oooh can't wait


This time, we’ll be introducing a wide variety of characters, including a few Undertale OCs! I am very stoked to bring the next update! I’m not ready quite yet, but have a quick preview of what you can expect!

In addition, I’m always doing requests for the pixeling stack! I’ll probably make a clean and neat version, but here’s the simple things to keep in mind:

1. I need a reference. Preferably in color, so that I’m not guessing colors.

2. It needs to be a character I’ve already done. Please don’t pester me about doing Asgore or Undyne AUs; I haven’t gotten there yet.

3. Please request only once per update. That way, I have time to do everyone else’s requests, as well as anything I want to put in.

With that in mind, feel free to submit your AUs (yours or someone else’s!) with the Submit button up on top. I look forward to seeing what AUs you can show me!

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Ezra listen to me! He’s using you!

Off to London bye

I’m flying to London tomorrow morning to go to the BAFTA’s red carpet with @lehnshark! I’m super excited even though we have to spend the night queueing in the cold aaargh

BUT VIGGO MORTENSEN IS COMING so yes totally worth it also lots of other cool actors

I’ll tell/show you all about my BAFTA adventure when I get home 



Awkward: Season 3 | Fall Trailer