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A list of things that weren’t included / were modified in All Out!! ep15

For those who aren’t reading the manga and who are still alive after episode 15, here is a list of details that you missed (no screenshots of the actual episode bc my dumb ass does not know how to take them orz):

1. Not very important, but

Firstly, the title of the chapter (ooo,I wonder who it might refer too). Secondly, they removes Ise’s undershirt in the anime. Not sure why they did that, but i’m not complaining.

2. Hachioji’s cute af Hello Kitty phone cover. 

Not sure what’s more precious, Sekizan’s pink sakura phone wallpaper or this.

3. Haruki’s words

Now… All Out!! isn’t exactly a shounen manga, it’s a /seinen/, supposedly meant for an older audience. It seems that they sugarcoated things up in the anime to make it more pg. However, personally, I find Haruki’s words in the manga to be much more crude/insulting than in the anime. There’s a big difference between asking your little bro and his friend if they’re a couple and asking them if they’ve had sex already.

4. Shut up Haruki ft. Natsuki’s anger

Once again, you have big bro Haruki being more than just a little suggestive and insulting the relationship between Hachioji and Natsuki, also insulting rugby.

And we also have an angry Natsuki. I find his outburst to have much more emphasis in the manga, treating his brother of Asshole (which he is) and swearing at him. It’s too bad that the anime changed this, Sure it’s ruder and a bit more vulgar in the manga, but I feel like it’s better like this.

Also you have Haruki being angry, and Natsuki being scared shitless of his own brother. Someone save him please.

5. Cigarettes –> Food?

In the anime, they changed ‘go buy me some cigarettes’ to ‘go buy some food’. I’m not sure why they changed this… to keep it pg? Probably… Btw, I don’t remember them showing Haruki smoking? Instead they showed him playing with his phone (with a broken screen) which wasn’t shown in the manga… Speaking of which–

They also removed the part that said that Natsuki had been smoking. I’m sure that’s not very important but still… That’s something I would have liked to know about him

6, And finally, Ebumi’s family?

From this page, it’s implied that Ebumi’s mother remarried with a certain Mr. Takagi, that he can easily obtain money from him, and that he doesn’t like him (since he wants to keep his name, Ebumi). Now I really don’t understand why they left this part out. Isn’t that important information?

Now, while they removed quite some stuff, they also added others. Like Gion trying to kabedon (?) Sekizan, Sekizan liking crepes, and most importantly the flashback with Haruki. This wasn’t in the manga, so I guess they included it in the anime to make us empathise with Haruki or something?? (though, I really can’t find myself to empathise with him…)

Anyway, I really wanted to make this post because there are many things that non manga readers are missing that I think are important (hachi’s hello kitty phone cover is vERY important)

Tumblr Rhapsody (mine please give credit for use)

Is this the real life
Is this just fanfiction
Caught on my laptop
My escape from reality
Open your eyes
Look up from your screen and see
I am just a teen, I need technology
Because I am a teen girl, don’t ya know
Cut my hair? Let it grow?
What’s outside my window doesn’t really matter to me, to me
Mama, I’m ship crazy
My ships are my parents
No idea how it happened it just did
Mama, I had just logged on
But now I track their tags everyday
Mama, ooo-ooo-oooooo
Don’t take my phone away
I’ll be downstairs to fold my clothes in 1 sec
Sorry mom, sorry mom, but can you bring me some food
“Come here”, my mother yells,
“And bring down your laptop,
You won’t get it back till you clean up”
Goodbye Internet, I’ve got to go
Gotta leave you all behind and face the wrath
Mama, ooo-ooo-oooooo
I don’t wanna clean
I wish I could stay and stare at my screen

I see a photo of a hot tumblr boy
O-M-G, O-M-G, can you be my new bae please
What you have a girlfriend, very very sad for me
I’m so single (I’m so single)
I’m so single (I’m so single)
I’m single don’t you know, you have no beau!
But I’m just a teen girl, nobody likes me
You’re just a teen girl, from a strict family
On tumblr I have no anxiety
A boy asks me on a date, daddy can I go
My dearest no, I will not let you go, you can’t go!
My baby I will not let you go, do not go!
Sweet child I will not let you go, you can’t go
Will not let you go, let me go
Never let you go, let me go
Never let you go, oooooooo
No, no, no, no, no, no, no
Oh mommy please, mommy please, mommy please let me go
See this is why I am always on my tumblr
So you think you’ll always be in charge of me
So you think I’ll get off my technology
Well, parents, my friends are on the internet
Mom, Dad, get out, please just get out of my room
Ohh yeah, ohh yeah
Nothing really matters
Anyone can see
The only things that matter, the only things are tumblr and TV

What’s outside my windows?

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Nico’s life is suffering. The AU everyone should have known was coming.

“Look, look!” Rin held out her smartphone, grinning smugly at the ooo’s and aaah’s she was given.

“You have so many!” Jealousy colored Honoka’s voice. She frowned at her own phone, swiping the screen to scroll through her abysmal collection.

“I know, right? I’m the best!”

“But, Rin-chan…” Hanayo looked up from the phone, a frown on her face. “When did you get a smartphone? I thought you had a flip phone?”

“I stole it from Maki-chan, of course!”

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