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A list of things that weren’t included / were modified in All Out!! ep15

For those who aren’t reading the manga and who are still alive after episode 15, here is a list of details that you missed (no screenshots of the actual episode bc my dumb ass does not know how to take them orz):

1. Not very important, but

Firstly, the title of the chapter (ooo,I wonder who it might refer too). Secondly, they removes Ise’s undershirt in the anime. Not sure why they did that, but i’m not complaining.

2. Hachioji’s cute af Hello Kitty phone cover. 

Not sure what’s more precious, Sekizan’s pink sakura phone wallpaper or this.

3. Haruki’s words

Now… All Out!! isn’t exactly a shounen manga, it’s a /seinen/, supposedly meant for an older audience. It seems that they sugarcoated things up in the anime to make it more pg. However, personally, I find Haruki’s words in the manga to be much more crude/insulting than in the anime. There’s a big difference between asking your little bro and his friend if they’re a couple and asking them if they’ve had sex already.

4. Shut up Haruki ft. Natsuki’s anger

Once again, you have big bro Haruki being more than just a little suggestive and insulting the relationship between Hachioji and Natsuki, also insulting rugby.

And we also have an angry Natsuki. I find his outburst to have much more emphasis in the manga, treating his brother of Asshole (which he is) and swearing at him. It’s too bad that the anime changed this, Sure it’s ruder and a bit more vulgar in the manga, but I feel like it’s better like this.

Also you have Haruki being angry, and Natsuki being scared shitless of his own brother. Someone save him please.

5. Cigarettes –> Food?

In the anime, they changed ‘go buy me some cigarettes’ to ‘go buy some food’. I’m not sure why they changed this… to keep it pg? Probably… Btw, I don’t remember them showing Haruki smoking? Instead they showed him playing with his phone (with a broken screen) which wasn’t shown in the manga… Speaking of which–

They also removed the part that said that Natsuki had been smoking. I’m sure that’s not very important but still… That’s something I would have liked to know about him

6, And finally, Ebumi’s family?

From this page, it’s implied that Ebumi’s mother remarried with a certain Mr. Takagi, that he can easily obtain money from him, and that he doesn’t like him (since he wants to keep his name, Ebumi). Now I really don’t understand why they left this part out. Isn’t that important information?

Now, while they removed quite some stuff, they also added others. Like Gion trying to kabedon (?) Sekizan, Sekizan liking crepes, and most importantly the flashback with Haruki. This wasn’t in the manga, so I guess they included it in the anime to make us empathise with Haruki or something?? (though, I really can’t find myself to empathise with him…)

Anyway, I really wanted to make this post because there are many things that non manga readers are missing that I think are important (hachi’s hello kitty phone cover is vERY important)


I shouldn’t be using my phone at school, even though it’s recess but I couldn’t and notice-


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Tumblr Rhapsody (mine please give credit for use)

Is this the real life
Is this just fanfiction
Caught on my laptop
My escape from reality
Open your eyes
Look up from your screen and see
I am just a teen, I need technology
Because I am a teen girl, don’t ya know
Cut my hair? Let it grow?
What’s outside my window doesn’t really matter to me, to me
Mama, I’m ship crazy
My ships are my parents
No idea how it happened it just did
Mama, I had just logged on
But now I track their tags everyday
Mama, ooo-ooo-oooooo
Don’t take my phone away
I’ll be downstairs to fold my clothes in 1 sec
Sorry mom, sorry mom, but can you bring me some food
“Come here”, my mother yells,
“And bring down your laptop,
You won’t get it back till you clean up”
Goodbye Internet, I’ve got to go
Gotta leave you all behind and face the wrath
Mama, ooo-ooo-oooooo
I don’t wanna clean
I wish I could stay and stare at my screen

