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I have been with this in my mind for days! Like a Yoonseok lover that I am, I send u this and I hope u like it: (1) It was a day when all of them (except for Taehyung of course) went to a little mission, just a few days after everyone accept to help Jin and Namjoon. So, for some clues and info that Jimin founds out, they find out an old bulding where someone saw Taehyung.

(2) They decide to send Namjoon to see with his powers if someone is there. Hoseok have to goes with him bc of his powers, so Yoongi just see his old first love and his ex going to an old building.Jin kissed NJ cheeks when they were about to leave while Yoongi just stared at them hating the fact that he can’t wish luck in the same way to Hoseok (and maybe he was mad about Namjoon and Jin too).

(3) Hoseok was like super reluctant to talk nicely to Namjoon but he knew that he was working with him so HS just take him to the bulding. After something like 25 minutes Yoongi and Jin start to feel nervous bc the two guys don’t appear. And then… BOOM! The freaking building explodes and everyones just can see the fire consuming everything.

(4) Yoongi feel how his heart stops a second, Jin cover his mouth with his hands and shake his head. “No…” Jin murmurs with a sob, and he just can think that he lost Namjoon.Yoongi feel his veins glowing up, he lost Namjoon ones but now he lost JH and he can’t believe that he never told him how much he loved him. Just a second and Yoongi watch Jin, who is about to cry. He can see how much Jin loves Namjoon, and how much he’s going to suffer about all this.

(5) BUT IN THAT MOMENT A PORTAL APPEARS IN FRONT OF THEM and Namjoon falls in the ground almost unconscious bc all the smoke of the explosion. Jin just run to him and hug NJ while he kisses his face bc he’s so happy that his alive. “Wait, where is Hoseok?” Jimin ask when he sees Namjoon. But in that moment the portal disappears.

(6) Yoongi is about to let his tears came out. Hoseok is dead, just because he rescue Namjoon. How ironic was that? Jimin and Jungkook just can see the building in fire, while Jin tries to help Namjoon. “He… saved me” murmurs Namjoon when he recovers his senses. Jin hug him and watch to the sky.“Hoseok… thank u so much” Jin says with tears in his eyes. Jimin can’t believe his friend has gone, JK feels terrible and Yoongi is about to fire up the grass under him.

(7) But then other portal appears.“Get out of the way!” The voice of Hoseok is the first thing Yoongi hears when the guy flies across the portal and fell in the grass. “Hoseok!"Everyone runs to him, Hoseok can’t stop coughing bc all the smoke. "You’re alive!” Jimin hug him and help him. Jin goes to him a second, get in his knees and talk softly to Hoseok.“Thank u, Hoseok. U were really breave”. Hoseok just nod to him and goes to a corner to sit down and have a breath.

(8) Hoseok can’t believe how fast everything was there. Namjoon was about to tell him something when the sound of the explosion reach his ears. The two of them just ran until got stuck in a room. If it had not been for his powers, they would have died. Yoongi went to Hoseok, he was so happy because he was ok but he knew that he couldn’t be so effusive like Jin with Namjoon. He get closer and then Hoseok saw him, but he was trying to recover his breath.

(9) “Are u… ok?” Yoongi’s low voice keep KS attention. “I guess so…” Hoseok answers coldly. “U saved him”.The last words makes Hoseok look at Yoongi. Then, THAT night came to his mind, when he scaped after hear Namjoon’s name get out of Yoongi’s lips. Yes, Hoseok saved him first, because a part of him understood how Jin would feel if Namjoon died. Hoseok would suffer the same if something happened to Yoongi. He did it for Yoongi more than for Jin. That was the only true.

(10) “He’s special for a lot of people, I just did the obvious”. Hoseok answered even when he was thinking something like “I saved him because I know he’s important to you”. Yes, he was mad at Yoongi about everything, but he was in love with him just like the first day. He stand up and was about to leave for see if Namjoon was right when Yoongi spoke again. “I’m… glad u are alright, Hoseok”. A chill ran down his back as he heard his name come out of Yoongi’s mouth.

(11) Hoseok felt a little smile threatened to come out of his lips. Hoseok just give a fast look to Yoongi. “So now you remember my name before his?” Hoseok ask in a deep voice. Yoongi pressed his fists as he looked down. If he regretted something, was that night, when he let Hoseok goes away from him. He didn’t answer anything, so Hoseok talked again.“I guess I’m special too. A little at least.” And he turned away, with his heart in his hand and a little less grudge in his chest.


Admin: OK OK OK HOLD YOUR HORSES IM IN A GLASS CASE OF EMOTION this is one rollercoaster of nooOOOO!!! wait!!!! YES— wait no—nOOOOOO then just me constantly having to sell my soul to revive myself hgasjsdjsd omg that 11th part though ooOF my heart is in a world of hurt it’s so bittersweet I LOVE ALL OF THIS SM thank u for writing it it’s such a great hc ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh screams

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it took wilford a while to recognize him. after all, he was just so drastically different. it hit him like a ton of bricks one day, though. for whatever reason, dark had brought him back. wilford's old friend. but he wasn't the author any more. wilford hadn't regained his old friend, but a painful reminder of what once was -🌹

ooof my poor heart

wilford being friends with the author will always be one of my favorite headcanons. and now that the author is the host, wilford just tries to mend the friendship they once had. but host is so vastly different from wilford, and wilford constantly looks back on memories of the author, and the host just feels bad because either he no longer has the memories or it’s just painful for him to remember who he once was. 

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rocket man by elton john always sort of reminds me of chase. like some ordinarily deeply buried bitterness and resentment that comes to the surface when he's drunk and alone or angry as all hell, something that forces its way out of him sometimes and makes tears prickle at the corner of his eyes. it's uglier than a rash, that feeling that he gets after finally acknowledging his failures as a husband, as a parent, as a grownup, but he always knows deep down that it's true. [k]

ooof my poor heart. i hate the fact that i love the idea of chase being this happy go lucky guy in the public’s eye, but when he returns to his empty apartment he just feels so alone and lost.