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Alberto's meeting at the #ITAInstituteCon

- Alberto worked as a waiter for 6 months in a Japanese restaurant before being casted for Simon and he had to talk Japanese. He said that it was a very “in” restaurant and people have to interview for months and just two of them (Alberto and another guy) got the job. He worked there from december to may (when he was casted);

- I asked him to spoil us something about 2x16 but he said that:
1- he can’t spoil
2- he doesn’t always remember what happens in an episode because they didnt shoot in order for 2B
3- he doesn’t like spoilers and he tries to stay away from them (he said that he’s trying his best to avoid spoilers about spiderman homecoming). He said “like i don’t even know what happens in 2x17” and i reminded him about the scene of Simon, Isabelle and Max at Simon’s boat house and he said “oooh cool one!!!”;

- I asked him if it bothers him the fact that they give Simon so many love interests and he said no because with Clary wasn’t like that and yes he shipped climon in the books because Climon is important for both Clary and Simon. It’s important for Simon because it let him understand that Clary wasn’t there for him and it’s important for Clary because it let her understand that she’s in love with someone else. And he talked about Izzy and said that they just need to be ready for eachother;

- We talked about being ready for a relationship and he said “Alec and Magnus are lucky to have eachother”;

- He said that he’d like to sing for real, something serious but acting will always be his first job;

- He said that once he went at the cinema and the film he watched was so beautiful he stayed in the room for so long that the popcorn guy had to send him away and he walked for like two hours straight thinking about that movie because he touched him really bad;

- He’s team Captain American because he understands Cap’s point of view and he thinks that his country needs something like that right now and he loves and admires Chris Evans so much;

- Shooting for 2x15 was really hard because he had to relive, even if from Simon’s pov, a break up because a person wasn’t ready for him and that’s what happened in his real life;

- He wants to start a book club and he’ll post a different book every month and he’ll do live and talk about it because “i’m going to do it for me because lately i haven’t had much time to read but i want you guys to be part of it”;

- He said that Simon doesn’t have curls because Simon is still a fledgling and it was a decision he made with the writers/producer. They didn’t want Simon to be the same because being a vampire it’s like going through puberty all over again and when he was a baby he had straight hair and now he’s curly and “It would be boring i mean you see a totally different Simon from s1 and s2, he changed a lot esthetically and like a person”;

- He said that sometimes he looks at his old pics on instagram (when he was like 15) and thinks “holy shit, that was really me.. no style!”.

- Being casted for Simon made him really proud of himself because it was a challenge and he thought “yes, i did it. i worked hard and i did it” and it was very important for him.

I Fuckin' Mean It.  (Carl Fluff)

Imagine: Babysitting Liam a year after Carl broke your heart the year before.. It’s hard enough to avoid him, as your neighbor. It’s only for a few hours right?

Note: I’m new to this!

Y/N was nestled on her porch swing, Her knees with drawn inwards as she swayed. It was uncharacteristically cool for the middle of summer. She was hellbent on enjoying every bit of it. She was halfway through The Great Gatsby, with no real plans for today.

“Fuck!” Fiona growled from across the street. She hastily snapped her phone shut before running a tense hand through her tangle of curls.

Y/N was no stranger to the notorious Gallagher clan. She had a fling with Carl shortly after she arrived to the neighborhood. It was short lived, as most young relationships tended to go.

Underneath it all, Carl was sweet. He’s the type of person that required a second look. They’d sneak out and sit in the van. His face would be inches from hers as they talked.He’d lazily throw an arm around her thick waist to yank her closer. She’d squeal at his sudden display of strength. “You’re fucking beautiful,” he’d growl in her ear. He liked all the things she tended to hate about herself. Carl made her feel like she could glow from the inside out.

But Carl was equal amounts of light and dark. When he was thrown in Juvie, she assumed they’d pass the year with notes and visits. Her young heart was overflowing with nothing but hope. Reality hit hard with his one and only letter to her. A wrinkled scrap of paper hastily shoved in an envelope.

“Don’t write. Don’t visit.”

Needless to say, Y/N was crushed. Carl wasn’t the boy that brought a hot blush to her cheeks anymore. He was another South Side boy consumed with greed and the need to prove himself.