I see a photo of a hot tumblr boy
O-M-G, O-M-G, can you be my new bae please
What you have a girlfriend, very very sad for me
I’m so single (I’m so single)
I’m so single (I’m so single)
I’m single don’t you know, you have no beau!
But I’m just a teen girl, nobody likes me
You’re just a teen girl, from a strict family
On tumblr I have no anxiety
A boy asks me on a date, daddy can I go
My dearest no, I will not let you go, you can’t go!
My baby I will not let you go, do not go!
Sweet child I will not let you go, you can’t go
Will not let you go, let me go
Never let you go, let me go
Never let you go, oooooooo
No, no, no, no, no, no, no
Oh mommy please, mommy please, mommy please let me go
See this is why I am always on my tumblr
So you think you’ll always be in charge of me
So you think I’ll get off my technology
Well, parents, my friends are on the internet
Mom, Dad, get out, please just get out of my room
Ohh yeah, ohh yeah
Nothing really matters
Anyone can see
The only things that matter, the only things are tumblr and TV

What’s outside my windows?

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when i went to the harry potter world in orlando i couldn’t afford a smart phone or nice camera so my mom gave me a disposable camera and one of the employees (acting like she was an actual witch) saw it and was like “ooo!! I love your paper camera!! Did you make it yourself or did you ask a muggle for help?” and I was like “Nah I figured it out by myself but thanks. I figured too much technology interferes with the magic.” and she was like “Ooo i like you!” and i know it’s super dorky but for a 13 yr old who was surrounded by people with expensive cameras and ipads it was p cool

Swap- Justin Bieber Imagine (: (Part 1)

This imagine came to me out of no where so i decided to expand on it! Tell me if you guys like it, maybe i’ll make a fanfic out of it. 

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5



“I’m gonna be so late” I mumbled scrambling to get my things before running out of the apartment and to the elevator. I can’t be late again or I’m totally screwed…if she sees me that is. But it’s totally unlikely, she hates me and wants be to be late so Mrs. Pierce won’t hire me. When I got down to the lobby I quickly ran past our doorman, saying a quick good morning before heading outside to catch a cab.

After standing outside anxiously for 10 minutes I got one. “Finally” I breathed opening the door “To-” I was cut off by someone on the other side of the taxi. “You’ve got to be kidding me” the guy said realizing we both got in. He was wearing a suit and dark sunglasses. I’m going to be late, there is no doubt about it. “There is no way I’m going to be on time now” I confessed “either one of you get out or someone tell me where they’re going, meter’s running” the driver said impatiently “Share?” He offered “Where are you going?” He told me the address and I was just going across the street. “Great!”

 The driver pulled off and I took my compact mirror from my bag and applied my lipstick. “Women and their makeup” he muttered, chuckling a bit “Pardon?” “Nothing, it’s just making an observation” He watched me as I made sure it was all over my lips before I rubbed them together. Kind of weird but I didn’t care. “Unless you’d much rather us look like zombies everyday” I joked “My girlfriend- well ex-girlfriend…whatever we are, she takes so long to put on makeup. Is it really that hard?” Taxi guy asked honestly “Would you like to try and do this? Let alone in a moving car?” I put the lipstick away and started touching up my mascara “no thanks, I’ll pass” my phone started to ring to a fished for it in my purse, turns out it was his. I haven’t caught his name yet, then again it’s not like it matters.

About a minute later we stopped at another red light and my phone started ringing, for sure. “Hello?” “You have 4 minutes to get your ass in here, Sofia is waiting” She warned me Sofia was my boss’ assistant. And let me tell you, she was not a very friendly women. This past week I’ve been working for her. Today would be my first day, if I could only get there on time. If not, then I’d be looking for another job very soon. “Stall for me? We’re stuck in traffic and it’s going to be at least 5 more minutes” I crossed my fingers hoping I’d all work out. “We?” “I’m sharing a taxi” I updated her “Girl or guy” “guy” Glacing over, he was talking so he wasn’t hearing this “Sooo is he cute?” “Um, I can’t really tell, the sunglasses are-” I paused realizing that I was whispering and it’d probably look more suspicious than talking regularly. Wait! “I’m not having this conversation right now! Just please stall her” I hung up and dropped my phone into my purse.

