oooh colours

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Name: Emerald Sage

Nicknames: Em :) (Sometimes Sage, depends)

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Height: 6ft. 1in.

Orientation: Asexual

Ethnicity: Indian-American (as in the Subcontinent, not the natives)

Favourite Fruit: Watermelon

Favourite Season: Winter

Favourite Book: Don’t make me choose.  Please don’t.  I have read soooooo many books and have sooo many favorites that I’ve lost track.

Favourite Flower: Hmm…not sure.  Maybe roses?

Favourite Scent: Crisp rain, clean laundry, henna, and baby’s breath (the flower)

Favourite Colour: oooh, tough.  All shades of purple and blue, most shades of green, amber gold, and a lot of jewel tones.

Favourite Animal: foxes, rabbits and polar bears

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: Black breakfast tea, first thing in the morning, with milk and sugar, mmmmmm…

Average Sleep Hours: 6-8 hours

Cat or dog person?: Dogs, thought I think kittens are cute too :)

Favourite fictional character: Aph America, Aph Russia, Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood, and Edward Elric.

Number of blankets you sleep with: Depends on the weather; summer means just one, but winter, depending on the heating in the building, could mean up to three.

Ideal trip: backpacking across Europe, no cash problems, no danger (not likely), with the ability to pull up at a nice place and chill for a bit before getting back and seeing all the history I’ve always wanted to see.  (I love history)

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So I’ve been playing with coloured filters that were in the lab. I also enjoy some subtractive colour mixing.

There’s a magenta filter, which removes the middle of the spectrum (green), a cyan filter which removes the red end, and a yellow one which removes the blue end.

So when you put the magenta and yellow one together, there’s a little blue from the magenta one, a little green from the yellow one, but a buttload of red from both, so it looks red.

Yay colours…I should put these back now