It wasn’t easy to avoid him, when he got out early. She remained on good terms with his family. Whenever he came into proximity, she was out of there, like a shot. Especially with Dom right on her hip. Still, as she turned to go his eyes followed her anyways. It made her skin crawl. The last think Y/N wanted, was pity from Carl Gallagher.

Fiona’s voice roke her out of her daze. “Hey! Y/N!” She said jobbing over. “You busy?” She asked, nearly breathless.

“Naw,” Y/N said snapping her book shut.

“Uh, Ian really flaked out on me. He was SUPPOSED to watch Liam. He’s not answering his phone. I really gotta get to work. My boss is gonna have my ass if I’m late. You mind watching him? I’ll give ya ten bucks. Someone should be back soon. 2-3 hours. Max!” Fiona’s voice was filled with desperation.

Y/N chewed on her lip and nodded. She wanted to say no. She really did. Despite lingering embarrassment, she knew missing work was rarely an option when you’re poor.

Fiona groaned with relief and grabbed Y/N’s hand, tugging her forward. She rattled off the do’s and don’ts of babysitting Liam as the made their way across the street. Rules, she was vaguely familiar with. THe door slammed behind them as YN’s eyes fell on Liam. “Y/N!” He yelled before clinging himself to her legs. “Hi Buddy,” she grinned before picking him up for a hug. “You’ve gotten so big!”

Fiona glanced up before fishing a ten out of her purse and pressing it into Y/N’s palm. “You be good okay?” She kissed Liam’s cheek with an audible smack. He giggled and held Y/N closer.

“Stuff for spaghetti is in the fridge if he get’s hungry,” said as she slung her purse over her shoulder. “Thank you!” The door’s slam rang out through the oddly quiet house.

“What now?” Y/N said before ticking Liam’s hip. “Trucks!” He cried matter o’ factually. She set him square on his feet and nodded. “Alright than! Trucks it is.” He scurried around the living-room floor, collecting Hotwheels in his tiny hands.It’s been awhile, but not much had changed. Still cluttered. Still homey.

“Here!” He said thrusting a fist full of cards towards her. She sank down to the floor and followed Liam’s lead. The thing about playing cards is, explosions are a must. Or at least that’s what he had spent the last hour teaching her.  “Oh no!” She gasped. She feigned screeching sounds before pushing her car towards his. “Boom,” he giggled before running his car into hers. She sighed dramatically. “Ya got me again!” He gave her car an extra bump for good measure.

“Ya hungry bud?”

“Mhmm,” he mumbled absentmindedly.

She padded into the kitchen, poking around. She pulled a big pot out of the cupboard and filled it with water. She quickly chopped up peppers and onions before throwing it all in with the sizzling hamburger. Between the hum of the kitchen and the occasional noise from the living-room, she grew content.

“Hmm,” she mumbled as she sprinkled salt and pepper into the frying mixture.

Liam crept into the kitchen with a small pail of Legos. He He quickly got to work snapping the toy bricks together. “Oooh! Cool!” she said glancing at his newest creation. She snapped the jar of sauce open and poured it into the . She almost didn’t hear the door slam. Almost.


“Nope. Wrong Gallagher,” a familiar voice called out.


“Please be Lip. Please be Lip,” she mouthed silently. Her muscles instantly tightened as tension racked her entire body. She gave the sauce another stir before putting it on simmer.

“Uh, hey? What’re you doing here?”

Y/N tapped the spoon on the edge of the pan, shaking off the dripping sauce. “Um,” she stammered as she turned around. “Fiona had to go to work. Ian didn’t show up. So she asked me to watch him.”

They stood in silence awkwardly observing each other. Gone were the cornrows and baggy clothes. He was taller than last year. Arms had the promise of muscle from under his work shirt. He stared at her from under furrowed brows. She’d changed from the year before. He had a flash to the pudgy girl he’d sneak into the van to see. How good it felt to hold her. Kiss her. Naturally, he glanced at her chest. Shifting downwards he could make out the curve of her hips from underneath that sundress. Her curves, her curves, her curves. Even the thought of them caused  a lump in his throat. A mixture of guilt and lust.

“So…The spaghetti’s nearly done,” she said with a slight tremble. That’s somethign carle secretly liked. Her vulnerability. Not many South Side kids got away with that.