“I’ll be fine, I’ll finish it tomorrow and I’ll be good by Friday…I’ll talk to him…alright” Taxi guy sighed and hung up the phone “how much longer?” he asked “Few minutes” the driver said before honking his horn and yelling in some other language. “I-I think you dropped this” he said picking my phone up from the floor. I could have sworn I put that in my bag. “Oh, thanks just put it on the seat” I did my blush and we arrived. I took out my wallet but the guy had already paid. “Are you sure?” “Yeah, I don’t take taxi’s much but it’s my thanks for starting my day by sharing it with such a beautiful face” I smiled at him. “Thank you” I grabbed my phone before exiting the cab and we headed opposite ways down the street. “Good luck!” He yelled. Good luck for what? Sofia! I’d already forgotten why I was in such as rush, he must have heard me talking to Madison on the phone. Well, this is awkward.

 I started pushing past people and moving as fast as I could. “Sorry!” “Excuse me!” I dodged everyone before pushing through the revolving door and making it inside the building I saw Madison stalling her so I quickly took a seat on the couch and pretended I was busy. “I don’t know what that has to do with me Miss Jennings but I can assure you I do not care” she blurted before turning around in my direction “Just in time Miss Jennings” I breathed in relief. I saw Madison giving me a thumbs up from behind her and I smiled. “I’ll show you to your office” I followed her and quietly high fived Madison.

We got in the elevator and she pressed floor 6’s button and it lit up. This morning hasn’t been so bad after all. Thanks to taxi guy, I got here on time, didn’t have to pay and I’m not fired. The elevator dinged and the doors open. “This is Jennifer the receptionist” she introduced me to the woman with shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes and a really cute purse “hi” she waved “and your office is the second one on the left” “thank you” “decorate is however you please. I’ll be checking up on you randomly throughout these next 3 months to see how you’re doing” I nodded before going inside.

The room was a decent size with white walls, brown wooden floors, a desk, closet and 3 windows. I dropped my bag on the desk and walked over to the window behind it. My view was perfect, just the city streets, the entrance to the building and the other one’s across the street. Before sitting down I grabbed my phone to text Madison how exciting this was going to be. When I unlocked it I realized that, this want my phone. That wasn’t my background and I didn’t have those apps. “Hey!” Glancing up to see Madison at the door “Soo, do you like it?” “It’s perfect, just one thing” she looked confused “this isn’t my phone” “Who’s could it be, taxi guy?” My eyes widened “I dropped my phone and we must have grabbed each other’s phones when we got out since he had his on the seat too! This would happen to me” I ran my hands through my hair nervously

“Call your phone, he has it so, you can easily switch back. I mean he couldn’t be far, you guys shared a taxi” she reminded me “You’re right” I put my number in the phone and pressed call. Just after a few rings someone picked up. “Seems like we might be seeing each other after all” I laughed “yeah, looks like it” “Around noon? Meet you at Capri down the street for lunch? Switch phones and grab a bite to eat while we’re there?” “Sure, see you then” I hung up and turned back to Madison. “We’re having lunch” I informed her on the plans. I can make it until lunch without my phone.

“Ooo a date” she smirked at me “It’s not a date” “sure it isn’t” Madison rolled her eyes and sat down on my desk chair “He didn’t say it was a date” “what did he say then?” “He just said at noon we can meet at Capri down the street to switch phone and grab a bite, that all” “it’s an excuse to get to know you, if it wasn’t he would just bring it to the receptionist downstairs and you’d switch there, he likes you” Could she possibly be right? Maybe he goes there for lunch a lot “He just wants to have lunch. He’s just taxi guy, no name or anything” “why don’t you find out for yourself” I looked down at the phone “that’s invading his privacy” “he doesn’t have a passcode, he’s obviously not hiding anything. You don’t have a code either so he’s probably doing the same.” Hmm “That doesn’t mean I should just got through his-” “oh give it to me” she took it from my hands “M!”  She scrolled through his pages of apps. "Did you ever get his name? Because I think I know who it is” “who?” “Justin Bieber” “Yeah right, what would Justin Bieber be doing in a taxi? That can’t possibly be him-” She moved the screen so I could see it. The background behind his apps was a picture of him and some other guys at a party. What was Justin Bieber doing in a taxi?  

I did something crazy tonight.

