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,, i feel like… you and Asriel are hiding something from me,,

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Imagine Wash constructing the most beautiful sandwiches ever (of all time). Imagine him thoroughly sick of being the victim of distraction theft, or finding stealthy bites have been taken out of his sandwiches in the mere seconds he takes his eyes off them.  Imagine him constructing a decoy sandwich, leaving it on a mess hall table and leaving to “get a drink”.  He returns to find Connie retching next to the table, while North carefully pulls apart lettuce, slices of tomato and salami to find a thick layer of black pepper, cinnamon and slices of ghost peppers.  No one ever touches Wash’s sandwiches again.


Shmeeps had a little photoshoot tonight. I know they’ll probably both go black eventually but for now, I love his odd eyes. And look how small he is compared to my finger! I wonder if he’ll grow more. He’s apparently sexually mature because he’s building bubble nests, and I’d been eyeing him at the petco for almost a month and he hadn’t gotten noticeably bigger in that time… sooo idk. He’s such a feisty little boy.  

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Oooh! Song: "Blue Lips" by Regina Spektor. Character: Jaal!

Nice choice! The song actually makes me think of him and Ryder, so… I rewrote this a few times, but I think this is the better version. Enjoy!

           “I can’t imagine leaving Andromeda. This is home.”

           “It’s easy when there’s nothing to keep you.”

           “Nothing?” Ryder shook her head. “No one?”

           She stretched out her legs—those odd, straight things—and nudged the glowing orb towards him. He took the hint and scooped it up. Its surface flickered with mountain ranges, immense oceans, forests, and swirling clouds. A beautiful place with much to offer. How could she leave all of that to never return?

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“You should totally elaborate on those board game Scorbus headcanons…”

can i just reiterate that all this is entirely too brilliant? this post has been up for what, two hours and i’m already back here for a reread �� also lowkey mad for the omittance of twister, board game or not

Oh they definitely play Twister, just not in public.

Albus is tiny and can’t reach shit but refuses to give in. Then there’s Scorpius who has finally found a use for his long legs and will reach for anything, regardless of whether Albus is in the way. In fact, once he realises how quickly Albus falters when he gets a little too close, that turns into especially when Albus is in his way.

  • “You can’t get under there Albus, there’s no- oh ok. Hello.”
  • “You’re going to have to move, I can’t breathe.”
  • “Don’t. You. Dare.” (Because one of them has to be ticklish, right?)
  • “If you wanted to hug me, you could have just asked.”
  • “Oooh blue! I’m going fooorrrr…. that one!” “Of course you are.”
  • “Am I squishing you? I am, aren’t I? If you want to bow out I completely understand.”
  • “If I go, I’m taking you down with me.”
  • “I hope your dad gives me time to explain that our current position is all down to your poor choice in circles before he murders me.”

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Hey! So I have this crush on a guy, but I'm not sure if I want to initiate anything about it. What should I do???? Love, 💙Anon

oooh my blue heart anon ♥ well, if you’re not sure, don’t start anything. honestly, you want to be sure of your feelings and everything, so take your time and don’t rush it.
in the meantime maybe you could try and get closer to this guy, talk to him/text him more or spend more time with him?
and if you’re unsure because you’re shy or scared he won’t like you back, just remember that no matter what happens, you matter to me and i’m proud of you ✿