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internet au where clary is this famous instagram artist who posts artsy picks, paintings, and paint mixing videos and izzy is this famous youtuber who does everything from blogs to fashion advice to prank videos. izzy discovers clary when this whole paint mixing craze goes off and starts taking inspiration for makeup palettes from clary’s paint mixings and in one of her vids credits clary and simon, a fan of izzy since the beginning, of course shows clary cause!! this big youtuber is a fan of you clary!!!!

and so clary checks out izzy and a bunch of her vids and??? wow shes so pretty??? oooh my god rip clary. and this pretty girl is a fan of her?? no way. simon convinces her to get in contact with izzy and they set up this collab video where clary will show her process of paint mixing and when they finally meet in person clary is hit with the gay really really hard. help this poor girl. they do the vid and it goes great and clary manages to look izzy in the eyes when tlaking to her even tho she’s pretty sure its killing her and at the end of the day she pats herself on the back for getting through it smoothly until she realizes her next few vids are inspired by the colors in izzy’s eyes and she realizes she has to see izzy again. what she doesnt realize is that izzy is having the exact same problem

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Hey Tena, just to have a semi-lighthearted question, which music videos do you consider among the scariest of all?

Oooh, this is something I’ve been wanting to get into, and have been preparing lists for, actually.  Unfortunately, I haven’t done enough digging into it yet to make any conclusive statements, but I plan on making a post (and playlist) of as many as I can find.

I will say that most people will probably say Aphex Twin’s “Come to Daddy”.  While I’m not necessarily “scared” by it, I think DYE’s “Fantasy” deserves some credit for its cosmically horrifying implications alone.

Hiiiii guys. I feel so terrible because of this, but anyway… I was wondering, maybe someone wants to know me outside of the simblr (which is unlikely), but apart from this blog, I’m creating small videos for different fandoms. Yes, it looks like so selfish and it’s true… If you are interested, you can click here and get to my YouTube channel. I removed this post as early as possible. Oooh such a shame soryyyy :(((

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It’s not a movie, but People’s History of the United States was performed live several times, you can find videos on the Internet. My AP US history teacher showed us some, including Viggo Mortensen reading a Native American account in English and Spanish :D

oooh, that sounds excellent!:D   I’ll try to find some of those videos!

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of course Tom know that she posted video. She always post videos today, not sundays. So she back on her posting schedule.

Oooh didn’t know about her schedule lol 😅

tishinada replied to your video “:OOOO I hated Makeb so much when I did it that I just sped through it…”

Oooo! My 3 high level Cathar are all Republic side, but I started a Cathar bounty hunter recently with a friend who actually likes Makeb, so I’ll get to see that!

oooh!! if you can remember to, you should post whatever the dialogue is with a BH, I want to know if they actually recorded class specific dialogue as well. 

I know Pargal mentioned having never seen “another” cathar in the military but that may just be bcs Marr gives the Imperial character a military rank for that one mission, it might not be acknowledging that he is technically military bcs of his old Intelligence rank.

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I saw a rumor that Woodkid had separated himself from Harry's video and then just saw a post from LS Productions that they "service produced" the video and they don't identify Woodkid in the credits. They do list Kasper Tuxen. What does service produced mean? Is that normal?

Oooh this is interesting, but damn I’m late to a meeting so I have to run for now. ‘Service produced’ means you are commissioned and paid to carry out the production services but not the creative driver or the financier.

I’ll look into this a bit more when I’m back (I want the dirt!). Thanks, Anon!

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The photo Lance posted is the one that Tom shared in the Elvis video back in 2015... it's seems to me like a collage the first picture is tom sitting down in front after a blackboard with his name on it...

lol I remember that video, Debbie was in it! 🤗 Oooh maybe

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I love that quote! And meeting Jaal’s family is the sweetest thing that has happened to me in a video game.

I laughed so hard with that quote, honestly. I love Drack. Rugged grandpa. Yes good.

Oooh my god, I know right? And LISTEN, Adelita is Latin American. She hasn’t felt so comfortable and at home since before they left the Milky Way. She misses her huge family, on mom’s side. So meeting Jaal’s family? It was just so good for her. So good.

PS: you should do the thing too!!

Oooh boy, there’s a first time for everything ...

I was wondering when I’d be making a post similar to this one …

We all have heard of Sam Pepper because of his disgusting sexual assault videos that were taken down AND his numerous pedophilia accusations. well, he’s back.

This time he kidnaps both Sam Golbach and Colby Brock. Only Colby is in on the prank but Golbach is completely unaware. Golbach is tied up, shoved into a trunk and driven away. Then Sam proceeds, in disguise, to ‘kill’ Colby while Golbach watches (still unaware its a prank). Afterward they let Golbach sit there for several minutes crying, screaming, and generally not okay before they tell him that its ‘just a prank’.

I tell you this so that you DON’T go and watch the video.

Now Golbach, after the fact, has said that he’s okay with it and Sam and Colby say they would have never done that to him if they thought he couldn’t handle it.

My question is … how did they know until after they did it? Would they just not have uploaded it if it turned bad? How many other horrible videos are there that were never uploaded because they didn’t turn out the way Sam pepper expected?

Also, It is torture, but is it only torture until it is revealed to be a prank? Is it only torture until the person who was pranked says, “Yeah, I’m not really bothered by it.” That doesn’t sound … right to me.

And finally, what if they went to a friends birthday party and held them all at gunpoint for an hour before saying that it was just a prank? Would that be okay? Would that still be okay even AFTER the entire party said they were fine? What if one person didn’t think it was okay?

So, listen, I’m leaving a link down below, if any of this makes you feel sick, uncomfortable, outraged, confused, lost, or emotionally scarred you can click it. I did.

When I watched part 2 of Kholat I had to pause the video a few times and I got some pretty nice screenshots of Mark so I thought I’d share :)


“Oooooh… I get it now”

“No wait, nevermind, I don’t get it”


“I did’t get it. at all. I fucked it up”

“Don’t mind me having the cutest smile in the world that will melt the heart of millions”

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Hey Sareena! I was watching your video 'What's on my iPhone' that was posted a while back and I was possibly wondering if you could update us on what apps you're using? Also, what is your alarm tone for sleep cycle? Love your videos! (=゚ω゚)ノ

oooh yeah i talked about a few in my newest time management video! if u guys want me to do an updated whats on my iphone video lmk by liking this post i guess?


Barry made a new show! It’s called How About This Game?

“The sky in Skyward Sword is poopy. But what if it wasn’t?” 

Watch on

David Tennant The Bill:Deadline part 1 (by Tiddybeth)

[The other parts of the episode are on the same channel.]

It was somewhat terrifying seeing Tennant as an antagonist! He was very good at being calm and yet crazy. 


hiccup/elsa - unconditionally


nothing about this video isn’t funny to me

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The guy in the music video is Alex Bar. He posted on instagram how he was so happy to meet and work with Troye. LOL for all the stupid people out there.

Oooh, thank you!