I called Gold’s Gym when Becky was here to see how many PT sessions I have left. They said someone would have to call me back, and since no one had by 5:30, I figured myself forgotten about.

Then, my phone rang. It was my old personal trainer. GHOST FROM CHRISTMAS PAST, y'all. I looked at it and was like “oh shit, nope” and then realized WTF AM I DOING? so I picked up the phone. He’s been promoted to PT Director (ooo fancy), and wants to make time for me in his schedule. I have 34 (yes, THIRTY-FOUR) sessions left (that I paid for back in 2011…).

He convinced me to sign up for the Gold’s Gym challenge. I’m taking before pics tomorrow. And our first session (during recommitment) is at 7:30pm.

Becky and I then said we’re going to start eating clean (starting Monday) 80% of the time, allowing up to 4 cheat meals per week. We both want to be under 200 by the time October rolls around. (That’s about 35-45lbs for us).

I’m motivated. And inspired. And ready to kick some ass. (And win $7,500).

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"Voicemail" (from Korosensei)

Sam did not own a phone. Phones didn’t work with magic around… but you get drunk enough in a muggle pub end up stumbling upon a payphone certain things are bound to happen. “Ko-koro-ro-ro-ooo~” There was a pause with some giggling. “God I haven’t used one of these in ages. Every bloody thing goes hey wired you know. Or no you don’t. What was I??? Right right. I was right. That pub was a gay bar. Not a very nice one though. Some ass grabbed my ass. Have you ever had that problem? I mean you’re all tenticle-ly but everyone has fetishes..” Sam’s voice mail would continue on like that until their time ran out on the pay phone. Though true be told it be hard to understand most of it with a how thick their Irish accent was coming across and how slurred their words were… though there was crying near the end of it.



“You what?!” Trell’s loud ass ended up coughing on the smoke. I shook my head before snatching the blunt from him. “I just fucked Sonya. Pussy too real.” I chuckled after pullin from the blunt. I know I told Sonya that I had to meet some buyers but I was really going to chill with my niggaz and smoke a few L’s.

“It’s about time you hit, nigga. Now you got two fine ass bitches on your dick. Papi taught you right.” My face turned up at Cole’s words. “Shut ya gay ass up. Papi deez nuts, bruh.” I took two long ass pulls before passing the blunt to him. “For real though, it’s been three long. I’m proud of you bruh.” I paid Cole no mind, instead pulled out my phone.

To Dani: Come thru in like an hour. Imy.

To SonBon: I’ll see you tomorrow, aight?

I sighed as I watched the message send out. Did I feel bad for fucking Sonya and then dippin? A little bit, but none of that shit mattered at the moment. I finally got to feel her insides and a nigga was having withdrawals already.

“Why don’t you just drop Danielle for Sonya? I mean Danielle is the hoe and Sonya is the housewife.” Trell tried to sound all smart and shit. “Because why would he drop one for the other when he could dive into two pussies?” I smirked at Cole’s truth filled words. “Exactly.” I gave both of them daps before leaving the spot.

I needed to shower and remove the smell of sex and Mary Jane from my body.


I wiped underneath my nose with a face towel before quickly responding to the message.

To Cade: U don’t have to.

I shook my head at how pathetic I was. I just got played like a side ho, and this shit did not feel good. Tossing my phone onto my pillow I reached for my iPad. I chuckled at the silly photo of Q that I had as my lock screen. Opening the Netflix app I decided that The Walking Dead would occupy my brain for the remainder of the night.


I decided to invite Felicia over the following morning. She thought that we were just going to have breakfast but boy, did I have an earful to give her. When she walked through the front door her smile immediately fell. “What’s wrong?”

“I gave it up to Cade last night.”

“Ooo, yas bitch. How are you even walking?” She joked as she locked the door behind her. I managed to smirk at her ratchet ass as I led us to the kitchen. “How was it? Did he bend you over the bed or the dresser?” I turned around just in time to see her wiggle her fleek’d eyebrows.

“He fucked me, bought me food, and then left. Oh, and he also made it clear that I was just a fuck. In his own words he’s not looking to settle down with me or with anyone.”