He nodded and sat next to Liam, feigning interest in his Legos.  He kept stealing glances at Y/N. The tension was thick in the air, but Liam was oblivious as he happily played.

“Need any help?”

“Naw,” she shook her head before pouring the noodles into the strainer.

“Smells good. I didn’t know you could cook,” he mumbled into dead air.

She chuckled and shook the strainer. Droplets of steaming water feel freely. “Yeah. Well, I’m a lady of many talents,” Y/N joked shyly.

“Look,” Liam said as he raised a mangled clump of Legos up.

“Speaking of talent!” She gasped. “Liam, you’re so good at building things,” she said warmly as she enfolded him into a quick hug. Carle missed the warmth in Y/N’s voice. The way she’d coo and purr in his ear, making him feel like the only man on the earth. “Fuck,” he thought bitterly. “I’m so fucking stupid.” He tried so harm to be what Dominique needed. Somehow he always came up short.

“Here ya go, Bud,” she said brushing his toys aside. She placed a bowl of pasta in front of Liam.

“Well,” she said straightening up. “I’ll leave you to it. Food’s ready if you’re hungry.”

“You’re going?”


She wiped her hands on a spare dish rag before tossing it onto the counter. “Well, she did say until one of you showed up.”

“You don’t have to go, Y/N. C’mon. Stay. Eat with us. Right Liam? You want her to stay, don’t you?”

Liam nodded, a mouth full of noodles.

She shook her head sadly before making a break for the door. Unfortunately, Carl was fast.

“Y/N,” he said as he caught her in the wrist by the living room. “C’mon. Stay. Please,” he begged.

She twisted her wrist out of his grip and turned her head away.

He shoved his hands in his pockets. “I’ve missed you.”

She snorted indignantly. “You’ve looked okay to me,” she said sitting on the arm of the couch.

“I fucked up. I know that. You know that. Okay? I’ve just-I’ve missed you,” he growled as he hastily sank down into the arm chair.

“If fucked up means writing that pussy letter. I’d say yeah, you did.”

“I was facing a year. I-I thought it’d be easier,” he said quietly.

Her lip quivered slightly before she blinked away the tears threatening to fall. She focused her attention to fidgeting with the hem of her dress.

“I’m glad it was easy for you, Carl. I figured it was a typical Gallagher move. Ya know? Pushing away anyone that could care. Really care. But-But you couldn’t even give me the time of day when you got out,” she said coldy.

“It’s not like you’ve been around Y/N. “GOD!” He groaned. “Anytime I get near you, you’re fuckin’ outta there.”

“Well, you got your wish Carl. You can’t have it both ways,” She hissed. “Expect me to come up to you and Dom? ‘Excuse me, can I talk to your boyfriend for a sec?’“ She mocked spitefully.

He’d never seen her mad before. Truth be told, he couldn’t decide whether her wanted to yell at her, or kiss her. Underneath layers of sweetness, she was fiery.

“Want did you want me to say? ‘Hey, I know you don’t want me but I’m in lo-’” She stopped short, realizing what threatened to spill out of her mouth.

Carl shoved himself out of the chair and slowly walked towards her. He stopped and positioned himself right in front of her. “Finish the sentence,” he urged as he stared down at her. His fingers lightly brushed above her knees, sending electricity throughout her body. She shook her head and sighed. “This is stupid,” she laughed. “Because if you think for one minute that-”

She was cut off by the familiar sensation of Carl’s lips against her own. He lifted her legs, urging them around his waist as he leaned down to deepen the kiss. Y/N melted completely into the sensation, grabbing a fist full of his wavy locks. She gasped as he pressed a firm kiss to her neck. She instinctively tightened her legs around his waist, pulling him closer. He gently nipped at her favorite spot. Right below her ear. The place only he knew about.

“Mmm, wait,” she purred. “Liam,” she said motioning to the kitchen.

“I thought about you the whole time, ya know.”

Her hands crept around his neck, as she looked up at him contently.

“In juvie, he continued. “Wondering if you were okay. I missed you. Now, I could give you a million bullshit excuses. But I just… I fucked up. And all I can say is, I’m sorry.”

She chewed on the corner of her lip as he considered his apology. He tilted her chin up as he went in for a kiss.

