oooh colours

How GOT7 would react to you dyeing your hair a bright colour:

Yugyeom: Yugyeom would be totally up for it, especially if it was pink or red, bc then he’d tease you about copying him but secretly he’d be like ‘aw man I had that hair colour this is actually really cute’ and then you would tease him back like ‘oh look it’s the colour of your face any time I look at you’

Youngjae: He’d be a little apprehensive, just bc it was so different. He’d kind of hate it for like 10 seconds, but then he’d realise it made you happy, and so that would make him happy and y’all know he’s a big ball of sunshine 

Jackson: lots of grabbing your hair. lots of pulling your head up to his eyes to stare at it and jabber on about it, asking you lots of questions about it, ‘why this colour?’ ‘did you know that Rap Monster had his hair this colour’ ‘it’s so bright oh my god but you could’ve went brighter’

Mark: wouldn’t really care either way. he’d think it was cute and if it made you feel good, he’d just keep commenting on how much you suited it and rocked it and ugh what a sweet kid

Jaebum: He would come across like he either a) didn’t like it at all or b) didn’t really mind when in his head he’d be freaking out bc you looked so good and so badass and DAMN you pulled it off so well but he totally plays it cool to the point where you’re like, ‘no JB do you actually like it tho’ and he’d be like ‘I mean I guess it’s ok’ and you’d get a lil annoyed or upset and he’d eventually lose it and be like ‘YEAH OKAY IT’S REALLY PRETTY. I SAID IT, THERE’

BamBam: This kid would make it another excuse to keep touching you all the time. ‘oooh new hair colour, c’m’ere let me see’ ‘this is so cute tho, let me feel’ and he’d just really like being near you and he’d be touching your shoulders and your cheeks and just using the hair as a damn excuse to be a sweeTHEART OK

Jinyoung: Wouldn’t really like it that much, thinking it a little over the top, and if you asked him how he felt about it, he’d say as much (like you’d let that change your mind about how much you loved it) but if he knew you loved it then he’d make sure you knew that you were pulling it off so well because you loved it so much yourself tbh

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prettier-communist-than-stalin  asked:

Oooh, Slytherin and Gryffindor colours?? Maybe an attempt at the image of magical unity?

…something like that!

They also happened to be the colors that @darklordtomarry chose a long time ago, before I stole (asked to use) her image for the cover pic of my story on FF (just now realizing I should put it on Ao3 somewhere) and gold became a… thing in NG.

My Boyfriend Does My Makeup - Ashton Fluff

Anon said: Can you do an ash fluff that your an youtuber and you guys do like my boyfriend does my makeup something like that

yes this is adorable of course i can x

“Ashton, Ash no…” You attempted to tell your boyfriend that lip liner was not used on your eyes, but the boy silenced you with a finger to your lips.

“You’re not meant to help me!” He protested, sticking his tongue out as he poked your eye lightly.

“I’m trying to help my make-up collection, actually.” You smirked, but concentrated on keeping your head still, fearing you might only have one eye left at the end of this video.

“Rude! I’m doing very well.” He stubbornly said, grinning though, he knew he was doing it wrong.

“You put mascara on my-!” He shushed you again.

You crossed your arms and smirked a little as he fought to open an eyeshadow palette.

“Babe your box is broken.” He whined, holding it out to you as you opened it in one swift motion, handing it back to him with your eyebrow raised.

He looked a little stumped as to how quickly you solved the problem, but started humming as he browsed the colours.

“Oooh Moonshine sounds fun.” He cooed, loading far too much on an inappropriately fluffy brush and patted it onto your eyelid.

You just sighed as he began coughing from the dust cloud that came off from the brush. Ashton glared at the brush before loading it with a much darker colour and brushing that on your cheeks.

“Eyeshadow, Ash. Eyeshadow.” You stressed as he pressed your fretting hands down to your sides, and forcing you to be quiet.

“Shush, shush, shush, I know what I’m doing. I’m being resourceful.” He nodded his head at you.

“You’re so full of bullshit.” You giggled, dipping your hand in a pot of moisturizer and smearing it on his noise.

“Ew, what is that?” He swatted at you, clouds of blue eyeshadow fell from the brush he was still holding.

“It’ll make your nose soft,” You explained to him, “Are you done yet?" You pouted as he claimed that he was doing the finishing touches.

"Done! Look at my masterpiece!” He handed you a mirror and your mouth fell open at your appearance.

Mascara created a wobbly mustache on your lower lip, black eyeshadow littered your cheeks, as blue eyeshadow smothered your eyelids, and eyebrows. Lipstick had been used to draw whiskers on your cheeks, and liquid foundation covered your lips, making them seem ghostly pale.

“Ashton, what did you do?” You gasped, however the edges of your mouth curling into a smile.

“Did your makeup. I don’t see a difference to what you normally look like, honestly.” He looked you in the eyes, grinning mischievously.

“You little-” You censored yourself, remembering that you were filming.

He giggled at you as you concluded the video.

“Thumbs up the video!” He interrupted you deliberately, holding his thumbs up to the screen.

“Bit early, Ash, but sure. If you liked the video, give me your thumbs!” You wiggled your own.

“Bye viewers!” Ash called, waving into the camera and reaching over it to turn it off as you protested that ‘viewers’ was not your followings’ name.

Ash sat back down next to you as you fell into his lap, sighing heavily.

“I’m caked in makeup.” You giggled, looking up at Ashton, as he looked down at you.

“You still look gorgeous.” He said, leaning down to kiss your nose, but spluttering and coming up with a mouthful of lipstick and concealer.

“Technically that’s your fault.” You laughed at Ashton’s disgusted face, “Ugh I need to wash this off. I’m gonna take a shower.” You rolled off of Ashton before looking at him expectantly.

“What?” He asked.

“We. We’re going to take a shower.” You winked and stood up, shaking your hips as you strutted out the room, determined that Ashton followed you.

“Oh.” You heard him scramble to his feet and shook your head as you continued sauntering to your bathroom.