“He did what? Uh-uh call that bitch up right now. I’ll heat up some oil on the stove.” I tried not to smile but when she pulled the vegetable oil from the cabinet I fell over laughing. “Stop and come eat your food.” I wiped the tears from my eyes before taking a seat at the table.

“I’m being serious though. Who the fuck does he think he is?” She scoffed as she walked over to my fridge. I took a link of sausage up on my fork as I watched her shake the carton of orange juice. “Fuck him, Sonya. Real–”

“I already did, remember?” I giggled when she slanted her eyes at me. “Sorry, go on.”

“Anyways, fuck that bitch nigga. You probably don’t want anymore advice from me since that shit happened last night but I’m still gonn tell you anyways. Fall all the way back. Once you fall back they crawl back.”

“And in that order.” I snapped my fingers like Lil Jon before biting
into my hash brown. “I love you, bestie.”

“I love you too and I’m sorry for basically telling you to use your pussy to lure that bitch nigga in. Shit, I’m so mad.”

“It’s okay. I mean it’s not like the sex wasn’t on point.” She smirked before pointing her fork at me. “Better than Q?”

“100 times better…” I covered my cheeks when she screamed. “Now you definitely gotta fall back from this nigga. Can’t have him knowing that his dick game skrong.” Breakfast was nothing but laughs with Felicia. After she left a wave of sadness fell over me, though.

Why would Cade treat me like such a ho? I would never treat him like that.


“Look, I’m boutta roll out so…”

“So what? I can’t chill here until you get back? You not about to fuck and kick me out, Cade.” I rolled my eyes at how needy Danielle was being again. That shit was a fucking turn off, for real.

“You gotta go.” I licked over my lips before bending to pick up her pink joggers and white tank. I tossed her clothing along with her lingerie onto the bed. “And hurry up, I’m already late.”

It was a fucking struggle getting Danielle to get the fuck out my crib. I literally had to promise her that I would swing by her spot later, just so that she would get dressed and take her ass on.


Sonya’s front door was cracked open with Young Thug’s Lifestyle blasting through the apartment. I chuckled once I spotted her rapping in front of the flatscreen tv in the living room.

“YOU REALLY KNOW THE WORDS?” She jumped upon hearing a voice other than hers and Young Thug’s in the living room. She quickly muted the tv before crossing her arms over her chest.

“How’d you get in here?” She eyed me suspiciously before glancing towards the front door. “Door was open, actually. You probably thought you closed it after you threw the garbage to the side of the door.” She rolled her eyes at how right I was.

“Why are you here? I told you that you didn’t need to come over.” I took a seat on the love making couch as I listened to her. “So why are you here?”

“I wanted to see bae.” I chuckled at the disgusted facial expression she just sent me. “Then take ya ass down to UCLA. I’m pretty sure she has classes around this time.” She rolled her eyes before turning back to the tv and un-muting it.

I licked over my lips as I studied the back of her body. Was she mad at me, for real? Sighing, I walked over to the tv and hit the power button. “What the–”

“You know why I can’t settle down with anyone, Sonya. You’re the reason why.”

“You can leave because I don’t have the time nor the patience to listen to your bullshit.”

“Bullshit? You lying to me and playing me and breaking my fucking heart was bullshit. So you mad cause I won’t wife you? The last time I did that shit you dumped me and had me looking like a fucking pedophile. So my bad if I’m tryna protect myself this time with you.”

“I’ve apologized how many times, Cade? Just forgive me and get over it. If you want to be with me just get over the past and let’s focus on now. I love you–”

“And I love you too, Son. But–”

“But nothing. Either you gonna stop trippin off old shit and fuck with me, or you can leave and we never speak again. I’m trying to worry about school and passing classes. I don’t need this added stress on top of it.” I nodded my head before pulling her into a hug.

“Aight, so let’s try this shit again.” The biggest smile ever made its way onto her face, causing a smaller one to find its way onto mine. Fuck, I hated all this soft gay shit. “You tryna fuck with a real nigga?”

“I mean yeah, but I guess I’ll settle for you.” I scoffed at her smart ass mouth before palming her ass, and eventually leaning in to kiss her lips. “I ain’t mean shit I said last night.” I grumbled before continuing the make out.