“Hey,” he whispered against her lips. “I mean it okay? Fuckin’ stupid to let you go.” He placed a soft kiss to the corner of her mouth. He traveled to her neck as he planted smaller ones along the way. Y/N’s breath hitched she felt his hot breath in her ear. “I ain’t even making that mistake again. I love you.”

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would you happen to have any ridiculous Lestat quotes? im looking for new tattoo ideas thankssssss

Oooh! That’s a cool idea… Fandom, let’s gather some ridiculous Lestat quotes for a tatt on this post. Mention the book it came from, too, if you can.

Here’s some I grabbed from IWTV, they’re not all ridiculous but they might work as a tatt, anyways. They all sound like canon to me, but check a legit copy of the book bc these are from an unreliable PDF.

Ridiculous Lestat quotes from IWTV: 

I’ll play the drum if I like! 

[^fanart by @garama]

  • Stop looking at my buttons,
  • Don’t fall so madly in love with the night that you lose your way!
  • You’re dying, that’s all; don’t be a fool.
  • You’ll have to bed down with me this morning. I haven’t prepared you a coffin.
  • If I want to sleep all day and drink all night, I’ll do it, damn you!
  • Now, I’m getting into the coffin, and you will get in on top of me if you know what’s good for you.
  • The hell I won’t!
  • He’s dead, you idiot!
  • Don’t be such a damned idiot. Haven’t you ever seen a rat?
  • Rats can be quite nice
  • [Re: a shattered crystal glass that he shattered] You don’t mind, do you? I surely hope you don’t, because there’s nothing much you can do about it if you do mind.
  • I’d like to meet the devil some night, I’d chase him from here to the wilds of the Pacific. I am the devil.
  • I ought to drive your horse into the swamps. You’d have to dig yourself a hole and smother!
  • You whining coward of a vampire who prowls the night killing alley cats and rats and staring for hours at candles as if they were people and standing in the rain like a zombie until your clothes are drenched and you smell like old wardrobe trunks in attics and have the look of a baffled idiot at the zoo. (<— This is probably too long but a piece of it might work, like “Staring at nature like a baffled idiot at the zoo” which is my tag for cool nature-related stuff, and some ppl have even adopted it from me.)
  • You’re being morbid! It’s almost dawn.
  • I can give you death more easily than I gave you life!
  • Did I kill him or did I not kill him! What’s your guess?

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Are we sharing HCs? I got a dumb one. Hanzo is low key into wood working and carpentry because it require a lot of precision and mathematics. He silently will go around base and fix minor things and sometimes wood shavings will be found scattered about base no one knows for the longest time who’s doing it until McCree catches hanzo working on small wood sculptures one afternoon. They start to bond cause McCree is into whittling.

Oooh thats so cool!! im laughing at secret repairman Shimada; Creaky cabinet door? no longer! The drawer has trouble closing? No need to ask twice!! But nobody would suspect him of doing that, its so not the picture they have of him. 

blue night radio ♡ 170330
translation: fantaemsie

jonghyun: i think the person i’ll come to love would already be the best person, the person i’ll fall in love with. that’s why if they break up with me it’d be their life’s greatest mistake. the biggest blemish! that person would have made a mistake that of throwing me away!
baek young ok / lee ji hyung: oooh. that’s so cool, that’s really cool.
jonghyun: it’s a way of protecting the opponent while uplifting my pride. ㅎㅅㅎ

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head canon; marauders baby sitting harry if they all lived


  • Sirius being the “cool uncle” and letting Harry stay up way past his bedtime to eat heaps of sweets
  • Remus having to be the responsible one
  • just imagine both Sirius and Harry wearing matching pouts as Remus tells Harry it’s time to go to bed
  • tickle wars!!!!! 
  • Sirius also loved ambushing Remus with Harry - filling up water balloons and bombarding the poor unsuspecting man 
  • James calling them a lot on short notice because “…Lily and I have an important event to go to.” But Remus and Sirius knew they were just heading off somewhere to have sex
  • making pillow forts was a regular occurrence 
  • nap time is adorable because Sirius turns into his Animagus form and Harry falls asleep on him while Remus is cuddling them both
  • baking cookies and other yummy treats and leaving a big mess in the kitchen for James and Lily to clean up when they come home
  • blowing raspberries on Harry’s tummy is the best cure for a temper tantrum, they’ve found
  • having little broom races in the back yard
  • Harry wrapping his arms around their legs when its time to leave because “I don’t want uncle Remus and uncle Sirius to go!”

