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oooh how about,, aside from danganronpa, what other kind of things/fandoms are you interested in?

Hello there! I hope you are having a wonderful day today! Thank you for asking a question for my Q&A as well! Hmm…Unfortunately, I am not a very interesting person, so my interests aren’t either, haha. But here are some of the other things I enjoy aside from Danganronpa! Thanks again for the ask!

- Pokemon. Pokemon has been such an influential series for me. I’m an avid fan and competitive battler, and have played every single Pokemon game there is! When I was a child, I didn’t have any friends, so I often resorted to playing Pokemon. My Pokemon team became my friends, and defeating the evil organization made me feel like I was doing a good thing. 

- Animal Crossing. The reasons why I enjoy Animal Crossing are nearly the same reasons why I enjoy Pokemon. My neighbors in the game were also my friends, and I even considered Goldie, a Golden Retriever character in the game, to be my best friend. I also had a library in my house with a globe and everything, just like I always wanted! And the most recent game, New Leaf, has improved upon the series even more, which is great!

- Minecraft. Uhm, I am not sure what to say here, haha. I enjoy building things (especially treehouses) when I would like some time alone. There’s just so much you can do with Minecraft, and I’ve played it ever since I was little as well.

- Art. I really love to draw and paint (watercolor is what I prefer) and write poetry! I do it in my spare time, or when I get that jolt of inspiration! Although, I don’t believe I am skilled in any way, haha. I don’t have a set style either, although I suppose I lean more toward cartoonish and far, far away from anything realistic (I can’t draw noses or lips, argh!). It’s just something I enjoy doing. The most recent thing I’ve been working on is the design of my Danganronpa student!

- Music. I prefer instrumental over songs with lyrics in them. I tend to listen to video game soundtracks, haha. My dream is to learn the piano or guitar so I can play music for my Mom, who loves listening to the instruments! My favorite song is Cherry Wine by Hozier or Love Like You by Rebecca Sugar, but my favorite song without lyrics would have to be flowers by in love with a ghost, featuring nori.

- Harry Potter. The first book, and then the entire series, was what finally sparked my interest in reading. I read the series for the very first time when I was about 7 years old and finished it in about five to six days. They are my favorite books simply because of how beautifully it was written and how much it impacted me as a person. 

- Voice acting. I am an amateur, aspiring voice actor, if I can even call myself that, haha. I enjoy trying to imitate the voices of characters I like. I have no idea why, though. I am extremely embarrassed to voice act in front of others, since I don’t consider my voices to be any good. I also like to sing, but I’d rather not talk about that because i am terrible, haha.

- Steven Universe. Oh my. I love Steven Universe! It’s just an extremely likable show, and I love how relatable the characters in it are (Peridot is my favorite!). It isn’t afraid to address certain topics, and despite it being a cartoon, I think it does a stellar job in inspiring and helping people. But I think my favorite aspect of the show is the music and songs. Love Like You is my favorite!

- UnderTale. I don’t have much to say about this either, haha. It is an extremely well developed game that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but still manages to be impactful and meaningful. The attention to detail is also astounding, as is the soundtrack. Papyrus would have to be my favorite character. Or Toriel. Or sans. Haha.

- ANIMALS. Oooh, I love animals. They’re just so pure, and I am not exactly sure what we as a species did to deserve them. My favorite animals are birbs, hamsters, mice, rats, dormice, dogs, raccoons, and bears. I also don’t mind those large, fuzzy spiders (tarantulas). I also think bees are cute because they’re wearing fuzzy striped sweaters!

- Night in the Woods. My completion of this game was fairly recent, but it is something that I won’t ever forget. I’ve heard from many others that the game just doesn’t make sense to them, but it does to me. I love each of the main characters because they are all unique and wholesome and endure problems that are very real. The soundtrack is also a masterpiece. 

- League of Legends. Not much to say here either, haha. I enjoy playing all roles save for Jungle. I am not a very good Jungler. My favorite champion is Poppy, definitely!