Scooter time with Chanyeol and Kai
  • Suho jumps up from the couch throwing his newspaper in the air: WHAT THE BLEEP IS THAT OH LORD
  • Baekhyun: Suho calm down, I think that's Chanyeol *looks out of the window* jup its Chanyeol; he went to buy his scooter remember.
  • Suho with a straight face: oh yeah *frowns* that thing. So he bought it anyway even if I told him not to. tsss.
  • Baekhyun: Suho he is over 18 you know, he can do what he wants-
  • Suho: I Dont CAAAaaRe, these things are dangerous, I don't trust them. *grabs his newspaper* I hope he's wearing a helmet.
  • Baekhyun: hahahaha dont worry mom; he is.
  • Suho jumping up from the couch once again: WHAT THE F'ING F IS THAT
  • Baekhyun: wow that was loud *looks out of the window again* YOOOOOOOOOOOO MOM COME LOOK AT THIS
  • Suho walks over to the window: what- FUCK ING HELL WHAT IS THAT
  • outside Kai just took his helmet of and is sitting on a big black motorbike with someone else behind him.
  • Suho opening the window screams: YOU THREE. COME UPSTAIRS. NOW
  • ...
  • Chanyeol storms in: SUHOOOOOOOOOO WHADYA THINK OF MY NEW SCOOTeR *proudly hands him the brochure of his new scooter* look it even has a lil exo flag :D
  • Suho: yea yea whatever *turns to Kai and grabs him by his collar* dont f-ing tell me that's yours
  • Kai: ehm... *grins* yes?
  • Suho: FUCKING HELL JONGIN, A MOTORBIKE?? AND WHO IS THIS GIRL *points at the person who is desperately trying to get the helmet off*
  • Kai: mom chill *walks over to help the person with the helmet* it's Soo.
  • D.O: wow. that was wild.
  • Suho staring with open mouth at the three kids and sighs: I can't *leans on the sofa* i just cant anymore. Jongin where the fuck did you get the idea of buying this dangerous monstrous thing?
  • Kai: *nervous* euhm eh TV? *grins*
  • Suho: ok im gonna ask u one more time: where. did. u . get . that . idea
  • Kai with bowed head and a small voice: dad suggested it to m-
  • Kai: ehm
  • Suho: FUCK
  • Baekhyun: ooo Suho, don't curse that much
  • Baekhyun with puppy eyes: *pouts* moom? :(
  • Suho: u don't have eyeliner on ur not cute, go do the dishes.
  • Baekhyun: WAHt y me I didn't do anyt-
  • Suho: do the fucking dishes
  • Suho: *calls Kris*
  • Kris somewhere in china: hello-
  • Suho: I . WILL . HAVE . MY. REVENGE *slams the phone down*
  • Kris: what
Chapter 21


With my eyes wide opened, it’s been two days since Allison’s party and my encounter with Mel, I can hardly sleep. I had to cut a deal with her just for her to leave peacefully and not destroy my baby’s celebration and today is the deadline and I still don’t know what to do. A nigga can never catch a break. 

”Baby? What’s wrong?” Alison said snapping me out of my trance. 

”I’m ok baby go back to bed”. I said kissing her forehead

”Nar tell me Chris”. She said getting on her knees facing me. Cutting me off from speaking she straddled on top of me entwining her fingers with mine and placing them above my head. Next thing I know she started sucking on my neck while grinding her ass slowly on me making me grunt. 

”You going to tell me or im I going to have to-”. Before she could finished her sentence, I removed my hands from hers flipping us over with me now on top and in between her legs. 

”Going to do what?” I asked smirking kissing all over her. 

”No Chris stopp”. She moaned. Flipping us over. “Damn ma where did you get your powers from?” I asked. “Boi do you know who my daddy is and all the training you guys did I did so equal strength mofo she said holding me down. 

”You know”. I don’t mind you being on top I said smirking”. 

”Chris stop stalling and tell me what is wrong”. She said with a hint of frustration in her voice. I guess play time is over and I really don’t want to tell her what im I going to say oh babe my ex was at your party the other day and wants me. 