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Okay but twins R and Ferre who go ghost hunting. Part of it is a scientific endeavor, the other part is a ghost adventures style 'if you're real, throw this brick at me' kind of ghost hunting.

Here’s a bunch of clips they have on old videos they took while ghost hunting

Ferre: if there’s any ghosts in here say something

R, mumbling into the video camera while zooming in on Ferre: suck a dick

R, slowly walking backwards towards staircase: if there’s a ghost in here why don’t you throw a brick at me-

R: /falls down stairs/

Ferre, silently zooms camera down to R who is on the landing: that’s what you get for angering them
R: hey Ferre I brought a Ouji board-

Ferre, sighing: if we die it’s your fault

R: but if the footage gets found we can get a Hollywood documentary based on it

Ferre: OOOH FUCK- Yes cool okay

R, making loud incoherent sounds as he’s ‘trying to summon a ghost’

Ferre:… is that… are you doing the lion king?

R, makes eye contact with the camera: … maybe

R: If there’s any ghosts here can you tell me if my crush likes me

/floor creaking above them/

Ferre: see even ghosts can tell he likes you

R: shut up!

R, making out with Enjolras in an abandoned house

Ferre, zooming the camera in on them: if ghost movies have taught me anything.. they’re gonna die first

Got7 Reaction to catching their S/O smoking weed-

(for anon)

((side note: this is purely FICTION. please don’t get offended.))


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Mark came home to a familiar smell and made his way to your shared bedroom. He found you sitting on the floor by the opened window, smoking a blunt. “Baby! You never told me you smoked. Pass it over here, you liar.”


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When jaebum caught you smoking a joint, he said nothing. Just turned around and left. He came back a few hours later, a lot calmer. “Baby..? Are you mad?” He shook his head. “Just very disappointed.


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Jackson came home to an empty house and searched for you everywhere until he found you in the backyard. Pipe in hand. “Oooh look at ms. cool girl, thinking she’s so cool with her illegal drugs!”


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When Jinyoung came home to you smoking from your hidden away bong, he crossed his arms and waited for you to turn his way. Once you finally felt his presence, you turned around and gasped a bit in shock. “Just tell me something Y/N. Tell me why you think it’s okay to poison your body like this.”


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when youngjae caught you smoking a blunt in your room, he walked away disappointedly. You found him outside, picking the petals off a pretty flower. “She loves me. She loves illegal drugs. She loves me. She loves illegal drugs.”


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When bambam found you smoking from a simple, small little pipe, he laughed. “Babe that is weaaaak. Check this shit out.” He said showing you his gas mask.


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When Yugyeom caught you smoking a joint in your car, he got so angry that you were doing so, he kicked down the trash cans outside. “That’s so bad for her, how doesn’t she see that?!”

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do you have any info on the coat color genetics of spryfeatborzoi's gray dogs? they're so stinking cool!

OOOH Yes yes yes I do! They’re what we call silver, or chinchilla! 

(photo by @spryfeatborzoi)

Silver/Chinchilla occurs when the dog has at least one copy of dominant black (KB), two copies of Eg grizzle (or one copy + recessive red, which hasn’t been tested/confirmed in borzoi yet), and at least one copy of Ay sable!

So in genotype speak, it typically looks like this KB/- Eg/Eg Ay/Ay

Not to be confused with reccessive blue dilute (d/d) which also lightens eumelanin– silver/chinchilla is different, though it does similar things. Sometimes pigment in the nose is lightened slightly, though usually not to the same degree as true blue dilutes. The way I usually tell the difference is that silver/chinchilla dogs will sometimes have lighter pigment around the eyes, and the overall silvery color will be uneven– a bit like smudged charcoal.

Here’s another silver/chinchilla borzoi puppy:

This is what silver/chinchilla looks like when it’s paired with Brindle (KB/Kbr Eg/- Ay/- )– a cutie little silken puppy that lives across town from me!

And since you asked a color genetics question and I’m a complete helpless color genetics nerd, I’m going to dive into some awesome facts about Eg and how it interacts with other pigments. Honestly I think Eg is probably the coolest allele in domestic dogs so whenever the opportunity arises, I talk about it. So if anyone cares to read my complete nerdy ramblings, click below!