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I recently got (back?) into Yogscast,,, I’m hardly updated with everyone’s videos, but I peeked into the fandom on Tumblr a bit? It’s phenomenal. Q 7Q I’m not familiar with all the AUs, so I just crapped some shippy things and Rythian, because he’s such a sweetheart. /) w(\

Uhm, uhm, hi, my name is Rai the horrid, somewhat hipster fanboy and I ship Rythna and Parvill, please be my friend, lm a o , , ,

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Oooh, phan questions, #2-4

I take it that 2-4 means 2 through 4 so yay lmao

2) Which Phantom movie is your favorite? - Phantom 25th anniversary (Non musical answer- Phantom of the Paradise)

3) Which Phantom movie is your least favorite? - 2004 ALW (you’d think I’d say Rat but I can’t find an English dub so)

4) If you were to make a Phantom movie, who would you cast (dead or alive)? - oooh I’m gonna make a stage film from the West End, with Anthony Warlow as the Phantom, Steve Barton as Raoul, and Christine….. that’s so hard! Either Ana Marina or Dale Kristien! (It’s too hard to choose). Wendy Ferguson is like, my favorite Carlotta ever, so her! Meg would probably be Daisy Maewood, she’s the best voice I’ve ever heard for Meg tbh. (they tend to cast Megs I don’t like) The rest, I don’t know but it would be the best of the best!

Yo thanks bud! XOXO
  • BM: Since the beginning of this year I’ve already been looking through so many materials, I’m gonna die. So, what items should we prepare for this year..hmm.. _(ˇωˇ」∠)_
  • Q: In case you’re preparing all different goods for spring, summer and autumn, isn’t it gonna be around like 70 items ( ˙-˙ )?
  • BM: Hm, looks like it. We’re trying our best!
  • Q: Do you remember all the things you’ve designed? You never forget them or something?
  • BM: It’s the same as music. I don’t forget.
  • Q: The time that you’re thinking about the designs is fun, isn’t it? (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
  • BM: It’s not exactly fun. But I’m really happy once they’re completed and perfect.
  • Q: But how about with music, you’re happy only after it’s been completed and you’re not having fun while actually making it?
  • BM: The time we’re producing it’s actually more like suffering. When it’s completed I shiver..
  • Q: R-san, the spring goods that the members will produce, will you be selling them via mail order?
  • BM: Just as usual.
  • Q: R-san, good morning! I can’t go to the lives for various reasons, so I’ll be shopping for the goods (*^^*) I’m looking forward to it!
  • BM: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.
  • Q: Do you make Black Moral bread?
  • BM: I’ll bake it on the spot.
  • BM: The number of the spring items should be roughly around 20.
  • Q: Rsan, if you have the chance, I would really like for you to make note pads again! This time with a pen!
  • BM: Oh, good. We have them.
  • Q: Good morning! The mirror I bought at VC didn’t break yet and I’m still using it. So please don’t forget about the mirrors (;_;)
  • BM: We have some.
  • Q: Are the images of all the goods pretty much in sight?
  • BM: The spring designs are almost done, feels like we’ll soon be moving to the summer ones.
  • Q: Oooh! This time the goods will not be themed with the tour’s theme, but you’ll actually have goods that match the seasons?
  • BM: This time especially.
  • Q: have you already decided the details of the goods produced by the members?
  • BM: It’s decided.
  • Q: Did you add any new goods that you haven’t had so far?
  • BM: Room diffusers.
  • Q: I’m looking forward to it! Could you maybe upload the pictures of the other members’ goods here? (*^o^*)
  • BM: Since they’re not BM, I’m leaving that to each of them individually.
  • Q: Oh, yay, you have the mirrors!! (;_;)! They’ll probably be gone soon, won’t they?
  • BM: They won’t.
  • Q: Good morning! I got a question, will you be selling iPhone 4 cases?
  • BM: nooo, we won’t.
  • Q: So the goods will have designs referring to each season? ( ˘ω˘ ) Like primary colors for summer!
  • BM: Yeah.
  • Q: Good morning! concerning the iPhone case, you previously had flip cases and ones with seals, but will there be a new hard case (the general type where you insert the phone) ?
  • BM: Cause those always break…
  • Q: The little bears are super popular among my friends at school (੭ु´͈ ᐜ `͈)੭ु⁾⁾♡ Will there be another bear series next time?
  • BM: Yep.
  • Q: (´-`).。oO (R-san, I was thinking, what could be your image of spring, but well yes, we’ll see, right..!)
  • BM: it’s the image of pale colors.
  • Q: Will there be an iPhone case this time, that opens on the side like last time?
  • BM: Yes, there will.
  • Q: I got a questions, the room diffuser, will it be a stick type that improves the room fragrance? or is it more of a humidifier type?
  • BM: it’s the stick type.
  • Q: Are you thinking about earrings for accessories?
  • BM: There will be a NIL DUE/NIL UN bracelet and necklace.
  • Q: Can I hope for crucianis? They’re cute and easy to wear, they’re my favorite!
  • BM: Not this time.
  • Q: What are the bracelet and necklace made of?
  • BM: It’s 925 silver.
  • Q: eh?? is it a resale of the NIL DUE/NIL UN bracelet and necklace? or is it new designs!?
  • BM: They’re new items.
  • Q: Do you have sun glasses or something for summer?
  • BM: Nice, I like it.

