly did not make the person she hit cheerful, at all.
   the petite girl immediately falls to her knees, getting on the same level as the other, a tremulous, desperate voice coming from cherry lips:

      “ I-I-I’m so sorry!! Are you okay?! Are you hurt? Are you dying?? Please don’t die! ” she quickly starts talking, trembling small hands continuously moving in weird, desperate ways.

Ideas for the new blog

Recently on twitter there’s an account who edits bts pics with such cute stickers, they are really adorable. I’d like to see something similar on this blog if that would be appealing to other people too (?))

Oooh this sounds so cool!!!

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Your pet AU slightly reminds me of this story on wattpad I used to read called beast to prince and I love it. The story is a little different because the 'breeds' of pets are like humans but with different 'powers' and every single pet from one breed looks the same but the main character has to basically train the different breeds to become loving and docile to sell so they don't get put down. I really enjoy your pet au's x

Admin Mawile: Oooh sounds cool! And I’m glad you’re liking the Au!!

Oooh, cool headcanon!

Mine is that the hat is made out of a special material, and would act the same even if someone else was wearing it.

Well, I wrote a fanfic once about them having a Nerf war.  There was also the time Green tried to get them all doing team-building exercises.  That didn’t turn out so well.

Hm… I could see Red talking Shadow into playing hide-and-seek and ending up regretting it.  The forest is creepy at night.

Heyy, can I have a selca ship?? xx

Basically I have my perfect meeting with my BTS Bias planned out to the t. All in all it includes a hipster cafe, a dictionary and a pair of cool shoes… :)

Oooh I love this so much. First off i like the mysterious enigma vibes you’re giving me, but I’m oh so curious and want to know more!! If you wouldn’t mind telling me, I’d like to know you’re bias (I’m guessing it’s Kookie though lol), your plan, and how those items fit together?? 👀

Anyway Love, I Ship You With…

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Seokjin!!! He would love the way your piercing eyes look so clear, and your cute button nose! Even more though, he would be inevitably drawn in by your aura. I really hope you like it, even if it’s not your bias!🙏😶 @kookie-stan

UMMMMMMM…..So horrortale,huh!

So i wanted to draw something about it, SO I WAS THINKING –That maybe draw it with a tetric style would be cool, and–oooh boy..

It was actually VERY fun to draw this.

(This is based on Tim burton style.)

So!,Horrortale was made by @sour-apple-studios

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Lemon and sugar... I have to try that! Do you just put lemon juice on sugar? And the show sounds cool!

oooh my goodness YOU’VE NEVER TRIED IT? ? ? that’s like the most classic crepe option in my world and i just love it to pieces i will always choose that filling over everything else. you open up the crepe and put lemon juice on it and then sprinkle sugar on top and then roll it up. it takes a while to learn how best to cover the pancake / the best proportions but it’s literally just so tasty omgmgmg. although it tastes a lil bit weird on cold pancakes like it tastes 300% better on hot ones.

sleepover saturday !