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CassianWeek Day#1 - Favorite Scene [½]

Behind the man in white, stepping out of the smoke, came a bloody and limping Cassian Andor. He looked like a man who’d fallen twelve stories and clawed his way back to the topHe looked as beautiful as anyone Jyn had ever known.

but he loves youuu

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this book is currently doing everything in its power to convince me that marius is good and wonderful but honestly it reads like the first part of a children’s horror novel where the villain is someone everyone thinks is amazing and kind and the protag is the only one who knows the truth, only the protag in this case is the reader

I’ve been playing League with a classmate. He mains ADC and I main support so we often go bot lane together. Since he’s ranked way higher than me, we don’t play ranked but we’ve played a lot of normals together recently and really late into the night. I think I’m developing feelings for him.

Artwork by Hum

so why don’t we go, somewhere only we know…

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Tobirama, because he's Tobirama- and sees the possibility, even if he doesn't know quite how- writes into law how exactly to inform the current hokage that you are a time traveler, from the past or the future. This method then gets taught in the academy, as like we don't think this is plausible but the second hokage did and he was good at things, ooo look ninjutsu. And then one day, some one uses it.


That is absolutely something that Tobirama would do. 

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I have a theory that Lucidia is really the purgatory dimension for other characters in comics. Pepper is Wallis; explaining why they both dress in lots of colours and she is more hyper then Salt who is Harold, they both do not have as much colour and are a bit more calm. Harold and Wallis always fight but I'm the end, They missed each other when Wallis disappeared. The characters don't have much memory of their lives explaining why their personality is different. (Gotta continuethisinanotherask

Another example is Joey, or now known as Parsley (I think). This is the most obvious example as their designs are very similar. It also makes sense that they are skeletons, which are commonly known as undead. The Realm they are in itself looks kind of like a purgatory, dark but neon colours and there were some designs that looked like an eye.            

How I wish for the days of yesterday
To be today once more
When we found our own ways to play,
No self-doubt and anxiety knocking at our door
‘Stranger danger’ parents said with worry in their eye
But where was the harm?
We’d be fine
After all we had our charm
But life was unforgiving
To those that we held dearest
In growing up there was only missing
The days when we were fiercest
But tomorrow you will wake to the yellow shining bright
Clearing away the monsters of the dark ugly night.
—  m.c // Days of Yesterday

Happy Valentine’s Day~! I recently finished watching Kamen Rider Den-o and so I came up with these since tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day. 

Plus bonus Love Combo from OOO because nothing says Valentine’s Day like a kamen rider covered in pink hearts.

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can i have the tall and dark trio (germany sweden and russia) high school au react to their best friend/crush being bullied and afterwards? thanks! C:

Sure thing~! Ooo my first ask as an Admin! Thank you for sending this in. :) I personally love the Highschool AU or Gakuen Hetalia as it is sometimes called. That episodes was fun. I hope this is alright! I got a bit wordy. 

Germany: Once he finds out this is happening, he is immediately furious. Of course, he will stay calm around his best friend/crush because he wants to make sure they are taken care of (if they have any injuries) and that they know he’s there for them. His main focus will be helping them in any way that he possibly can (including teaching them the basics of how to defend themselves), and try to figure out ways to make sure that this doesn’t continue. He will eventually end up talking to the bully as well, and though he won’t hurt them, he will be very stern almost rude and make it clear that if this bully comes after his friend/crush again, there will be consequences. If necessary, he will go to an authority figure and demand that the bully either never interacts with them at school or is withdrawn from the school entirely. 

He will also probably be a bit protective of them after this, not to the point of it being an annoyance, but he will want to know if they’re still having problems and of course, will always be there if they want to talk. He might not be the best at making them feel better, but he will try and that’s endearing.

Sweden: Sweden won’t have an extreme reaction at the news of his best friend and crush being bullied, keeping a cool exterior because on the inside he is already deciding how to handle the situation. He is angry though, that much is certain but his immediate focus is to find this bully and put the problem to rest. His intimidating and cold aura should be enough to scare anyone, but if the bully doesn’t back down, then they will quickly find out why Sweden was once called “The Lion of Northern Europe”. Sweden is great with coercion, so his threats will be the end of the conversation and problem altogether. If the bully still tries to come after his friend/crush, action will be taken, probably in the form of Sweden kicking the bully’s butt out of the school, with or without approval from the ones actually running World Academy W. It’s doubtful this will be necessary though, because just one look from Sweden will send this bully running for the hills. 

Afterwards, he will awkwardly try to help them talk it out, but will mostly just listen to them. He struggles a bit with finding the words to let them know he cares, but still, the support is there. From that point on, he will keep a constant watchful eye on them. Even if he doesn’t necessarily bring it up, he will worry about them.