Keep reading

tbh i’m all for platonic dan and phil never really getting into dating or having interests in relationships and so maybe they just continue to live together for a few more years (maybe even move somewhere where they can have a dog) and just continuing their careers and furthering their success as a duo and maybe when they’re grazing the boundaries of old age they settle down somewhere quieter and tweet or post videos every now and then about how they’re doing so fans can still feel connected and included in their lives and BELIEVE ME romance isn’t even a necessity to see how much they love each other and I’m just all for phan living life to the absolute fullest alongside their best friend okay

I’m listening to a FNAF song about Mangle -w-👌

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oooh here's a cool prompt :) Jon is angry and frustrated because of an argument with Damian. He runs off to the Batbros to complain that his supposed partner is nothing but a jerk who doesnt care about him. But then they all tell him how the opposite is actually true :p

“He’s such a jerk!” Jon Kent said as he sailed through the window into Tim Drake’s apartment. “you know in normal society it’s polite to call ahead before you come over” Tim said from where he was laying on the couch not looking up from the book he was read. “And use the front door!” this last was shouted over the top of his book toward his bathroom. Jason walked out wearing a pair of sweat pants and no shirt a tooth brush in hand. “Was that a dig at me Timbo? oh hey fly boy” He waved at Jon before turning back to Tim.

“I needed somewhere to crash and I knew you weren’t using the bed” Jason said slipping into the bathroom to put away the tooth brush. “You did not know that!” Tim protested. Jason looked at him before briefly looking at Jon “Yeah I did” Tim blushed and made a strangled sound. “Are you guys fighting already?” Came Dick’s voice from the kitchen. “Come on it’s not even 10 o’clock” Dick popped his head through the door a fraying pan full of eggs in hand. “Hey Jon, staying for breakfast?” Jon shrugged “sure, if you don’t mind Dick” Jon still got embarrassed saying Damian’s big brother’s name. “It’s no problem” Dick ducked into the kitchen.

A few minutes later the four of them crowded around the small kitchen table as Dick served out scrambled eggs. “So what did Damian do” Jason said taking a bite out of his toast covered in strawberry jam. Jon stabbed his eggs and said “It’s not one thing, it’s all the things, he’s just a jerk, never listens to me, always says my ideas are stupid, he just doesn’t care about me at all, we’re suppose to be partners!” The three brothers exchanged looks. “I’m sure he cares” Tim said after taking a bite of eggs. “No he doesn’t!” Jon crossed his arms and looked defiant. 

“Should we tell him about the collage?” Dick said conversationally. “The what?” Jon’s face wrinkled in confusion. “Oh yeah” Jason said with an evil grin. “So I don’t know when the last time you were in Damian’s bed room was Jon” Jon had never been into Damian’s bedroom, which he was pretty sure they knew. “Well” Jason continued “on one wall, like a whole wall, nothing but pictures of you, he says they’re just recon, but lot of selfies and he cuts out other people you know unless it’s him in the picture.” Jon sat slack jawed.

“Oh and” Tim added holding up his fork. “He’s always telling us how much better at things you are than us” Jason and Dick nodded. “Jon wouldn’t have messed that up Drake” Tim said in a pitch perfect impression of his little brother. Jason laughed “Yeah little bird thinks the sun shines out of your ass fly boy” Jon looked down at his breakfast with a smile. “Really?” he asked quietly “yeah really” Dick offered. Jon kept looking at his food smiling as he ate, so he didn’t notice Tim and Jason’s hands moving.

how long till they both figure it out?’ Tim signed ‘these two? could be forever’ Jason signed back. “Be nice guys” Dick said under his breath ‘they’ll figure it out when they’re ready’ he signed 

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To add some fire to your "explosive Force power" theory it came to mind Kylo's saber is a reflection of him & the reason he has a crossguard to his saber is the kyber crystal contained inside is so intensely flawed & powerful that without lateral vents it's described as being at risk of "overloading." Brings to my mind an image of overheating or exploding. Add to that his temper tantrums being a release of aggression to prevent "Force explosion" & the lateral vents make sense symbolically too.

Oooh, those are really cool observations! I think you make some fantastic points here, and they could certainly feed into my theory.