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I’ve been playing League with a classmate. He mains ADC and I main support so we often go bot lane together. Since he’s ranked way higher than me, we don’t play ranked but we’ve played a lot of normals together recently and really late into the night. I think I’m developing feelings for him.

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so why don’t we go, somewhere only we know…

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could you do headcanons for how Incineroar and Greninja act with their trainer?

Ooo, sure thing! ^^


* Incineroar most of the time will act like a rebellious teenager. They’ll ignore their trainers (both in and out of battles) and throw a tantrum if their trainer refuses them something. It can be a bit difficult to deal with sometimes but if the Incineroar sees their trainer upset, whether it was because of it or someone else, they’ll sometimes pick them up rub their faces against theirs like when they were a Litten.


* They are very loyal to their trainers, willing to do whatever they say in a heartbeat. They’re protective of their danger and would be willing to risk it’s own life for them if it has to. To others, the relationship between Greninja and their trainer doesn’t seem to be anymore than trainer/pokemon. The Greninja will show more of it’s affection for their trainer when they’re in the privacy of their trainer’s house. 

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Hey so I love your art and I had a question about the "you could love them" Narumitsu comic: like, what does it mean? Is it the process of realising he loves him? Or is it a sorta but not really shippy comic? I'm just curious what it's about :)

oOO sure thing!! it’s def a shippy comic but more in a bittersweet vein of ‘this is what we could have but not what actually currently exists’ 

my get-together hc for p/e is anything post-DD because that’s when they actually fit together imho, edgeworth is chief prosecutor and permanently stationed back home again and phoenix has a daughter and talent agency and his badge back and there’s more stability and maturity on both sides, so the possibility for a serious relationship is now actually viable 

and it sort of just.. really hurts me because they could have had something in trilogy (post-JFA when they both start seeing each other as equals, tfw both of em having big dramatic moments of ‘I trust [him]’ and a really big stepping stone for their relationship overall) if they’d let themselves? but they don’t lmao so they have to wait until mid-30s for anything explicitly romantic between them to happen and be mutually recognized and just mmghHGDHG

so the comic isn’t quite the process of realization in the blatant ‘o fuck I like him’ kinda way per se (tho I do also hc pin-drop moments for them set in trilogy too, mid-JFA for phoenix and post-turnabout-goodbyes-but-doesn’t-actually-allow-himself-to-acknowledge-it-until-phoenix-falls-off-a-goddamn-bridge for edgeworth), but more of something in the back of their minds that something definitely exists between them but neither of them are acting on it

like they know something could maybe happen, but it’s just. not. relationships don’t happen at a distance and there are so many almosts between them in trilogy, but the //distance ((both physical and emotional)) in trilogy and AJ is just too much to make anything work (tho AJ is when they start getting closer and existing as just friends and people outside of work and hectic murder trials and kidnappings and the sort, so the gap is already starting to close there but . well. kristoph and disbarment and still an ocean between them most of the time sO)

one of my fave things is going through the tags and seeing people trying to figure out whose POV it’s from or if there’s a switch or anything like that because I didn’t intend for anything like that when I was sketching, it just kinda happened that way? the only one I can say for sure /was intentional was the last panel being from edgeworth’s pov, his completely impulsive decision to hire a private jet at god know’s what hour because of a phone call from larRY BUTZ, CLEARLY THE MOST CREDIBLE SOURCE FOR INFORMATION, when he’s normally such a rational person ((and then his risking both his and phoenix’s careers by defending iris in his place djfhd)) is when I hc he finally acknowledges that yyyeaaaaahhhhh this isn’t how he’d act towards anyone else and the reason behind Why that is kinda terrifies him (and there’s a lot of time to think on a trans-atlantic flight)


Happy Valentine’s Day~! I recently finished watching Kamen Rider Den-o and so I came up with these since tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day. 

Plus bonus Love Combo from OOO because nothing says Valentine’s Day like a kamen rider covered in pink hearts.

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got so used to falling I thought I was flying

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i wish English had a pronoun for everyone like in my language there's just one pronoun "hän" and it applies to everyone... but it sounds too official so everyone just uses the pronoun "se" and it literally just means "it".... sorry idk i just thought abt this bc of that "it she!" thing.. anyway

ooo yea there are more convenient ways of referring to people in other languages and also worse ways?? but yeah….

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Have you ever had a one night stand and how did you feel after it? I had one last Friday and I feel so shitty because I Iike the guy but he hasn't even contacted me after it and I just find myself checking to see if he's online hoping he'll send a message. We met the night out after it happened and his friends knew all about what happened as they came up and said it to me. He was drunk and it was like he didn't even know me! Feeling so worthless about the whole thing.

Ooo anon I am sorry. One night stands can be hard.

I can give you some advice, given my status as a semi-retired intermediate level hussy.

If he’s not contacting you, cut your losses. It sucks and it hurts and it’s an all around shitty situation. It was just sex for him, and you’re probably feeling like it should mean more. If he’s gonna ghost you after sexytime and act like he doesn’t know you, he’s an asshat.

In regards to the feeling worthless thing, your worth is not based on what some dude thinks of you or if a dude wants you. You are beautiful and important and you need to think of yourself that way.

//hussy logic incoming//
Own your decisions, don’t regret them. Don’t let yourself feel like a conquest, one night stands are a two way street. He’s just as much your conquest too. You got just as much from him as he did you.

You had fun (I hope.). He’s gonna be a good memory (I hope). If not, he’s a story you’ll laugh about and tell later.
//end hussy logic//

Anon I am very sorry about all that you’re feeling right now. Take some time to pamper you and remember why you’re awesome. Take a bubble bath, go get a mani pedi, make that new dinner recipe you’ve been meaning to try.

It gets better.


Kamen Rider & Super Sentai Ships ⇄ PTX Deluxe Album Tracklist
              ⤷ Ian/Souji (Kyoryuger) // Misbehavin’ // “A million miles away but I’m still thinking about my baby. I ain’t misbehavin’, no, you don’t need to worry.”  
              ⤷ Basco/Marvelous (Gokaiger) // Ref // “There’s a couple things that you can’t erase. You learn your place from your mistakes.”
              ⤷Ankh/Eiji (OOO) // First Things First // “First things first, all you need is love, love and humility. Take away all the animosity .”
              ⤷Hyde/Agri/Alata (Goseiger) // Water // “And so I pray I don’t drive you away. Because I’m scared of what I have to tell you.”
              ⤷Gentarou/Kengo (Fourze) // Take Me Home // “Heaven knows there’s no such thing as goodbye. Cause love, love can never die.”
              ⤷Shoutarou/Philip (W) // New Year’s Day // “Another year will dim devine. We’ll play it back in slow rewind and laugh about the cold and bitter nights.”
              ⤷Shinnosuke/Kiriko (Drive) // Cheerleader // “I think that I’ve found myself a cheerleader. She is always right there when I need her.”
              ⤷Right/Hikari (ToQGer) // Lean On // “Do you recall, not long ago, we would walk on the sidewalk? Innocent, remember? All we did was care for each other.”