omg please please continue 002!Q if you can xx – anon

wow girls, the Q is the new 002 was amazing! will you write a second part? :) – qkind

I love the rookie 00 agent Q fic! Please continue it! – anon

Oooh please continue “Q is a new rookie double oh agent”, I really like the concept :) your writing is beautiful – anon

hahaha i totally need more of the oo2!Q ‘verse :D please? :* - fridatwin

Hope you guys enjoy! <3 Jen.

Part One – Q is a double-oh.

Q and Bond began to get paired for a decently large number of assignments. They complimented one another beautifully; Q was a better marksman, but was a little lacking when it came to simple charm. Bond could speak to literally anybody in the world and somehow wind up with them slipping out information, easier than breathing, easier than lying.

The pair seduced in near enough tandem. One particular mission found Bond in bed with an ambassador’s wife, listening to Q’s moans from the next room and neither party apparently minding. It was something of an odd mission.

Bond couldn’t stop himself simply watching the man. Q was extraordinary. Not the youngest double-oh he had ever encountered – they died young, started early, as a rule – but certainly looked it, and some of his naivety could be breathtaking, but he was clever and unbearably quick.

“Bond, I have visual, and not on you. Planning to turn up at any stage?”

Okay, so Bond did occasionally want to throttle him too, but that was to be expected. “I’m cleaning up your mess. ETA five minutes.”

“Copied. I’ll see you in two.”

Bond rolled his eyes, and got there in one minute thirty.

It took six months for them to wind up in bed together, and both decided it was a terrible idea, and they would never do it again; not due to lack of sexual compatibility – which, it transpired, they had in spades – but because it was Extremely Unprofessional (and M would probably kill them).

On their next mission, Q had been sipping a cup of tea and scrolling through a file on his laptop, and simply said: “I’ve never been very professional, you know.”

Bond all but threw the laptop to one side, ignoring Q’s mild noise of indignation, and pinned him to the sofa. Q found himself writhing like a thing possessed on their armchair, before Bond scooped him into his arms and tossed him into the bedroom; Q caught himself mid-fall, twisting in a move of gorgeous athleticism to capture Bond in another searing kiss.

Bond grinned into Q’s mouth, kicked the door shut with one foot, let Q take both of their guns and place them on the bedside table, and promptly ignored the rest of the world for the space of the next few hours.