Russia: Whoo boy the person who bullied Ivan’s best friend & crush had better run. Why anyone would bully someone that Russia cares about is a mystery. He would first give them a big, slightly painful hug and allow them to pour out all their worries and pain to him, comforting them with gentle words. It’ll be a very sweet moment really and he will not leave their side until he is 100% sure that they are alright. He will make sure that they know he is there for them and to let him know if it ever happens again. He will also be secretly pleased that his crush/best friend feels close enough to him to talk about such important matters. As a victim of bullying himself, he knows how hard that can be and is sad that his friend & crush ever had to experience that. This will only make him even more terrifying when he finally hunts down the bully. Out of the entire Tall & Dark Trio, Russia’s reaction will most likely be the most violent. He just doesn’t want his friend/crush to ever have to go through that again and well … let’s just say that they never saw the bully again after that. :) 

Russia will be focused on helping his friend/crush get through any pain, whether physical or emotional, that they have suffered from being bullied. He’s very comforting. 

-Mod Lily <3
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New chapter! All about science, sexiness and issues.

Who would have thought to put those subjects together? It has to be me.

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Hey so I love your art and I had a question about the "you could love them" Narumitsu comic: like, what does it mean? Is it the process of realising he loves him? Or is it a sorta but not really shippy comic? I'm just curious what it's about :)

oOO sure thing!! it’s def a shippy comic but more in a bittersweet vein of ‘this is what we could have but not what actually currently exists’ 

my get-together hc for p/e is anything post-DD because that’s when they actually fit together imho, edgeworth is chief prosecutor and permanently stationed back home again and phoenix has a daughter and talent agency and his badge back and there’s more stability and maturity on both sides, so the possibility for a serious relationship is now actually viable 

and it sort of just.. really hurts me because they could have had something in trilogy (post-JFA when they both start seeing each other as equals, tfw both of em having big dramatic moments of ‘I trust [him]’ and a really big stepping stone for their relationship overall) if they’d let themselves? but they don’t lmao so they have to wait until mid-30s for anything explicitly romantic between them to happen and be mutually recognized and just mmghHGDHG

so the comic isn’t quite the process of realization in the blatant ‘o fuck I like him’ kinda way per se (tho I do also hc pin-drop moments for them set in trilogy too, mid-JFA for phoenix and post-turnabout-goodbyes-but-doesn’t-actually-allow-himself-to-acknowledge-it-until-phoenix-falls-off-a-goddamn-bridge for edgeworth), but more of something in the back of their minds that something definitely exists between them but neither of them are acting on it

like they know something could maybe happen, but it’s just. not. relationships don’t happen at a distance and there are so many almosts between them in trilogy, but the //distance ((both physical and emotional)) in trilogy and AJ is just too much to make anything work (tho AJ is when they start getting closer and existing as just friends and people outside of work and hectic murder trials and kidnappings and the sort, so the gap is already starting to close there but . well. kristoph and disbarment and still an ocean between them most of the time sO)

one of my fave things is going through the tags and seeing people trying to figure out whose POV it’s from or if there’s a switch or anything like that because I didn’t intend for anything like that when I was sketching, it just kinda happened that way? the only one I can say for sure /was intentional was the last panel being from edgeworth’s pov, his completely impulsive decision to hire a private jet at god know’s what hour because of a phone call from larRY BUTZ, CLEARLY THE MOST CREDIBLE SOURCE FOR INFORMATION, when he’s normally such a rational person ((and then his risking both his and phoenix’s careers by defending iris in his place djfhd)) is when I hc he finally acknowledges that yyyeaaaaahhhhh this isn’t how he’d act towards anyone else and the reason behind Why that is kinda terrifies him (and there’s a lot of time to think on a trans-atlantic flight)

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could you do headcanons for how Incineroar and Greninja act with their trainer?

Ooo, sure thing! ^^


* Incineroar most of the time will act like a rebellious teenager. They’ll ignore their trainers (both in and out of battles) and throw a tantrum if their trainer refuses them something. It can be a bit difficult to deal with sometimes but if the Incineroar sees their trainer upset, whether it was because of it or someone else, they’ll sometimes pick them up rub their faces against theirs like when they were a Litten.


* They are very loyal to their trainers, willing to do whatever they say in a heartbeat. They’re protective of their danger and would be willing to risk it’s own life for them if it has to. To others, the relationship between Greninja and their trainer doesn’t seem to be anymore than trainer/pokemon. The Greninja will show more of it’s affection for their trainer when they’re in the privacy of their trainer’s house.