oooh burned

Funny Zero Escape thing my friend said #2

(after she was asked to describe Aoi Kurashiki): “Calls himself Santa but I can name at least one chimney he didn’t fit through when he needed to.”

Another friend: “oooh, burn!”

Fancy a Drink from Undertale’s Hottest Bartender???

Oh dear… please don’t drag me into this. I’m not even playing the game! I just watch my younger sibs play it!(;▽;)

Grillby’s been a crush even before I’ve even seen the actual game. Watching my sibs play just made it stronger even if he doesn’t really have a big role in the game (?) xD

house of m (2015) is nice but it fails to not Piss Me Off because it follows the trend of just about every Genosha Royalty storyline: a magnus family member is trying to usurp magneto, the secretly corrupt and/or generally rude ruler + don’t fight fire with fire Humans Can Be Oppressed Too Off Brand Xavier Politiques bs like…i think we’d all be very over it by now (i know i am).

this perpetuation of the idea that in the end magneto will inevitably be corrupt or cruel is abhorrent. not in a “how dare you! magneto is a saint” way but it feels like this offensive ‘stick it to radical minorities’ thing. like “yeah you may be oppressed…..but your radical leader is just as corrupt as your oppressors!!! oooh, oooh burn see, fighting fire with fire didn’t work, assimilate into society and you’ll stop being oppressed, [insert other privileged moderate bullshit here]”. like. really.

it’s not at all ridiculous to suggest that magneto could be a good leader, a just leader (or at least make conscious efforts to be good and just). it’s not at all downplaying (or overplaying) his character to write him in such a way. imo i think it’s downplaying his character to write him as a old warmongering oppressive jerk like so many do but you know, Just My Onion….

im just exhausted by marvels tendency to make revolutionary leaders or antiheroes or whatever, especially those that are minorities/oppressed, out to be secretly power-hungry or otherwise negative troll people

when will there be a coherent house of m storyline with believable politics and family conflicts and a mags that is not a cartoonish tyrant. when will we move past the shitty reverse racism metaphors and enter an intelligent conversation about the fate of oppressors after revolution 

-Widowmaker and D.Va playing video games-

D.Va: Wow your aim is good! People must accuse you of using aimbots all the time.

Widowmaker: ?

Widowmaker: What is an aimbot?

D.Va: Oooh nice burn spidermom, very sick!

Widowmaker: ????


Widowmaker: ????????!?!?!?

Deadly spider does not understand her smol gamer child but still loves her and wants to hang out