ooogie boogie

JACK: Absolutely no one is to know about it.  Not a soul. 
And one more thing -- leave that no account Ooogie Boogie out of this!
BARREL: Whatever you say, Jack.
SHOCK: Of course Jack.
LOCK: Wouldn't dream of it Jack.
Oh Sleepy Hollow, this is goodbye

I really enjoyed the season premiere for this season of Sleepy Hollow, but it’s been pretty much downhill ever since: episode two was dreary, and when it became increasingly obvious that the linking plot thread was going to be the literal demonization of the British side in the American revolution I’m afraid I completely lost interest. I skipped last week’s episode because I was sick with a cold, so I missed exactly how General Howe’s corpse got from his grave in England to America in the first place, but last night I lasted through about half the cold open– I watched Pandora turn Howe into the Ooogie-Boogie Man and invoke the king, and that was about when I checked out. I’ve been tired of the Eeeeevil British trope since about 1977, and in 2015 it’s very hard for me to buy into any version of America Is Always Heroic (a trope which I’ve always found tiresome, but I can no longer get past the hypocrisy) even in the silliest of contexts.

Although if Howe did have supernatural powers that might explain how his troops were able to so quickly climb the cliff at L’Anse-au-Foulon just before the battle on the Plains of Abraham, so there’s that.

Anyway. I loved season one of this show, and I stuck with it through season two in spite of some seriously wrong-headed writing, and I’ve sort of gone along with the idea of Crane abandoning his home and family and without a second thought or a backward glance… but now that it seems to be the focus of the season I just don’t find it fun. I liked the show better in season one, when I was able to assume demonic forces were simply taking advantage of the war to work their own evil agenda. I kind of overlooked the undertone of “the American Revolution was literally a war against the Forces of Evil” as long as I could assume the Forces Of Evil were not literally the people on the other side.

Now? I have no interest in hate-watching a show I used to enjoy, or trying to overlook one of my very least favourite tropes to dig out something to enjoy in the episodes. I know I’m overreacting and being silly, but it’s fluffy entertainment media and if I have to work that hard to make myself enjoy it I might as well do something else. Oh well. And the main cast used to be so much fun!