With the thought of me pushing this situation back till I figure out what to do”. Chris don’t even try and lie I know you haven’t slept for the last two days so speak up”. She said cuffing my face with her lil hands.

”Babe it is nothing I promise” I said sending her a smile. Just like clockwork my phone began to vibrate and flash indicating I have received a text.

“Ooo who could this be?” She said leaning over, snatching my phone off the table before I could even wrap my head around the situation knowing who it might be.

”Babe”. I said trying to get my phone back only for her to jump of me taunting me as she waved my phone In my face laughing as if she has been infected with laughing gas. Trying to play along as I know that smile can be wiped out her face in less than a second. ”Ooo 954-“.

"Babe!” I yelled as she began to key my password in successfully snatching my phone back. In one swift move, she took it back leaving me wondering what just happened.

"Mike said you should remember to get food before you come to the studio”. She read out reading my text. Letting out a sigh of relief, I took my phone from her and placed it on my bed side table.

“Wanna  shower with me?” I asked hugging her from behind and kissing on her neck.

"Naw I ll go and cook us some breakfast”. She said making me smile. 

”Ok then love you bbe”. I said kissing her on her cheeks before resorting to the bathroom for my daily routine. Wrapping my towel tightly I walked out and froze as Alison sat on my bed with my phone in her hand. Now this has to be the real deal thought as she looked at me with anger in her eyes. 

”Really Chris?” She said after what seemed like an on going silence.

”What?” I asked trying to play dumb. With no response, she threw my phone at me and stormed off. Picking up my phone I quickly read the message. Just as I thought I have come to the realization, I can never catch a break.  

”Alison!!” I yelled breezing down the stairs getting to the door on time before she could reach for the handle. ”Baby listen to me it’s not what you think”. I said lifting her head up to see the tears streaming down her face. The moment our eyes connected all I could see was disgust and anger. 

”Get out of my way Chris”. She said calmly. 

”Baby please let me explain it’s not what you think”. I responded stopping any attempt of trying to get past me.   

”Please”. I pleaded. Breathing a sigh of relief as she took a step back and cross her hands across her chest enhancing her boobs as they perked up. Clearly my throat I spilled everything from Mel at her party and the conversation we had. I smiled as her face went soft giving me the apologetic look. ”So there it is and you can’t say I have been up to something because I have been by your side all week”. I said victoriously know she knows I ain’t lying.

”Say something”. I said as her being quiet is making me feel uncomfortable. She looked at me and grabbed my phone. ”Babe what you doing? I asked as she began to type something. She placed my phone in her pocket, gave me a kiss on my cheeks “See you at the studio”. She said before walking out leaving me there confused. 


This bitch. I could feel my blood boiling. She think she is smart, well she has another thing coming for her. Who df does she think she is blackmailing my man. I read the text again” I can’t wait to see you tonight I miss your taste”. The feeling of me wanting to throw up upraised again. But looking at my response to her text I smiled. 

As I got into Chris’s car, I felt his phone vibrate pulled it out my pocket and read her response smiling before I pulled off. By the time I got the highway I realised im just in Chris’s shirt. I aint even showered yet this bitch got me fucked up but all I know is that this shit has to end today. 

As I packed at my apartment, I got out my phone and dialled her number. ”Oooo Bitch you brave now you out of this nigga’s ass you remember me”. Avery said making me chuckle. 

”Sorry boo but I need your help come mine”. 

”Im already there and I got a surprise for you”. She said and I could hear a smile in her voice. 

”Wait. What? You are in my apartment?” I asked 

”Yea bitch you been gone for how many weeks someone has to look after it”. She said. 

”Bitch you threw a party didn’t you”. I asked getting off the lift and walking towards my door. 

”Alison”. Stevie said making me jump and drop my keys 

”Omg don’t do that”. I said hitting his chest. 

”I’m sorry”. He said picking my keys for me and getting all close and personal with me. 

”Erm Stevie”. I said pushing back. 

”Oh sorry he said rubbing the back of head nervously. “Where have you been? Aint see you for a min”. He added.

”At my boyfriend’s house”. I responded emphasizing on the word boyfriend.  ”And I would love to do this with you but I have got to go”. I responded turning around and unlocking my door.

”What does he have that I don’t I can treat you better!”. He yelled after me as I walked in shaking my head.  I heard my name being called.

”Alisonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn”. She yelled before I could even identify her voice I was tackled to the floor by my other other half.

”Omg Charlie!!” I screamed. The squad is completed. Charlie, Avery and I were the shit back at high school before I was shipped out to Spain. But apparently she got shipped to China shortly after. I guess her mom could not handle her no more. And she came back at the perfect timing. God is good. 

”Bitchhhh!!”. She yelled grinding on me

”Day 1 ahh!!”. I screamed sill not believing she is here in front of me. ”Omg get off me I think I broke something”. 

”Are you calling me fat?” She replied getting off me. 

”Do you look fat?” I asked. 

”No bitch I look good”. She said making me laugh.

”And where is my hug”. Avery said walking out the kitchen with food in her mouth. 

”You eating my shit without asking no hug for ur fat ass”. I said. Feeling Chris’s phone vibrate, I pulled it out to fin the bitch texting him bringing back my anger. 

”Whoa what wrong with the mood change”. Charlie said walking up to me. Having the girls seat and since Charlie is new to the situation I explained everything from the beginning and then my plan causing them to smile. 

”Ooo I am ready”. Avery said. 

”This just like back in college when we -”. 

”Oh yea I remember that bitch did not see it coming”. Avery said smiling evilly.


We arrived at location she sent to Chris haven spent the whole day planning and scheming as well as shopping for our outfit for tonight. We sat in the car and watched as he walked into the motel with nothing but a trench coat knowing there is nothing else. 

After a min, I grabbed Chris phone and told her,” I was coming”. With that the girls and I got out the car, took off our jackets revealing our maid outfits. 

”Ready”. Avery asked. 

”Ready”. I repeated. 

”Ooo I can’t wait till I get my hands on her”. Charlie said causing a ray of laughter to leave my lips. Man I love her. We walked in and walked to wards the room. 

In Charlie’s Chinese accent she spoke”. Room cleaning”.

”Ermm not now come back later”. Her voice shouted back. 

”No no hoe I clean now”. Charlie responded. Making it hard for me not to laugh.

”Excuse me what you call me?”. She shouted through the door.

”She call you a hoe. Hoe”. I said storming in to find this girl naked and a picture of Chris next to her only adding fuel to the fire forgetting the plan I charged at her and began beat the fuck. I dragged on her hair pulling her off the bed and wiping her naked ass with the floor. She tried hit me but missed every time. 

”You. Crazy. Ass. Bitch. You. Never Learn. Huh”. I said with every word hitting her head against the iron bed frame. 

”Omg omg Alison stop!!” Avery yelled. But I couldn’t all I saw was red. I wanted her dead she been casing me pain and I have been quiet. This bitch is crazy and deserves to fucking die. All the anger I have had towards her began to up rise.  

”Alison stop!! She not breathing!!” Charlie yelled. But I kept going. I began to kick her, in her side. 

”Yo Alison the-”. Next thing I felt was someone pulling me of her and my hands being cuffed. I did not even know when the cops got her nor there was a police station right next to the motel. Turning back at her while be pushed away I spat on her.

”Stupid bitch”. I muttered. 

”Miss you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney during interrogation; if you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you”. The police said as he led me to the building opposite the hotel. 

I turned around to see the girls cuffed too and I just shook my head.  I can’t believe I got them involved. I also watched as people from the ambulance pull her out. 

Just as the police place us in the holding cell, they also let us out. ”Miss Melissa Andrews as  requested to let you guys go as she wishes not to press any charges”. He said making the girls and I look at him crazy. 

”Now you if it was my way you ll be locked up but I have got enough work to do so count your blessing because you did a lot of damage girl”. He said with a chuckle handing me the picture of Chris and leading us out. 

She aint pressing no charges? That can only can one thing she is up to something. All I know is whatever it is I am ready.